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Laura is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Don't worry sweetie, when it comes to drugs or snicker doodles I'm the best.
— Laura[4]


Laura is a normal housewife and mother, who is also a drug dealer. Her clothes and appearance reflect this, as she doesn't wear anything extravagant. In Saints Row 2, her features generally remain unchanged, although she now wears an orange prison outfit with a gray coat and slippers on - even after being freed from Stilwater Penitentiary by Playa.[5]


Saints RowEdit

Laura is the client in the Suburbs District Drug Trafficking Activity in Saints Row. Although initially giving the impression that she's a normal housewife - having a family car, stable personality, a husband, several kids, one of which is a 16 year old[6] named Amy,[2] and giving piano lessons - she reveals an African-American friend of hers recommended the drug trade and she gave dealing Koma a shot. Playa rides shotgun on her drug deals in return for cash and respect.

Saints Row 2Edit

Sometime during the five years[7] between the events of Saints Rows and Saints Row 2 Laura leaves her husband and marries Tobias, a fellow drug trafficker. At some point she was incarcerated at Stilwater Penitentiary. In Saints Row 2 Playa rescues and returns her to her loving husband,[5] and the couple start working for the 3rd Street Saints: Tobias as a helicopter pilot and Laura as a drugs expert.[4]

Gat out of HellEdit

Laura has been accepted into Heaven by God while her spouse Tobias is sent into Hell. Unbeknownst to her, Tobias is attempting to reunite with her.[8]


  • Laura is very naive about her dealing of drugs, and both games make humourous references to this through what she says.
  • Upon completion of all of her Drug Trafficking levels in Saints Row, she is unlocked as a homie, armed with a Tombstone, and drives a Hannibal
    • During Drug Trafficking, her Hannibal is a unique variant, but she drives a normal Hannibal when called as a homie.
  • Sometimes during the Drug Trafficking, she occasionally says "I don't want to go to jail", which foreshadows her being in jail at the start of Saints Row 2.
  • In the extras and bonus section of the Saints Row: The Third Prima Guide, it is revealed that Laura and Tobias were to be killed in one of the original plans for The Syndicate's attack on Stilwater, which involved the destruction of the city during a Saints-themed convention called Saints Con.[9]
  • There is a lawn gnome Improvised Weapon outside of Laura's house in Saints Row 2.


  • Laura's homie head in Saints Row
  • Drug Trafficking - Laura - character model in Saints Row
  • Laura as homie in Saints Row
  • Laura in Saints Row 2
  • Laura inside Stilwater Penitentiary in Saints Row 2
  • Tobias opens the door to find his wife Laura in Saints Row 2
  • Playa leaves after reuniting Laura with her husband in Saints Row 2
  • "Don't worry sweetie, when it comes to drugs or snicker doodles I'm the best."
  • Laura snickerdoodles

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