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"Liberation" is the sixth mission of the Westside Rollerz story arc in Saints Row.

Hey, meet me at the pool hall. The Rollerz are getting into something big.
Liberation audio
Lin to Playa, in a phone call.


Julius Little meets Playa at the church when the latter receives a phone call from Lin. She asks Playa to meet her at the pool hall, stating the Westside Rollerz are "getting into something big".[1]

After reaching the pool hall, Playa discovers it's an ambush, and fights their way through many Westside Rollerz enemies to reach a captive and unconscious Lin inside a staff room on the second floor. During an attempt to free her, Playa is knocked out by a Baseball Bat to the back of the head by a hidden Westside Rollerz gang member, and William Sharp reveals himself, having used Lin as bait to lure Playa there.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

The Saints' campaign against the Rollerz was going well, but Sharp suspected a spy, and singled out Lin. You got a call from her that didn't sound quite right, and suspecting the worst, led a daring rescue at the warehouse where Lin was being held. You'd fought your way to Lin and were just about to rescue her, but you were taken by surprise and knocked out.


Liberation - It's an ambush
Meet Lin at the pool hall.

The first objective is to meet Lin in a pool hall in the Arena District.

It's an ambush!

Upon entering the building, it is revealed to be a trap, with 2 floors of enemies to fight through in order to reach the staff room where Lin is being held.


The mission "Burying Evidence" continues on immediately after this mission. This is the sixth Westside Rollerz mission, marking two thirds of the Westside Rollerz story arc completed.


The mission can only be failed by getting Smoked or busted.


  • Ultor Dome unlocked


  • Julius Little reveals he's also been keeping in contact with Lin since she went undercover.[1]
  • Outside of the cutscene, Lin is not in the staff room in the pool hall.
  • The Westside Rollerz gang member who knocks Playa out with a baseball bat has a randomly generated appearance, meaning his appearance changes each time the cutscene is played at a theater.
  • The next mission, "Burying Evidence", begins immediately after the completion of this mission, similar to "Back to Basics" continuing on from "Canonized".
  • The 'Story' section regarding this mission (that can be read via the pause menu after completing it) erroneously refers to the pool hall as a warehouse.



Hey, meet me at the pool hall. The Rollerz are getting into something big.
— Lin, pre-mission phone call

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Sharp" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "Sup, playa?"
Julius Little: "Lin's been sayin' you're doin' a hell of a job when it comes to the Rollerz. Keep it up."
Julius Little: "That Lin?"
Lin: "Hey, meet me at the pool hall. The Rollerz are getting into something big."
Julius Little: "Don't let me hold ya up; you know how the lady hates to be kept waiting."
William Sharp: "Good girl."
Lin: "Go fuck yourself."
Mr. Sharp slaps Lin
William Sharp: "Temper, temper little girl."
William Sharp: "Look at you. All tied up, pretty as a present."
William Sharp: "I think it's time to unwrap you..."
Merry Christmas, Mr. Sharp full CUTSCENES 0316
— "Merry Christmas, Mr. Sharp" cutscene


This dialogue is unsubtitled, and spoken by random gang members.

Westside Rollerz gang member: "He bought it!"
Westside Rollerz gang member: "We've been waiting for you."
Westside Rollerz gang member: "You're too late, motherfucker!"
Westside Rollerz gang member: "Surprise, asshole!"
Westside Rollerz gang member: "This is what you get when you fuck with the Rollerz."
Westside Rollerz gang member: "You're not running fast enough!"
Westside Rollerz gang member: "We'll bury you with Lin."

"Lights Out" cutsceneEdit

Westside Rollerz gang member: "Sounds like the cops are comin', Mr. Sharp."
William Sharp: "Let's take our guests for a ride, shall we?"
Lights Out full CUTSCENES 0312
— "Lights Out" cutscene


  • Julius Little tells Playa not to keep Lin waiting
  • William Sharp holds Lin captive and forces her to phone Playa
  • Lin swears at William Sharp
  • William Sharp slaps Lin after she tells him to "go fuck [himself]"
  • "I think it's time to unwrap you..."
  • A Westside Rollerz gang member knocks Playa unconscious
  • Liberation - It's an ambush

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