Lik-a-Chik is an inaccessible Fast Food chain in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Lik A chik lik-a-chik main

Lik-a-Chik billboard


Lik-a-Chik is referenced by radio commercials and billboards through-out Stilwater, but there are no physical stores, so The Protagonist cannot purchase Food from Lik-a-Chik.

There are Lik-a-Chik livery variants of the Mongoose, Hurricane, and Lefturner. A Lik-a-Chik variant of the Oring appears in the Special Derby, and can be created by Customizing the Freckle Bitch's branded Oring at the Car Mechanic.

Chicken Ned is an Unlockable Homie who is dressed as a Lik-a-Chik Mascot.

In Saints Row, the in-game Phone Number for Lik-a-Chik is 555-3863, but there is no telephone number in Saints Row 2.


  • SR1 Radio Shared 0097 Lik a Chik
    Saints Row Lik-a-Chik radio commercial
  • SR1 Message Shared 0018 Lik a Chik
    Saints Row Lik-a-Chik Phone Message


  • There is a real restaurant named Lick-A-Chick
  • Lik-a-Chik may be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Cunnilingus.
  • The Lik-a-Chik Hurricane, Lefturner and Mongoose all display the number 22.


  • Lik-a-Chik Mongoose
  • Lik-a-Chik Hurricane
  • Lik-a-Chik Oring
  • Lik-a-Chik Lefturner
  • Chicken Ned


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