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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the narrator in Saints Row IV. For the news reporter, see Jane Valderamma. For the real-life novelist, see wikipedia:Jane Austen.

Jane Austen is a character in Saints Row IV, How the Saints Save Christmas and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[3]

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every now and again a situation arises that defies explanation. And so it was with the ascension of the Third Street Saints.
— Jane Austen, during the introduction of Saints Row IV.[4]


Throughout the majority of Saints Row IV, Austen serves as an unseen and unnamed narrator. She occasionally recounts the events of the game on an historic point of view, providing narration particularly at the beginning of the "Zero Saints Thirty"; the end of "The Real World"; the end of "All Hands on Deck"; and then either at the end of "Grand Finale" or in a post-credits scene depending on whether or not the player has completed all Loyalty missions.

In the post-credits scene, Zinjai and Playa check on the cultural figures that Zinyak abducted using time travel prior to his invasion (and subsequent destruction) of Earth, and it is there that the narrator is revealed to be Jane Austen. As the game comes to an end, she states, "And that, my friends, is how I first met the Saints", implying that she was subsequently released.


Saints Row IV[]

As a mysterious figure clad in iron sits musing upon a throne, Austen introduces the 3rd Street Saints and briefly describes the gang's evolution "from a degenerate street gang into beloved pop culture icons" and their dissatisfaction: "For it's one thing to be revered as a hero, it is another to be a hero". While past events unfold, Austen states that this is "where our journey begins".[4]

Later, following Zinyak's destruction of Earth, she describes the event as the defining moment of the Zin Empire's downfall – "An act that was supposed to demoralize, galvanized" – as the Saints, now the last of humanity, decide to fight back. Austen does not regret the loss of Earth, instead conceding that if it was not destroyed, "pragmatism would have won over desperation and the Saints would never have been reunited with the most dangerous man in all of history: Johnny Gat".[5]

Austen briefly touches upon Keith David's betrayal, expressing that "[while] philosophers will spend years debating the ethics of The Kinzie Gambit, the Saints had a less charitable view".[6]

Zinyak was fascinated with Earth culture, he made it a point to go back and build a menagerie of his favorite humans.
— Zinjai, alluding to Zinyak's abduction of Austen.[7]

Zinjai watches as Playa releases Jane Austen.[8]

Depending on whether or not the player has completed all Loyalty missions in the game, one of two endings will play, both of which feature Austen in different capacities: if they have not been completed, Playa commands the Zin fleet to look for a new home world, with Austen simply reciting, "And so, the Saints Empire was born", leaving her true identity unknown.[9]

However, should they all be completed, Zinjai informs Playa of Zinyak's collection of certain humans using time travel, and reveals that time travel could be used to allow the Saints to visit Earth before its destruction. Austen recounts that "when the novelty of shaping history wore off, the Saints remembered the words of Zinjai" and, returning to the Mothership, they release her from captivity, allowing her to meet the Saints.[8]

How the Saints Save Christmas[]

For nearly a decade we've watched the Saints as they rose from humble beginnings to becoming an unstoppable force of nature. In that time we've seen how the Saints rose to power, we've seen how the Saints enact vengeance, we've even seen how the Saints united both humanity and velociraptors. But for the first time ever, I share with you the most important story yet. For this, my friends, is How the Saints Save Christmas.
— Jane Austen in the introduction for How the Saints Save Christmas.

Jane Austen appears in the introduction cutscene for How the Saints Save Christmas describing how the 3rd Street Saints came from humble beginnings to an unstoppable force. She then mentions one more important story, and that was How the Saints saved Christmas.

Gat out of Hell[]

Jane is present when Playa is sucked through a portal to New Hades by Satan.[10][11]


  • Austen is voiced by Eden Riegel, where she is referred to as "The Narrator".[1]
  • Both Playa and Zinyak are fans of Austen's work.[12]
  • "Chapter 8: My Defining Moment" of Zinyak's Text Adventures alludes to Jane Austen: "So it was I went about collecting the exemplary specimens from cultures throughout the entirety of the known world. With one exception. A certain destination whose exploitation I wished to savor. A place whose artistic contributions had first set me upon my path. There was someone there I especially wished to meet-and with the time-bending capability of the Mothership, I could. But also I knew any planet capable of literary work of that caliber must also breed warriors unlike any other. I was excited, reader. Every part of my essence shivered with anticipation."
  • The nude Jane Austen in the end game cutscene is not a defined character model.
  • Jane speaks with a British accent.


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