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Katie[1] is a character in Saints Row 2 and Corporate Warfare.

Right, so here's the thing, after like 2 years of doing laundry for my boss, he finally allowed me to cast tonight's episode of Fuzz.
FUZZ and Katie
— Katie


Katie is a Caucasian woman with blonde hair. She wears a pink tank top and has a minor appearance in both Saints Row 2 and its second DLC, Corporate Warfare.


Saints Row 2Edit

In Saints Row 2, Katie is the assistant of a FUZZ director, and after around two years of doing his laundry, she is finally allowed to cast one episode of FUZZ. However, the police officer who agreed to work with her got injured and was sent to the hospital. She saw Playa's mug-shot on the news and asks them to dress as a police officer and fight crime on camera.[2]

Saints Row 2: Corporate WarfareEdit

In Corporate Warfare, she is Dex's secretary and is at Wardill Airport when Dex is leaving the city in a rush to get away from Playa.[1] Katie has matured somewhat, but has the same clothes and hairstyle.

Dex: "Is everything in order, Katie?"
Katie: "Yes sir, your effects are en route."
Dex: "And my office?"
Katie: "I followed protocol; your machine's been wiped and paper files have been shredded. Are you sure you can't wait a few days? You're going to miss the company picnic."
Dex and Katie


  • During the FUZZ cutscene, she says that "Miranda doesn't make for good TV", referring to the Miranda warning, which must be read to all suspects in the USA when they are arrested.
  • She is not named in the FUZZ cutscene but the character model is named Katie, and the subtitles are attributed to Katie. Later, Dex addresses her as Katie.[1]


  • Katie in Saints Row 2
  • Katie in the opening cutscene of FUZZ in Saints Row 2
  • Katie in the opening cutscene of FUZZ in Saints Row 2, close up
  • Katie speaks to Dex in the closing cutscene of "Corporate Meltdown" in Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare
  • Katie in the closing cutscene of "Corporate Meltdown" in Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare"
  • The Suburbs Expansion District where Katie can be found if the player starts FUZZ there for the first time

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