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"Jailbreak" mission completion screen.
"Jailbreak" mission completion screen.


Story arc

3rd Street Saints (prologue)




Five-O, Warrant, Convict


Marked: 1[2] or 4[3]. Minimum kills: 0[4]

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Vacation's Over
Appointed Defender

"Jailbreak" is the first mission in Saints Row 2.

Coma victim wakes up, kills way to freedom
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


After the Vacation's Over cutscene and Player Customization, the nurse removes the bandages from Playa's face. The guards leave to contact Troy, then a fellow inmate, Carlos, introduces himself. Carlos alludes to the fate of the 3rd Street Saints since the yacht explosion, and after offering his help to Playa, they decide to escape the prison island together.[5]

They succeed in escaping the building, where once outside they proceed to the Hangman's Wharf docks and steal a boat. Once aboard the mainland and away from the police, Playa notices the Phillips Building in the skyline of Saint's Row; Carlos explains to them that after Alderman Richard Hughes was killed in the yacht explosion that sent Playa into a coma, Ultor "picked up the pieces" and now they're now a major influence in Stilwater. He further explains that without anyone to lead them, the 3rd Street Saints fell apart, leaving another three gangs to reclaim the city: The Brotherhood, The Ronin, and the Sons of Samedi. Carlos recommends that Playa keeps their head down and soak up as much information as they can, and then walks off after Playa thanks him for all the help.[6]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A former member of the famed Third Street Saints awoke from a coma today, orchestrating a symphony of destruction that engulfed the entire island penitentiary. The inmate had been taken to the prison infirmary after awaking, and from there overpowered a prison doctor before making their way outside. After an intense gunfight, the fugative[sic] presumably made their way to the prison's dock and escaped pursuit by boat. Details are sketchy, but it is presumed this dangerous individual was aided by another inmate.


Tutorial choice

Unlike with Saints Row, this mission automatically starts upon starting a new game. It is not normally possible to exit this mission, only to restart it.[7]

Much like the first two missions in Saints Row, "Canonized" and "Back to Basics", this mission introduces many gameplay mechanics.

For several seconds after starting this mission, there are no objectives.[8]

Kill the doctor[9]

A tutorial popup explains unarmed Combat. The first objective is killing the doctor in the room, either using hand to hand combat or with an Improvised Weapon.

The doctor is not present in the German version of the game, so the Melee combat tutorial is shown when fighting the first guards.[10]

While the doctor is a marked enemy, Playa is not required to kill him. While Carlos is initially set to not attack the doctor,[11] the doctor is not prevented from attacking Carlos, which causes Carlos to retaliate, and kill the doctor.

We can either try to sneak out through the roof, or charge out the front, your call...
— Carlos, offering Playa a choice after killing the doctor

After the doctor dies, Carlos presents Playa with the option of sneaking out via the roof or charging out of the entrance - the former option engages the tutorial, while the latter option skips it.[12]

Jailbreak - Kill the guards objective.png

Tutorial - Kill the guards

Choosing the tutorial opens the rear door, leading to two Security Guards who drop Nightsticks once killed.

The two guards are marked enemies, but Carlos is capable of killing both of them.

Tutorial - Follow Carlos up to the roof

This portion of the tutorial contains prompts to Jump, Climb and Crouch, as well as information about the Minimap. After following Carlos through a tight corridor and upwards, they emerge on the rooftop.

Tutorial - Kill the guard and take their gun

On the rooftop is a guard facing the opposite direction, who begins patrolling after a short delay. The guard may be male or female, and cannot be taken as a Human Shield.

The guard is marked enemy, but Carlos is capable of killing them.

When killed, the guard drops an NR4, but picking it up is not required. A Weapon Pickup tutorial is displayed upon picking it up. A Ranged Combat tutorial is displayed after equipping it.

Tutorial - Make your way across roof

Firing the NR4 at any point sets off an alarm.

There are two other guards on the rooftop, who are not marked enemies, and can be killed unarmed without setting on the alarm. From here on, there are a series of waypoints leading off the roof, and several more guards to kill.

Standing in the searchlights triggers an "Avoid the search lights" prompt, although standing in the search light does not trigger an alarm.

At the second waypoint, 3 guards spawn from behind, and they can be killed unarmed without triggering the alarm. An Oppressor flies into position to the north east.

At the third waypoint, the alarm sounds, and a second Oppressor flies in.

At the fourth waypoint, a Fine Aim tutorial is displayed, and the first Oppressor positions itself beside the top of the fire escape, if it has not already been destroyed. Destroying the helicopter is not a mission objective.


At the bottom of the Fire Escape is a checkpoint as the objective changes to Get to the docks. The second Oppressor is nearby and swoops down to the ground to drop of a pair of guards carrying AR-40 Xtnds.

Carlos is automatically armed with an NR4 at this point, and the Sprint Tutorial is displayed.

Skip Tutorial

Skipping the tutorial opens the main doors. After opening the doors, the objective skips directly to Get to the docks.[13]

Directly outside the Infirmary is a small group of guards who drop Nightsticks and NR4s. There are two exits to the room, one leads to a holding area and the exit, the other leads upstairs to the breakroom from the "Vacation's Over" cutscene, which also contains a small armory.

While passing through he holding area, instructions on Sprinting are shown, even if Playa is already Sprinting.

Outside, there are various guards wielding Tombstones and a hovering Oppressor. When heading towards the gate, a Five-O and Warrant arrive with more guards.

Get to the docks[14]

Once safely outside of the building there are multiple routes to the docks, and no waypoints on the way there. The available options are walking, swimming or commandeering a vehicle. There are many guards and police carrying Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, NR4s, Tombstones, and AR-40 Xtnds.

In Co-op, both players must reach the trigger at the docks together, or the message "Stay together. This portion needs to be done cooperatively" is displayed.

If Carlos is too far away when Playa enters the trigger, the screen fades to black without Carlos saying his line, and the mission does not progress.

Defend the boat[15]

Escaping from the Stilwater Penitentiary.

HUD: Prison boat health bar

Once aboard the Convict with Carlos, Playa has a mounted AR200 SAW with infinite ammunition. The police attack with AR-40 Xtnds. in Miamis and Oppressors. The Convict has 5000 hitpoints.[10]

Once Carlos docks the boat at Sunnyvale Gardens in the Projects District, the mission ends. The destination is not marked on the Map, but is just after passing under the second bridge.


The mission can be failed by getting Smoked, Carlos being killed[16] or abandoned,[17] or the boat being destroyed.[18]

It is impossible to get Busted during this mission, or for Carlos to turn against Playa.



Main article: Newscasts

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Main article: Tips
  • The fastest way to kill the doctor is to take him as a Human Shield and execute him.
  • During the non-tutorial escape, go up the stairs and raid the prison armory, which includes 2 AR-40 Xtnds and 2 or 3 Satchel Charges that are normally only available later in the game.
    • All SMGs, Rifles, Explosive and Thrown weapons are removed when completing the mission, saving and reloading, or glitching out of a replay.
    • Entering the prison armory automatically gives Carlos an AR-40 Xtnd.
  • Disable gameplay V-Sync for better framerate during the boat chase, as the explosions and water cause a great deal of lag.
  • It is not necessary to fire a single shot during the boat chase, even on Hardcore difficulty.
  • The fastest way to complete the mission is to Human Shield kill the doctor, skip the tutorial, run straight outside and out the gate, turn right towards the helipad, jump into the water, warp to shore, and head down the hill to the dock, then aim the camera at the boat deck to increase the framerate of the boat ride.


The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.



  • The mission takes place at 3am, and time progresses only after entering the Convict.[10]
  • The doctor is female in the cutscene, but is male during gameplay.
  • The doctor is immediately hostile after seeing Playa.
  • If the "Kill the guard and take their gun" objective of the tutorial escape is not completed, it is possible to explore the island without any police present, the alarms do not sound, and there is no Notoriety given.
    • Before Notoriety is given, the Oppressor is parked on the helipad, and can be stolen and used to explore the rest of the prison, but attempting to reach the mainland fails the mission with the message "Carlos was abandoned", even if Carlos is in the Oppressor.
    • If Playa and Carlos earn Notoriety while in the Oppressor, they are kicked out due to guards automatically spawning inside the Oppressor.
    • 2 Miamis spawn at the docks, and the Convict is not present.
  • When swimming to the mainland, or taking a Miami, no police boats spawn in the water, but the mission fails 325 meters from the center of the island with the message "Carlos was abandoned", even if Carlos is in the boat.
  • The Convict in this mission cannot be harmed by friendly fire.
  • Male Voice 3's line "Don't get cocky, we ain't outta here yet..." is very similar to two of Han Solo's lines from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, namely "Great kid! Don't get cocky" and "Come on, buddy, we're not out of this yet!" which both occur shortly after the characters escape from the Death Star. Given the number of Star Wars references in the Saints Row series, it is unlikely that this is a coincidence.
  • In the tutorial, all Five-Os used in roadblocks have their lights and sirens turned on. If tutorial is skipped, all Five-Os have them turned off.
  • The radio inside Stilwater Penitentiary infirmary plays a garbled mash-up of several newscasts, which talk about events that have not happened yet.
  • Cash and food picked up is kept after saving and reloading during this mission.
  • There are cockroaches on the floor of the Infirmary.
  • Despite just waking up from a coma, Playa has a Parachute.
  • During the tutorial, it is possible to re-enter the prison via the front door. The Cafeteria is empty, there are no guards inside, and there are no weapons in the Armory.
  • During the boat chase, a Police Oppressor often, but not always, crashes into the first bridge.


  • When revisiting the prison anytime after this mission, there are many more doors that can be kicked open, including both infirmary doors. However, the prison armory weapons are not available.
  • After the mission, Playa is at the same dock from the cutscene, but the Convict is no longer present.
  • Although the Completion percentage reads 0% after completing the mission, Jailbreak does count 0.952% towards Completion, which can be tested by picking up a CD, which is worth 0.1%, and checking the Completion percentage.
  • If the mission is completed via replay, all Homie slots disappear. Reloading the savefile resets them.
  • Additional Homies can be brought into a Mission Replay.[21]


  • It is possible to use any Mission Exit Glitch to leave the mission and freeroam. The easiest method is to kill Carlos and rapidly press the menu or map button until the mission name disappears.
    • A mission marker is present in the infirmary after glitching out of the mission.[22][23] This mission marker is also briefly visible when starting Jailbreak from a "No Missions Completed" saved game, or when restarting the mission.[24]
    • The Convict can be kept by exiting the mission at the start of the boat segment.
    • When starting the mission from the mission marker after exiting, all clothing changes are reverted, the last vehicle used disappears, and Cash is reset to 0.
  • The Warrant can be obtained during this mission by using a Mission Exit Glitch during a Mission Replay.
  • During a Newspaper Clipboard Mission Replay, Playa wears the prison jumpsuit during the "The Great Escape" cutscene, but with customised shoes, gloves and headwear.[25] After the cutscene, the clothes change back, but there are no weapons in the radial inventory.
  • The "Revelation" phone tap recordings at the Police Headquarters are available from the start of the game, and they can be reached by using the pause glitch to exit the mission.
  • Upon entering the armory, a Carlos speech trigger is enabled for the external catwalk,[10] but the catwalk is inaccessible due to the door being locked.


"The Great Escape" cutscene[]

Doctor: "Yes... That looks like it healed nicely."
Fred: "Be careful doctor, your patient's dangerous."
Barney: "You got anything you wanna say to the judge you better start thinkin' of it now..."
Fred: "You're wasting your time...let's get a hold of Troy."
Carlos: "Psst! Hey!"
Carlos: "Is it really you?"
Playa: "Do I know you?"
Carlos: "My brother was in the Saints and he told me all about you...listen we gotta get you outta here."
Playa: "Well I'm sure if we ask nicely..."
Carlos: "I know a way out..."
Playa: "Yeah? Then why are you still here?"
Carlos: "I heard you were in here and I wanted to bust you out..."
Carlos: "Getting out of here's a two man job and no one else will give it a try..."
Playa: "You really expect me to trust some guy I don't even know?"
Carlos: "Come on, I just got myself shanked so I could get a chance to talk to you. Doesn't that show I'm loyal?"
Playa: "It shows that you're dumb enough to let yourself get stabbed..."
Carlos: "I'm trying to help you!"
Playa: "You know what I got the last time I trusted someone? Blown the fuck up."
Carlos: "You need me."
Playa: "The hell I do, I got the Saints."
Carlos: "Sure you do."
Playa: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Carlos: "How long do you think you've been out?"
Playa: "Uh, I dunno man... 2-3 weeks?"
Carlos: "Look, I know you think you're a badass but do you even know where you're at? Without me you'll be wandering around the prison for hours. Even if you manage to hide from the guards that long, and if you actually figure out how to make it outside these walls you're just gonna find out that you're sitting on a goddamn island. And I'm pretty sure you can't out swim the coast guard."
Playa: "You got a boat stashed here?"
Carlos: "No, but I know where we're gonna steal one."
Playa: "Alright, let's get out of here..."


We can either try to sneak out through the roof, or charge out the front, your call...
— Carlos, offering Playa a choice after killing the doctor

Follow me, I know the way out...
— Carlos, after killing the first guards during the Tutorial

OK, we gotta climb these pipes up to the roof...
— Carlos, after following him through the door during the Tutorial

Maybe going out the front door wouldn'tve been such a bad idea after all...
— Carlos, after firing a gun on the roof.

Well, it sounds like they found the body...
— Carlos, at the third waypoint during the Tutorial

If we make our way down, we can get to the docks and take a boat off this fuckin' island...
— Carlos, at the bottom of the fire escape during the Tutorial

We don't got time to dick around, we gotta get to the docks before we get caught!
— Carlos, when exploring in the wrong direction during the tutorial escape

Let's get to the docks, I can drive us outta here...
— Carlos, when opening the front door of the Infirmary

Carlos: "I can't believe I'm breaking out of jail with you!"
Playa (Male 1): "Just stay focused little man..."
Playa (Male 2): "Yeah, it's a dream come true, now let's move..."
Playa (Male 3): "Glad you're havin' fun, let's just make sure we don't get shot."
Playa (Female 1): "I think we might pull this off Carlos..."
Playa (Female 2): "Can we save the hero worship until after we're outta here..."
Playa (Female 3): "I'd save the excitement until you're outta here..."
Carlos: "So do you remember my brother?"
Playa (Male 1): "I'm not gonna lie, I got no idea who the hell you're talkin' about..."
Playa (Male 2): "Tough guy? Wore purple? Sure..."
Playa (Male 3): "I'm sorry Carlos, there were a lotta guys that wore purple in the saints..."
Playa (Female 1): "He was the one in purple right?"
Playa (Female 2): "I'd be a liar if I said I did, there were a lotta people in that gang..."
Playa (Female 3): "Sure...sure I do..."
Carlos: "So what are you gonna do when you get outta here?"
Playa (Male 1): "I ain't worryin' about that until I'm outta here..."
Playa (Male 2): "Let's not get shot first, then I'll worry about it..."
Playa (Male 3): "Not get sent back here..."
Playa (Female 1): "Not get blown up..."
Playa (Female 2): "You kiddin' me? I'm getting a drink..."
Playa (Female 3): "No clue, but whatever it is, it'll be better than being in a coma..."
Carlos: "I think we might pull this off!"
Playa (Male 1): "You tellin' me you didn't know this was gonna work?"
Playa (Male 2): "Glad you have so much faith in your plan..."
Playa (Male 3): "Don't get cocky we ain't outta here yet..."
Playa (Female 1): "We're not outta here yet!"
Playa (Female 2): "Don't worry Carlos, we're getting outta here..."
Playa (Female 3): "Don't get too excited we got a long way to go..."
Carlos: "I told you I'd get you outta here..."
Playa (Male 1): "Let's not start celebratin' till we're off this damn island..."
Playa (Male 2): "We're not out yet..."
Playa (Male 3): "I'd hold off on celebrating until we're off this island..."
Playa (Female 1): "I gotta tell ya Carlos, I'm impressed..."
Playa (Female 2): "We're not outta here yet..."
Playa (Female 3): "It's not over yet Carlos..."
— Mission chatter with Carlos, triggered at various times
Take whatever you can find, we got a lotta guards to go through...
— Carlos, after reaching the Armory door

Get in the boat, I'm drivin'.
— Carlos, upon arriving at the dock

Man the gun, I'm gonna get us outta here!
— Carlos, after the boat portion begins

Carlos: "What are you waiting for? Take those cops out!"
Carlos: "Don't you know how to use that thing?"
Carlos: "Gotta keep those bitches off us!"
Carlos: "A few more hits like that and we might not make it to shore."
Carlos: "Almost home free baby"
Carlos: "Don't let them catch us!"
— Carlos, during boat chase

"Catching Up" cutscene[]

Playa: "That's the Row?"
Carlos: "It is now..."
Playa: "Jesus, when did this happen?"
Carlos: "When Ultor got involved."
Playa: "The clothing company?"
Carlos: "After Hughes was killed in that bombing of yours, Ultor picked up the pieces. Now they're everywhere...on TV, on billboards, in stores...hell , if you ever forget who Ultor is just look towards Saints Row and you'll see that fuckin' eye sore..."
Carlos: "Here we are..."
Playa: "Where can I find the other Saints?"
Carlos: "What other Saints?"
Playa: "Whatchu talkin' about?"
Carlos: "Without anyone to lead 'em the Saints fell apart...once the Brotherhood, Ronin, and Samedi showed up the few that were left dropped their flags before they got killed..."
Playa: "Well that's fuckin' great..."
Carlos: "Look, I know you didn't ask for it, but my advice is to just keep your head down...the cops are looking for you and a lot's changed, I say ya just go buy a beer and soak up as much information as you can."
Playa: "Thanks Carlos."
Carlos: "Anytime..."


If we're goin' out the front we're gonna have to take the guard's room first, it's the only way to open the door...
— Carlos unused dialogue line during the non-tutorial escape

If we're gonna get outta here we're gonna need some weapons, let's go to the guards room.
— Carlos unused dialogue line during the non-tutorial escape

You really think you can get outta here without weapons? We should go back and hit the armory first...
— Carlos unused dialogue line during the non-tutorial escape

We can't jump down from here, we gotta go back...
— Carlos inaccessible dialogue triggered by armory catwalk during the non-tutorial escape.

You see that door under the stairs? It leads to a maintence hall...if we get the key we can use it to get to the roof...
— Carlos unused dialogue line during the tutorial escape

Let's stay away from those spot lights...
— Carlos unused dialogue during the tutorial escape


The loading screen after starting a new game shows Playa diving from the yacht explosion from "Saints and Martyrs" in Saints Row

Initial Player Customization when starting a new game

Playa awakes from their coma

Playa meets Carlos

Carlos knows a way out

melee combat combo tutorial

melee combat controls tutorial

Kill the doctor objective

The doctor, dead

Choose your path

Gameplay from the "Kill the guards" objective

Objective - Get to the Docks

Sprint tutorial

Oppressor hovering

Enter vehicle tutorial text

Convict at dock

Checkpoint on Convict

Objective - Defend the boat

AR200 SAW on Convict

Escaping from the Stilwater Penitentiary

After escaping, Playa sees the Phillips Building in the skyline of Saint's Row in Stilwater

Several skyscrapers in Stilwater. The Phillips Building is on the far-right

Carlos gives Playa some advice before they part ways

location on map after completing mission

post-Jailbreak - location after completing mission

post-Jailbreak - location after loading save

post-Jailbreak - Autosave tutorial

Loading screen when starting a new game

Loading screen when starting a new game

Loading screen when starting a new game

Saving during Jailbreak shows "No Missions Completed" in load menu

Jailbreak in load menu after completion

Post-"Jailbreak" loading screen

Post-"Jailbreak" loading screen

Post-"Jailbreak" loading screen

"Jailbreak" mission completion screen

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard


Jailbreak - Mission Start marker visible when restarting mission

Star saints.png

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