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'Los Panteros are a gang in Saints Row (reboot) reboot

Official Description[]

Los Panteros are the original, home-grown street gang in Santo Ileso. Obsessed with strength and car culture, they control most of the core criminal activity in Santo Ileso: auto-theft, drug trafficking, protection rackets, smuggling.
All the classics. The streets of Santo are their home, their turf, their city. They grew up here. They own this town. As far as they’re concerned, everyone else is trespassing. They’ll be tolerated so long as they stay in their lane and pay their respects (and a cut of the profits); anyone who doesn’t is in for a truck-load of trouble.
Above all else, Los Panteros respect raw, physical strength. Their obsession with vehicles is both practical and symbolic–their muscle cars, motorcycles, and monster-trucks are the base of their power, serving both as assets for committing crimes and weapons for smacking down anyone who needs to learn their place.
They are constantly engaged in tuning their cars for optimal performance. They also use them as a form of artistic expression, a way to display their "panther pride." Cars are a source of personal prestige and status within Los Panteros: shoot someone in the face and they’re dead; fuck with their car… and they’re nobody.
Los Panteros treat their bodies no different than their cars: they are both assets and weapons, as such, they spend as much time working out to keep their bodies in shape as they do tuning up their cars. They also treat their bodies as a source of personal expression, displaying their panther pride through elaborate tattoos.
Los Panteros make their fortune primarily by moving contraband across the US-Mexico border to major cities around the country. The nature of the cargo is unimportant–if the price is right they'll haul the load, be it drugs, weapons, stolen antiquities, or fugitives. And they will not hesitate to run down anyone who gets in their way.


The Panteros are all about tradition, family, power, and fast cars. They operate from an Abandoned Scorpio Factory, in Rancho Providencia. Panteros prefer to use custom made firearms, and melee weapons such as sledgehammers or crowbars. Panteros can be seen driving around town in tuned muscle cars.[1]