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Jane Valderamma
Jane interviewing Troy.
Jane interviewing Troy.
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Jane Valderama
Jane Valdaramma
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  • News reporter
  • Newscaster
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Lauri Hendler[1]

Jane Valderamma is a character in Saints Row,[2] Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third,[3][4] Saints Row IV and Enter the Dominatrix.

It's been a while. You look good.
— Jane Valderamma upon meeting the Saints after Killbane's interview[3]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Jane Valderamma is the News Reporter of Stilwater's local channel, Channel 6.

Saints Row[edit | edit source]

Jane is a radio news reporter. She delivers the final news report of the game.[5]

Saints Row 2[edit | edit source]

Jane is both a TV and radio news reporter.

She reports on Johnny Gat's trial,[6] interviewing Troy Bradshaw after Playa, Johnny and Pierce rob Poseidon's Palace,[7] and then again after Troy Bradshaw is forced by Dane Vogel to free several Brotherhood members from incarceration.[8]

To make people more focused on her during her report, she pays Playa to cause mayhem in various neighborhoods throughout the city.[9] She has loathing for a lawyer named Zach Johnson, whom she says stole her footage time.

Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed[edit | edit source]

She is prominent in the Saints Row 2 DLC Ultor Exposed in which Playa contacts her in doing an interview with Tera. Both Playa and Tera go through a lot to get the bodies[10] and chemicals[11] as proof to Ultor's wrongdoings. But, when time to do the interview, Jane twists Tera's words to make it look like she is the one responsible, humiliating Tera on TV. Once the cameras stop rolling, Jane gives a subtle hint that she was paid off[reference?] and states her reasons that Ultor would've buried the story regardless and that Tera can try her little revenge without them. A furious Tera vows she will.[12]

Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

Jane Valderamma in the mission "Gang Bang" in Saints Row: The Third.

Though looking remarkably different, Jane's new job in Steelport is basically the same as her job in Stilwater, reporting on the aftermath of Playa's mayhem and destruction during missions, although this time far more frequently, reporting her "regular scheduled radio programming" after every mission completed by Playa.

Jane is present when Cyrus Temple offers to answers questions on the newly arrived STAG in Steelport. He goes on to tell the story of the death of Jessica[13] in order to sway Jane, who questions whether STAG's presence would truly make Steelport's citizens safer.[4]

Jane later gives an interview to Luchadores leader Killbane who set up the 3rd Street Saints over the destruction of the Hughes Memorial Bridge in Stilwater.[14] Playa and Shaundi arrives to kill Killbane, and Jane tells them that Killbane has ran off and anxiously asks Playa if they are mad about her interviewing Killbane.[3]

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

Jane is abducted by Zinyak before the Earth is destroyed, and serves as the DJ for 97.6 K12 FM within The Simulation. She is also featured on Klassic 102.4 when made to read from Shakespeare by Zinyak, which she delivers in the same tone as her newscasts.

Enter the Dominatrix[edit | edit source]

Jane interviews the Saints on the cancelled DLC for Saints Row: The Third called Enter the Dominatrix and also discussing what was cut from the final product of Saints Row IV.

Newscasts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Newscasts

In Saints Row (along with Jack Armstrong), Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Valderamma gives news reports on the radio after completing certain missions, often summarizing the events of them. In the latter game, her newscasts tend to be around 45 seconds long and play immediately after getting into a vehicle following completion of a mission. Certain newscasts are followed by adverts for episodes of Nyte Blayde. Unlike Saints Row 2, Valderamma's newscasts play over the Mixtape, although changing the radio station back and forth stops it.

Surname[edit | edit source]

The spelling of Jane's surname varies.

  • Used in the Saints Row 2 subtitles.[15]
  • Used in the Saints Row: The Third subtitles.[15]
  • Used in the Saints Row: The Third Assassinations entry for Oliver.[16]
  • Used on the Saints Row Website.[17]
  • Used in Jane's entry in The ABCs of Saints Row.[18]
  • Used in the Saints Row 2 Homie unlock screen and menu.[19]
  • Used in Saints Row 2 Concept Art.[20]
  • Used in Jane's entry in The ABCs of Saints Row.[18]
  • Used in the Saints Row 2 newscast during "Appointed Defender".[21]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Saints Row[edit | edit source]

Saints Row 2[edit | edit source]

  • Jane is unlocked as a homie in Saints Row 2 after performing 50 Muggings.
  • She uses a Tombstone and drives an Anchor when called as a Homie.
    • She may arrive in an Anchor with any logo, although she works for Channel 6.
  • Valderamma is a Hispanic surname, but Jane speaks with a cross between a East Coast American accent and an Upper Middle Class South East English accent. Her voice and accent are similar to the late ITN newsreader Carol Barnes, and the ITN News theme plays at the end of news bulletins in Saints Row 2.
  • Valderamma's voice is similar to comedian Alex Borstein's character Tricia Takanawa on Seth McFarlene's Family Guy, which in turn is a reprisal of her character Sue Napersville from MadTV's recurring News at Six sketch.

Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

  • Jane Valderamma made her debut appearance in Saints Row: The Third after IGN released a preview showcasing the F-69 VTOL,[24] in which Valderamma gives a news report on the radio.
  • She gives news reports on the radio in Saints Row: The Third, the first time of which is after Playa arrives in Steelport,[25] reporting on the crates and vehicles that had fallen out of Loren's jet.
  • She pronounces Spanish names such as Hector and Angelo Lopez and Angel DeLa Muerte the Spanish way; although Angel himself pronounces the name the Anglophone way.
    • Despite this, she pronounces Carlos Mendoza's name the anglophone way in a Saints Row 2 newscast.

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

  • Jane and Johnny Gat are the only characters who are in every game in the series with the same voice actor.
  • An article on the Saints Row Website detailing the history of the Saints is written by Jane.[17]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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When recruited as a Homie, she often comments as if doing a newscast, and sometimes says "I've never been an embedded journalist before" when calling her on the Cellphone.[replace with actual quote]

During music breaks on the 97.6 K12 FM radio station, she makes comments regarding her anger and resentment towards Zinyak.[replace with actual quote]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Jane Valderamma - character model in Saints Row 2

Concept art of Jane Valderama for Saints Row 2

Jane Valderamma presents a newscast in the opening of the mission "Appointed Defender" in Saints Row 2

Jane in front of Poseidon's Palace

Jane Valderama unlock screen in Saints Row 2

Jane when called as a Homie in Saints Row 2

Jane as a Homie in Saints Row 2 with a Tombstone

Jane Valderrama - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Jane Valderamma Oliver Assassination

Jane Valderrama in the mission "STAG Film" in Saints Row The Third

Jane Valderrama - character model in Saints Row IV

Jane featured under V in The ABCs of Saints Row

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