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Johnny Gat
Johnny Gat in Saints Row
Johnny Gat in Saints Row
Johnny Gat in Saints Row 2
Johnny Gat in Saints Row 2
Johnny Gat in Saints Row: The Third
Johnny Gat in Saints Row: The Third
Johnny Gat in Saints Row IV
Johnny Gat in Saints Row IV
Johnny Gat in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
Johnny Gat in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
Appears in

Saints Row
Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV[1]
How the Saints Save Christmas
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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3rd Street Saints


Venom SR1
Stiletto SR2


45 ShepherdSRTT
K-8 KrukovSRTT
.45 FletcherSRIV
Z9 HandcannonSRIV XenoblasterSRIV
Shokolov ARSRIV

Voiced by

Daniel Dae Kim[2][3][4][5]

Johnny Gat is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV[1] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[8][9][10]

You can never have too many guns.
— Johnny Gat[11]


Johnny Gat is one of the more prominent members of the 3rd Street Saints since Playa joined the gang back in Stilwater in Saints Row. This fearsome fighter with a lack of wits makes up for it with his love for fighting.[12]


Johnny Gat is a man of Asian descent, sporting a slick black haircut and brown eyes.[13] He is wears a pair of glasses with square lenses.

Saints Row[]

Johhny Gat wears a purple shirt with a white undershirt, black pants and shoes, a belt with a gold-plated buckle, and a bronze-rimmed glasses with opaque black lenses. He wears two gold necklaces on his neck, gold earrings, and a gold bracelet in his right hand. His hair is dyed blonde. He has a tribal-styled tattoo on his neck.

Saints Row 2[]

During his trial[14], Johnny Gat wears a black pinstripe suit with a purple undersuit, a black tie, and a purple handkerchief, and black shoes. His hair is dyed back to black, and his earrings are missing.

After being busted out by Playa[14], Gat wears the same pants and shoes, but changes his shirt to a purple short-sleeved shirt with a white undershirt, exposing another tattoo on his left arm. He retains his glasses and two golden necklaces from Saints Row, and his bracelet is on his left arm.

During his hospital stay, he wears scrubs and bandages.[15] After getting out of hospital, he wears his earlier suit to the funeral.[16] After the funeral, he again keeps the same pants and changes back to an identical short-sleeved shirt without a hole or a blood-stain.[17]

Saints Row: The Third[]

Gat wears a two-tone grey and purple jacket with a fleur-de-lis in the left stomach area, alongside a white shirt partially unbuttoned on the chest area. His glasses are white with opaque blue lenses, and wears silver bracelets on his left wrist and silver rings on his fingers in addition to his original golden necklaces. He wears a dark blue denim jeans and purple sneakers.

In, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, Gat more closely resembles his promotional artwork. The gray area on his jacket is in a darker shade, his bracelets are repositioned and the rings on his fingers are removed, and his skin tone is slightly darker.

Saints Row IV[]

Gat retains his Saints Row: The Third outfit while inside The Simulation. On The Ship, he wears the same blue jumpsuit as with the other crewmates, but his is partially unzipped on the chest area, and retains his glasses, accessories, and sneakers.

When upgraded into a Super Homie[18], Gat wears a purple short-sleeved spandex suit with dark purple accents, revealing tattoos on both hands. He wears a black bulletproof vest and utility belt, dark brown fingerless gloves, black boots, and a holster on his left thigh.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

When Playa gets sucked into Hell[19], Gat wears his jumpsuit from Saints Row IV. After receiving Lucifer's cracked halo[19], Gat wears a two-tone black and purple jacket, with a smaller Saints fleur-de-lis logo placed on the right stomach area, alongside a soot-covered white undershirt beneath. The jacket has burn damages with the right sleeve gone, exposing Gat's scorched arm, which has purple veins around it. He wears the same denim jeans and purple sneakers from Saints Row: The Third, with burn damages around the right leg area as it exposes Gat's leg with veins running down from it. His glasses' lenses are lighter shade of blue.


Saints Row[]

So you're Julius' new boy huh? You don't look like much. Then again, I don't look like I have an eight inch cock, so I guess we're both full of surprises.
— Johnny Gat to Playa[20][21]

Johnny Gat is an inhabitant of the Saint's Row District of Stilwater. Realizing that the district was being torn apart by gang wars, he joined the 3rd Street Saints, a gang aiming to end these wars. Gat is assigned to plot the downfall of the Vice Kings, one of the warring gangs in Stilwater[22].

Gat's 'head on' strategies typically involve massive amounts of bloodshed and extensive property damage. After introducing Playa to Gat's girlfriend Aisha, the three plot out a way to strike at the Vice Kings[23]. They load up a car full of C4 then take it to the gang's recording studio, where the explosion levels it to the ground[24]. Despite all this, Gat admitted to having an admiration for Benjamin King, the Vice King's leader[when?]. Despite having been almost crippled after being shot in the leg by Anthony Green[25], Johnny manages to move on with Playa when they successfully destroy the Vice Kings.[26] During the Battlefield Promotion cutscene Johnny gives Aisha a bouquet of flowers, reconciling their relationship which had become strained during the takedown of the Vice Kings.

Following the destruction of all three gangs and the assassination of Marshall Winslow[27], Johnny Gat takes part in an assassination attempt against Chief Monroe of the Stilwater Police Department, which results in the police chief's death.[28] Afterwards, Johnny begins to spend more time with Aisha.[29]

Saints Row 2[]

Johnny Gat: "Shit, 'bout time your burnt ass woke up..."
Playa: "You ok Johnny?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, aside from almost getting sent to the chair I'm fuckin' great...hey you look different, you do somethin' with your hair?"
— Johnny Gat, upon first meeting Playa in Saints Row 2 during "Appointed Defender".[14]

When Playa falls into a coma, Gat attempts to kill Troy Bradshaw for betraying the Saints.[30] This attempt fails however, resulting in his incarceration for 2 years and 31 days. He was sentenced to execution for 387 counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. At the beginning of the game, Playa bursts into his appeal proceedings, kills the guards, and rescues Gat.[14] Gat takes his place as Playa's second-in-command as they resurrect the Saints, locating a new Saints Hideout[31] before canonizing new members into the gang.[32]

Once the Saints' are resurrected, Gat helps to take down the Ronin, one of several new gangs that took over during their absence. He takes part in the initial raid on Poseidon's palace[33] before kidnapping a Ronin who trespasses on the Saints turf; he takes his prisoner to Aisha's house where he is summarily interrogated then executed[34]. This proves to be a fatal mistake as Ronin lieutenant Jyunichi witnessed Johnny dispose of the body.[35]

After Gat leaves the house, Jyunichi takes a crew of Ronin to break in and capture Aisha. When Gat returns with Playa, the former notices something is amiss when he sees that the door ajar. The Ronin prepare an ambush, but their plan is thwarted when Aisha shouts a warning. Jyunichi retaliates by decapitating Aisha, enraging Gat; he is provoked into a sword fight with Jyunichi whilst Playa kills the other Ronin in a large shootout. After disposing of all the Ronin Gat prepares to shoot Jyunichi. Before pulling the trigger he is inadvertently distracted by Playa - Jyunichi uses this momentary lapse in concentration to run Gat through with his sword, impaling him to the hilt. An ambulance is called but won't arrive in time, so Playa takes matters into their own hands, driving him to hospital with the help of another Saint.[36]

Gat spends time recuperating, however this time is cut short when the Ronin infiltrate the hospital in an attempt to finish him off for good. Playa is visiting at the time and is able to get him away safely.[15] After making a full recovery, Gat and Playa hold a funeral for Aisha, however the service is interrupted when the Ronin leader Shogo Akuji attempts to kill them as revenge for humiliating him and decimating his gang. After surviving the assault Gat, blaming Shogo for ordering Aisha's death, brutally beats him before burying him alive.[16] He and Playa return to the Saints Hideout to defend an incoming Ronin invasion,[17] before creating a diversion at the Chinese Heritage Festival, holding back the Ronin to allow Playa enough time to kill Kazuo Akuji.[37]

After the Ronin are finally defeated, Gat becomes available as a homie. Once the gangs have been obliterated the Saints, along with Gat, move on to take down the corrupt company of Ultor in defense and retaliation against the new Masako strike team threat. During an assassination attempt against Dane Vogel, Gat uses a McManus 2010 sniper rifle to take out the surrounding guards to allow Playa to focus on Vogel's assassination. This plan fails as Gat is spotted by a security guard. Vogel uses this opportunity to escape into his office atop the enormous Ultor tower; Gat stays below at the entrance, buying Playa time. After Vogel is killed Johnny Gat does what he says he loves to do: shooting at oncoming waves of cops.[38]

Saints Row: The Third[]

Josh: "Is this what it's normally like?"
Gat: "Normally the tellers don't use fucking shotguns."
Shaundi: "Yeah, normally banks don't look like a palace either. You see those statues before you blew 'em up?"
Gat: "Will you forget the horses, these guards are packing military grade hardware..."
Playa: "Who the hell are we robbing?"
— The 3rd Street Saints remark on their botched robbery of the Stilwater 1st National Bank.[39]
Johnny Gat: "Birk's right--we traded our dicks in for pussies. Seriously... Movie deals? Commercials? The Saints name used to mean more than body spray and some ass-tasting energy drink.[41]"
Playa: "Our brand's worth a shitload of money."
Johnny Gat: "Is that what it's all about?"
— Johnny Gat, beginning to doubt the nature of the Saints.[40]

Johnny Gat in Saints Row: The Third

In Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi, Playa, Josh Birk and Gat attempt to rob a bank as a publicity stunt. They encounter heavy resistance from unknown men and women dressed in red which prompts the gang to question who owns the bank. During the assault Birk sets off the silent alarm before fleeing the area, alerting the authorities who send SWAT teams to storm the bank. The Saints are eventually arrested after a large-scale shootout.[39] When Playa is brought to Shaundi and Gat's cell, the latter expresses disappointment over what the Saints have become, lamenting that there's much more to the Saints name than "body spray and ass-tasting energy drinks".

Two high-ranking members of an organization called The Syndicate, Viola and Kiki, take the Saints aboard a plane owned by the Syndicate to meet with Phillipe Loren. After a heated discussion, Gat breaks free and proceeds to bash Loren's head into a plane window, causing explosive decompression; he promises to hold back the gang members and commandeer the plane, allowing Playa and Shaundi to make their escape. Before Playa and Shaundi jump out of the plane they speak to Gat via the intercom. His last words to them are "Right on, I'll see you in Stil-", before he's cut off by the sound of automatic gunfire.[40]


Once Playa and Shaundi land in Steelport, Phillipe informs them that Gat's death will be used as a symbol of fear by the Syndicate.[42]

The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy...only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.
— Phillipe Loren threatens Playa over the phone[42]

After the Saints kill Phillipe and retrieve Gat's body[43], Playa and Shaundi go back to Stilwater to bury Gat, only to have the funeral motorcade ambushed by Killbane and his men while crossing the "Hughes Memorial Bridge".[44] Upon returning to Steelport, a memorial party is held for Gat at the Saints HQ, although Shaundi doesn't approve.[45]

It's time we went back home and buried Johnny.
— Playa, after blowing up the Syndicate Tower in "The Belgian Problem"

Viola DeWynter was present on the plane, which landed safely in Steelport with Johnny's body. After her defection to the Saints, she references Gat's passing.[46] During the abduction of Josh Birk, Viola remarks on Playa's bad luck and the death of their three friends (Lin, Carlos and Johnny Gat).

Johnny's dead because he thought he could do everything on his own.
— Viola DeWynter during Gang Bang

Yeah, a coma and 3 friends really worked out for you...
— Viola during Nyte Blayde's Return

At the end of the game,[47] Johnny Gat is unlocked as Zombie Gat. The fact that Zombie Lin is referenced multiple times in Saints Row: The Third shows that Zombie homies are part of the story itself.

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Genkibowl VII[]

Johnny Gat alive? Rumors circulate about the notorious gangster's fate.
News ticker

During the opening cutscene of the first Activity in Genkibowl VII, "Apocalypse Genki", the news ticker reveals that rumors are circulating of Gat being alive.[48]

The Trouble With Clones[]

While Gat himself doesn't actually make an appearance in this DLC, it features a clone of him named Johnny Tag. He has the facial and hair resemblance from Saints Row 2, but still wears has his jacket from Saints Row: The Third. He has a Brute like form and his memories stop between Jyunichi killing Aisha[36] and getting revenge on Shogo.[16]

Saints Row IV[]

After rescuing Matt Miller, Playa thinks that Johnny may be alive after Kinzie discovers another virtual prison in the form of a plane, corresponding with Johnny's defeat at the hands of the Morningstar. When Playa infiltrates the prison, however, it turns out to be holding Shaundi, who was haunted by her choice of leaving Johnny behind. Later, when Zinyak floods Virtual Steelport with past enemy gangs such as Vice Kings, The Ronin and Morningstar, Kinzie notices that it fits the psychological profile of Johnny. From this, the Saints know that Gat is alive.[49]

Johnny and Playa reunite.

Eventually, Kinzie finds Playa a way to enter into Johnny's mind, where Johnny has to relive the death of Aisha in the style of a 2-D sidescroller game. Aisha is kidnapped by Warren Williams, and both Johnny and Playa head to Kingdom Come Records to fight Warren. When Warren is defeated, they head to Aisha's house to face off with Jyunichi. During this time, Playa tries to snap Johnny out of the simulation, but he refuses to listen. After defeating Jyunichi, Johnny is freed from his container on the Zin mothership. Zinyak sends his army to track Johnny down, but Playa infiltrates the ship and kills them all. When Johnny is found, he stabs a Zin soldier in the back of the head and puts his signature sunglasses back on.[50]

Johnny claims that Zinyak abducted him from Loren's jet years before the invasion of earth, as Zinyak believed Johnny alone could stop his plans.[51]

After his rescue, Playa can partake in a Genki Arena created by Matt Miller with Johnny, and they catch up on what has been happening. After finishing the arena and killing a recreated Phillipe Loren, Johnny becomes a super homie after getting superpowers.[18]

Johnny begins helping the Saints on their quest for taking down the Zin and going after Zinyak. When meeting in Simulation 31 where they end up being ambushed, Johnny teams up with Playa, Kinzie, Shaundi and Fun Shaundi to fight through the Zin invaders.[52]

Johnny along with the Saints come to Playa's aid during their stand-off, and they eventually defeat Zinyak.[53]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington are playable characters in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell instead of Playa.[9][10] After watching Playa get sucked into Hell, Johnny forces the Ouija board to let him follow. Upon arriving, Johnny sees a billboard featuring Dane Vogel and assumes he is behind the kidnapping. After arriving at the Ultor building to question Dane, Vogel explains that Satan kidnapped Playa to marry his daughter, since they have caused more chaos and destruction than anyone in human history, making them the best choice to lead Satan's armies into heaven. Dane tells Johnny that the only way to confront Satan is to cause as much chaos as possible.[54]

Johnny's efforts lead him to Satan's daughter Jezebel, who is looking for someone to rebel against her father. Jezebel takes Johnny to Satan's palace, but Satan holds her hostage, forcing Johnny to drop his gun. Satan, delighted, urges Johnny to marry Jezebel in Playa's place, but Johnny refuses to listen, so Satan proclaims that if Johnny marries Jezebel, he will allow Kinzie to leave Hell with Playa. On the day of the wedding, Johnny aims to rebel by shooting Satan, but is unsuccessful. Kinzie comes to his aid, and Johnny and Kinzie force Satan to surrender by fighting through his forces.

Kinzie, Playa, and Jezebel are safely transported home to The Ship. Johnny is detained by God, who offers to repay Johnny for stopping Satan's planned invasion of Heaven with Playa commanding his army in one of five ways. Johnny can either: visit Aisha in Heaven, become the new king of Hell, locate a new planet to rebuild the remains of Humanity, recreate Earth resetting the universe of Saints Row in the process, or discover the secrets of the universe.


Johnny Gat is a brash, sarcastic, hot-headed, self-righteous, trigger-happy man. He is of Eastern Asian heritage and has a torrid, on/off relationship with local R&B diva, Aisha. Johnny has been seen as a stereotypical gung-ho like gangster and has absolutely no sympathy toward those he kills. Although Johnny is quite harsh and disrespectful to Aisha, Gat does have a soft and caring side as he goes berserk with rage upon the Ronin in his house after Aisha's death and informing Playa that Pierce and Shaundi are in danger. He also has a habit of cheating death as he survived being shot in the knee by a shotgun[55] and stabbed in the stomach with a sword[56], and has taken out many gang members and cops by himself. Gat is incredibly strong, able to punch Shogo's head through a grave stone[57] and able to free himself from a chair bolted to the ground that he was also tied to.[58] In Saints Row, Gat has black hair with white dyed tips, but in the next game, it is all black.

Blood In, Blood Out: The Johnny Gat Story[]

Blood In, Blood Out: The Johnny Gat Story is a documentary about Johnny Gat. In Ultor Exposed, it is reported as airing before a repeat of an interview between Jane Valderama and Tera.[59]

Risking life and limb, mild mannered reporter Jane Valderama conducted a provocative interview with a rogue Ultor scientist who identified herself only as Tera. For those who missed it, Valderama's fearless live interview with the deranged microbiologist will be repeated tonight following "Blood In, Blood Out: The Johnny Gat Story"..
— Commercial for interview between Jane Valderama and Tera.[59]


Daniel Dae Kim

  • Johnny Gat is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.[60]
    • Johnny Gat bears some resemblance to his voice actor.
  • Johnny Gat's preferred firearm is a K6 Krukov.
  • Johnny's last name, Gat, is a slang term for a handgun or a machine pistol, originally derived from "gatling gun", which can also refer to firearms more generally. Also, gat, 갓, is Korean for hat, while 吉, is Chinese (Cantonese) for good luck (equivalent to Ji in Mandarin), meaning that Johnny might be of Korean or Cantonese heritage.
  • Johnny is severely wounded in every game, except for Saints Row IV.
  • Gat and Jane Valderamma are the only characters who are in every main game in the series with the same voice actor.
  • Johnny's glasses are prescription.[61]
  • Johnny is featured under J in The ABCs of Saints Row.