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Kevin is a character in Saints Row reboot.

Official Description[]

  • Role: The Guy With the Contacts
  • Goal: To take care of his friends and his crew.

Kevin is a music-loving thrill seeker who knows how to throw a party, and he’s the Saints publicist and fixer. He’s a notorious Santo Ileso DJ with connections all over town, which makes him the guy who knows the guy who knows the guy; if you need something, Kevin knows who can get it for you. He loves people, is super loyal to his friends, and would do anything for them. He’s also a great cook… and, given his connection to the Idols, he’s got no qualms at all about breaking eggs to make his omelets.


Kevin never knew his real parents, bouncing from foster home to foster home. As a child he was desperate to be adopted and so developed a people pleasing complex, hence his love of cooking and being a DJ. He defines his worth in how happy he makes other people. He never found a family as a kid, but now that he’s an adult he’s finally found solace in building one with his friends. He joined the Idols early in his DJ days. They were an underground thing then, slowly infiltrating the party scene. He joined because it was a place to belong. He felt seen and heard—and having grown up in the foster care system, he found their ideology appealing (plus smashing shit up can make for a good time). He genuinely believes that the Idols want to make things better for people.

Kevin has recently arrived back in Santo Ileso with the Idols. Although loyal to them, he is not unaware that most Idols live on communes while the Collective live on a fancy yacht. Kev instead chooses to live in a low-rent apartment with his friends. It is only when the Idols force him to choose between them and his friends that he realizes where his true loyalty—and family—really lies.

Fun facts[]

  • Interests: thrill-seeking, partying, music, cooking.
  • Always thinking about his friends. People pleaser and caretaker. The guy who makes sure everyone stays hydrated on a bar crawl.
  • Pansexual and polyamorous (or, as he’d say it, he’s attracted to people’s hearts)
  • A health and fitness freak. He’s constantly working out and taking care of his body. Refuses to wear a shirt.
  • Knows people in all kinds of odd places; they are usually referred to by various nicknames: “Pizza Dave”, “Minnie from Accounting”, “Other Bob”, etc.
  • Wants to be a part of everything. Suffers from FOMO—both in activities and social interactions.


Kevin was originally a member of the rival gang The Idols and their top DJ.[2] At the start of Saints Row, he is roommates with Neenah, Eli, and Boss.[3] He is one of the founding members of The Saints.

Rap sheet[]

Wanted for multiple reported offences including damage of county building property, and public order offences.
Loud, brash, with left-arm sleeve of identifying tattoos - easily spotted repeatedly without upper body clothing.
Unconfirmed affiliate of the Idols gang. Unconfirmed rank within, but has been spotted at multiple gatherings.[4]


Kevin is a man of Asian descent. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.[4] Kevin is without a shirt on, and is recognizable by the breakfast themed tattoos on his left arm.

Before forming the Saints, Kevin can be seen wearing pink headphones around his neck, Kevin Klein underwear, blue pants, fanny pack, and flip flops. After forming the Saints, he starts wearing black pants, with white Heydays, as well as getting fleur-de-lis tattooed over his torso. Occasionally, he can be seen wearing a holster over his chest.


Kevin is loud, brash, and a people pleaser.[2]


  • Kevin Klein underwear is a reference to Calvin Klein underwear.