Imperial Square Pagodas
Imperial Square Pagodas - complete 2000 cash
"Imperial Square Pagodas" Stronghold completion screen


Story arc

The Brotherhood

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"Waste Not Want Not"


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"Imperial Square Pagodas" is a Stronghold in Saints Row 2.

Shop owners caught in crossfire
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline[1]


Pierce phones Playa and briefs them on Chinatown, the district that "loves to pay out". While they aren't exactly tacticians, Pierce commends The Brotherhood for extorting Chinatown, and recommends Playa go there, remove The Brotherhood, and set up some protection rackets for the 3rd Street Saints.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

The victims of the latest struggle between the Brotherhood and the Saints were the shop owners of Chinatown. Not satisfied with killing each other, the two gangs took to the street, muscling business owners who can barly[sic] afford rent, let along protection money.


Imperial Square Pagodas - Hotel Owner health

Gameplay from the Stronghold.

Destroy the items in front of the stores to get the shop owners to come out.

In this stronghold mission, the main goal is to rough up some business owners in Chinatown to make them pay protection money to the 3rd Street Saints instead of The Brotherhood.

Cause mayhem within the store radius

Go to each of the marked locations to scare the owners. Each location is a business with some outside property; scare the business owners by destroying or damaging the tables, chairs, fences, etc. within the circle of influence of the business. Most weapons can be used to accomplish this, but explosives such as Grenades and RPG Launchers are the most effective.

When destroying property, The Brotherhood Notoriety increases and gang members periodically show up to harass Playa.

Shake down the shop owner, but don't kill them!

Once the meter is close to full for each location, the business owner comes outside. Use melee attacks to beat the owners and shake them up, but take care to keep them alive; if they die, the Stronghold is failed.

You scared the shop owner, move on to the next store

These objectives repeat until a total of 4 store owners are scared.

Get to the Pagoda Hotel

Once all four business locations have been shaken-up, drive to the hotel, fight their way past The Brotherhood gang members to get to the hotel manager, and damage him until he relents.

Beat up the hotel owner

The game says not to kill him, but he can be killed without penalty - and as he is armed, this is the easier option. Regardless of whether he is injured or kill him, the Stronghold completes successfully.


  • Imperial Square neighborhood unlocked


  • Carlos was to have introduced this stronghold.


The Brother[2] ain't exactly tacticians but they got at least one thing right. Getting paid to do nothin' is love. If we wanna be major players we gotta get some protection rackets goin', and we might as well start with a neighborhood that loves to pay out: Chinatown
Imperial Square Pagodas intro phone call SR2 VOC SP 01140
— Pierce, introducing the "Imperial Square Pagodas" Stronghold.

The Brotherhood has got the people in Chinatown scared shitless, practically all the stores pay protection money to Maero. You gotta show those people that they're payin' the wrong gang. Toss some stores in Chinatown, those shop keepers can't be too hard to break.
— Carlos, unused stronghold introduction

Store owner: "I'm calling the police!"
Store owner: "Do you know who I pay to protect my store!"
— Store owner running
Store owner: "You think you can get away with this?"
Store owner: "The police will arrest your dead body!"
— Store owner attacking
Playa: "You work for the Saints now..."
Playa: "You pay the Saints, understand..."
Playa: "You keep payin' us and there won't be anymore problems..."
Playa: "You got a lovely store..."
Playa: "You should clean up, this place is a mess..."
— After scaring each owner
The guy running the Brotherhood protection rackets owns the Pagoda Hotel...shake him down and everyone else will fold.
Imperial Square Pagodas - Pagoda Hotel SR2 VOC SP 02135
— Shaundi, informing Playa about the Pagoda Hotel.


  • Chinatown, where the Stronghold takes place
  • Chinatown, where the Stronghold takes place
  • The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the mission completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

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    Imperial Square Pagodas

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