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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the character customization for Saints Row: The Third. For the Saints Row IV character customization, see Inauguration Station.

The Initiation Station is free downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third.


The Initiation Station allows players to customize and dress their Playa before the game is released.[5]

Available November 1st 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows, the Initiation Station serves as free downloadable content for all players that allows them to create their own characters, as well as allowing players to share and download created characters with other players in a, now defunct[6], MySteelport feature on the Saints Row website.

Created and uploaded characters were available in both Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


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News ticker[]

At the bottom of the Initiation Station main menu is a scrolling news ticker.

  • Welcome to the Initiation Station for Saints Row: The Third!
  • Make sure to register your official community account so that you can upload and share your characters!
  • Check out each shop in the Initiation Station and create your perfect character.
  • The characters you create here can be used in the full release of Saints Row: The Third in November.
  • Visit to view all of the characters created with the Initiation Station and vote for your favorites!
  • Strap it on.


  • It is not possible to skip the intro logos.
  • Those who bought Red Faction: Armageddon or the Saints Row Double Pack gained early access to the Initiation Station. Also, gaming website GameSpot gave out free codes for early access.
  • The Initiation Station's filesize is 872.32 MB on Xbox or 754MB on PS3.
  • Through Xbox Live, it is only available to people with gold membership. It can also be transferred via a USB drive, but characters cannot be saved locally.
  • It only allows for a maximum of twenty customizations to be stored.
  • As of 9th November 2011, over 1,000,000 characters have been created in the Initiation Station.[7]
  • Not all of the costumes in Saints Row: The Third are in the Initiation Station.
  • The "Shake Fist" taunt is only available in the Initiation Station.
  • The "Crooks and Castles Jeans" lower body clothing piece is only available in the Initiation Station.
  • The "Basic Parachute" backpack clothing piece can only be customised in the Initiation Station.
  • The Initiation Station has disappeared with no explanation from the PlayStation Store. There is still an ad for the Initiation Station in the store, but it links to the Saints Row: The Third store page. People who previously downloaded it from the store can still download it by accessing the download list.
  • Porn stars Justine Joli and Nikki Benz are in the Initiation Station trailer.
  • Despite the service being shut down in 2018, it is still possible to export and import your characters using an emulator.


The Initiation Station's reveal image

Justine Joli and Nikki Benz in the Initation Station trailer

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