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Insurance Fraud is an Activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third[1], Saints Row IV as Fraud[2], and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell as Torment Fraud.

Throw your self into harm's way to earn cash and respect.
— Insurance Fraud introduction in Saints Row 2[3]


The goal of Insurance Fraud is to commit the most damage to yourself by prat-falling into oncoming vehicles and earning the specified amount of money for that level.

Saints Row[]

In Saints Row there are three Insurance Fraud locations: one for each gang. They each start out with a brief cutscene that involves Playa and another person who explains what to do and convinces Playa to commit to the activity. Each location consists of 8 levels that become progressively challenging as Playa is required to earn more money each time they complete a level. Playa only becomes invincible to fall damage and vehicle damage during this mission if they first take a pratfall. Unintentional collisions do not yield rewards.

Several conditions affect the score of any one fall, witnesses, distance, amount of cars hit and whether or not those witnesses/cars are government-owned. Any of these factors grants a bonus or multiplier to the score.

Bonuses are earned for getting hit by civil vehicles (Ambulance, Five-O, etc.), by getting more air time, for getting launched further and for special circumstances such as being ejected from a vehicle or being witnessed by pedestrians or authorities. This allows for big bonuses and high fall scores as each bonus is multiplicative.

The easiest ways to earn money during Insurance Fraud in Saints Row is to play near or on the highway, to be ejected from a Five-O, to be ejected from a vehicle by colliding with a Five-O or Ambulance, or to be hit with the El Train.


Raymond Gonzales

Los Carnales

Location: Cecil Park, Barrio District

  • Contact: Dr. Raymond Gonzales
Dr. Raymond Gonzales: "Nice to meet you, I'm Doctor Raymond Gonzales."
Gonzales shakes Playa's hand, and both sit down
Dr. Raymond Gonzales: "I do a lot of consulting for this law firm, and my testimony in court has cost insurance companies millions. Here's the way it works: you throw yourself in harms way, I write a totally accurate insurance claim and we all walk away a hell of a lot richer. Almost sounds too good to be true right?"
— Dr. Raymond Gonzales in Doctor's Orders cutscene.

Legal Lee

Vice Kings

Location: Adept Way, Downtown District

  • Contact: Legal Lee
Legal Lee: "How many times do I have to explain it to you Miss Jackson, do not walk around without wearing your neck brace. If someone catches you it could severely hurt our chances in court. Just remember: the whiplash has caused excruciating, chronic pain. You got that? Good. Have a good night Miss Jackson."
Legal Lee hangs up the phone and faces Playa.
Legal Lee: "What can I do for you young man? Are you looking to put together a case? Before we can file a claim we need to find something wrong with seem like an enterprising guy...I'm sure you can come up with something."
Legal Lee in Can Legal Lee Help You? cutscene.


Westside Rollerz

Location: Chinatown

  • Contact: Seth
Seth[4] motions towards the degree he has framed on his wall.
Seth: "Pretty nice huh? I was working on that bad boy for 5 months."
Seth takes a seat across from Playa.
Seth: "So, what can I do for ya? Were you in a car accident? Walking accident? Coffee accident? Self-inflicted stab wound accident? Your injuries are worth money to both of us. Babe, you stick with me and you're gonna be the richest sonofabitch in the ghetto. Nice tie isn't it?"
— Seth in Legal Action cutscene.


  • Safety First - Reduced car collision damage - Los Carnales Insurance Fraud.
  • Safety First - Reduced bullet damage - Vice Kings Insurance Fraud.
  • Safety First - Reduced explosion damage - Westside Rollerz Insurance Fraud.
  • Holistic - Health regeneration triggers faster - All Insurance Fraud

Saints Row 2[]

An example of Insurance Fraud

Playa is invulnerable to kinetic damage such as falling or being hit by a car. When running or jumping, pressing the Throw button throws Playa in that direction. In addition to this, vehicles can be crashed into other vehicles or objects, creating an 'Ejection Bonus'. When the activity is activated, some of the cars on the road drive violently and at higher speeds without stopping for anything. This gives more opportunities to step in front of the moving vehicle and fall to get a higher score.

There is an "Adrenaline Meter" which slowly fills up. Once the max is reached and the meter is activated, Playa flies higher and travel further, and there is more control, allowing hitting more vehicles in sequence, which grants more and more bonus multipliers and money.

The movement control is used to alter Playa's trajectory.

To timer is not started until reaching a particular district of Stilwater, but leaving the district is permitted. Upon reaching the destination a marker appears on the map indicating the Adrenaline Zone, staying in this small area allows the adrenaline meter to fill up more quickly than usual.

Playa remains vulnerable to bullets, explosions and fire, as well as rendering them unable to utilize a weapon, meaning that getting notoriety with the police or a gang can effectively ruin a round of Insurance Fraud.


Amberbrook, Museum District

Dr. Angie Lucas

  • Contact: Dr. Angie Lucas
Dr. Angie Lucas: "It's a pleasure to finally meet you."
Playa: "So what's this business proposal you mentioned?"
Dr. Angie Lucas: "Ya know, a woman getting ahead in the medical field is an uphill battle, I don't care what anyone says."
Playa: "I may be a badass, but I don't think I can change the way an entire profession thinks about gender."
Dr. Angie Lucas: "If I get in the Brilliant Book of World Records for most patients served, I think that would send a message that women are just as proficient, if not more so, than their male counterparts."
Playa: "Alright..."
Dr. Angie Lucas: "Where are you going?"
Playa: "You said you were planning on treating more patients, so I figured you wanted me to hurt some people..."
Dr. Angie Lucas: "Oh God no, surgery takes a lot of time...I need you to fake multiple injuries so I can treat you faster than I normally could."
Playa: "Doesn't cheating to get a world record kinda undercut your point?"
Dr. Angie Lucas: "Eh, I'll live."
Playa: "Just checking."
— "Museum District Insurance Fraud" Cutscene
The Mills, Factories District

Dr Sheldon

  • Contact: Dr. Sheldon
Dr. Sheldon: "How ya doin', Doctor Raymond Gonzales says you're highly recommended."
Playa: "How is the doc?"
Dr. Sheldon: "Oh that stunt you pulled with him landed him in jail."
Playa: "Oh...sorry."
Dr. Sheldon: "Don't worry about it, he was a dick. Anyway I was wondering if you could run the same insurance scam with me..."
Playa: "Didn't you just say Gonzales got thrown in jail? Why would you wanna try the same thing?"
Dr. Sheldon: "How about you worry about throwing yourself in front of cars, and I worry about not getting arrested?"
Playa: "Suit yourself."
— "Factories District Insurance Fraud" Cutscene


  • Level 1: $50,000
  • Level 2: $100,000
  • Level 3: $200,000
  • Level 4: $300,000
  • Level 5: $400,000
  • Level 6: $500,000


Museum District

  • Level 3: Reduced vehicle damage (5%)
  • Level 6: Reduced vehicle damage (15%)

Factories District

  • Level 3: Sprint increased
  • Level 6: Unlimited Sprint


There is a glitch in Saints Row 2 which unlocks Unlimited sprint without completing all Factories levels.

  1. Activate adrenaline mode
  2. Save the game
  3. Reload the game and Unlimited Sprint should be unlocked.

Saints Row: The Third[]

Insurance Fraud returns in Saints Row: The Third, and remains largely similar to its Saints Row 2 counterpart, although previous statistics and high-score records now appear during gameplay, and Playa now leaves a splatter of blood on every thing they hit.[5] Also, the activity starts instantly it is activated, there is no need to go to a specific area before it activates. The traffic flow is much more frequent than Saints Row 2, which allows more opportunities to get hit. Accidental hits that are not initiated by pressing the Throw button now count for money totals as well.


  • Easy: $80,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $450,000
Carver Island
  • Easy: $70,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $450,000


Completing all instances of the Activity unlocks the "Ouch."Achievement/Trophy.


When played as part of the storyline, there is an opening cutscene.

Playa: "Damn -- why are you living in this shit-hole?"
Angel: "To remind me of what Killbane took from me. It keeps me focused."
Playa: "Whatever works for you man, I'm just sayin' I like my place to have working heat."
Angel: "So, you hate discomfort. That's the sort of weakness the Luchadores will capitalize on. Unless you harden up, Killbane will crush you. But don't worry, I'll chisel you out of diamond."
Playa: "How?"
Angel: "By making you experience the worst pain come on, it's time for you to play in traffic."
Playa: "Right on -- wait, what?"
— Angel Insurance Fraud storyline cutscene

Saints Row IV[]

The activity returns in Saints Row IV, named as Fraud but with the same objective. It's easier to get gold in this activity with Super Powers upgrades (such as Gliding). The biggest difference in this instance of Insurance Fraud from previous games is that it is possible for Playa to roll around on the ground.

Once adrenaline is full and activates, it's even easier to land on an vehicle and the rolling effect is higher.

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  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $300,000
    • Silver: $500,000
    • Gold: $1,000,000
  • Medium:
    • Bronze: $500,000
    • Silver: $700,000
    • Gold: $1,200,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $600,000
    • Silver: $1,000,000
    • Gold: $1,700,000


Completing all instances of Fraud with Silver medals unlocks "No Ragdoll" ability, which prevents Playa from being knocked out by explosives.

Completing all instances of Fraud with Gold medals unlocks the ability, which prevents Playa from being knocked out by vehicles.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

The activity returns in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, this time renamed as Torment Fraud but with the same gameplay.

Legal Lee has opened a branch of his business in New Hades made to help the dead suffer extreme amounts of torment in exchange for a shorter sentence of their time in Hell.

There are 3 instance of Torment Fraud, and instead of playing as Gat or Kinzie, the player takes control of Tobias, Troy, and Luz in the Easy, Medium, and Hard instances, respectively.


Main article: Tips

  • Avoid intersections. Although there are more vehicles passing through an intersection, they move slower. Instead, look for long stretches of road and run directly towards oncoming vehicles.
  • Long combos earn much more money than multiple short combos.
  • Momentum is amplified by Adrenaline, which means ragdolling in mid-leap is more effective.

Saints Row IV[]

  • Some momentum is retained when ragdolling, so it is possible to reach similar heights to super jumping.
  • Air Dashing adds additional momentum when ragdolling, allowing continuous rolling, which does not end until the momentum comes to a complete stop, such as hitting a lamp post.
  • Gliding takes precious time, instead, ragdolling after an Air Dash can be used to earn points while travelling.
  • Ragdolling on the way to adrenaline bonus areas is a more optimal use of the time than waiting to reach them in order to begin.


  • Insurance Fraud is featured under I in The ABCs of Saints Row.[6]
  • In real life, insurance fraud is a federal criminal offense and can lead to up to 10 years in prison and significant financial penalties.


Fraud - Lee - character model in Saints Row

Fraud - Raymond - character model in Saints Row

Fraud - Seth - character model in Saints Row

End screen background for Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud instructions

Adrenaline Mode instructions

Sprint Increase 1 unlocked

Sprint Increase 2 unlocked

Reduced Vehicle Damage 1 unlocked

Reduced Vehicle Damage 2 unlocked

Dr Angie Lucas - sitting in Insurance Fraud cutscene

Dr Angie Lucas - closeup in Insurance Fraud cutscene

Dr Angie Lucas - standing in Insurance Fraud cutscene

Sheldon model in Saints Row 2

Dr Sheldon in Insurance Fraud cutscene

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Insurance Fraud from IGN's Saints Row: The Third preview

Saints Row: The Third Insurance Fraud completion screen

Saints Row: The Third Insurance Fraud cash screen

Saints Row: The Third Insurance Fraud more screen

Fraud gameplay in Saints Row IV

Fraud in Saints Row IV - tumbling through the air

Fraud in Saints Row IV - bonus area

Saints Row IV Fraud completion screen

Saints Row IV Fraud cache screen

Saints Row IV Fraud medals screen

Completion screen in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Fail screen in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Insurance Fraud is featured under I in The ABCs of Saints Row

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