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Kiki DeWynter
Kiki in Freefalling
Kiki DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third.[4]
Appears in

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell







  • Art dealer
  • Human trafficking[1]
  • Prostitution ring
Voiced by

Kiki DeWynter[1] is a character in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[7]

Viola DeWynter: "You may continue to operate the Saints/Ultor media group as you see fit, in exchange for 66 percent of your monthly gross revenue."
Kiki DeWynter: "That is before taxes, of course."
Viola and Kiki quotes
Viola and Kiki DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third.[4][8]


They're the number two in the Syndicate [...] If they weren't around, everything would descend into chaos.
— Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third describing Kiki and her sister Viola

Kiki is the twin sister of Viola DeWynter, they are the lieutenants of the Morningstar gang led by Phillipe Loren.[1]

Kiki's model in a mirror image of Viola: her hair is mirrored,[9][10] and her Syndicate star chain is on her right hip, while Viola's is on her left hip.[11]

Kiki wears Pink sunglasses,[9] while Viola wears white sunglasses.[12][8][13]


Kiki and her sister run finances for The Syndicate,[4] having increased The Syndicate profits tenfold in Steelport.[reference?] Also, it has been stated in several sources such as Xbox Magazine[14] and a brief interview with Sasha Grey,[15] that the twins are Philippe's heiresses to the leadership of the Syndicate and Morningstar.[reference?]

According to Viola's voice actress Sasha Grey, the DeWynters are also Philippe's Personal Assistants, managing his personal life and day-to-day business affairs.[reference?]

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Viola and Kiki DeWynter

A scan from GameInformer's Saints Row: The Third coverage, revealing some information on the DeWynter sisters

It is known that Kiki and her sister are sent by Phillipe Loren to bail Playa, Shaundi and Johnny Gat out of jail and bring them to him.[16]

The DeWynter sisters also become acquainted with Zimos, the oldest pimp in Steelport. Not much comes of the friendship (except for a painting which the sisters had made for him,[17] and that he slept with one of them[18]) and all that has been revealed of their encounter is that Zimos ends up in a gimp suit and locked in the basement of one of Morningstar's human trafficking hubs.[19]

Kiki is killed by Killbane after she and her sister express their desire to leave the Syndicate.[20] Killbane had recently taken control of the organization[21] after Phillipe Loren's death at the hands of the Saints.[22] After calling Killbane by his real name "Eddie" for the last time, she begins to walk away. However, he grabs Kiki from behind, picks her up, and breaks her neck without a second thought. He throws her lifeless body to the ground.[20][23][24] This causes Viola to join the 3rd Street Saints, wanting revenge on Killbane.[25][26]

Saints Row IVEdit

While not appearing in the game, she is mentioned by Matt Miller in one of his Audio Logs.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

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Kiki is reunited with Viola in hell. She and Viola were running businesses in hell however some of the power players didn't like their ideas. They are surrounded and attacked by a group of Satan's demons known as "Sinterpol" in Downtown in a parking garage in the neighborhood of DeWynter View until they were rescued by both Johnny and Kinzie during the "Rally the Twins" quest. After being saved, she and Viola make a deal with Dane Vogel and award both Johnny and Kinzie the Arcane Blast element.

Kiki seems to have issue with Kinzie considering Viola her "sister". Though Kinzie offers to "both be her sister", but Kiki declares she won't share her. Viola defends Kinzie saying "She grows on you". If Kinzie rescues the twins after they're kidnapped, Kiki will claim that she's now her sister too, which pleases Kinzie.

After completely taking over Downtown, the Dewynter sisters are cautionously happy, but are concerned they'll be dealing with another storm soon. It then shows the shadowy picture of the "power players" to be William Sharp, Kazuo Akuji & his son Shogo Akuji, Jyunichi & Killbane.[27][28]

In the Shawarma cutscene after completing City Takeover, Kiki is captured by William Sharp. Dane risks his own life to save her and the happy couple is reunited, married with "iron clad prenups", and force Sharp to be their pool boy.[29]


  • Volition, Inc. allowed Game Informer to print an article which stated that Viola and Kiki were assassins.[30] Steve Jaros later stated that they were not assassins and blamed the forums for this rumour.[31]
  • Originally, Viola and her sister Kiki were Japanese twins called Natsuko and Yukako, nicknamed Suki and Yuki for short. They led their own all-female gang - "Oiran" - to contrast with the original Morningstar concept of an all-male gang. The two gangs were merged to streamline the story, and the DeWynters were made Caucasian to avoid the stereotype of "badass Asian chicks that are subservient to an older man".[32]
    • Steve Jaros, lead writer for Saints Row: The Third, explained he "named Viola and Kiki DeWynter after RPG characters" that he and his friend played.[32]
    • The game data files internally reference both Viola and Kiki as "Suko", proving it was changed after the early concept stages.
    • Safeword was originally an Oiran Stronghold, while Powder was the Morningstar Stronghold.
  • Viola and Kiki share many similarities with Vice Kings lieutenant, Tanya Winters, including a similar surname, hairstyle, and talents in running prostitution given that they both run well-funded and luxurious brothels.
  • Despite many pictures and advertisements showing both twins having short, black hair, in-game they have dark brown hair and wear it in very high ponytails. This was first done in the CG-trailer 'Power'.[31]
  • Both Viola and Kiki are left-handed, as seen in the artwork.[reference?]


  • Matt Miller, Viola DeWynter, Kiki DeWynter, and Killbane scan from the Game Guide
  • Concept art of the DeWynter sisters
  • Concept art of the DeWynter sisters
  • Concept art of one of the DeWynter sisters
  • Kiki Promo art
  • Viola and Kiki DeWynter
  • The DeWynter sisters each stand alongside Phillipe Loren in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer
  • One of the DeWynter sisters hands Phillipe back his cigarette after stabbing a bouncer in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer
  • Phillipe Loren and the DeWynter sisters in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer
  • Phillipe Loren and the DeWynter sisters during the opening cutscene of I'm Free - Free Falling
  • The DeWynters in-game. Kiki has the pink sunglasses
  • Kiki's big mistake, moments before her demise
  • Kiki - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Closeup of Kiki DeWynter in a modded cutscene to show her Pink glasses
  • Kiki DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third Remastered
  • The DeWynter sisters in hell

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