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The Lopez Mansion is a Crib in Saints Row.


The mansion is located in the south-west of Stilwater, in the neighborhood of Ezpata in the Barrio District.

Saints Row Edit

It was originally owned by Hector and Angelo Lopez, who lived there in addition to using it as the base of operations of Los Carnales. In Saints Row, the 3rd Street Saints raid the mansion once in the hopes killing Angelo Lopez, who fled the mansion.[1] The Lopez Mansion then becomes a crib for The Protagonist after Angelo Lopez's death.[2]

Saints Row 2 Edit

Sometime between Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the Lopez Mansion appears to have been purchased by the Ultor Corporation alongside most nearby buildings, as during the 4th level of the Septic Avenger Activity in the Red Light District The Protagonist is tasked with spraying waste over Ultor buildings, and the Lopez mansion is marked as one.

Trivia Edit

  • When The Protagonist raids the mansion, Angelo Lopez escapes by breaking through the garage door with his car. However, once the mansion becomes a crib, the garage door is in perfect condition.
  • The player can not crouch in either the swimming pool or the hot tub.
  • There are paintings of Hector Lopez, Angelo Lopez, and Luz on the second floor landing.
  • Outside of the room containing the Weapons Cache, Safe, Save Point and Wardrobe is a locked door on the left (standing inside the room and facing the landing). There is no room marked on the map, but the door can be destroyed by an explosion. Inside, there is a teddy bear which is only visible from certain angles. When shot, the bear breaks open and money falls out.

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References Edit

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  2. Mission: What Goes Up...
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