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Learning Computer
Learning Computer complete
"Learning Computer" mission completion screen
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"Learning Computer" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

Kinzie: "Oh God! What the hell are you doing?!"
Pierce: "Going after the truck."
Kinzie: "I said DON'T use the tank!"
Learning Computer intro
Kinzie Kensington reprimands Pierce after he and The Protagonist go after the supercomputer with a Crusader.


The Protagonist and Pierce meet with Kinzie Kensington at Kinzie's Warehouse to discuss the Deckers. Kinzie explains that The Protagonist's helicopter crashed[1] because Matt Miller hacked into its flight computer and fried it with an EMP. Kinzie then asks they and Pierce steal a powerful "learning computer" in STAG's possession that will allow her to "worm into their mainframe [and] do all sorts of naughty things". Miller learns of Kinzie's objective and sends his Deckers in an attempt to acquire the computer before Kinzie can; Kinzie sends The Protagonist and Pierce to the PR Center, where the computer is located, to stop the Deckers and get the computer back to her.

The duo head to the PR Center and encounter a fierce battle between the Deckers and STAG. They head on down to the garage and commandeer a STAG Crusader tank, which they use to take the computer from the Deckers, who had loaded it onto the back of a truck. When the two bring the supercomputer to Kinzie, she states that she'll next need a very specific chair, leading to the events of "Stop all the Downloading".


Learning Computer - Damage Truck Wheels
Go to Kinzie's Hideout
Get to STAG PR Center

From Kinzie's Warehouse, drive to the PR Center and gun down the STAG and Deckers engaged with each other outside.

Clear lobby

Then head through and kill everyone inside in the lobby; reinforcements arrive from the two elevators after killing a certain amount of enemies.

Get to garage

Head to the elevator once they're all down. In the garage, the Deckers present can be ignored.

Steal tank

Get into the Crusader tank.

Escape garage

Wait for Pierce to climb in, blast the barricade, and drive on out onto the streets.

Catch truck

Drive towards the Flatbed truck.

Damage truck wheels

Shoot its four wheels out using the machine gun.


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission


Main article: Newscasts
Stop All the Downloading radio newscasts media 00033
Jane Valderamma: "Like a high tech hot potato, one of the most powerful supercomputers in North America has been taken from STAG by the Deckers, who have now lost it to the Saints. Remarkably, it appears that the computer took no damage during these violent exchanges and the Saints are believed to have it secured in an undisclosed location. There is no official word regarding the Saints' plans for the computer, but rumors are beginning to swirl around an ambitious new spin on virtual reality porn. Stay tuned for further details; this is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Mobile Computing News."


  • Pierce finds and takes a newspaper clip mentioning Lin and plays around with a Penetrator in the opening cutscene.
  • While in the PR Center with Pierce, an argument occurs between Kinzie Kensington and Matt Miller which ends with Kinzie saying, "Yak yak yak... Get a job", a quote from the 1995 film Hackers.
  • It is possible to destroy the Crusader and use other vehicles.
  • In co-op play, only one player has to take the tank; the other player can take whatever vehicle they want.
  • In single player, due to AI programming, Pierce blindly fires the laser at enemies and sometimes hits and damages the Flatbed truck, causing it to explode and the player to fail the mission (his firing the laser at everything that moves also makes it more difficult to aim at the tires). In co-op, a second player can control the laser rather than Pierce.
  • It is possible to climb out of the tank, get slightly closer to the truck, and use a McManus 2015 to snipe the wheels.
  • If a Fart in a Jar is thrown in the truck, the text "##UNKNOWN_STRING##" appears above the Map.
  • When the truck stops, it makes a similar motion to when it is possessed by the RC Possessor.
  • An unique tan N-Forcer can be obtained in this mission; chase the truck until three N-Forcers appear blocking the path. Get out from the tank, get in the N-Forcer, cancel the mission, and drive the vehicle to the Garage.
  • The music played while chasing the truck is "Last Man Standing" by Hybrid.
  • Despite the supercomputer belonging to STAG, it features Ultor logos on its sides and back.
  • The name of this mission may come from a quote in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where the Terminator says, "My CPU is a neural net processor: a learning computer". In fact, the whole entire "Learning Computer" mission string could be inspired by the Terminator films.
  • In the ending cutscene, Kinzie uses her laptop outside while it is raining, which doesn't short circuit the laptop.
  • Two Saints members spawn near the entrance to Kinzie's Warehouse after starting the mission and can be recruited.
  • When the elevator doors open to the basement, it is possible to see the STAG soldiers die.



The Protagonist - Male 1: "The Deckers are a problem, Kinzie."
Kinzie Kensington: "I've been working on that."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "And? What have you come up with?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Well, I guess you were bound to be here someday."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "What are you talking about?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Come to my place. I'll show you what we're gonna need."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 1)

Kinzie Kensington: "I'm a little busy..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "To bad, I wanna make a move against the Deckers..."
Kinzie Kensington: "Whaddya think I'm working on?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I don't know what you're working on because you never tell me."
Kinzie Kensington: "Sorry."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "It's ok, you'll fill me in when I come over..."
Kinzie Kensington: "What?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Pierce and I headin' over."
Kinzie Kensington: "You can't come, its my inner sanctum..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Yeah, too bad."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 2)

Kinzie Kensington: "Figured you would call."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "The Deckers are a bigger problem than we thought. I need something to stop them."
Kinzie Kensington: "I've finished my analysis of the Deckers' network and infrastructure and determined the needed processing power and hardware requirements for accessing their mainframe."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Uh huh..."
Kinzie Kensington: "I've worked REALLY hard and know what we need to go after the Deckers."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Fine, where do you need me?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Um, well, my place has all the data. I guess you can come here. I mean, it makes sense. Right?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I've seen your place before, Kinzie."
Kinzie Kensington: "Not my inner sanctum."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Right..."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 3)

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Kinzie, where're you at?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Um, why do you need to know?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "After that chopper thing, I'd like to get those fucking Deckers."
Kinzie Kensington: "I've been busy."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "If it gets us to the Deckers, busy is good."
Kinzie Kensington: "It does."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Alright, then what's next?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Well, next..."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Anytime now."
Kinzie Kensington: "Come to my place."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "What's the problem? You afraid I won't like the plan?"
Kinzie Kensington: "No..."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Then what?"
Kinzie Kensington: "I've never allowed anyone in my inner sanctum before."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Inner... sanctum..."
Kinzie Kensington: "My sacred, private room."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "... Wow."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 1)

Kinzie Kensington: "Was wondering when you'd call."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Am I that predictable?"
Kinzie Kensington: "With the right algorithm most people are, actually."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You figure out the Deckers then?"
Kinzie Kensington: "I think so. Come by my place, I'll fill you in."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Why does this make me nervous..."
Kinzie Kensington: "You shouldn't be. My place has a lot of character."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I bet..."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 2)

The Protagonist - Female 3: "I don't like it when helicopters crash while I'm in them, Kinzie."
Kinzie Kensington: "I don't blame you."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Any luck on making sure it doesn't happen again?"
Kinzie Kensington: "Come to me and we'll talk."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Meet you at the diner..."
Kinzie Kensington: "Not there. My place."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Smiling Jack's not good enough for you anymore?"
Kinzie Kensington: "It isn't my inner sanctum."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Do I even want to know what I'm walking into?"
Kinzie Kensington: "The less questions you ask, the better."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 3)

Kinzie Kensington: "I know about the helicopter."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
Kinzie Kensington: "I'm close to being able to go after the Deckers directly, but I'll need your help."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
Kinzie Kensington: "Won't explain over the phone. Come to my place."
— Pre-mission phone call (Zombie)

Cutscene #1Edit

Kinzie: "You can hit the light."
The Protagonist: "It's...homey."
Pierce: "I don't see a bed."
Kinzie: "Sleep is forbidden."
The Protagonist: "What the fuck did the Deckers do to the chopper?"
Kinzie: "Matt must have hacked into its flight computer and fried it with an EMP."
Pierce: "You can do that?"
Kinzie: "You can do a lot worse. If Matt gets the Decker Use-Net plugged into the central powergrid it' me, it's bad."
The Protagonist: "So how do we nail the Deckers?"
Kinzie: "If I could worm into their mainframe I'd do all sorts of naughty things. But I don't have the gear for that."
The Protagonist: "What would you need?"
Kinzie: "Something like this."
Kinzie: "That's one of the most powerful learning computers in North America... And STAG'S got one."
Matt Miller: "Thanks for the tip Agent Kensington."
Kinzie: "Damn it..."
The Protagonist: "Wait--that punk kid is Matt?"
Matt Miller: "That punk kid is the cyber god who just crashed your helicopter. Cheers!"
Kinzie: "His people are probably halfway to the computer by now! GO!"
— Opening Cutscene


The Protagonist - Female 1: "Tell me the computer's close, Kinzie."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Where is STAG keeping this computer, Kinzie?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "So Kinzie, where is this computer?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Kinzie, where's the computer being held?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Where's that computer, Kinzie?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Kinzie, where's the computer?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
Kinzie: "At the STAG PR Center. Hurry."
— "Mission Start"
Pierce: "So you and Shaundi were beaten by a little punk like Miller?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Crashing a helicopter isn't beating; that's cheating."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "The helicopter went down, and he took the credit."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "He didn't beat us, he just crashed our helicopter."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Beaten? He crashed our fucking helicopter."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "He crashed our helicopter, he didn't kill us."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You kidding me? Our helicopter crashed."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Pierce: "That sounds like you lost to me."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Pierce, I have a gun..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "There will be a rematch. Cast your bets now."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Keep laughing."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Put me in a room with Miller and we'll see who loses."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Shut up."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Go on, laugh it up..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
— "Drive 1"
Kinzie: "Aren't you there yet?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "If I didn't have to answer your call, maybe I would be."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Relax, we'll make it."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Workin' on it."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Calm down, we'll get there."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Hey man, slow up. We're almost there."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Calm down, we'll get there."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Moans"
Kinzie: "I don't want that little bastard beating me again."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Not a chance, hon."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Not possible, Kinzie. This time you have the Saints behind you."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "It's not gonna happen."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Don't worry, he won't."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Not gonna happen, girl."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Don't worry, he won't."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
— "Drive 2"
Pierce: "Kinzie's a little high strung, don't you think?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "As long as she stays grounded in reality we'll be fine."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Perhaps a little. She may be eccentric, but at least she is sane."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "She stares at a computer all day and never goes out in the real world. I'm surprised she's still sane."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "She barely goes out and stares at that screen most of the time. I'm surprised she's still sane."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Think we're all that's keeping her sane..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "For someone who spends most of her time glued to a moniter, I'm surprised she's still sane."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Moans"
Pierce: "You sure she still is?"
— "Drive 3"
Pierce: "Looks like the Deckers started the party."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Then they can pick up the tab."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "True, but that doesn't mean they will enjoy the end of it."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "And we're gonna crash it."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Well guess we're crashing then."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "So we're fashionably late."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Well guess we're crashing then."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Kinzie'd never forgive us if they got that computer first."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Don't worry, it's not gonna happen."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "She's counting on us. I will not let her down."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "They're not going to."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Then make sure they don't."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You ain't lyin...."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Then make sure it don't happen."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Arrival"
Pierce: "STAG sure has a lot of tech in here."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Yeah, but I'm not seeing Kinzie's new toy."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "If only we had time to look around and take some."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Who cares about the rest of this shit... where's the computer?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "This shit all looks the same to me, where's the computer..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Yeah, but which one's the computer?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I can't tell one thing from the other. Where's the bloody computer?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
— "STAG Tech"

Matt Miller: "Don't leave any of those pathetic peons standing."
Kinzie: "Go home, Matt, and take your little Deckers with you."
Matt Miller: "Well someone's a sore loser, Agent Kensington."
Kinzie: "You haven't won yet."
Matt Miller: "If you're referring to your two pawns, they're too late."
Kinzie: "We'll see about that."
Matt Miller: "What's to see, except the epic failure that is the Saints?"
Kinzie: "A bit overconfident?"
Matt Miller: "I am the one who got here first. I am the one leaving with the computer. I..."
Kinzie: "Yak yak yak... get a job."
— "PA Speakers 1"

Kinzie: "The Deckers are loading my computer in the garage. Get. Moving."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "You have some psychic bond with this computer or some shit?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "How can you be sure of that?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Who told you that?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "How do you know that?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You got spies here or something?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "How'd you know that?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
Kinzie: "I hacked the security feed."
— "Get to Garage"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "There goes the truck and here comes the Deckers."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Kinzie, that truck is moving and we are pinned down."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Hey Kinzie, just so you know... we're not alone."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Kinzie, the truck's moving out and we have company here."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "The truck's on it's way out the door and there's Deckers everywhere."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Kinzie, trucks on the way but we've got a little company..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Kinzie: "I called in reinforcements for you guys."
Pierce: "Fuck reinforcements, we got a tank."
Kinzie: "Oh no, don't you dare! I don't want that thing anywhere near my computer!"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I wouldn't dream of taking the tank, Kinzie."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Alright Kinzie, we will do this your way."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oh. Guess we can't use the tank then..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Ok, ok... we won't use the tank"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You win, we won't use the tank..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Don't worry, love. Tank is off limits."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Really?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Do you even know me? Of course we're taking the tank!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Of course not. Come on. I'll drive."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Psh. Of course we are. Don't be ridiculous."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Fuck no, we're getting our tank on."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Fuck no..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Course not. Have you gone mental?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grunts"
— "Garage Enter"
Pierce: "Maybe..."
Kinzie: "Ok, following the truck on street cams and... Oh god! What the hell are you doing?!"
Pierce: "Going after the truck."
Kinzie: "I said DON'T use the tank!"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I wasn't sure on your position... had to make a judgement call."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "We were a little short on time, Kinzie."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "*fake static* What was that? I didn't get that?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Relax, we won't use the cannon."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Whoops."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "What if we don't use the cannon?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "Kinzie you're breaking up..."
Kinzie: "No I'm not, you're just using your mouth to pretend like you are!"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "*fake static* It's a... solar flare... yeah..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Kinzie, uh, Kinzie! I am not hearing you!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "*fake static* Kin-- I can't--radio--goodbye."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "What's that Kinzie..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Hey you... you still there, Kinzie...?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Uh, I can't... I can't hear you, Kinz!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
Kinzie: "Ugh. Use the machine gun then, NOT the cannon."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "She may try to kill us this time."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "She seems upset, no?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "We're gonna regret this, aren't we?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "You think she's mad?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "A little too far?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You think she's mad?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
— "Truck Chase 1"

Kinzie: "Not the cannon, not the cannon!"
Kinzie: "Do you want me to kill you both!?"
— "Do Not Shoot Cannon"

Pierce: "There goes a tire."
Pierce: "Damn, nice shot."
Pierce: "Alright, one more."
— "Shoot Tires"

Cutscene #2Edit

The Protagonist: "So you're set, right?"
Kinzie: "Almost. I need a chair."
The Protagonist: "I'll give you 50 bucks, pick out a nice one."
Kinzie: "Funny. I'll explain it all once this thing's set up."
— Closing Cutscene


Pierce: "Shit, the Deckers are tryin' to slow us down."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Can't imagine why..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Bah. They are hardly worth noticing."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Now you figure that out?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "You think?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Can't imagine why..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "What gave it away?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Decker Roadblocks 1"
Man, this shit just ain't fair.
— Pierce, "Decker Roadblocks"

We better get in there before they take that thing.
— Pierce, "Get In"

Damn, there's even more in here.
— Pierce, "M15"

Matt Miller: "Having fun yet?"
The Protagonist: "Oh jesus fucking christ..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
Matt Miller: "You and that slag Kensington ready to beg for mercy?"
The Protagonist: "Are you ready to shut the fuck up?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
Matt Miller: "Look at you puffing your chest like your someone who's important. You better understand that you have no tactic I haven't planned for. You see, you'll never be as smart as me, but there's not one thing you can do that I can't."
The Protagonist: "Oh yeah? Buy a pack of cigarettes."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Matt Miller: "Agist."
— "Matt Player Convo"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Deckers did all the heavy lifting for us. This worked out well."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Kinzie will be unhappy if the Deckers forgot to pack everything."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Lucky they packed that computer up for us."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Was awful nice of the Deckers to get this thing loaded up for us."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "We should hire the Deckers to load shit up more often."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "How sweet of the Deckers to get this thing loaded up for us."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "Speaking of which, how're we gonna move it after we blow out the tires?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "This is a tank we're in, right...?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I was thinking we would use the tank."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Uh... tank...?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Pierce... tank..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "We use the tank."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "What the fuck you mean? We're in a bloody tank..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "I suppose that'll work."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Let's do it."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "What's the worst that could happen?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "I worry about you. I really do."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I worry about you sometimes..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I'm takin' Shaundi next time..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I worry about you sometimes, mate..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
— "More Truck Combat"
She wasn't kidding about reinforcements. Looks like the crew has this shit under control.
— Pierce, "Reaction to Exiting"


  • Kinzie Kensington in the "inner sanctum" of Kinzie's Warehouse
  • Pierce takes a newspaper clipping of Lin
  • Pierce shows The Protagonist a gimp mask
  • Pierce shows The Protagonist The Penetrator
  • Pierce hides The Penetrator unsubtly behind his back
  • Pierce hides The Penetrator unsubtly behind his back
  • Matt Miller learns of the supercomputer and Kinzie's plans
  • After the events of the mission, Kinzie waits for Pierce and The Protagonist to return with the supercomputer
  • The pair arrive with the computer on a Flatbed
  • Kinzie Kensington
  • Kinzie hints at needing a chair, revealed in "Stop all the Downloading" to be a NEMO chair
  • The Ultor supercomputer
  • Fighting STAG in the PR Centre
  • Chasing the supercomputer with a tank, despite Kinzie's objection not to use it
  • Images of the supercomputer from the screen
  • Mission failure screen
  • UI image used when saving after this mission
  • Learning Computer - Damage Truck Wheels


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