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Los Carnales
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Alejandro Lopez Pre-SR
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Saints Row

Los Carnales is a gang in Saints Row.


They are made up primarily of Hispanics and Caucasians operating in the city of Stilwater longer than any other gang.[5][6]


The Carnales are headed by Hector Lopez. His younger brother Angelo is second in command while Victor Rodriguez is their enforcer, a man of imposing physical strength and endurance. Luz is Angelo's girlfriend, though there is a suggestion of an affair between her and the gang's liaison with the Colombians, Manuel Orejuela creating a tense situation between him and Angelo.


Los Carnales were the first organised gang of Stilwater, founded by Alejandro Lopez[6], who is the father of Hector and Angelo. With Colombian cartel backing, Los Carnales spread throughout Stilwater in a matter of months.[6]

From left to right: Luz Avalos, Victor Rodriguez, Hector Lopez, Angelo Lopez, Manuel Orejuela

Their dominance was ended when Benjamin King grew tired of the violence in Sunnyvale Gardens[5] and organised the local youths into a new gang, the Vice Kings, which drove Los Carnales out of "the Gardens" in a matter of days.[6] After months of warfare, Los Carnales were greatly reduced in power and the Vice Kings had become the new force in Stilwater. However, once Benjamin King began focusing on building legitimate power, the Carnales expanded once again[6]; by the time Playa joins the 3rd Street Saints, Los Carnales once again have a significant presence in the city, dominating most of the Southern Island. Their deep running connections with Colombians drug czars, keeping them supplied with drugs and all the weapons needed for fighting wars, and the Lopez Brothers' psychotic reputation made the Saints leery of attacking them directly.[5]

Saints Row[]

The Carnales have a stronghold in territory of the 3rd Street Saints, an abandoned liquor store located in Athos Bay.[7] After the Saints' takeover of that stronghold, the gang is one of four that engage in a violent turf battle for control of the Saints Row area, culminating in a victory by the Saints.[8] After this, the Saints begin hitting the Carnales even harder, crossing out tags,[9] hitting drug labs[5] and hijacking a shipment of drugs.[10] This causes the Saints to appear on the Carnales' radar, with Manuel becoming concerned that the Lopez brothers can not secure drug shipments.[reference?] In retaliation, Los Carnales launches an attack against the Saints territory.[11] The attack is pushed back and the Saints retaliate even harder, becoming more aggressive in the ongoing gang war. Using the hijacked drug truck, they infiltrate a Carnales drug lab and engage the Carnales in a fierce gun battle, killing all of the Carnales on site.[12]

Hector decides to continue with meeting personally the Colombians at a major shipment, with an entourage of rocket-launcher-toting bodyguards. Despite the number of elite guards, Hector and his guards are assassinated.[13] In the confusion, the Carnales think that one of the Colombians killed Hector. Victor reports to Angelo that his brother is dead, sending him flying into a rage. The Saints leader, Julius, sees an opportunity to get into the lucrative drug trade within Stilwater, sending representatives to meet with Manuel at Tee'N'Ay. Instead, they are ambushed by Carnales shooters lead by Victor.[14]

Barely escaping, the representatives make their way back to Mission Beach. Not too long after that, Victor hits the Row again. This time leading a direct attack on the church. After an extremely fierce gun battle in the middle of the streets of Mission Beach, Victor assaults 3rd Street himself in his customized Bulldog SUV. After smashing the SUV with K6s, AR40s and other automatic arms, it is heavily damaged and eventually explodes. This, does not stop Victor, who comes out of the flaming wreckage and attacks the Saints whilst on fire himself, much to the surprise of the Saints. Despite this, Victor is eventually killed.[15]

A distraught Angelo vows to take revenge for his brother and friend, straining his relationship further with Luz. Meanwhile for the Saints, the Colombians issue an ultimatum: they will work exclusively with the Saints if they can return the confiscated cocaine to them from a police lock-up. To do this, the Saints formulate a plan to use a car bomb to blow a hole in the wall of the police evidence locker and steal back the Colombians cocaine. After a tense drive to the station, the Saints detonate the bomb, steal the cocaine and make a frantic run back to a garage with the police on their tail.[16]

Manuel meets with Julius at a strip club to formulate a business deal. The meeting is interrupted by Angelo who opens fire with an automatic assault rifle, meaning to avenge the death of his brother by killing all involved. He is unsuccessful and quickly retreats. Manuel then offers the Saints his home address.[17] Assaulting the Lopez Mansion, the Saints take it over, but Angelo escapes after a wild chase through the city.[18]

With the Carnales leadership decimated, and the drug and weapons production capabilities all but destroyed, Angelo now attempts to leave the city to rebuild his gang at a later date. The Saints become aware of this, and strike at the airport where Angelo's private jet is preparing to take off. Despite tight security, a pair of Saints manage to destroy the Jet, and everyone on-board, on the runway. Luz, at the airport to meet with Angelo, arrives at the very end of the fight and is met by Angelo's killers. Despite some threats of violence, they let Luz go unharmed.[19] She later meets with Manuel at a bar.[20]

Audio tour[]

Main article: Saints Row Church#Audio tour

An audio tour, narrated by Julius Little, is available on the second level of the church throughout Saints Row 2 (although it is disabled during the mission "Revelation") and briefly highlights the history of the Carnales in Stilwater.

Part 2[]

Founded in the 1800's[sic] [21] Stilwater always was a city of great diversity and promise, but the peak of Stilwater came in the 1970s. While the downtown area was as popular as ever, the crown jewel in Stilawter's[sic] [22] crown was the district of Saints Row. A testiment[sic] [23] to architecture and urban planning, Mission Beach was the most prestigous[sic] [24] neighborhood to live in. However, the peace and tranquility was shattered when Alejandro Lopez moved to town. Backed by Colombian drug czars, Lopez not only controlled the vice trade, but he created the first major street gang in Stilwater... Los Carnales.
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 2

Part 3[]

Los Carnales spread like a cancer, within months Lopez's empire was spread throughout Stilwater. One of the neighborhoods that was hit the worst was Sunnyvale Gardens. The Carnales swept through Sunnyvale, demanding protection fees, pushing drugs, and bringing gang warfare to the streets. Tired of the violence in his neighborhood, my childhood friend, Benjamin King organized the kids in Sunnyvale to stand up for themselves...and the Vice Kings were born.
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 3

Part 4[]

Fueled by their desire to take back their neighborhood the Vice Kings surged. In a matter of days, Sunnyvale was free of the Carnales, but Ben King didn't stop there. Over the next months the Vice Kings and the Carnales battled for control of Stilwater, and while the Carnales were reduced to a fraction of their former glory, the cost had been high. Not only was Stilwater torn apart, but Ben King had grown accustomed to power and refused to give it up. Rather than continue to be a leg breaker for Benjamin, I dropped my flags and moved to Saints Row. Sadly, my retirement was relatively short lived.
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 4

Part 5[]

As years went by, Benjamin King started to direct his focus to legitimate business ventures, and his criminal empire suffered for it. Not only did the Carnales regain their strength, but a new gang, the Westside Rollerz also tried to make a name for themselves. For a while these three gangs tore each other apart, but once the violence spilled into Saints Row, I had to do something. Like Benjamin, I gathered the people of this neighborhood and gathered them in this very is where the 3rd Street Saints were born.
— Julius Little in Saints Row Church audio tour part 5


  • Most Los Carnales vehicle radios are set to 89.0 Generation X, and some of them are set to 102.4 Klassic FM.[which vehicles?]
  • Los Carnales is Spanish for "The Brothers".
  • They are incorrectly called "the Los Carnales" by Troy,[10] an anonymous Saints gang member,[11] and Dex[10][11] who tries to correct the former two until he says it incorrectly.
  • Los Carnales are the only gang to appear in the attract mode demo that plays during the Saints Row title screen.
  • Some Los Carnales tags are still present during Saints Row 2 in the southern districts of Stilwater once controlled by them, such as inside the Drug Factory.