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"Laundry Day" is the second mission of the The Ronin story arc in Saints Row 2.

Money laundering scheme uncovered
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


At Aisha's house, The Protagonist, Pierce, and Johnny Gat decide that, after the heist they pulled at The Ronin-controlled Poseidon's Palace, they should clean the money.[1]

The Protagonist successfully launders the money through a fence. On the phone to his father, Shogo Akuji learns that he is coming to America due to the shame Shogo has brought upon his family. Shogo orders Jyunichi to attack the 3rd Street Saints, believing The Ronin must defeat them before his father arrives.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

The Third Street Saints and the Ronin cut a swath of destruction downtown today. Preliminary investigations suggest that the Ronin caught the Saints in the midst of trying to launder money recently stolen from Poseidon's Palace. Chief Troy Bradshaw had no comment on the situation brewing between the Ronin and Saints.


Laundry Day - firing at pursuers

Gameplay from the mission.

Head to the used car salesman and buy an expensive car

Head to Elysian Fields trailer park and purchase the Eiswolf.

Take the car you bought

Get into the Eiswolf

Head to the arms dealer and buy an expensive gun

Head to the arms dealer to buy an AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher.

Go to the fence and re-sell the merchandise

Head towards the fence in order to sell the stuff back.

Protect the fence

The fence needs to travel to her stash in southern Stilwater and must be defended with the AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher as she drives the Eiswolf. The weapon can fire both rifle ammunition and grenades, and has unlimited ammo for both.

Generally, The Ronin put up a light defense in the north of Stilwater, but shortly after crossing the bridge and going past a dip, they step up their assault, and may badly damage the Eiswolf by the end of the mission.


  • Nob Hill neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper rn02 Laundry Day

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • During the "leaked security footage" in the opening cutscene, "15 Minutes", The Protagonist is wearing the clothing and customization they are in in the mission, rather than what they wore during "Saint's Seven".
    • Furthermore, Pierce is depicted as fighting, and stealing cash, alongside The Protagonist and Johnny Gat, despite him not taking part in the actual heist.
  • The game data files define additional parts to this mission; originally, there was also a second arms dealer, a female who drove a Bulldog and sold Grenades; as well as a clothing dealer who sells a "parachute suit" which The Protagonist would wear until selling it to the fence.
  • The Eiswolf is immovable before purchasing it - this is because it is defined as having an "infinite" mass by the game files.
  • In the opening cutscene, Jane says "the Saints are back after a long haitus". This means Jane hasn't heard of any of the other activity the Saints have caused, such as if completing any Sons of Samedi and/or Brotherhood missions first.
  • In the "15 minutes" cutscene, while Jane Valderama is interviewing Troy, two cops in the background prop up the body of a dead cop while another cop takes a picture of it.


"15 Minutes" cutsceneEdit

Aisha: "Why is there a big pile of money on the coffee table?"
Pierce: "It's a little complicated..."
Johnny Gat: "We shot up a Ronin casino and stole the cash."
Aisha: "And you brought that shit here?"
Johnny Gat: "Eesh, who else we gonna trust with the money?"
Aisha: "But the Ronin know you stole it right?"
Pierce: "Well, they wouldn't have if we would've went with my plan..."
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, well if we went with your plan we'd still be talkin' about it..."
Pierce: "Fuck off Gat..."
Johnny Gat: "Excuse me?"
The Protagonist: "Shut up, we're on..."
The Protagonist turns up the volume.
Jane Valderamma: "...the daring casino heist has left the police baffled..."
Jane Valderamma: "Standing next to me is chief of police Troy Bradshaw. Chief, how's the investigation going?"
Troy Bradshaw: "This is an investigation Miss Valderamma, I can't get into details."
Jane Valderamma: "Can you say anything about the Third Street Saint's involvement?"
Troy Bradshaw: "I don't know what you're talkin' ab-"
Jane Valderamma: "This leaked security footage shows the leader of the Saints, recent fugitive and Saint Lieutenant Johnny Gat, as well as an unknown accomplice assaulting the casino...obviously the Third Street Saints are back after a long hiatus."
The Protagonist and Johnny Gat cheer and fist bump as they see themselves on TV.
Aisha: "Oh God..."
Pierce: "Unknown accomplice my ass!"
Troy Bradshaw: "Miss Valdera-"
Jane Valderamma: "Also, reports claim that Ultor is pressing the Police Department for a quicker response."
Troy Bradshaw: "One of Ultor's investments was robbed, of course they want their money back."
The Protagonist: "Alright, we had our 15 minutes...let's clean this money."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Alright, alright, we had our 15 minutes...let's clean this money."
— "15 Minutes" cutscene


Pierce: "Do you even know how to launder money?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "It's not complicated: Buy stuff one place, sell it someplace else..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "How hard can it be? Buy expensive stuff one place, then resell it someplace else..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Yeah, I saw it in a movie once: Buy stuff one place, sell it someplace else..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "If I can survive a boat explosion I can handle shopping and reselling."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Ya buy stuff, then ya sell it someplace else, it doesn't sound too complicated..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I read about it in Ben King's book, ya buy, ya sell, it doesn't seem too hard."
Pierce: "This ain't gonna work..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "You really gotta relax Pierce..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "You worry too much Pierce."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Don't be so negative Pierce, I got this..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Pierce. Has anyone ever told you you need to lighten up?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Pierce, try to relax, what can go wrong?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Whatever, it'll be fine..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I heard you were looking to unload a classic..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Word is you got a car for sale..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "I wanna buy the best car you have..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "I'm looking to buy a car, you got something?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I hear you got a helluva car for sale..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I'm looking to buy a nice car, you got anything?"
Used car salesman: "I do, but my baby doesn't come cheap..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Money's no object..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Money is no problem..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Trust me, I can afford it..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Don't worry about the money, I got it..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I'm pretty sure I have enough..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Trust me, I can afford it..."
Pierce: "Ronin are comin' your way, I told you this was a bad idea..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Let 'em come, the Ronin' ain't stoppin' me..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "We're fine Pierce, the Ronin aren't stoppin' me..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "The Ronin couldn't stop me from stealing the money, they aren't gonna stop me from spending it..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "If the Ronin wanna get killed, that's their business..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "They're not the first people that have tried to kill me Pierce, and they're not gonna be the last..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Yeah, yeah...thanks for the heads up."
— At the used car salesman
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Word is you're the guy to talk to about military grade weapons..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Tell me you're sellin' some serious firepower..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "I need the biggest hardware you have..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Let's say I wanted to kill a lot of people, what would you recommend?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I'm looking to buy a really big big."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Hypothetically, if I wanted to murder like...a lot of people...what would you recommend?"
Arms dealer: "You look a little fancy to be starting a junta, but I got some toys I think you'll like..."
— At the arms dealer
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I'm looking to unload some merch, can ya help?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I got some product for sale..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Hey man, you think you can move this stuff?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "I got some product I think you're gonna wanna move..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I got some nice stuff for sale, you think you want 'em?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I got some stuff you're definitely gonna want to buy..."
Fence: "Okay, I can use all that stuff...let's go to my stash..."
— At the fence
Fence: "Is the whole town trying to kill you?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Pretty much, yeah..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I've made a lot of friends, what can I say..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "What's your point?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "I've always been a people person..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "What can I say, I've always been popular..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Um...yeah..."
Fence: "You brought the Ronin here?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Quit complaining, we're fine..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Did I forget to mention that part?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Did I not mention that before?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Jesus, you sound like Pierce..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "What's with people bein' so negative today..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "If people tryin' to kill ya bothers you, you're in the wrong line of work..."
— During the drive


You got a grenade launcher on that thing right? Use the damn thing!
— Fence

Jesus, the Ronin are still coming!
— Fence


The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I'm lookin' to by some new clothes..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I need to buy some clothes...."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "I need a new wardrobe..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "I'm looking for some new clothes..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I need a make over..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I'm really need some new clothes, can you help me?"
Clothing Dealer: "Then you've come to the right place..."
The Protagonist gets changed
Clothing Dealer: "You. Look. FABULOUS!"
— Unused meeting with Clothing Dealer

"Family Ties" cutsceneEdit

Kazuo Akuji (Translation): "Tell me, Shogo, are you purposefully trying to cause shame to me or is it a natural talent of yours?"
Kazuo Akuji (Subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Kazuo Akuji (Audio): "正吾を教えてください、あなたは意図的に私に恥を引き起こすしようとしているか、それはあなたの自然な才能です?"
Shogo Akuji (Translation): "Father, I'm not causing you shame..."
Shogo Akuji (Subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Shogo Akuji (Audio): "父よ、私はあなたに恥を引き起こしていないよ..."
The Ronin gang member: "What's going on?"
Jyunichi: "Shogo is explaining our failure to his father."
The Ronin gang member: "Mr. Akuji doesn't sound happy."
Jyunichi: "That's because his son has brought him much shame. Akuji-san is coming to America to teach Shogo how to lead."
The Ronin gang member: "Is that good or bad?"
Jyunichi: "That depends on who you are."
Kazuo Akuji (Translation): "I am tired of listening to your excuses, Shogo... I'll come to America, and when I arrive I will teach you how to lead."
Kazuo Akuji (Subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Kazuo Akuji (Audio): "私はあなたの言い訳の疲れ、省吾...私はアメリカに来る、と私が到着したとき、私はどのようにリードしてお教えします。"
Shogo Akuji (Translation): "Yes, father..."
Shogo Akuji (Subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Shogo Akuji (Audio): "はい、父..."
Shogo hangs up the phone
Shogo Akuji: "We need the Saints taken care of before my father arrives."
Jyunichi: "What would you have me do?"
Shogo throws his cigarette at Jyunichi
Shogo Akuji: "Whaddya think I want you to do, get some of our boys and kill them!"
— "Family Ties" cutscene


  • The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Aisha and Pierce
  • Pierce, The Protagonist, Johnny Gat and Aisha
  • Johnny Gat and Aisha talking about The Ronin's money from Poseidon's Palace
  • The Protagonist, Johnny Gat and Aisha
  • The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Aisha and Pierce
  • Jane Valderamma interviewing Troy Bradshaw
  • Pierce, Johnny Gat, and The Protagonist in the footage of the Poseidon's Palace robbery
  • The Protagonist, Aisha, Johnny Gat, and Pierce
  • While Johnny and The Protagonist celebrate, Pierce is distraught to find out he's known only as "unknown accomplice"
  • Jane Valderamma and Troy Bradshaw
  • Shogo Akuji talking to his father over the phone
  • Jyunichi and a Ronin hearing Shogo and Kazuo's conversation
  • "Yes, father..."
  • Shogo Akuji, Jyunichi and a Ronin
  • Shogo Akuji ordering Jyunichi
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission


  1. Cutscene: 15 Minutes
  2. Cutscene: Family Ties
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