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SRIV Shotguns - Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Default
"Inflato-Ray" Inflato-Ray



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Usable when driving

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Saints Row IV

Inflato-Ray is a weapon in Saints Row IV.[1]

Inflates people.
— Weapon Description[2]


The Inflato-Ray is one of the least shotgun characteristic weapons within the shotgun class. If fires a laser beam that inflates enemies over a small period of time, before the enemy over-inflates and explodes into a gory mess. It uses Charge Capacity and does not run out of ammo, and fires continuously until the trigger is let off or the Charge Capacity runs dry. Like the Thumpgun, the Inflato-Ray will be more effective at longer ranges, but can be effectively used to to stun and kill close-range melee attackers. The exploding target upgrade makes the Inflato-Ray significantly more effective against groups of enemies that are clustered together.

The Inflato-Ray suffers from long recharge times and is useless until the gun recharges enough, and also needs the extra time to recharge longer so the Inflato-Ray can fully inflate enemies for the kill, as simply hitting the enemy for a short period will only stun then and leave them to deflate and recover. The issue with the Inflato-Ray is that the enemy needs to be hit by the beam long enough so they are about to burst, so all the other weapons in the shotgun class are much more suitable for fast paced combat.


There are 5 upgrade available for Charge Capacity and Recharge rate, there is no "ultimate upgrade".[3]



  • Infinite Ammo - uses charge.
  • Fast Recharge.
  • Enemies panic in place, allowing continuous fire with little aiming.


The Inflato-Ray has one costume, named "Inflato-Ray", and three skins: "Default", "Gold-Plated" and "Purple".

Inflato-Ray Skin Description
SRIV Shotguns - Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Default Default
'Pop' goes the bad guy!
— Inflato-Ray default skin description[4]

SRIV Shotguns - Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Gold-Plated Gold-Plated
Inflate 'em ... like a boss!
— Inflato-Ray Gold-Plated skin description[5]

SRIV Shotguns - Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Purple Purple
It's a purple people popper.
— Inflato-Ray Purple skin description[6]


  • When used on gimp pedestrians, instead of normal inflated eyes, the inflated eyes are black due to the mask being over their face
  • The Inflato-Ray can be used while driving, which cannot be done with any other Shotgun class weapon.
  • It is not possible to inflate glitched Civilians, Mascots, Police, Zin or Saints, but it is still possible to kill them with it.
  • The internal name for the Inflato-Ray is "Shrink Ray", indicating that it likely started out as the Micronizer, mentioned in the leaked Achievements for Saints Row IV.
  • A 3D Inflato-Ray model is available on Sketchfab.[7]


  • Inflato-Ray promo
  • The Main description
  • The Upgrade list
  • Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Default
  • Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Gold-Plated
  • Inflato-Ray - Inflato-Ray - Purple
  • Inflato-Ray in use in PAX gameplay video
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