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Keith David
Keith David as he appears in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV.[5]
Keith David as he appears in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV.[5]
Appears in

Saints Row IV
How the Saints Save Christmas[1]

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Voiced by

Keith David[4]

Keith David is a character in Saints Row IV.

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For the real-life actor, see Keith David

I'm not the first actor to move into politics, but I'm one of the better ones. Theater, film, television, animation, commercials, shit, I've even done video games. Though video games aren't exactly renowned for their storytelling. Still, I'd conquered acting. By the time I got the call from the Saints, I was ready for something new.
— Keith Audio Log 1

Overview[edit | edit source]

Having conquered stage and screen as an award-winning actor, Keith David went looking for new challenges. He found plenty when he signed on as the Boss' running mate. He helped secure the votes of the key thespian demographic and continues to serve his country as a level-headed counterpart to the sometimes misunderstood President.
— Description of Keith David from the Saints Row Website.[3]

Keith David serves as Playa's vice president.[9]

Keith is an award winning actor prior to becoming involved with Playa.[3]

In real life, Keith David voiced Julius Little in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, and the likeness between them is noted by other characters several times throughout Saints Row IV in a running joke. Keith himself claims he cannot see the similarity. Keith is the vice president, and is one of the first members of the president's cabinet abducted by Zinyak and is also the first saved by Kinzie, he aids the Saints until ultimately, he betrays the Saints by allowing Zinyak to kidnap Kinzie, knocking out Pierce, Ben King, Asha Odekar, and Matt Miller[10]. Quite similar to Julius' actions at the end of the first Saints Row.[11] One of his Audio Logs prefaces his betrayal. He made a deal with Zinyak to kill Playa in exchange for restoring Earth. Unlike Julius, however, Keith survives his betrayal of Playa when Keith returns to the Saints side after saving Playa who is being brutally beaten by Zin but not before getting put in a simulation where he is brainwashed to think that everyone is out to get him. Then he fights Roddy Piper, and Playa teams up with Roddy in helping get Keith back to normal. He then tells Playa how to save Kinzie and he returns to the ship. At the end of the game, assuming all loyalty missions have been completed, it is revealed that Zinyak told a half-truth; the Zin had time travel technology that would enable the Saints to revisit Earth before it was destroyed.[12]

History[edit | edit source]

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

Keith David was an actor, and has established himself into films, television, animation and video games. He entered into politics and was approached by the head of the 3rd Street Saints - Playa - to act as their Vice President, which Keith had then agreed to. After many struggling campaign trails, they had finally won the election, and the Saints entered into Government.

A few years later, Keith and Playa are still in the White Crib. When the earth is attacked by an alien empire known as the Zin led by Zinyak, Keith is being beamed up and abducted by the aliens.[13]

Shortly after, Keith reunites with press secretary Kinzie Kensington and they steal a Zin Ship and rescue Playa when he escapes his nightmare simulation. Shortly after however, the earth is atomised by Zinyak for Playa's escape. Despite Keith David's worry, Playa decides to enter back into his simulation in a way to track down his friends.[14]

Zinyak kicked the stool out from under my political aspiration when he and his armada showed up. One of the worst things you can do is piss off America. Now, I don't necessarily agree with how the President is handling these things. Seems there must be a better way. I'm not saying I'd do better but, shit, maybe that's exactly what I'm saying. If I had the chance anyway.
— Keith Audio Log 3

Somehow Keith David was contacted by Zinyak, on the offer of restoring Earth if he betrays the Saints and has Playa killed. Keith accepts the proposal, and allows the Zin to ambush the Ship while Playa along with the Saints are inside Virtual Steelport. He knocks out Matt Miller and Asha Odekar and leaves, which leads to Kinzie being kidnapped by Zinyak.[10]

After his betrayal, Keith is awarded to become "President for Life" inside Virtual Steelport, and begins declaring support of Zinyak. Playa arrives and gives chase to Keith inside the Federal Building, but Playa is ambushed and attacked by two Zin guards inside the office. Keith has a quick change of heart and kills the two Zin soldiers, but before he can tell Playa's Kinzie's location Zinyak arrives and abducts Keith and Playa. Keith is then forced to relive the movie They Live while fighting Roddy Piper. Keith keeps attempting to escape, and Playa gets Roddy to help them beat up Keith David for information on Kinzie's whereabouts.[2]

After getting out of Keith's nightmare simulation, Playa advises Keith to get help on his issues. Keith doesn't appear in story missions after this, or is present during Playa's takeover of the Zin Empire after Zinyak's death.[12] However he is still present on The Ship

How the Saints Save Christmas[edit | edit source]

Keith doesn't serve any role in the actual story missions. However upon completing the final mission "The Santa Clawz" he appears in the final cutscene. Keith and Playa make snow angels together, and Keith poses in a photograph with the rest of the Saints.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Julius Voice Actor.jpg

  • Keith David made his first appearance in the "War for Humanity" trailer for Saints Row IV, which was released on 6 June 2013.[5]
  • The character is similar to Burt Reynolds in Saints Row: The Third in that they are both fictionalized versions of actors voiced by their real-life counterparts.
  • The trailer contains a placard that appears to say 'I HEART Goliath'.[5] In real life, Keith David voiced Goliath in the show Gargoyles.
  • In real life, Keith David voiced Julius in Saints Row and Saints Row 2[15][16]
    • That being said, In Saints Row IV, The fact Julius and Keith sound very alike is mentioned multiple times during the game.[17][18][19]
  • Keith David is listed as "Vice President" rather than his name when given the choice to romance or talk to him.[7]
  • He is the only non-romanceable character on the ship.
  • Super Keith David's outfit resembles that of Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars films likely a nod to the fact Keith betrays the Saints to save something causing them to lose an ally and to eventually rejoin and help in saving them just like what Lando does when he lets Darth Vader kidnap Han Solo
  • Keith David's role in the film Requiem for a Dream is referenced by Female Voice 2's line "Great... this better not end up with me going ass to ass...".[2]
  • Keith is the only Homie that is upgraded into a Super Homie via storyline progression, and not through an optional Loyalty Quest.
    • In the Australian version of Saints Row IV, then Keith is the second Homie upgraded into a Super Homie via storyline progression with Shaundi being the first.
  • Keith uses a Deacon 12-Gauge Shotgun when recruited as a Homie. He also uses the Dominator when rescuing Playa during The Real World.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

I was 12 hours into Dead Island when the Zin attacked. Now I'll never finish. I won't forgive them for that.
— Keith on The Ship

Audio Logs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Audio Logs

I'm not the first actor to move into politics, but I'm one of the better ones. Theater, film, television, animation, commercials, shit, I've even done video games. Though video games aren't exactly renowned for their storytelling. Still, I'd conquered acting. By the time I got the call from the Saints, I was ready for something new.
— Keith Audio Log 1

How did I go from award-winning actor to the Vice President of the United States? Hell if I know. But when the head of the Saints calls you up and makes you an offer, well, it's something you consider. I liked the idea of being a statesman, having my name in the history books. It's a hell of a dream. Plus I look good in a suit. I'd look even better on money.
— Keith Audio Log 2

Zinyak kicked the stool out from under my political aspiration when he and his armada showed up. One of the worst things you can do is piss off America. Now, I don't necessarily agree with how the President is handling these things. Seems there must be a better way. I'm not saying I'd do better but, shit, maybe that's exactly what I'm saying. If I had the chance anyway.
— Keith Audio Log 3

Homie Conversations[edit | edit source]

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Keith and CID

CID: "I have been doing research on you, Mr. David."
Keith David: "Seems you like to do research on lots of people. Well, so do I, that's why I had Kinzie do a little research on you. Seems like you've been around for quite some time and that you've been inside a lot of simulations."
CID: "That is true."
Keith David: "And that you've made a lot of simulations. Some very specific simulations. One hidden far way from any prying Zin eyes."
CID: "Oh, you, oh."
Keith David: "So why don't you stop digging up dirt on me and I won't tell anyone else about some of your proclivities."
CID: "How about that sport's team?"

Keith and Gat

Johnny Gat: "God it feels good to be the fuck out of that pink ass vat."
Keith David: "From what I hear you were there a long time."
Johnny Gat: "Years, man, fucking years. Reliving the same hell day after day after day. It gets to you, you reach a point were you think if I gotta go through this fucking thing one more damn time I'm gonna snap."
Keith David: "Yeah, I've had shoots like that."

Keith and King

Keith David: "Who would have thought it, huh Ben? The President, the VP and the Chief of Staff fighting aliens in a simulated city."
Ben King: "He, he. It's pretty damn crazy, Keith."
Keith David: "Hell, if someone wrote that in a book there isn't anyone in the world who'd read that shit."
Ben King: "Oh, shit."

Keith and Pierce

Pierce: "Look, we all know the Earth blowing up is some fucked up bullshit. But it's also an opportunity."
Keith David: "An opportunity?"
Pierce: "Listen, after we take down this Zinyak motherfucker we're gonna have his big-ass ship, right? That means we'll be exploring the galaxy, seeing new worlds."
Keith David: "If you need to find a bright side, I suppose that works."
Pierce: "New worlds, man. A clean slate. We can find a new planet. A new home and we build a new civilization based on respect and peace and the betterment of all mankind."
Keith David: "You realize any hospitable planet, one capable of sustaining human life will likely already be populated by an intelligent species. We can dream of a peaceful acceptance by the natives, but history tells a different story. In fact, I can't name a single instance of cultural commingling that didn't involve violence, subjugation and bloodshed."
Pierce: "Keith, why you gotta be a dream killer, man?"

Keith and Roddy

Roddy Piper: "That Kinzie chick told me something pretty interesting."
Keith David: "Oh yeah? She says a lot of crazy shit."
Roddy Piper: "She said that the simulations are based on the subjects worst nightmares."
Keith David: "Did she? That does sound interesting."
Roddy Piper: "So, I guess that would mean making a movie with me was your worst nightmare, huh?"
Keith David: "No, Roddy, it's not that at all. I loved working with you. But would I want to do that fight scene over again? Hell no!"
Roddy Piper: "Hahaha. Yeah, I did mess you up pretty bad."
Keith David: "Mess me up? You may recall I got a lot of good shots in there."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, but I won."
Keith David: "Because the script said you won."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, that's why."
Keith David: "You really wanna push this, really?"
Roddy Piper: "No, man. I already won once. I don't need to do it again."

Keith and Shaundi

Shaundi: "How you holding up, Keith? Things getting too crazy for you?"
Keith David: "Hehehe. I'm fine, Shaundi."
Shaundi: "I don't mean any disrespect. I mean, the Boss and I come from violent worlds, fighting in the streets is kinda what we do. You are an actor, a statesman."
Keith David: "Did I ever tell you about the time I choked a man to death with my bare hands?"
Shaundi: "Are you serious?"
Keith David: "I can still feel his pulse, beating against the palms of my hand, getting slower and softer, until nothing."
Shaundi: "Holy shit! What did he do to you?"
Keith David: "He used to be my agent."

Asha and Keith

Asha: "I don't wanna come off as a gushing fanatic but I've really enjoyed your work Keith."
Keith David: "That's very kind off you Asha, thank you."
Asha: "Do you have any formal training or is it all...instinct?"
Keith David: "Actually I attended a high school for performing arts, then I went on to Juilliard, and I graduated with a BFA."
Asha: "Ummm Juilliard? I'm, I'm not familiar with that school."
Keith David: "Oh well, it's the most highly regarded acting school in the country."
Asha: "Acting? Oh are you an actor!? I'm talking about how well you handle a gun, it's very impressive."

Cyrus and Keith

Cyrus: "So I'm supposed to believe you're the Vice President of the United States."
Keith David: "That's right. Why is that so hard to believe?"
Cyrus: "I'm just surprised you aren't the ACTUAL president. Seems more fitting for a man of your character."
Keith David: "You make a very compelling point."

Fun Shaundi and Keith

Fun Shaundi: "So, when I get older I get to hang out with famous movie stars. That doesn't sound half bad."
Keith David: "Actually, I'm the Vice President now."
Fun Shaundi: "But you still get to go to all the posh Hollywood parties I'm sure. And I'm betting you let me tag along, cause honestly why wouldn't you."
Keith David: "Honestly, no. You've never asked to come with me."
Fun Shaundi: "Hold on, older me has told you how big a fan I am of your work, right?"
Keith David: "She's never mentioned it."
Fun Shaundi: "So, she never told you that I think of you when... actually, that's probably a good thing she didn't mention that."

Julius and Keith

Julius: "So, Keith David, I'm a fan."
Keith David: "Thank you, that's very kind."
Julius: "You know, some folks say I remind them of you."
Keith David: "Yeah, I get the same with you."
Julius: "I don't see it though."
Keith David: "Me neither."

Kinzie and Keith

Keith David: "I forgot to say it, but thanks for rescuing me."
Kinzie: "Oh, sure. No problem at all."
Keith David: "Though I have say I was surprised you came to the other side of the Zin ship to find me first. I would have thought that..."
Kinzie: "It was on the way!"
Keith David: "But you said you had to..."
Kinzie: "It. Was. On. The. Way."
Keith David: "Oh. Ohhh, right."

Maero and Keith

Keith David: "You know it's funny, the President never mentioned you to me."
Maero: "I doubt there's much thought given to the people who've been killed by the Saints."
Keith David: "Well, I've heard all about Phillipe Loren, William Sharp and his nephew, and that Mr. Sunshine fellow."
Maero: "You heard about that psychotic witchdoctor before me?"
Keith David: "Oh, and about some mechanic named Donnie."
Maero: "Are you fucking kidding me!?"

Matt and Keith

Matt Miller: "I'm a big fan of your work, Mr. David."
Keith David: "We're fighting side by side, Matt. Please, call me Keith."
Matt Miller: "I can't say I've seen everything, but definitely all the big stuff. Which would you say is your favorite role?"
Keith David: "I'd say my favorite role is that of the Vice President of the United States."
Matt Miller: "Really? Which movie was that?"
Keith David: "Real life, Matt."
Matt Miller: "Oh God! You're one of those."

Phillipe and Keith

Keith David: "So you're the one I have to thank."
Phillipe: "I'm not sure what you mean."
Keith David: "Well if you hadn't opened that bank in Stilwater, then the Saints would have still been focused on their celebrity. Your little stunt spurred them into action, causing the chain of events that led them to the White House. Leading me to become Vice President along the way."
Phillipe: "Well, that's quite a theory you have there, Monsieur David."
Keith David: "I call it how I see it, so thank you."
Phillipe: "You're... welcome."

Tanya and Keith

Tanya: "God, I can't believe I'm fighting on the side of the Saints."
Keith David: "I can't believe I'm fighting at all. This whole thing is insane. Heh, I wanted to be a statesman."
Tanya: "This whole invasion thing has fucked up everything. You know?"
Keith David: "It sure has. But, wait. Wait, wait. Didn't you die years ago?"
Tanya: "God, don't remind me."

Veteran Child and Keith

Veteran Child: "God, you remind me so much of..."
Keith David: "Oh, not this again. Look, I get it. I remind you of Julius. Yes, yes, yes. I remind everyone of Julius."
Veteran Child: "Julius? No, no, no. I was gonna say you remind me of that actor."
Keith David: "Oh. Well, I am that actor."
Veteran Child: "You, woah, this is trippy. I can't believe I'm hanging out with the guy from that Ghost Busting movie."
Keith David: "No, that's... ahhh. Never mind."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Vice President Keith David and Saints Row IV website promo

Vice President Keith David and Saints Row IV website promo with description

Keith David unlocked after the mission Zero Saints Thirty

Vice President Keith David at the White Crib

Keith David presenting two choices to Playa in the mission The Saints Wing

Interaction options for Keith David

Keith referencing Dead Island, a game Deep Silver published in 2011

Keith David in the Ship Crib

Keith David (Super Homie)

Keith David (Super Homie) Close up

Keith with Playa enjoying Christmas at the end of The Santa Clawz

Keith David, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Keith David, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV

Keith - white house - character model in Saints Row IV

Keith - jumpsuit - character model in Saints Row IV

Keith - they live - character model in Saints Row IV

Keith - simulation - character model in Saints Row IV

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