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Saints Row 2

The Kobra is a weapon in Saints Row 2.

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Not to be confused with KA-1 Kobra

Overview[edit | edit source]

It is the only Automatic Pistol in the game and holds 15 rounds per clip, more than any other pistol, with a max of 250 rounds in reserve. Although the Kobra is an automatic, with a great rate of fire, the VICE 9 actually has a lower refire delay, although each shot must be fired separately. It also has good accuracy, and can kill people in 1-3 shots. It has the best range of any pistol, but does the least damage per bullet.

It is never provided as part of any missions or activities, although Johnny Gat often wields one in the last few Ronin missions.[1]

The weapon itself is never available from Friendly Fire, but ammunition is available as it uses normal pistol ammo.

It is unlocked in the Weapons Cache after completing level 3 of FUZZ in the Projects District. Unlimited ammo for all Pistols is unlocked at level 6 of the same activity.

An image of the Kobra is available to put on shirts and hats in Clothing Stores.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cheat for this weapon is #934.
  • The Kobra resembles a modified Steyr M1912 pistol.
  • The internal name of the data files associated with this weapon is "Holt 55".
  • The Friendly Fire coupon which is displayed when unlocking discounts shows a silhouette of the Kobra.[2]
  • The laser sight is not used when the Kobra is dual wielded, so there is no dot in the middle of the HUD, which makes aiming and hitting targets at long range more difficult.
  • The DEK-RD Railpistol costume for the Heavy Pistol in Saints Row IV has a similar model.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Kobra - Saints Row 2 promo

Unlock image

Kobra viewed in a model viewer

Concept art from Saints Row 2

Dual Kobras

Weapons discount coupon with an image of the Kobra

Kobra with Laser (single)

Kobra without Laser (dual wielded)

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References[edit source]

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