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Lil' Croaker
Gat out of Hell - playstation livestream - Lil' Croaker weapon only

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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Lil' Croaker is a Weapon in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1] and the Plague of Frogs Pack DLC for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.


The Lil' Croaker is an Explosive weapon, with one costume, named "Lil' Croaker".

Grenadiers use this weapon.

It is available in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected in the pre-order Plague of Frogs Pack pre-order DLC.

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Clip Size, Hop Distance and Rate of Fire can be upgraded 5 levels each. The "Ultimate Upgrade" is Gimme Tongue.[2]


  • Volition have stated that they have no intention to release the Plague of Frogs Pack DLC separately, or on Xbox, PS3 or PC.[3]



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    Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo 0133 Weapon - 'Lil' Croaker' (Costume - Lil' Croaker)

    Lil' Croaker in Gat out of Hell Gameplay Demo

  2. Image:
    Gat out of Hell - Lil' Croaker - Upgrades

    Lil' Croaker Upgrades

  3. Note: Stated in Gat out of Hell livestream chat.
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