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Kanto Connection
"Kanto Connection" mission completion screen
"Kanto Connection" mission completion screen
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"Kanto Connection" is the sixth mission of the The Ronin story arc in Saints Row 2.

Kanto closed for remodeling
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


While in a bar with Pierce, Playa receives an anonymous phone call from Shogo Akuji informing them that Jyunichi is at Kanto. Spotting a chance to avenge Aisha's death, Playa immediately hurries off for the teahouse.[1]

Playa finds Jyunichi there among other Ronin. After defeating Jyunichi and hacking through The Ronin with a Samurai Sword, Playa exits the teahouse, stopping only to casually eat a piece of sushi on the way out. Kazuo Akuji is distraught over Jyunichi's death and Shogo's presence fails to appease him. Shogo's betrayal has ultimately left The Ronin considerably weakened, and so he vows to finish what Jyunichi started and kill Johnny Gat, who is still in the Stilwater Memorial Hospital. Kazuo, dismisses him, forcing an upset Shogo to walk away.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Bodies litter the popular dining spot, Kanto, after a birthday party was interrupted by members of the Third Street Saints. Kanto representatives are confident the restaurant will reopen for business within the week.


Kanto Connection - Ronin soldier attacking after fighting Jyunichi.png
This short mission introduces a special version of combat with a Samurai Sword, which must be used to defeat Jyunichi.

Head to Kanto

Playa begins in Downtown, with a Kenshin parked nearby. There is no time limit to arrive at Kanto, providing unlimited time to use Dual Samurai Swords in a Mission replay

Enter Kanto and find Jyunichi

Upon first entering Kanto, there are on-screen instructions regarding the special sword fight. Use the relevant controls to counter incoming attacks from Jyunichi; it can be slightly difficult to learn Jyunichi's moves and time them so as to pull off a counter effectively just before he hits. Jyunichi can also be attacked on the floor after being countered which does more damage than a normal attack. Jyunichi can also be damaged with charged attacks, although Playa is still grappled after performing them.

The weaker Ronin that accompany Jyunichi can mostly be killed with basic attacks, although some of them may block. More weak enemies arrive as reinforcements at various points the mission, but they too are easily dispatched.

Once Jyunichi's health is emptied, he falls, and the mission ends.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the mission completion screen and newspaper clipboard.


"Serendipity" cutscene[]

Pierce: "All I'm sayin' is that we don't know how long Gat is gonna be laid out."
Playa: "And you're willing to make a noble sacrifice and take his place?"
Pierce: "Someone's gotta step up."
Playa: "Trust me, Gat'll be up and running in no time."
Pierce: "And if he's not?"
Playa: "Then we have bigger problems."
Playa answers the phone
Playa: "'Sup?"
Shogo Akuji: "How badly do you want the man who hurt Johnny Gat?"
Playa: "Who is this?"
Shogo Akuji: "Jyunichi will be at Kanto tonight...this is our chance for revenge."
Playa: "Our chance? Who the fuck are you..."
Playa walks away
Pierce: "Where are you going?"
Playa: "I'm takin' out the sonofabitch that killed Aisha."
— "Serendipity" cutscene


Die with some honor.
— Jyunichi

"Father-Son Bonding" cutscene[]

Shogo Akuji: "Is everything ok father"
Kazuo Akuji: "He's dead, Shogo. Jyunichi is dead and all I'm left with is you."
Shogo Akuji: "Is that so bad?"
Kazuo Akuji: "It's worse than you could ever imagine."
Shogo Akuji: "Father...I..."
Kazuo Akuji: "Leave me in peace Shogo."
Shogo Akuji: "I'll make you proud father, I'll finish what Jyunichi started, I'll kill Gat, I'll-"
Kazuo Akuji: "Do whatever you want Shogo, just do it away from me."
— "Father-Son Bonding" cutscene


Pierce and Playa

Pierce and Playa

Pierce and Playa

Playa and Pierce

Jyunichi flipping Playa

Jyunichi about to strike Playa

Ronin reinforcements coming up the stairs

Kanto Connection - Ronin soldier attacking after fighting Jyunichi


Playa taking a piece of sushi

Kazuo Akuji and Shogo Akuji

Kazuo Akuji and Shogo Akuji

Kazuo Akuji and Shogo Akuji

Kazuo Akuji and Shogo Akuji

Loading screen after this mission

Loading screen after this mission

Loading screen after this mission

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  2. Cutscene: Father-Son Bonding