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Template:Infobox character Joseph Price is a character in Saints Row.

These streets were ours before those bitches from the Row showed up. And when they stepped, what did we do? They fucked up our race and we just took it. They fucked up our deliveries and we just took it. And now they've killed my uncle and who knows what the fuck they did to Donnie. Now I'm only gonna say this once! We're not gonna sit here and fuckin' take it! [...] Light 'em up, boys. We're burning Saint's Row to the ground.
No Time to Mourn audio
— Joseph Price, declaring war on the 3rd Street Saints


Joseph Price is the brawn of the Westside Rollerz. Price is clever but his uncle, William Sharp, is the brains behind the Westside Rollerz. After his uncle's death, Price takes full control of the Rollerz.[1]

He is a skilled driver and commands the respect of all of his subordinates. The only people Price shows any semblance of respect for are his uncle, William Sharp, and Donnie, the Rollerz chief mechanic.

Price dies in a fiery truck accident during a vehicular showdown on the interstate with the player shortly after the The Protagonist avenges the killing of Lin with the death of William Sharp.[2]


  • Joseph Price's eyes are never seen due to the fact that he is always seen wearing black sunglasses even at night.
  • Joseph Price is seen in the official Saints Row trailer wearing a purple shirt and sunglasses.[3]
    • This is because he was originally meant to be a lieutenant in the Saints, but was later made into a Roller [4]
  • At the end of Semi-Charmed Life, after the Goliath explodes, Price will jump out of the truck and start shooting, a split second before the cutscene is shown.
  • Joseph Price drives a unique blue Attrazione with two white stripes running down the center.



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