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Johnny Tag is a character in The Trouble With Clones DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


Johnny Tag is the clone of Johnny Gat and was created by Saints fan Jimmy Torbitson. He cloned him by "collecting shit" that Gat had touched but it went horribly wrong.[3] He did not have memories of the events after Aisha's death,[4] and believes that she was only recently killed by The Ronin.

The Trouble With Clones[]

Playa, Pierce and Jimmy attempt to calm Tag down.[5][6] When Jimmy calls Playa over to his house one last time, believing he has a solution, Tag arrives, knocks Playa out, and kidnaps Pierce. Playa finds Tag along with Pierce on the Magarac bridge being attacked by the SNG. After a battle with the National Guard, Playa makes their way up to the bridge to reason with Tag and successfully convinces him that Playa and Pierce are his friends.[7]


  • Johnny Tag is unlocked as a Homie after completing "Send in the Clones".
  • The existence of Johnny Tag was first discovered through leaked achievement/trophies for the The Trouble With Clones DLC, which includes "The Johnnyguard", with the description mentioning the name "Johnny Tag".
  • Tag has the same hair style as Gat from Saints Row and Saints Row 2.
  • Tag uses a similar model to Oleg, Space Brutina, Aisha Brutella, and Brutes.
  • Tag's memories stop right before he got revenge for Aisha, although Jimmy used fairly new DNA obtained through saliva from a Saints Flow can that Gat drank. In the first mission of the "Trouble with Clones"[Reference needed], as he asks "Where Shogo?" This would suggest that he does not remember the events of Rest in Peace. His memory later on becomes more clear, as at the ending scene of "Send in the Clones", he would say, "Saints failed me", referring to his death on Philipe's personal plane in the mission, "Free Falling".
  • Unlike the naked Brutes cloned inside the Syndicate Tower,[8] Tag is cloned with clothing.[3]
  • "Tag" is "Gat" spelled backwards.
  • Even though Tag's name is Tag, at the end of the DLC he says "Gat, friend?". This is because up to that point, no one has told him that he is a clone of Gat. So he probably still thinks he is Gat himself.
  • Tag was cloned with DNA from Gat that resulted in him mostly resembling Gat from Saints Row and Saints Row 2 yet he has Gat's jacket from Saint's Row the Third.
  • Tag shouting "Stripper pole" is a reference to the conversation between Johnny and Playa after they cleared the underground hotel in Saints Row 2, in which Johnny says it needs a stripper pole.[9]
  • Tag claims at the end of the final mission that the Saints had failed him. Seeing as his memory goes as far back as to Aisha's death, it is possible the real Johnny Gat blamed the Saints and himself for her demise.
  • Despite the fact that he survives the events of the DLC and the ending suggests that the story may continue onwards, Tag and the rest of the characters and events of this DLC are not included or mentioned in Saints Row IV.
  • Johnny Tag's personality (with a little bit of Johnny Gat's personality) and brute size resembles The Hulk.


Johnny Tag - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Johnny Gat's clone, Johnny Tag

Tag on an Achievement/Trophy icon called "The Johnnyguard"

Promo image of Johnny Tag in The Trouble With Clones

Tag roaring

The Trouble With Clones Promo

Johnny Tag stands tall

Tag roaring

Tag unlocked as a Homie

Cardboard cut-out of Tag

Tag running


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