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Kinzie Kensington[6][7] is a character in Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV,[8] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[9]

The misanthropic former FBI agent may seem an odd choice to interact with the media, but Kinzie's genius-level problem solving and natural savvy come in handy when selling the President's controversial policies to the press.
— The Saints Row website, regarding her background as of Saints Row IV.[10]


Agent Kinzie Kensington initially appeared in the "Power CG" trailer that debuted at E3 2011,[11] but was not named until lead writer Steve Jaros did a developer commentary over the trailer a month later.[6]

Kinzie was a member of the FBI until she was dismissed for possessing what was claimed to be "manufactured evidence". The members of the press claim her to be paranoid.[12] She is also somewhat of a conspiracy theorist (though in some cases her theories are actually well founded), such as the existence of the Daedalus, the threat of Matt Miller, The Syndicate, and the alien invasion.

Kinzie Kensington also has a wide range of technical skills,[7] she was displayed as being a computer genius capable of "broadcasting [Playa's] sub-conscious into the Decker user net" in order for Playa to battle with Matt Miller.[13]


Saints Row: The Third[]

Kinzie was originally an intelligence agent for the FBI. She had been investigating The Syndicate and planning to out them as an underground criminal organization, but the Deckers framed her to make it look like she had been selling secrets to Mossad and moonlighting as a dominatrix,[14] her employment was terminated, and she was captured by the Deckers. The Saints later rescued her from a barge operated by the Deckers.[15]

She and Pierce are assigned to the Deckers, which was suggested in the Deckers.die trailer.[7]

Kensington is a paranoid agoraphobic computer expert who is rescued from a Deckers' Ship,[15] she is assigned to take down the Deckers and its leader Matt Miller who constantly believes he is superior to her, which proves to be his undoing. Her technical skills are unmatched and her time in the FBI gave her extremely critical and sometimes top-secret info, such as Playa's real name,[16] STAG's "Learning Computer",[17] and that the Deckers hid the NEMO chair at the Burns Hill Reactors[18]. In fact, she is rarely without her laptop.

Her capture by the Deckers and her "inside view" from the FBI, which gave her plenty of hidden and top-secret information, may have led to Kinzie's extreme agoraphobia. In fact, her agoraphobia is so severe that she'll rarely[when?] venture out. When she does, it's only to a small restaurant, Smiling Jack's, nearby her "Inner Sanctum". Once at Smiling Jack's, Playa finds her hiding under a table.[14] Her social skills have degenerated to such a level that she doesn't know how to wash her hair.[19]

Saints Row IV[]

Sometime after the events of Saints Row: The Third, the Saints go on a joint counter-terrorist operation with Asha Odekar and Matt Miller to assassinate a rogue ex-STAG commander, Cyrus Temple, who had aligned with terrorists after being exiled from the U.S. Kinzie acts as the Saints tech support. She is berated by Shaundi for failing to check Playa's microphone, leaving the Saints' leader unable to speak.[20]

After Playa kills Cyrus, he manages to launch a nuke in his death throes, targeted for Washington. As Playa hops onto the nuke in an attempt to disable it, Kinzie concludes that their leader is sacrificing themselves and advises everyone to say their final goodbyes. Kinzie confesses that the two of them may have their disagreements, but she would always follow Playa. Thankfully, Playa managed to destroy the nuke and survive, landing right in the Oval Office in the White House.[20]

Five years later, Playa is elected the President of the United States. Kinzie was appointed Press Secretary. The downside of her job was dealing with Playa's verbal missteps that affected public relations. Kinzie was also trying to warn everyone of an impending alien invasion but nobody but Shaundi, Miller and Asha took her seriously. She was proven right when the invasion begins in the middle of a press conference. When the alien leader, Zinyak, announced that only the brightest among humanity shall be spared, Kinzie quickly claimed to be smarter than everyone in the room and was abducted.[21]

Kinzie was somehow able to escape the Zin's captivity and rescued Vice-president Keith David from the virtual simulation each Zin prisoner is forced to endure before going for Playa. She informs them of the virtual reality they are trapped in and spawns weapons to help Playa disrupt the simulation. However, this draws the attention of Zinyak, who throws Playa into a Zin-dominated version of Steelport. Kinzie helps Playa acquire super-powers and to escape the simulation. As she and Keith pick up Playa in a stolen Zin ship, Kinzie takes offense to Playa's lack of gratitude, and does a mock impression of how pompous her leader is. Playa then expresses genuine gratitude, before Kinzie notes that they're in the nude. As they escaped the Zin mothership, they attempt to call Oleg to mount a counterattack, but he fails to answer, before Zinyak atomizes the Earth. Enraged, Playa heads back into the simulation to further disrupt it, allowing Kinzie to locate the surviving Saints and find a weakness in the Zin's defenses so they can get to Zinyak.[22]

Kinzie is taken by Zinyak.

Once all the Saints are reunited, including Johnny Gat, they rally inside the simulation to confront Zinyak but they are ambushed by an enormous Zin force, and Zinyak kidnaps Kinzie. Kinzie is subjected to the same 50s style simulation which Zinyak originally used for Playa. When Playa enters the 50s simulation to rescue Kinzie, she is under the control of Cyrus Temple, who is preaching his views on a "perfect" society. Playa is able to stimulate Kinzie by rewiring loudspeakers around the city square, compelling her to dance. After defeating Cyrus, they return to The Ship, where Kinzie warns Playa against speaking of what occurred in that simulation, but Playa mentions the poodle skirt she was wearing anyway, compelling Kinzie to punch Playa.[23]

Gat out of Hell[]

She is a playable character in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell along with Johnny Gat.[9]


Kinzie is introduced as a socially awkward young woman who is asocial, witty, sarcastic and mock-serious. She is very lighthearted and youthfully cocky, mentioning that she finds the Deckers too easy to hack.[24][quote?] Being an agoraphobic, she doesn't venture very often from her warehouse on her own and in the case that she does go out on her own, she goes out with other people, such as Playa.[18] After the Deckers have been disbanded however, she overcomes her agoraphobia and goes out for pancakes in an attempt to be normal.[25]

She is very paranoid about various things, but at the same time is right about many of them. Kinzie had warned that the Zin are about to attack the Earth but her warnings were ignored.[21]

Kinzie has a habit of invading other people's privacy.[26] She can have a violent temper, punching Playa for mentioning the poodle skirt she was forced to wear,[23] and assaulting Cyrus.[27]

She demonstrates a high level of intelligence, and is responsible for broadcasting Playa's subconscious into the Decker Use-Net[28] as well as being behind the creation of the RC Possessor[29] and a working replica of the Cyber Buster, dismantling a massive air carrier that attacked Steelport,[30] and stopping Cyrus Temple from destroying the United States capital.[31]

Kensington also demonstrates a softer side to her personality when she meets with the rest of the Saints at the Broken Shillelagh during the alternate ending of Saints Row: The Third, after Shaundi and Viola are killed prior to STAG's attack on Steelport.[32] Despite her deep hatred for Matt Miller, she stands up for him when Playa loses their temper.[33] She also feels the same way toward Oleg after he revealed he was in love with Kensington, as mentioned in one of her audio logs[34] and when she screams Oleg's name when the Earth is destroyed by Zinyak.[22] Even though she can be somewhat immature at times,[when?] she still demonstrates a serious side to her personality as she, like Playa, becomes determined to disband the Deckers and to stop Zinyak once and for all.


Kinzie Kensington is a redhead Caucasian female who looks to be in her early to mid-20s during the events of Saints Row: The Third while in Saints Row IV, she looks much older, in her late 20s to early 30s with the events of the game being set five years after the previous installment. In both games, she is of average build. She has hair that is normally worn in a curly bun, and is worn as a ponytail in The Saints Wing.

Kinzie at the start of Saints Row IV.

She is almost as tall as Playa. Her eyes are blue[35] and her face is covered in freckles. Her casual clothing consists of her FBI jacket, a purple hoodie, torn up light denim skinny jeans, black boots, fingerless combat gloves and glasses. At the start of Saints Row IV, she wears a gray formal blazer with a purple camisole, a gray formal skirt, and black high heel shoes as she is the President's press secretary. In Gat out of Hell, she wears the same outfit as she does in Saints IV at the start of the game before gaining Arcane Powers, then switches to a white tank top with the FBI logo on her left breast, black jeans, black boots and a brown belt with a fleur-de-lis on it.

Later on, she wears a light blue Zin space suit keeping her purple hoodie. During Hello Teacup, she wears a white casual 50s blouse complete with a blue poodle skirt, light blue glasses, and saddle shoes, much to her severe displeasure. After completing her loyalty mission, her Super Saint suit is a one-piece purple latex suit with a raised hood, matching boots, without glasses. She stays like this when called as a Homie.[27]


  • She bears a slight resemblance to her voice actress.
  • In both games, her FBI uniform remains the same, although slightly brighter in color in Saints Row IV, while Kinzie herself has aged a bit.
    • Kinzie is one of the few characters that have aged, other examples include Matt Miller and Ben King, between Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV as Pierce, Shaundi and Oleg appear to have not aged.
  • Kinzie carries an AS3 Ultimax in Saints Row: The Third and a TAK-10 Streetsweeper in Saints Row IV.
  • Kinzie is much older than that of her own nemesis, Matt Miller, who was a teenager during the events of Saints Row: The Third and Kinzie herself was already an adult at the time. Yet both of them are geniuses in their same area of expertise.
  • Kinzie is featured under K in The ABCs of Saints Row.[36]
    • "Tea Cup", Kinzie's safe word, is featured under T in The ABCs of Saints Row.[37]
  • Matt Miller getting Kinzie fired by making her look like a moonlighting Dominatrix is a reference to how anti-war protesters were discredited during the Vietnam War. For example, Eartha Kitt was labelled by the CIA as a 'Sadistic Nymphomaniac'.
  • Kinzie appears as a playable character Safeword in a DLC for Agents of Mayhem,[38] a Saints Row spin-off by Deep Silver Volition.

Saints Row: The Third[]

  • GameSpot erroneously reported Kinzie's voice actress as Lindsay Lohan.[4][39][40] Volition, Inc.'s community manager, V-Singular, confirmed it was Natalie Lander.[5][41] The GameSpot article has since been fixed.[4]
  • Kinzie's "inner sanctum" is located in the Salander neighborhood. This is a reference to Lisbeth Salander, the hacker protagonist from Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy. Salander and Kinzie both prefer technology to human interaction.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Kinzie doesn't swear very often, often using mild swear words like "damn" or "hell" for example, while in Saints Row IV, she swears a lot more often, to the point where she called Playa a "fucking asshole" after punching Matt Miller when he said saving Johnny Gat was a terrible idea.[33] Shaundi is the only other character to refer to Playa as such due to their brash personality.
  • Her sexuality has been talked about multiple times:
    • When Playa tells her that she needs to get laid, in which she replies that "electronics are good for that too".[29]
    • Kinzie's safeword is "Teacup".[15]
    • She owns a gimp mask on a mannequin head and her own Penetrator used by Pierce to mess with Playa.[42]
    • She has one more large dildo at her warehouse. It's on the first floor, behind a large old machine. Sticking out of a bag. These hidden "dildo-in-a-bags" are Easter Eggs which are hidden in most of interiors in the game.
    • Kinzie had a short-lived romance with Burt Reynolds and when he wants her back, she rejects him. This is revealed in their discussion when they're both present as homies.
    • When "Bo-duk-en" into a car, she randomly says: "I used to date a guy who did that."
    • Her Romance option features her punching Playa in the face before jumping on them.
    • In the Enter the Dominatrix DLC, it is mentioned that she frequented a BDSM club in Steelport.[And what is the quote?]
    • Playa queries why Kinzie doesn't have to wear a gimp suit. She responds along the lines, "...They already know who I am..."
  • Late in the game, Oleg reveals that he has romantic feelings for Kinzie.[43] Since she is not present during this revelation, it is never made clear if Kinzie returns these feelings, or indeed is even aware of them.
    • In one of Kinzie's Audio Logs, she calls Oleg "one of the best things that ever happened to me" and confesses she misses him deeply following the destruction of Earth.
    • Kinzie drives a Criminal, the only vehicle in the game capable of carrying Oleg.
  • Kinzie claims that her favorite kind of music is Hardcore Gangsta Rap.[18]
  • Kinzie claims to know Playa's true identity when talking about how everything about everyone is on the internet while doing one Heli Assault mission, but just as she's about to tell them, Playa says that they want it to stay undisclosed.
  • During the mission STAG Film, Kinzie states that she can steal the Daedalus' blueprints and in a few years the Saints can make their own, which prompts Playa to say that he loves her, regardless of which voice was chosen.
  • In the CG "Power" trailer, Kinzie has dark hair, and wears a black hoodie, in the game she has red hair and sports a purple hoodie.[reference?]
  • She is the only character with a history of law enforcement that the Saints are aware of beforehand.
  • Male Voice 1 for Playa has a fondness and protectiveness for Kinzie. He willingly comes to her aid to cover her multiple times in the game when she is pursued by the Deckers.[when?]
    • He says things like, "You've got nothing to worry about Kinzie, you got Saints with you now."
  • All voices have limited patience for Kinzie's way of speaking when it comes to technology and agrees to do things for her saying, "It's just easier to say yes than understand you." Kinzie says, "what was that?" To which Playa quickly backtracks, showing Playa may slightly fear Kinzie.
  • As a Homie, at times claims that she is distracted by thinking about identity theft.
  • At any point when recruited as a Homie, Kinzie states that motion-controlled gaming systems, such as, PlayStation Move, Kinect, and Wii, are in her opinion actually corporate-controlled monitoring devices.
  • Kinzie has marijuana on a coffee table in her kitchen. She is surprisingly still very high strung.
  • It is possible to unlock Kinzie as a Homie before the "Return to Steelport" mission. She can also be recruited as a Homie before rescuing her from the Deckers and can be recruited as Homie during rescue itself, resulting in the appearance of "two" Kinzie's (the Homie and the one being rescued).
  • During Kinzie's rescue in "Return to Steelport", if the player attacks the barge from a boat, such as the Commander, Kinzie randomly says her Homie dialogue.
  • Kinzie is the only one of the four new lieutenants present at the scene at the end of Return to Steelport to be possibly younger than Playa, being around in her mid-20s.
  • During a Heli Assault mission Kinzie says "keep me safe, don't wanna die and come back as a radioactive zombie" and then Playa says "there's no such thing as..." when Kinzie interrupts him saying "wrong". (Zombie Attack)
  • Kinzie knew about Zombie Lin, as Pierce found a news clipping about Lin in her warehouse.[17] It is not revealed whether she knows anything about Zombie Carlos.
  • Kinzie's character could be a reference to Agent Kensington from the 1997 movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. They both wear glasses and they both come across as "nerdy" when compared to Playa.
  • Some cut dialogue for the mission "Return to Steelport" had Kinzie say to Playa, "You were recruited by Julius Little after being caught in the crossfire between the Vice Kings and Los Carnales. The fight started because a Vice King named LeVar didn't like "bitches disrespecting him". You didn't talk much then, but knew a lot about shoes"; this throwback references both "The Streets of Stilwater", the opening cutscene of Saints Row; and "What Goes Up...", the final mission in the Carnales story arc in Saints Row, where Playa said one of their four lines in the game (regarding shoes).
  • When recruited as a Homie in Saints Row: The Third, she is equipped with an AS3 Ultimax by default.
  • Kinzie has spied on or researched details on the Saints, particularly both Playa regarding their name and Shaundi's phone call to Pierce, which in turn makes Shaundi dislike Kinzie.[26]
  • The Deckers.Die Trailer claims that Kinzie is the "Newest member of the Saints". This is false, because both Zimos and Angel are recruited after her.[7][15]
  • Kinzie never mentions Phillipe Loren.

Saints Row IV[]

  • Despite her deep hatred for Matt, she ends up being the one who ends up speaking up for him when Playa attacks Matt.[33]
  • She, just like Benjamin King, Matt Miller, Shaundi (among other Saints), is a love interest in Saints Row IV.
  • Kinzie claims that one of her favorite stores is Leather & Lace in the side quest White Wedding.
  • In Saints Row IV, she carries a TAK-10 Streetsweeper Shotgun.
  • Kinzie is the only Saint introduced in Saints Row: The Third that is both still alive and active, as Oleg, Josh Birk, Angel, Zimos and Viola are presumed to have perished in the destruction of Earth.
  • It's possible that Kinzie has taught Shaundi more about tech, as Shaundi reveals to her old self during Psychosomatic that she picked up a few new skills from Kinzie.
  • Kinzie is one of the few Saints to attack Playa, which is due to them bringing up the skirt she was wearing in the mission "Hello Teacup".
  • Kinzie is the last Saint to have her Loyalty mission unlocked.
  • It is unknown how Kinzie was able to get out of the Simulation in the first place, although her technical expertise means she was the most likely to break out of the Simulation and as a result, rescued both Keith David and Playa.
  • Kinzie reveals Playa's government has been invading people's privacy, and then when Shaundi asked about what, Kinzie states that if she says anything, she'll be committing treason.[44]
  • Kinzie hates the 50s Simulation just as much as Playa as she would rather be shot than wear the 50s outfits that they had to wear.[45]
    • Later, Cyrus Temple has her brainwashed in the same 50s simulation,[23] and then in her Loyalty mission, Cyrus mocks her by saying he'll put her back in the kitchen.[27]
  • When Kinzie and Keith David are on the ship by themselves, she admits she was surprised that he was asked to be the Vice President, because of how much he sounds like Julius Little.[46]
  • Like Ben King, Kinzie loses her glasses when wearing her Super Homie outfit.
  • Apart from Johnny Gat with his shoes, Kinzie is the only Saint to wear some of her clothes from Saints Row: The Third (her Purple Hoodie, Fingerless Combat Gloves, her older set of Glasses and her Black Boots) under her Spacesuit rather than parts of her clothes from when she was in the White House.
    • Kinzie's hair is also made back to how it was in Saints Row: The Third on the Spaceship instead of how it was in the White House.
  • The Female Voice 1 Playa mentions that she views Kinzie as "her younger sister".
  • Alongside looking visibly older, Kinzie is paler and has more freckles in Saints Row IV.


Saints Row: The Third[]

Totally agree. We should be using, like, that Navajo code dialect...
— Kinzie to Playa.[14]

I'm waiting to see if you were sent to kill me.
— Kinzie to Playa upon being rescued.[15]

You call it motion-controlled gaming, I call it putting a corporate-controlled monitoring device in your living room.
— One of Kinzie's many sayings when recruited as a homie in Saints Row: The Third.

Maybe you're as good as they say.
— Kinzie complementing Playa.

I used to date a guy who did that.
— Kinzie when "Bo-duke-en" into a car.

Meh. I've seen better.
— When Playa kills an enemy in Saints Row: The Third.

This is why I don't go out.
— when enemy reinforcements are approaching in Saints Row: The Third.

Kinzie: "Got bored one night and threw it together."
Playa Female 2: "You would be bored less often if you were getting laid."
Playa Female 1: "Get a boyfriend... or a girlfriend."
Playa Female 3: "Okay, somebody needs to get laid..."
Playa Male 1: "You really need to get laid."
Playa Male 2: "Get out and get laid sometime, girl."
Playa Male 3: "You need to get laid."
Playa Zombie: "Mumbles"
Kinzie: "Electronics are good for that too."
Playa Female 2: "Not good enough, I think."
Playa Female 1: "Not the same, Kinzie. Not the same..."
Playa Female 3: "Stop talking."
Playa Male 1: "Wow..."
Playa Male 2: "I... yeah..."
Playa Male 3: "Didn't hear that."
Playa Zombie: "Groans"
— Speaking about the RC Possessor[29]

Saints Row IV[]

The place you're in isn't real! You have to break free.
— Kinzie during the "War for Humanity" trailer.

The President's words were taken out of context.
— Kinzie on Playa's actions as President.[21]

Audio Logs[]

Ok, I'm going to say this again: Why did we work with Matt Miller! Did everyone forget what he did to me back before I joined the Saints? I mean come on, he set me up to be fired from the FBI and got all my ideas completely discredited just because they think I'm into kink! The truth of that aside, he ruined my life and now he's a "good guy"? This-- this just isn't fair!
— Kinzie Audio Log 1

First I told the FBI, then I told the Saints, THEN I told the President and the entire Secret Service and still they wouldn't listen. Now here we are, abducted by aliens and trapped in technology far beyond what we had on Earth. You know, if I'd only got the budget for my planetary defense system we wouldn't be stuck up here dealing with the Zin. I mean, it would ONLY have cost 3.1 billion. Hey, I tried to warn the military, but they didn't want to listen to the Press Secretary.
— Kinzie Audio Log 2

Oleg is one of the best things that ever happened to me and right now it feels like the worst. I'm up here trying to save us from captivity and psychological torture and all I can think about is him. He's the only one who ever truly understood what I was saying. I never thought I'd meet someone with an intelligence nearly matching my own who made me feel like I wasn't constantly missing something in my life. Now, I am. Now, I miss him...
— Kinzie Audio Log 3

Homie Conversations[]

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Saints Row: The Third

Burt and Kinzie

Burt: "Didn't think I'd see you again, my dear."
Kinzie: "Burt, you knew that was a one-time thing."
Burt: "Kinzie... come on."
Kinzie: "You had your chance, it's time to let it go."
Burt: "Oh..."

Kinzie and Angel

Kinzie: "So you spent years in hiding, huh?"
Angel: "Yes."
Kinzie: "I understand, I wanted to do that too."
Angel: "So you know what it is to feel shame beyond all measure?"
Kinzie: "No, I was really into Y2K."
Angel: "Please don't talk to me."

Kinzie and Josh

Kinzie: "You know, first I thought that Nyte Blayde was a media trick trying to obfuscate the reality of our vampire problem."
Josh: "Yeah, I don't think that was a..."
Kinzie: "Then I realized that it was just a shitty vampire show."
Josh: "That's a relief."
Kinzie: "Of course, then, by the time I realized that, I realized that I really liked it. It kind of spoke to me."
Josh: "That's... that's great."
Kinzie: "And that's when I realized it was because it fell perfectly into the 31 Theory."
Josh: "Wh-wha...?"
Kinzie: "The 31 Theory. "Anything important is always connected to a 31". Nyte Blayde Season 3; best season, aired in January, had thirteen episodes."
Josh: "I have... no idea what you're... talking about."
Kinzie: "You are a good actor."

Kinzie and Oleg

Kinzie: "KGB, right?"
Oleg: "Is it that obvious?"
Kinzie: "You're a giant Russian Superman. You don't have a whole lot of options, unless you're really Rasputin."
Oleg: "I think I like you, mousey-one."

Kinzie and Shaundi

Kinzie: "You don't like me very much."
Shaundi: "That's not true."
Kinzie: "I tapped your phone - I know what you said about me to Pierce."
Shaundi: "And this is why I don't like you."

Kinzie and Zimos

Kinzie: "So how's your cane work?"
Zimos: "What do you mean?"
Kinzie: "Well, you don't really always hold it up the same distance away from your trach hole, and sometimes you don't even hold it up at all."
Zimos: "I don't know, it just does."
Kinzie: "Lame."

Kinzie and Viola

Kinzie: "I like your hair."
Viola: "Excuse me?"
Kinzie: "Your hair - it's shiny."
Viola: "Umm, thanks. You know, if you washed your hair, it would look like mine."
Kinzie: "Can you show me how?"
Viola: "...Sure?"
Kinzie: "We're like sisters now."
Saints Row IV

CID and Kinzie

CID: "Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime, Kinzie?"
Kinzie: "Yeah, I'm sure."
CID: "It is just that I have been alone for so long and you and I have so much in common."
Kinzie: "CID, I've been doing this hacking thing for a long time, I can smell bullshit even through a monotone computery voice like yours."
CID: "Well damn."

Kinzie and Johnny

Kinzie: "So, why didn't you try leading the Saints?"
Johnny Gat: "Didn't see the point."
Kinzie: "Well, you're pretty charismatic, you've been a part of the Saints longer than anyone, people don't like pissing you off and even Zinyak thought you were the biggest threat to him."
Johnny Gat: "I've done the planning part in the past and it's boring. I rather just get in there and get shit done. I find it's more fun that way."
Kinzie: "That's really not that different than how the Boss does things now."

Kinzie and Julius

Kinzie: "Everyone keeps comparing you and Keith David, but I gotta be honest, I don't see any real similarity."
Julius: "Yeah? Me neither."
Kinzie: "I mean Keith David is an elder statesman and a classically trained actor. And you're a former gang leader with a propensity for violence."
Julius: "You realize your boss is a former gang leader with a propensity for violence too, right?"
Kinzie: "Exactly and nobody compares them to Keith David."

Keith and Kinzie

Keith David: "I forgot to say it, but thanks for rescuing me."
Kinzie: "Oh, sure. No problem at all."
Keith David: "Though I have say I was surprised you came to the other side of the Zin ship to find me first. I would have thought that..."
Kinzie: "It was on the way!"
Keith David: "But you said you had to..."
Kinzie: "It. Was. On. The. Way."
Keith David: "Oh. Ohhh, right."

Ben and Kinzie/p>

Ben King: "Kinzie, I have to say I don't know what the Saints would do without you."
Kinzie: "Why thank you, Mr. King."
Ben King: "I mean without we'd all still be trapped in those pod things."
Kinzie: "That's probably true."
Ben King: "I'm just glad you're better at this than as the Press Secretary."
Kinzie: "I know I am... wait, what?"

Kinzie and Phillipe

Kinzie: "So, why Matt Miller?"
Phillipe: "Pardon me?"
Kinzie: "Of all the hackers in the world you could have recruited for your little criminal fraternity, why a whiny brat like him?"
Phillipe: "Oh, believe me, I had several before him, though none could match his talent and creativity with his tasks. Plus, the addition of the Deckers to the Syndicate was a strong move."
Kinzie: "But he's so fucking annoying."
Phillipe: "Miss Kensington, are you jealous that I did not approach you with the offer?"
Kinzie: "Yes, I would have been ten times better."

Kinzie and Pierce

Kinzie: "So, you never told the boss about Paul?"
Pierce: "Quiet! No, I never did."
Kinzie: "Wait, you haven't told anybody, have you?"
Pierce: "No! And I'd like to keep it that way."
Kinzie: "But you've been having those dreams for years, I'm sure it's no big deal..."
Pierce: "Do you want me to tell everyone about what you kept in that locked drawer in your desk at the White House?"
Kinzie: "How do you... OK, I don't know anything about a Paul."
Pierce: "Yeah, thought so."

Kinzie and Roddy

Kinzie: "You were very forward thinking for your time, Roddy."
Roddy Piper: "I'm going to ignore that "your time" comment and just ask what do you mean?"
Kinzie: "Well, there you were, an icon of incredibly masculine pastime one signified by brutality and macho posturing, and the whole time you were sporting long hair and a skirt."
Roddy Piper: "It was a kilt, Kinzie. A kilt. And I was playing a character."
Kinzie: "Still, that was brave. You set an example for a lot of men who were questioning their own fashion choices and maybe even who they were inside."
Roddy Piper: "I never really thought of it that way, but, OK. Umm, thanks?"

Shaundi and Kinzie

Shaundi: "Do you really think there are enough people trapped on the Zin ship to keep the human race going?"
Kinzie: "Oh sure, even if 10% of the active pods are from Earth, that should be enough to sustain and repopulate a new planet. Well, eventually."
Shaundi: "Hold on. By repopulate you mean?"
Kinzie: "Yep."
Shaundi: "To hell with that!"
Kinzie: "Oh, I don't mean we help with that!"
Shaundi: "Oh, thank God!"

Tanya and Kinzie

Tanya: "You know, you're kind of mousy, but you've got that sexy geek librarian thing down really well."
Kinzie: "Um, thank you?"
Tanya: "I'm just saying, at my old place in Stilwater you would have been a major draw."
Kinzie: "Wait, you ran a brothel in Stilwater, didn't you?"
Tanya: "I'm kinda thinking Steelport could use one too. So, what do you say?"
Kinzie: "Teacup! Tea! Cup!"

Veteran Child and Kinzie

Veteran Child: "So, I hear you're really good with computers and stuff."
Kinzie: "And I hear you're really good with using girlfriends as human shields."
Veteran Child: "Hey, woah. Let's just chill on that. I made amends, Shaundi and I are good now."
Kinzie: "Really, because the Shaundi I know really isn't the forgive and forget type."
Veteran Child: "Yeah, she was so much cooler back in the day."
Kinzie: "I guess being taken hostage really changes you."

Kinzie and Asha

Kinzie: "So... Asha, this is difficult for me to say but, especially that earth is ya'know, gone, and I don't have anyone to spend time with..."
Asha: "Spend time with...?"
Kinzie: "Sure... ya'know, just hang out, eat pizza, watch scary movies, braid each other's hair... I just need to feel a familial connection, ya'know?"
Asha: "A familial connection? You mean, like sisters?"
Kinzie: "The boss says I'm not really allowed to say that word anymore."

Kinzie and Cyrus

Kinzie: "Cyrus."
Cyrus: "Uh, ye-yes, ma'am."
Kinzie: "Talk to me again after this and I'll rework your code in the simulation so you'll spend every waking minute in excruciating agony centered on your... lower body."
Kinzie: "Good, you're learning,"

Kinzie and Fun Shaundi

Kinzie: "I still don't believe you're real, you know."
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, you were the one that was a crazy voice from the sky when we first met, remember?"
Kinzie: "Well, you're just some fractured part of Shaundi's psyche that manifested due to feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing."
Fun Shaundi: "OK, now you're projecting here."
Kinzie: "Well you're a... Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, I just call it as I see it."

Kinzie and Maero

Kinzie: "Interesting artwork."
Maero: "Thank you."
Kinzie: "Is there any one that's your favorite?"
Maero: "They all have meaning to me."
Kinzie: "Kinda a cliché answer."
Maero: "Kind of a cliché conversation."
Kinzie: "Good point. I'll be quiet now."

Kinzie and Matt

Kinzie: "In case I hadn't said it yet, Matt, you're doing a fine job."
Matt Miller: "Thank you, Kinzie. That's very big of you."
Kinzie: "You know, I originally thought you running home to England in exchange for amnesty and a job with MI6 was cowardice, but you helped quite a bit with the Cyrus Temple mission."
Matt Miller: "Yes I did, and you did a fine job of keeping everything together after the Earth blew up, until I could be retrieved to take over."
Kinzie: "Oh Matt, you were so close."

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

My people have a home.
— One of Kinzie's Commentaries, when looking at "Furries only bar - Time Furr a Burr" billboard in The Kennel, The Den district

I'm just saying: I'd fuck Dane.
— Kinzie idle line in Saints Row IV


Saints Row website - Gangs - The Saints - Kinzie

Concept art of Kinzie from Saints Row the Third

Promotional artwork of Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie Kensington in the Saints Row: The Third Power CG trailer

Oleg, Kinzie, and Angel in the deckers.die trailer

Kinzie Kensington in the "Deckers.Die" trailer

Kinzie sitting under a table at Smiling Jacks

Kinzie, as a homie; wielding an unmodified AS3 Shotgun

AR-55 used by Kinzie


Kinzie Close up

Kinzie's in-game appearance as a homie

Kinzie hiding under table

Kinzie - selling secrets to Mossad and moonlight as a dominatrix

Kinzie wears eyeshadow

Kinzie states her safeword

Kinzie bleeds

Kinzie - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Press Secretary Kinzie Kensington and Saints Row IV website promo

Press Secretary Kinzie Kensington and Saints Row IV website promo with description

Saints Row IV concept art of Kinzie as the Press Secretary

Saints Row IV concept art of Kinzie as the Press Secretary

Kinzie Close up during The Saints Wing

Kinzie in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV

Kinzie closeup in Saints Row IV

Kinzie's romance with Playa

Kinzie doing maintenance on the ship

Kinzie working on her laptop

Kinzie Close up

Super Homie concept art of Kinzie from Saints Row IV

Super Homie concept art of Kinzie from Saints Row IV

Super Homie concept art of Kinzie from Saints Row IV

Super Homie concept art of Kinzie from Saints Row IV

Kinzie (Super Homie)

Kinzie (Super Homie)

Kinzie (Super Homie) Close up

Kinzie, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Kinzie after she stops dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - Kinziesr3 - character model in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - Kinzie2 - unused - character model in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - white house - character model in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - 50s - character model in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - jumpsuit - character model in Saints Row IV

Kinzie - super powered - character model in Saints Row IV

Concept art of Kinzie for Gat out of Hell

Concept art of Kinzie for Gat out of Hell

Kinzie Gat out of Hell Model 1

Kinzie Gat out of Hell Model 2

Kinzie Gat out of Hell Model 3

Kinzie Gat out of Hell Model 4

Playa, after being rescued, along with Jezabel, Matt, Shaundi, CID and Kinzie

Kinzie is featured under K in The ABCs of Saints Row

"Tea Cup", Kinzie's safe word, is featured under T in The ABCs of Saints Row.

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    — Kinzie Audio Log 3

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