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Killbane[1] is the main antagonist of Saints Row: The Third and a minor character in Saints Row IV.[7]

When these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane."
— Killbane to Playa[8]


He's obsessed with his legacy [...] In some ways, he's like a dark mirror to the player.
— Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third

Eddie "Killbane" Pryor is the leader of the Luchadores, and along with Matt Miller, Viola and Kiki DeWynter, and Phillipe Loren, a member of The Syndicate.[9] He is also a professional masked wrestler and one of the main antagonists in the game alongside Cyrus Temple. Killbane is a tall, muscular man who wears a Lucha libre mask with matching green clothes, whether his wrestling tights or a custom-made business suit. He never removes the mask, as per Lucha libre tradition, but the player can choose to humiliate Killbane by unmasking him in Murderbrawl XXXI. Lead writer of Saints Row: The Third, Steve Jaros, explained, "[Killbane's] always embracing that luchadore spirit and never wants to let it go".[1]

Killbane is an extremely egotistic, violent and short-tempered man. He considers it highly disrespectful when people call him "Eddie" rather than "Killbane", as per Lucha libre tradition, which is one of the main reasons he abruptly and hastily kills Kiki DeWynter, along with her threatening to leave the gang. Immediately after, he patronizes a distraught Viola DeWynter by offering her tickets to Murderbrawl XXXI.

Early in his career, Killbane beat an opponent to death during a match and subsequently fled to Mexico,[1] where he befriended fellow Lucha libre Angel De LaMuerte. As tag-team partners, they were known as "The Pale Riders" and won four consecutive championships, 1996–1998. They were also in business together as restaurant and casino owners, after Killbane returned to the United States and Angel accompanied him. Killbane was approached by Phillipe Loren while he was still Angel's partner.[10] As years went by, Killbane tried to overshadow Angel by taking the nickname "The Walking Apocalypse" for himself and dubbing Angel "The Herald of the Walking Apocalypse". Their friendship ended around 1999-2000 when Killbane challenged Angel to a match, Killbane won and removed Angel's mask. Angel left wrestling entirely out of shame, and reclusively trained in an abandoned casino once owned by the duo.[1]


Saints Row: The Third[]

Killbane's face in "Murderbrawl XXXI" in Saints Row: The Third.

At the beginning of Saints Row: The Third, Killbane is still the leader of the Luchadores, and upon arrival of the 3rd Street Saints in Steelport, is ordered to gather his forces and bring the head of Playa to Phillipe Loren.[11] He never tries to fulfil those orders, and the Luchadores don't become a problem until later in the storyline.

After the Saints kill Phillipe,[12] Killbane assumes full control of the Syndicate, despite objections from Kiki and Viola.[13] While just as effective in leading the Syndicate as Loren (perhaps even more so given he is very good at maintaining PR), his volatile temper can prove to be a hindrance, as shown where he violently lashed out against anyone who says something he doesn't like, a trait which frightens Matt Miller.

Eventually the DeWynters grow tired of Killbane, due his ego, and his temper, and decide to leave the Syndicate. Before they do, Kiki insults Killbane by calling him "Eddie", which angers him enough to grab her by the throat, and snap her neck right in front of Viola and Matt Miller. Killbane then pressures Viola to remain in the Syndicate and offers a VIP pass to the Murderbrawl XXXI tournament as compensation for her loss.[14] Not long afterwards, Viola defects to the Saints, seeking vengeance on Killbane for Kiki's murder.[15]

After the arrival of STAG, things really start heating up between Killbane and Playa. Killbane feels that the best way to hurt the Saints is to tarnish their reputation. To accomplish this, he arranges a private interview with Jane Valderamma, and gives her some fake footage of Shaundi, Pierce, and Playa destroying a suspension bridge in Stilwater. During the live interview, Killbane accuses the Saints of being criminals, not heroes, and encourages the citizens of Steelport to look down upon them.

Kinzie Kensington gets wind of the interview and calls Shaundi and Playa to her location at Smiling Jack's. Playa sees what Killbane is doing, and vows to destroy him for it by any means necessary. Using Kinzie's helicopter, they begin flying around the city with Shaundi in an attempt to track the source of Killbane's broadcast signal. When the Saints finally catch up with Killbane and attempt to put a bullet in his head, Matt Miller suddenly intervenes by hacking into the flight computer of their helicopter, and overloading it with an EMP. This causes Playa to lose control of the aircraft just as they had Killbane right where they wanted him. Killbane escapes, and Playa vows to get revenge on the Deckers. Killbane meanwhile, is a winner on that day, for public opinion of the Saints quickly turns to "hatred" and "contempt".[16]

The increasing conflict between the Saints and the Deckers erupts into a full-scale war which ultimately results in Matt Miller's humiliation and defeat. After striking a bargain with Playa, Matt is allowed to live, but he quickly realizes that working for Killbane is a death sentence waiting to happen. So, fearing for his life, Matt politely requests his resignation from the Syndicate. Surprisingly, Killbane willingly grants the request, and offers himself to Matt as a reference.[17]

With the Deckers defeated, Playa returns their attention to Killbane. In a meeting with Pierce, Shaundi, and Viola, they learn that the best way to hurt Killbane is to humiliate him in the upcoming Murderbrawl XXXI tournament. Alongside Angel De LaMuerte, Playa sets out to rig the games in their favor by eliminating the competition; save for Killbane himself.[18] On the day of the tournament, Angel and Playa face off against Killbane in a wrestling match. Angel is injured, but Playa is able to defeat both Killbane and his Luchadores. After the fight, the choice is given to either unmask Killbane and bring him great shame, as well as getting Killbane's mask available to wear, or letting Killbane keep his mask and learning the secrets of the Apoca-Fist. Either choice leads Killbane to become extremely angry and vowing to get revenge by burning Steelport.[19]

In the following mission, Killbane's Luchadores engage in an all-out war throughout the city with the Steelport Police and STAG. Killbane meanwhile, attempts to escape in his personal jet at Wesley Cutter Intl airport. Due to a plot occurring at the same time by STAG lieutenant Kia to frame the Saints for domestic terrorism, Playa is forced to either confront Killbane, allowing Shaundi and Viola to die in the process, or allow him to escape in order to rescue the captured Saints.[20]


Killbane flees.

Kill Killbane

In the Kill Killbane ending, Playa meets up with Angel, grabs a car, and pursues Killbane's jet across the runways at Wesley Cutter Intl, ultimately destroying the plane before it can take off.

His escape plan ruined, Killbane emerges from the smoldering wreckage and starts making a mockery of Playa for becoming obsessed with money; stating that they "Did it all only for the paycheck". He finishes by promising to make Playa's death the most miserable experience of their life. Playa responds by saying that they can't wait to shut Killbane up for good. A quick-time event occurs where Playa brutally beats Killbane before proceeding to snap his neck, killing him.

Killbane's demise effectively brings about the end of the Syndicate, but Shaundi and Viola are killed as a result of the bomb which destroys the statue on Magarac Island. Afterwards Playa calls Pierce and states that the fighting is finally over to which Pierce asks them if it was worth it in the end. Playa says nothing, and stares at the burning wreckage of Magarac Island, the final resting place of their comrades.[20]

Save Shaundi

In the Save Shaundi ending, Killbane is allowed to escape from Steelport.[20]

During the following mission, the Saints name the villain of their film Gangstas in Space after Killbane. The character "General Killbane" is played by a practically identical actor. In the climax scene, General Killbane claims that he is Playa's father, and Playa defeats and gruesomely impales the general with a lava crystal.[21]

As the "Save Shaundi" ending is the official ending, Killbane is still alive at the end of Saints Row: The Third.[22]

Saints Row IV[]

Killbane in Matt Miller's simulation.

A virtual figment of Killbane appears in Matt Miller's nightmare simulation. Playa plays a text adventure in order to rescue Matt from Zinyak's clutches, and helps him stand up to Killbane; eventually defeating him after a few blows to the face.[7]

Although Killbane's death isn't depicted, Shaundi confirms it during her conversation with Roddy Piper when they are both called as homies. Like Angel, Roddy had been seeking revenge against Killbane for years after the latter pulled a dirty stunt which temporarily crippled Roddy, and caused the famed actor/wrestler to miss out on an important wrestling event. Shaundi then assures him that Killbane is dead.[23]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

After taking over Downtown, a storybook shows Killbane is part of an alliance with Kazuo, his son Shogo, and William Sharp, who battle Johnny, Dane Vogel, Kiki and Viola DeWynter, Blackbeard, Shakespeare, and Vlad in hell, but are defeated.[24]


  • Killbane's Mask sets people on fire when using taunts or compliments.
  • Both Killbane and Playa are crime lords turned pop culture icons. The main difference is in how they treat their gangs: Playa fights to the death for the Saints while Killbane kills his minions at the slightest provocation.
  • Like Maero, the leader of The Brotherhood in Saints Row 2, Killbane is unpredictable - friendly at one moment, hostile the next.[1]
  • Due to his winning streaks in wrestling, he and his fans call him "The Walking Apocalypse".[8]
  • There is a Batman villain named Bane who also wears a Luchador-style mask and is known for being very strategic as well as physically powerful.
  • In "Gangstas in Space", Killbane is a Brute.
    • Killbane also uses Bane's favorite weapon, the Rocket Launcher.
  • He becomes very angry when people call him by his real name, Eddie.[13] The only exception is when Jane Valderama calls him Eddie twice in "Live! With Killbane", where he just calmly replies "Please, call me Killbane". As per Lucha libre tradition, it is considered disrespectful for anyone other than family and close friends to call a wrestler by their real name (even fellow wrestlers usually refer to each other by their wrestling names when out-of-character).
  • Under his mask, Killbane is a Caucasian with receding blonde hair. He never goes anywhere without his mask. To him, without his mask he is nothing, not a god or master, but a simple man like any other. In an interview he mentions that Angel, without his mask, is worth less than the dirt on his boots.[16] As per Lucha libre tradition, a wrestler unmasked is considered a mark of shame.
  • In the penultimate mission, "Three Way", the "Eliminate Killbane" portion bears much resemblance to the Carnales mission "What Goes Up..." in Saints Row, where Angelo Lopez's plane must be destroyed before it takes off, while Dex drives. Angel drives in this instance. The only major difference between the results of these two missions is that unlike Angelo, Killbane manages to survive the destruction of his plane.
  • Killbane has a respectful and somewhat friendly relationship with Matt Miller, calling him "Matty" on occasion and even kindly saying farewell during his resignation from the Syndicate and the offering of being a reference should Matt find employment elsewhere, whereas when Kiki and Viola attempted to leave, Killbane snapped Kiki's neck. However, Killbane hit Matt over the head with a chair for suggesting the DeWynter sisters take over the Syndicate instead of Killbane himself.
  • The only weapon Killbane uses throughout the whole game is the Annihilator RPG.[13]
  • Killbane is the one of few gang leaders in the Saints Row series who ever dresses up in more than one set of clothing. Exceptions include Viola changing the colour of her sunglasses, Maero, who wears a tee-shirt, but later takes it off, and Playa.
  • Killbane's last name is Pryor, and there is a neighborhood in Steelport called Port Pryor, which is where the 3 Count Casino is located.
  • Killbane's mask reappears during the cutscene of "Three Way" when he boards his plane, regardless of the choice during "Murderbrawl XXXI." This is due to this cutscene being a static video, rather than the usual in-engine cutscene.
  • The reason that Killbane's plane never takes off the runway - even upon failure of the mission - is because it is not a plane. It is a special "Car 57" vehicle which uses the model and textures from the Snipes 57, but has the handling and behaviour of a car, meaning that it cannot fly.
  • Killbane eventually becomes the leader of all three enemy gangs in Steelport, and the entire Syndicate. Seeing that he was already the leader of The Luchadores, and once Phillipe Loren and Kiki DeWynter are killed and Viola DeWynter and Matt Miller leave the Syndicate, it is presumed he takes over as leader of both the Morningstar and the Deckers.
  • Killbane's mask is on display in the halls of the White Crib.[25]
  • When Playa unmasks Killbane, he runs to the back covering his face. In real-life, a Luchador's honor and reputation are ruined when they are unmasked, as Angel explains in the game.[26]
  • Killbane and Dex are two major antagonists who survive the events of their respective games (Corporate Warfare and Saints Row: The Third), die "offscreen", and then return as minor characters in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Also, Playa expresses a deep hatred for both of them as enemies of the Saints.


They call me... Killbane... The Walking Apocalypse. In the ring, I'm a goddamn legend, but the streets are where the real battles are fought... and my Luchadores are the soldiers that fight them. The Saints might've owned Stilwater, but Steelport belongs to The Syndicate.
— Killbane in "The Walking Apocalypse" trailer[8]

The barbarians are at the gate--we need a general not an ambassador!
— Killbane at the end of Return to Steelport

It's my fucking reputation! This is my city! I am its Caesar! ...and I get to fiddle while it burns...
— Killbane after "Murderbrawl XXXI", alluding to Nero Caesar fiddling during the Great Fire of Rome

No one will remember me? You were a fucking clown, selling energy drinks and lunch boxes. You didn't care about the crowd, just the paycheck. And I changed that.
— Killbane to Playa during "Three Way".

Mark my words - when these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God or a message of love to your family. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane."
— Killbane to Playa during "Three Way".[27]

The best? The best is beating Sway the Spider-God in a Tijuana Scaffold Match. The best is defending the world title 13 times in one night. The best is winning a last man standing match with two broken legs...Trust me little Icarus: you're flying too close to the sun.
— Killbane to Playa during "A Remote Chance"


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Concept art of Killbane

Concept art of Killbane

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Promotional artwork of Killbane in Saints Row: The Third

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