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Lakeshore is a territory in Santo Ileso and controlled by the Marshall Defense Industries gang.


"The northwest shore of Lake Sabastian was once a dank, fetid swamp known as the Stillwater. In 1902, a group of unscrupulous land speculators devised a scheme to partition the area into lots and sell them, sight unseen, to gullible buyers from the eastern United States. When the new settlers arrived, they discovered their investments were literally underwater.

One of the new arrivals was an engineer from Chicago named Antoni Jasinski, who saw first hand the transformation of his Illinois hometown from a swampy marsh into a gleaming steel city of skyscrapers. Jasinski believed a similar feat could be achieved in Santo Ileso and drafted an ambitious plan to drain the swamp and build a new financial center for this Southwest boomtown. He snatched up the other lots for pennies on the dollar.

Jasinski then persuaded investors, politicians, bankers, and captains of industry locally and nationally to back his plan. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers dug the Stillwater Canal, and construction began on the first high-rises in the city. By the Roaring Twenties, the new Lakeshore district had grown into a financial powerhouse.

Lakeshore's dominance in the economic life of Santo Ileso continues to this day, and the skyline is shaped by the massive edifices of corporate giants. But the district is also a center for culture and the arts, with museums, libraries, concert venues, green parks, and many iconic works of public art.

Here you can find the Marshall Building, locally known as “The Boot”, The Museum of Santo Ileso. Sculptures and murals as well as Jasinski Park on Jasinski Boulevard where Jasinski Pavilion and the Jasinski Library can be found"