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Idle actions are a gameplay feature in Saints Row 2.

Playa reading while Idle


Playa enters an idle state if no Controls are pressed for 20 seconds.

There are a number of idle activities that Playa may perform, which depend on location. It is possible to move the camera, zoom, jump and recruit or dismiss Homies without canceling the idle animation, but the idle action stops when the movement controls are pressed, or Playa is shot, punched, nudged or hit by a vehicle. While idle, the HUD is hidden.

Most idle animations continue indefinitely, while others only occur once, such as taking a photo, when Playa takes one photo then put the camera away. Single actions are not repeated without leaving Idle mode.

Since Idle nodes are set positions, when there is a Civilian already performing an action, such as fishing or reading, the Civilian must leave that position before Playa can perform that action. While Playa can theoretically join Cheerleaders and Yoga groups, it is difficult to remove one Civilian without scaring the others.



  • Whistling may occur anywhere.
  • There are Fishing locations on most piers.
  • In Clothing Stores, Liquor Stores, and Jewelry Stores, Playa may examine products on shelves. While Civilians can examine weapons, Playa can not.
  • There are Photograph nodes at many tourist locations, such as the Phillips Building and the Marina lighthouse.
  • There are dumbbells which can be used in the prison yard.
  • When Goths play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Playa approaches them and fold his arms across his chest in a stereotypical "sleeping vampire" pose.[1]
  • At a manned Hotdog stand, both Civilians and Playa may buy a Hotdog.
    • If a Hotdog stand is unmanned, Playa walks to where the vendor usually stands.[2]
    • If the Idle action is interrupted, the vendor continues his action of handing over the Hotdog and accepting payment.
  • When Civilians are playing Craps, Playa can either join in if there are less than three playing, or stand beside them and drink a 40 oz.


Some weapons have associated Idle animations.


There are a number of objects around Stilwater that it is not possible to directly "use", but may be used when idle.

  • Hotdog stand
  • Binoculars
  • Pinball machines
  • ATM
  • Fire - warming hands

Civilian Activities[]

There a number of Civilian Activities that Playa may join when idle.

  • 40oz_Drinker - Also in Cribs
  • ATM
  • Binoculars
  • Bouncer
  • Browse Booze - in Stores
  • Browse Clothing - in Stores
  • Browse Jewelry - in Stores
  • Cemetary_Mourn - at the cemetery
  • Cheerleaders
  • CrapsGame - 3 playing Craps, 1 Drinking
  • Dancing - Clubs and Cribs
  • Fishing
  • GroundReader - sitting on the ground reading.[imagerefs 1]
  • Hammer
  • HotDog Stand - Both as Vendor and Customer
  • Idle Group Talking
  • Idle in crib
  • InLine - Always a space for Playa
  • InLineAirport - Always a space for Playa
  • InLineSick - Always a space for Playa
  • InmateCurling - Prison only
  • Limbo - 2 holding Limbo stick, 2 dancing, Always a space for Playa
  • Live Action Role-Playing - Always a space for Playa
  • Pinballer
  • Protester
  • ProtestGroup - Always a space for Playa
  • RainCover
  • SketchPadArtist
  • Smoking Blunts - Also in Cribs
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • TaiChi - Always a space for Playa
  • TouristPhotoOp
  • WallLean - In Cribs only
  • Warmhands - 4 spots around fire, always a space for Playa
  • Yoga

Civilian Only[]

There are a number of things that Civilians can do in the game that Playa definitely cannot do, although these can be enabled through modding.

  • Pole dancing
  • Juggling
  • Firebreathing
  • Gardening
  • Window washing
  • Playing pool
  • Rapping
  • Suicide jumping
  • Skydivers with parachute failures
  • Sitting
  • Sleeping on the ground
  • Using a megaphone while protesting
  • Handing out flyers
  • Barber Shop Quartet
  • Busking
  • Using a laptop
  • Any action performed by enemy gang members, such as the Samedi drum players.

Saints Row[]

This list comes from special_spawns.xtbl, and whether they spawn in the game is unconfirmed.

  • Beatdown
  • Beer Chat
  • Beer Stand
  • Bouncer
  • Bum at fire
  • Dance pair B
  • Dance pair C
  • Dance pair D
  • Dance pair
  • Dancer
  • Dead body
  • Drinking 40
  • Drinking fearlessly[3]
  • Drunk vomit
  • Eating fearlessly[3]
  • Food Mascot
  • Fountain
  • Freckle Bitch cust[4]
  • Gang Cluster
  • Gang Cluster2
  • Gang Leaning
  • Gang Sitting
  • Gang Standing
  • Gravesite
  • Jackhammering
  • Leaning
  • Lounge
  • Name
  • NPC busted[5]
  • Ped Dance Cluster
  • Peeing
  • Pole Dancer B
  • Pole Dancer
  • Reading news
  • SH Gang Cluster
  • SH Gang Cluster2
  • SH Gang Leaning
  • SH Gang Sitting
  • Sitting barstool
  • Sitting drugs
  • Sitting eating
  • Sitting paper
  • Sitting reading
  • Sitting
  • Sleeping
  • Smoking Weed
  • Spawn
  • Store browse bling
  • Store browse gun
  • Store browse wine
  • Store browse
  • Store clothes
  • Stripper and fans
  • Suicide


Saints Row 2 Action nodes

  • According to developers, there are over 20,000 hand-placed "action nodes" all over the city. Some of these nodes control Playa's idle animations, others control the actions of Civilians.[Reference needed]
  • The "Goths" playing paper-rock-scissors is a reference to Mind's Eye Theatre, a live-action roleplaying game revolving around vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures where rock-paper-scissors is used as the mechanic to resolve combat situations. Playa crosses their arms in the pose used to indicate that your character is invisible while playing the game.
  • The Idle timer continues while in the Crib Customization menu, so after exiting the menu, Playa may immediately walk to the dance floor and begin dancing. This happens often in the Penthouse Loft.[imagerefs 2]
  • When there are Idle nodes near Activity markers, if Playa is left idle after exiting an activity, they often do something immediately. This happens often at the Racing Activity near the Marina Lighthouse.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, in Kinzie's Warehouse there is a map of the idle locations on a newspaper page, although the headline of the page is "Zombies Everywhere!!!".[imagerefs 3]


Playa buying a Hotdog

Playa buying a Hotdog

Playa warming hands on fire

Playa using binoculars

Downtown suicide jumper

Playa dancing after exiting Crib Customization in Penthouse Loft

Saints Row suicide Map

Action Node - Reporter

Action Node - barbershop quartet

Action Node - juggler

Action Node - hammerer

Action Node - inspector

Action Node - hot dog stand

Action Node - lifeguard

Action Node - sunbathing

Action Node - gardening

Action Node - sky-diver

Action Node - laundry

Action Node - window washing

Action Node - sweeping

Action Node - Cheerleaders

Action Node - Mime

Civilian in Saints Row 2 carrying a squeegee, which Playa cannot use as an Improvised Weapon

Civilian action node - sweeping

Civilian action node - rapping

Civilian action node - playing dice

Civilian action node - juggler

Civilian action node - guitar player

Civilian action node - fire breathing

Civilian action node - barber shop quartet

Idle - NPC using binoculars

Yoga NPCs in Saints Row: The Third


Idle - taking a photo

Saints member smoking a cigar


  1. Note: Referred to internally as "R_LARPers", with the 3rd position named as "Vampire". See talk page for list.
  2. Note: This happens simply because "Position 1" is vacant. It's possible that a Civilian may buy a Hotdog from Playa, but unknown if this actually occurs.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Note: One of two actions with the "Fearless" flag: "Makes the special spawn not do anything AI-related until they are injured."
  4. Note: This is the only action with the "Never_cower" flag: "When startled, the spawn npc will always flee instead of cowering."
  5. Note: This action does not appear in the game, and is glitched when added

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