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Loan Shark
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Saints Row


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Loan Shark is an Activity in Saints Row.


Money can be borrowed from loan sharks at "First Born Loans". The amount of the loan depends on game progress; the minimum is $5,000 and the maximum amount is $50,000. To pay back the loan, go to the Loan Office and enter the Trigger Field. The loan can only be paid back in full, but no interest is required.

After borrowing money, there is between 3 and 12 days to pay off the loan, depending on game progress. The first warning appears on-screen when there is one week left. Every day for the final 5 days, there is a phone call from Mike, asking "Where's our money?". At one day left, the message changes to "I think you better pay up". The same message repeats the next day, along with the on-screen text "You have defaulted on your loan".

Two loan sharks, Mike and Dan, come after Playa, and appear on the HUD as an enemy. While Mike and Dan are present, the Cash displayed on the HUD flashes red and white. While it is possible to kill Mike and Dan every time they appear, they continue coming back until the loan is repaid, with increasingly strong vehicles and weapons.

Vehicles used:

Weapons used:


"Family Ties" cutsceneEdit

Vinnie: "No you piece of shit, I don't care...did I say I was looking for excuses or my money...You got 2 days. After that I'm takin' the guitar you bought and the hand that strums it, you understand me...Goodbye."
Vinnie: "Sorry 'bout that, my brother's a musician. So, are you looking for a loan?"
Loan Shark Family Ties CUTSCENES 0082
Vinnie, during the "Family Ties" cutscene

Radio commericalEdit

Mike: "I'm Mike."
Dan: "I'm Dan."
Mike: "And we want to lend you money."
Dan: "Are you a little short this month?"
Mike: "This week?"
Dan: "Today?"
Mike: "First Born Loans can loan you money anytime you need it."
Dan: "24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
Mike: "Or how about right now?"
Dan: "Maybe you're looking at a new car?"
Mike: "Some new clothes?"
Dan: "How 'bout a sandwich?"
Mike: "Any amount at all, First Born Loans is here for you."
Dan: "We only ask one thing in return."
Mike: "...You pay us back on time."
Dan: "No... really."
Mike: "We're serious."
Dan: "You pay us back... on time."
Announcer: "First Born Loans: seriously, pay them back on time."
SR1 Radio Shared 0113 First Born Loans
— Radio commerical for First Born Loans

Mike and DanEdit

Mike: "Pay us back on time..."
Mike: "There ya go...just don't be late paying it back..."
Mike: "Don't be late..."
Dan: "The juice starts now..."
Dan: "Don't be late paying this back..."
Dan: "I'm sure you're good for it..."
— When taking out a loan
Mike: "Thanks for making this simple..."
Mike: "Stop by anytime you need a loan..."
Mike: "I get my money back, you get to keep your knee caps, everybody wins..."
Dan: "Always a pleasure..."
Dan: "It's always nice to deal with reasonable people..."
Dan: "If you need another loan, just stop on by..."
— When repaying a loan
Mike: "Where's our money?"
Mike: "I think you better pay up..."
Mike: "Don't be late..."
Mike: "Pay us back on time..."
— Phone call from Mike when loan has not been paid


  • Borrowing a total of $200,000 unlocks the Achievement "Jumped the Shark". This can be unlocked very quickly by simply borrowing and returning the money over and over again.
  • The Loan Shark is named "First Born Loans". The name "First Born Loans" is a reference to owing them your "First Born" child.
  • The Loan Shark in the cutscene is named Vinnie, while Mike and Dan are featured in the radio ad and come to collect the debt.
  • In Saints Row 2, Vinnie is one of the contacts for the "Crowd Control" activity. In his cutscene, he mentions that Mike and Dan have moved on to be professional poker players, so he moved into porn films such as "Cock of Cthulu" starring D.P. Lovecrack, "Bukkake High School 31" starring Abby Hamherstein, "The Cable Man From Bangalore" starring Anoop "The Indian Hammer" Shekar..." Since "Porn fans are... well, y'know, porn fans", he hires Playa to protect his talent.
  • Mike is slightly taller than a normal character, while Dan is slightly shorter.[1]


  • Loan Shark Loan Office location on map
  • Loan Shark - Loan office exterior
  • Loan Shark instructions
  • Loan Shark - Vinnie on the phone
  • Loan Shark - Family Ties - Vinnie
  • Loan Shark - taking out 5000 dollars
  • Loan Shark - returning 5000 dollars
  • Loan Shark - not enough money
  • Loan Shark help text - top
  • Loan Shark help text - bottom
  • Mike and Dan
  • Mike and Dan close up
  • Dan, dead
  • Mike, dead
  • Mike
  • Dan
  • Loan Shark - Vinnie - character model in Saints Row
  • Logo on Dan's shirt
  • Bulldog - Loans variant - front left in Saints Row
  • Bulldog - Loans variant - front right in Saints Row
  • Bulldog - Loans variant - rear left in Saints Row
  • Bulldog - Loans variant - rear right in Saints Row
  • Peterliner - Loans variant - front left in Saints Row
  • Peterliner - Loans variant - front right in Saints Row
  • Peterliner - Loans variant - rear left in Saints Row
  • Peterliner - Loans variant - rear right in Saints Row
  • Loan Shark Police Chopper, showing Dan
  • Loan Shark Mike in a Police Chopper
  • Billboard in Saints Row 2

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