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Legal Lee is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Anyone hit and need a lawyer?
— Legal Lee after Playa interrupted Johnny Gat's court.[1]


Saints Row[]

Lee first hires Playa to fake his injuries so that the two of them can get money from insurance companies.[2]

He has two enterable Legal Lees buildings, he runs the Adept Way location, and Raymond Gonzales works out of the Cecil Park location.[3]

Saints Row 2[]

Five years later,[4] he acts as the lawyer of Johnny Gat at the latter's trial.[1] In the same year, Lee hires Playa again to show the population a side of the Stilwater Police Department that isn't friendly,[5] and he also hires Playa to take down a few witnesses.[6] On completion of level 3 of the Prison Fight Club, he is unlocked as a homie.

Saints Row: The Third[]

In Saints Row: The Third, Playa considers talking to Legal Lee about Johnny Gat selling his likeness to Ultor upon seeing Gat's comic, Gangstas In Space.[7] He later calls Pierce and says that the studio producing the Gangstas in Space movie want Playa to do a screen test for his role in the movie.[8]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

My lawyer Legal Lee figured out a way to get some gold level clients a fast track out of Hell. The more abuse you put these guys through, the more years we can shave off. Lee suggested running clients through the designated intersections to boost their punishment.
— Legal Lee mentioned by Dane Vogel during the introduction of the "Torment Fraud" Activity in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

Legal Lee is deceased by the events of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, and is Dane Vogel's lawyer in New Hades, although is not seen on-screen. He came up with an idea for clients to shave their sentence in Hell by making them go through a lot of abuse and torment.[9]


Legal Lee's Homie icon for Saints Row 2.

  • The name Legal Lee is a pun on the word legally, as he is a lawyer. In addition, his firm, Legal Lee's, is a pun on legalese, a term for the specialized language of the legal profession.
  • The fact that he drives an Ambulance is a reference to the term "ambulance chaser" which means a lawyer who seeks injured clients to sue big companies for money as in the US, the lawyer gets a percentage of the victims' compensation. When idle, he may say "Did you just hear an Ambulance?".
  • Both he and Troy Bradshaw work within the legal system, are unlocked as homies via Prison Fight Club in Saints Row 2, appear in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, are only mentioned in Saints Row: The Third, and are involved in Torment Fraud in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Legal Lee billboard

Legal Lee aged billboard

Framed photo from interior of Legal Lee's Cecil Park office in Saints Row

Framed newspaper from interior of Legal Lee's Cecil Park office in Saints Row

Legal Lee in Saints Row

Fraud - Lee - character model in Saints Row

Legal Lee - character model in Saints Row 2

Concept art of Legal Lee for Saints Row 2

Gat on trial with Legal Lee in the Saints Row 2 mission, Appointed Defender

Gat with Legal Lee

Legal Lee as a Homie in Saints Row 2 with a pistol

Legal Lee mentioned in Gat out of Hell


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