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Bleeding Out - Jyunichi scowling
Jyunichi in Saints Row 2
Jyunichi - Fight Club intro screen in Saints Row IV
Jyunichi in Saints Row IV
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Saints Row 2
Saints Row IV
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The Ronin





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Brian Tee

Jyunichi is a character in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.

Don't worry, I'll take care of always.
— Jyunichi to Shogo Akuji


Jyunichi is the second-in-command of The Ronin. He is muscular with a shaved head and numerous Japanese-style tattoos. Jyunichi is very skilled in sword fighting, to the extent that he can effectively wield Dual Samurai Swords.


Saints Row 2Edit

After the Saints rob the Poseidon's Palace[1] Jyunichi insists for Shogo to inform his father about the heist, but Shogo tells him that he'll take care of it himself, ignoring Jyunichi's suggestion to deal with the Saints immediately. After the Saints' Leader singlehandedly eliminates a batallion of motorcycle-riding Ronin sent to attack the Saints Hideout that, Shogo becomes concerned and sends Jyunichi to spy on the Saints and find any possible weakness.[2] He finds one in Aisha, Gat's girlfriend.[3]

While Gat and The Protagonist are busy elsewhere, Jyunichi breaks into Aisha's house and sets a trap. He ties Aisha to a chair and tells her he will let her live if she cooperates. As Gat and The Protagonist enter the house, Aisha shouts a warning, prompting Jyunichi to decapitate her. Gat barges in to find his lover dead and her house filled with Ronin. Gat kills one of the Ronin close to the door and manages to take his Samurai Sword, Jyunichi unsheathes one of his own and fights Gat while The Protagonist kills Jyunichi's men. One Ronin aims his gun towards Gat, only to have it knocked out of his hand by a well-thrown sword by Jyunichi, as he declares, "He's mine!" in Japanese. The Protagonist tells Gat to move so he can get a clear shot at Jyunichi, but Johnny turns as The Protagonist speaks, losing his footing and Jyunichi quickly stabs him in the stomach. The Protagonist discovers his gun is empty and Jyunichi escapes as The Protagonist reloads.[4]

While going to the airport to pick up Kazuo Akuji, Jyunichi spots The Protagonist and Pierce making their way to Kazuo's plane, and warns Kazuo ahead of time. Jyunichi knocks out Richie on the airport tarmac and takes Kazuo directly to his Zircon. When Shogo calls to ask for his father, Jyunichi berates him, saying that he should have been the one to protect his father when he landed.[5]

Shogo, angered by Jyunichi's words, anonymously calls The Protagonist and gives away Jyunichi's location: the restaurant Kanto. After The Protagonist arrives at the restaurant, Jyunichi challenges him to a sword duel, with his Ronin thugs helping him, but Jyunichi is ultimately defeated and killed.[6]

Saints Row IVEdit

Jyunichi is the final boss of Johnny's two dimensional "Saints of Rage" simulation in Saints Row IV.[7][8] He virtually recreates the killing of Aisha from Saints Row 2. Afterwards, Johnny breaks down and The Protagonist has Kinzie Kensington rewind the simulation so he can prevent her beheading. Once he has accomplished this Johnny comes in and helps The Protagonist fight Jyunichi. Here he has two forms. In his first form he is simply a typical 2D Beat-em-up boss, but in his second form--known as "Super Jyunichi"--he gains the Death From Above superpower. The Protagonist and Johnny Gat manage to defeat him and he disappears. Following this fight, Johnny is released from his simulation and The Protagonist gains the Death From Above superpower to be used in the simulation.

Jyunichi is also the boss for the hard instance of Fight Club.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

After taking over Downtown, a storybook shows Jyunichi in an alliance with Kazuo, his son Shogo, and William Sharp and Killbane, who battle and lose against Johnny, Dane Vogel, Kiki and Viola DeWynter, Blackbeard, Shakespeare, and Vlad in hell.[9]


  • Jyunichi is a fairly common first name with various character spellings, e.g. 純一、順一、潤一、淳一、準一...Ichi is 一, pertaining to one (first son), while the Jun part can be fitted with various kanji of different meanings.
  • Jyunichi drives a Zircon. Once when he is spying on Johnny Gat and Aisha at their home,[10] and again when he is taking Kazuo to his safehouse.[11]
  • Jyunichi only smiles once in the entire game. He smiles smugly while stabbing Johnny Gat.[12]
  • Jyunichi shares similarities with Mr. Sunshine. Both are young men who are second-in-command and chief enforcers of their gangs and specialize in bladed weapons. Both also are very close to their leaders, both are betrayed, and both are killed by blades.
  • In Saints Row IV, Jyunichi is incorrectly referred to as the "head" of the Ronin by the Fight Club announcer.
  • Jyunichi is the tallest of The Ronin, measuring over 6 feet.[13]


I don't take much pleasure in this.
— Jyunichi after taking Aisha hostage.[12]

If you're calm, help us find the money, and do what I say... I give you my word you will live.
— Jyunichi after taking Aisha hostage.[12]

I hope you put up a fight
Jyunichi 422 I hope you put up a fight
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

You'll fall like Gat.
Jyunichi 423 You'll fall like Gat
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

How many of you do I have to kill?
Jyunichi 424 How many of you do I have to kill
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

I fear no man.
Jyunichi 425 I fear no man
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

Bow before the Ronin!
Jyunichi 426 Bow before the Ronin
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

This is where you die!
Jyunichi 427 This is where you die
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

I've been waiting for a real fight
Jyunichi 428 I've been waiting for a real fight
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

Die with some honor.
Jyunichi 432 Die with some honor
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

You're worthy to die by my hand
Jyunichi 433 You're worthy to die by my hand
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

That won't stop me
Jyunichi 434 That won't stop me
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]

Jyunichi (Audio): "Zettai kocchi ni kuruu na!"
Jyunichi (Translation): "Get away from me!"
Jyunichi 429 Japanese
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]
Audio: "Shinde shimau ze!"
Translation: "I will kill you"
Jyunichi 430 Japanese
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]
Audio: "Korosuzo!"
Translation: "Die!"
Jyunichi 431 Japanese
— Jyunichi to The Protagonist[6]


  • Jyunichi in Saints Row 2
  • Jyunichi with sunglasses in Saints Row 2
  • Surprised Jyunichi
  • Bowing to Shogo Akuji
  • Jyunichi in his car
  • Jyunichi
  • Bleeding Out - Jyunichi yelling
  • Stabbing Gat
  • With Kazuo Akuji
  • Jyunichi with his Zircon
  • Jyunichi's Saints of Rage vs. Screen
  • Jyunichi in Saints Row IV
  • Jyunichi, Kazuo, Shogo, Sharp, and Killbane in Gat out of Hell


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