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Julius Little is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.

You ready for this, playa?
— Julius to Playa during his test[5]


Julius is the founder, and original leader of the 3rd Street Saints.

Early life[]

A picture of Little with King.

Julius Little grew up with his friend Benjamin King in Sunnyvale Gardens.[6] He dated King's sister Angela.[7]

They witnessed the neighborhoods' demise when Los Carnales came to Stilwater. Benjamin King started recruiting people to stand up against the Carnales and save Sunnyvale Gardens, creating the Vice Kings.[8] After some time in the Vice Kings, Julius saw that this gang also started to become a threat to Stilwater's peace and dropped his flags. He then moved to Saint's Row. He'd later remark that one of his few regrets was "how things" ended with Angela: "She wanted to be just like Benjamin. I shouldn'ta let her get in so deep."[7]

After the birth of the Westside Rollerz and resurgence of Los Carnales, Saint's Row became a battleground for the three gangs and the district fell apart. Julius had thought that the Vice Kings could at least keep order in the city but when violence hit the Row, he began recruiting members for another gang with the main purpose of ridding Stilwater of all other gangs: the 3rd Street Saints.[9]

He believed that he could learn from King's mistakes and that the Saints would be something that wouldn't get out of control; he later admitted: "I was so fuckin' naive."[10]

Saints Row[]

Julius saving Playa with Troy.

At the beginning of Saints Row, he and Troy save Playa from being killed by a member of the Vice Kings and he recruits the boy.[11] The Saints take control of Saint's Row and then go on to destroy the three other gangs in Stilwater. Julius reunites with his old friend Benjamin King in the progress, who is betrayed by the Vice Kings.[12]

When Stilwater comes into the Saints' control, Julius names Playa his right hand-man.[13] However, Julius is quickly arrested by Troy, who was an undercover cop, and Police Chief Monroe forces the Saints to kill Marshall Winslow for him, or else he will kill Julius.[14] Playa kills Marshall Winslow, but Monroe orders the Saints to do even more. Eventually, the Saints kill Monroe.[15]

Troy calls Julius, telling him that he does not want to arrest his friends. He asks Julius to convince Johnny Gat and Playa to drop their flags.[16] Julius, knowing that Playa wouldn't stop, plants a bomb on Alderman Hughes' private yacht, with hopes that the bomb will kill Playa, albeit, disbanding the Saints.[17][16]

Saints Row 2[]

Julius, in Revelation.

In the time between the ending of Saints Row and beginning of Saints Row 2, Julius reforms and drops his flags after being let off the hook by Troy. He becomes a tour guide for the refurbished Saints Row Church, providing his voice for the tannoys, in which he talks about his life in the 3rd Street Saints and his reasons for forming the gang. After five years of being in a coma,[18] Playa wakes up and finds some wiretap conversations at the Police Headquarters.[19] These reveal that it was Julius who had planted the bomb on the yacht. In addition to that, he also finds Dex's number in Troy's office, the latter of whom had become the chief of police. Playa calls Dex, who tells him to meet him at the church, claiming to know Julius' whereabouts.

Infuriated upon learning of Julius' betrayal, Playa goes to the church. However, he doesn't find Dex there, but Julius instead. Julius had been lured there by Dex too, and the two discover that it was a set up right before the Masako throw a smoke bomb into the church.[20] After Julius and Playa successfully defend the church, the two flee to the Thalia Amiptheatre.[21] After defending themselves from the Masako there too, the Masako fall back.[21] Julius, who started to get comfortable being around Playa, thinking it was "just like old times", is abruptly shot by him.[22] The two heatedly argue, with Julius explaining why he attempted to kill Playa, mentioning the fact that the Saints were becoming too violent and that Playa wouldn't stand down if told to drop his flags. He finishes with "You owe me, Playa. If it weren't for me, you would've died on that street corner", referring to the beginning of the first game.[11]Playa retorts, "If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been in a goddamn coma!" Julius sarcastically says that the two are now even, but he is quickly killed with a shot to the head by Playa, who remarks that the two were not really even and callously walks away .[22]

Saints Row IV[]

Now a blast from the past - Julius Little!
— Super powered Fight Club announcer.

Julius with super powers in the Simulation 31.

After rescuing Benjamin King from his nightmare simulation[23] Julius is made available as a target for Security Deletion in Virtual Steelport. When arriving at his location on Yearwood on Carver Island, Julius turns up in an Infuego with Vice Kings members in tow. With the ability of super powers he begins attacking Playa. Once he is defeated and killed, Julius is unlocked as a Homie.

Julius also appears as the main boss in the second Super powered Fight Club activity and is described as being a blast from the past.


Keith David

  • Julius' voice actor, Keith David, shares similar facial structure to Julius.
    • Keith David voices Keith David, a fictional version of himself, in Saints Row IV as Playa's Vice President.[24] It is a running joke that the other characters say that he reminds them of Julius.
  • In Saints Row, Julius hints during a Stronghold mission that he is a fan of hockey.[25]
  • Julius can be considered a foil to Benjamin King as both used to be leaders of their own gangs until a member of their gangs replaced them as the new leader with Warren Williams and later Tanya Winters becoming the new leader of the Vice Kings and Playa becoming the new leader of the 3rd Street Saints.
  • Julius Little originally wanted the 3rd Street Saints' color to be green.[26]
  • During the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene, Benjamin King is seen looking at an old photograph of Julius and himself.
    • Julius is holding a cigarette in the photo, but does not smoke in any game.
    • This photo of Julius and King is based on a 1974 photograph of two black men in a Chicago ghetto.[27]
    • The picture looks to be taken at the Saints Row Church before it was trashed with graffiti and scum.
    • Both are wearing their respective gang colours, although their taste in clothing may merely have served as an inspiration during the later formation of their respective gangs.
  • Julius' involvement in the conspiracy against Playa was not in the script. In the final cutscene of the game, Julius was supposed to be shown running injured through an alley, but since the animators were missing this animation, they chose not to call the motion capturing team for one specific session and instead opted to recycle the animation of Aisha looking at her watch, despite Julius not wearing one. The events of Saints Row 2 are based on the final cutscene instead of the original script.[28]
  • The Saints Row 2 version of Julius is very different than the original from Saints Row. He looks much older and seems to have seen better days. His eyes are also purple, signifying that Julius may have been using drugs to assuage his guilt.


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