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K-8 Krukov
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Clip size

60 Level 3 upgrade
120 Level 4 upgrade



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The Belgian Problem


Melee: AK

Appears in

Saints Row: The Third

The K-8 Krukov[1][screenshot?] is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.

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Not to be confused with K6 Krukov

The working-man's assault rifle.
— Weapon description[2]


A much more modern weapon than its predecessor, the K6 Krukov, the K-8 Krukov is an average assault rifle favored by members of the various gangs in Steelport. Chambered in a smaller round than that of the K6, it boasts better accuracy and the ability for upgrades. It can be bought at Friendly Fire for $10,000 after The Belgian Problem or acquired from gang members, especially at Gang Operations; a participating gang member usually carries a Krukov.

Compared to the other two assault rifles in Saints Row: The Third, the Krukov is the fastest-firing, though it is also the weakest and has a tendency to spray on full-auto. Upgrades tighten its accuracy considerably, boost its firepower a fair amount, and give it a considerable magazine increase, making it by far the best of the three assault rifles for when suppressive fire or the need to deal with multiple foes quickly is critical.

Fully-upgraded, the Krukov loses its magazine feeding in order to become a light machine gun, a-la the AR200 SAW from Saints Row 2. It also mounts a grenade launcher, which fires fragmentation grenades that explode on impact, making it extremely flexible.


  • Highest rate of fire of any assault rifle, both before and after upgrades
  • Huge magazine when fully-upgraded
  • Grenade Launcher when fully-upgraded
  • Easy to acquire
  • Best rifle at crowd-control
  • Versatile; good "All-rounder" weapon
  • And since it's best at crowd control, This weapon is ideal for zombie combat situations. Espically at level 4
  • Consumes ammo quickly
  • Goes through grenades pretty quickly too
  • Low individual-shot firepower
  • Accuracy is poor until upgraded
  • Grenade Launcher cannot launch Molotovs/Flashbangs/Farts in Jars/Electric Grenades
  • If using the Grenade Launcher while crouching, shooting too fast can cause a 'blowback'.

Weapon upgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
K-8 Krukov level 1 model 1 $10,000
The working-man's assault rifle.
— K-8 Krukov level 1

K-8 Krukov level 2 model 2 $10,000
Increase damage. Red dot sight improves fine-aim accuracy.
— K-8 Krukov level 2

K-8 Krukov level 3 model 3 $20,000
Increase rate of fire and the size of your clips
— K-8 Krukov level 3

K-8 Krukov level 4 model 4 $40,000
Attached grenade launcher shoots grenades farther and faster. Box magazine holds more ammo.
— K-8 Krukov level 4


  • The K-8 Krukov's name is hyphenated. In the previous two titles, "K6 Krukov" is not.
  • It resembles a AKS-74 or AKS-74U assault rifle with artificial green furniture and an RIS-fitted foregrip.
  • Grenades can be fired faster when crouching, and can reach the firing speed of the GL G20.
    • This makes the K-8 one of the most powerful standard weapons in the game, especially alongside the infinite ammo and grenade upgrades. This allows an entire area to be plastered with grenades, killing and destroying any vehicles before they get near, due to the lack of load time and no delay timer.
  • Bullets from this weapon can't harm Homies.


  • A promotional image of Saints Row: The Third, showing the 3rd Street Saints wearing Johnny Gat bobbleheads and firing non-upgraded K-8 Krukovs
  • The K-8 Krukov in the weapon selection screen
  • Two real-life AKS-74U assault rifles
  • The weapon wheel in Saints Row: The Third, highlighting the K-8 Krukov.[1]
  • K-8 Krukov level 1 description
  • K-8 Krukov level 2 description
  • K-8 Krukov level 3 description
  • K-8 Krukov level 4 description


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