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"House Call" is the ninth and penultimate mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

I really hate to sound like Johnny, but the best plan I got right now is just to go in there and take Angelo out.
House Call audio
Dex to Playa, during their drive to the Lopez Mansion.


Dex meets Playa outside the church and decides it is time to take the fight to Angelo Lopez at the Lopez Mansion, using the address given to them by Manuel Orejuela at the end of the previous mission.[1]

After a fight through the mansion ends with Angelo escaping, Dex and Playa give chase in a vehicle of their own. A short chase across part of Stilwater, however, leads Angelo to escape again across an open bridge. Dex remarks that it is nothing to worry about, as Angelo is running out of places to run to.[2][3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Following the latest failed attack on the church, you picked up Dex and went to pay Angelo a little visit, using the address given to the Saints by Manuel. After cornering him in a bloody fight, Angelo escaped through a window and took off in his car. You almost caught him after a hot pursuit, but he managed to lose you at the drawbridge. Dex isn't worried, though; Angelo hasn't got many places left to run.


House Call - Carnales following Dex's Car
Go to Angelo's mansion.

Driving to the Lopez Mansion.

Find and kill Angelo.

Fight through a considerable amount of Carnales gang members. Lopez flees from the balcony into one of the bedrooms. The door to the eastern bedroom is locked, but the balcony is accessible from the master bedroom.

Protect Dex's car.

The second part of the mission consists of a short vehicular chase across part of Stilwater. Infinite ammunition is granted for all weapons. Dex drives a Cavallaro after Angelo Lopez. Neither Lopez or his vehicle can be destroyed, so the objective is only to protect Dex's car.


The Ezpata neighborhood is awarded upon completion of the mission.

The final mission of Los Carnales story arc, "What Goes Up...", is unlocked after completing the five Carnales Strongholds: "Fox Drive Weapons Plant", "Stoughton Shipyard", "Black Bottom Refinery", "Cecil Park Drug Lab", and "Charlestown Warehouse". "Abandoned Storefront" is not included as it is completed in the prologue.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, killing/abandoning Dex,[4][5] or destroying Dex's car.[6]


  • Ezpata neighborhood unlocked


  • Angelo Lopez can be seen holding a McManus sniper rifle on the balcony overlooking the swimming pool at the back of the mansion, before fleeing into a bedroom.
  • Any Homies other than Dex are automatically dismissed before the "...Living to Fight Another Day" cutscene plays.
  • Despite clearing out Lopez' mansion, it is not unlocked it as a Crib until the completion of "What Goes Up...".



Hey man, I checked out that address Manuel gave us. It's legit. Pick me up at the church; I want to be there when we take that bastard out.
— Dex, pre-mission phone call


Dex: "I know this isn't my style, but after that shit at the church, I wanna make sure Angelo gets what's comin' to him."
Dex: "Let's just make sure we get there in one piece. We're gonna have enough problems with Angelo's boys, we don't need any other suprises."
Dex: "Just between you and me man, I don't trust Manuel. If he's willing to sell out Angelo so quickly, what's to stop him from selling us out?"
Dex: "I really hate to sound like Johnny, but the best plan I got right now is just to go in there and take Angelo out."
Dex: "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about taking the fight to Angelo, but he's come knockin' on our door twice, and I think it's time to return the favor."
Dex: "Alright, the mansion's coming up. I got your back, just make sure I don't get killed, okay?"
— Mission intro and car chat

Dex: "What are we waiting for?"
Dex: "We gonna fuck up Angelo or what"
Dex: "Why are we wastin' time man?"
— Dex gets impatient
Dex: "You are one sick mother fucker, you know that?"
Dex: "Can you dial that shit down, I don't wanna deal with the cops and the Carnales."
Dex: "Shit man, they owe you money or somethin'?"
Dex: "I know we're in a hurry, but can you be a little more careful?"
Dex: "You better cool that shit down, otherwise we're gonna get arrested before we get to Angelo."
— After running someone over
Here we go. Hey, I'd really appreciate it if you make sure I don't get dead.
— Dex, upon arriving at the mansion.

Angelo: "I won't miss this time."
Angelo: "After your dead I'm going to kill that Manuel."
Angelo: "Nobody fucks with my family!"
Angelo: "How dare you disrespect my fathers house..."
Angelo: "You're gonna die here..."
— Angelo attacking
Dex: "Suddenly I'm less excited to be here."
Dex: "Angelo can't hide forever."
Dex: "Hey, I ain't doin' too bad here, am I?"
Dex: "Stay focused Dex."
Dex: "You come to our house, we come to yours!"
Dex: "You shoulda stayed outta the Row!"
Dex: "Where are you Angelo?"
Dex: "Hey, this isn't so hard."
Dex: "The Saints aren't scared of the Carnales!"
Dex: "Angelo doesn't have a chance."
— Attacking the Los Carnales
Dex: "That mothafucka shot me!"
Dex: "Hey I'm not as hard as Johnny, how 'bout you give me a hand?"
Dex: "Fuck!"
Dex: "Where the hell are you? These bitches are shootin' me!"
— Dex takes damage

"...Lives to Fight Another Day" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Shit!"
Dex: "Don't just stand there, get in, muthafucka!"
Lives to Fight Another Day full CUTSCENES 0180
— "...Lives to Fight Another Day" cutscene


Dex: "Don't worry about Angelo, just take out these suckas..."
Dex: "I'll catch up to Angelo, you worry about the rest of the Carnales..."
Dex: "Leave Angelo to me, just make sure we live long enough to catch up to him..."
Dex: "Get those guys off our tail, I'll deal with Angelo"
Dex: "Finish off those Carnales chasing us while I catch up to Angelo..."
Dex: "I got Angelo, you handle his boys..."
Dex: "I'm gonna try to catch up to Angelo, you take out the other Carnales..."
Dex: "Cover our ass while I chase Lopez.."
— Chasing after Angelo
Angelo: "What the hell are you waiting for, take off!"
Angelo: "This isn't happening..."
— Angelo's car takes damage
Dex: "This hooptie ain't gonna make it if we take any more hits like that."
Dex: "Get yo hand off your dick and on the trigger, we gotta stop Angelo!"
Dex: "How 'bout you shoot those bitches before they blow our asses up?"
Dex: "You asleep or somethin'?"
Dex: "Hey man, can you stop these mother fuckers from shootin' us?"
Dex: "If this ride dies on us we're not gonna catch Angelo!"
— Dex's car takes damage

"Taking It to the Edge" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "You got to be fuckin' kidding me!"
Dex: "Shit!"
Dex: "Don't worry 'bout it, he ain't got to many places he can go. We'll find him."
Taking It to the Edge full CUTSCENES 0184
— "Taking It to the Edge" cutscene


This isn't over!
— Angelo, labelled "Defeated"


  • Angelo Lopez escapes the Lopez Mansion in his car
  • Angelo Lopez approaches the open bridge, with Playa and Dex chasing after him
  • Angelo Lopez drives across the open bridge, escaping Playa and Dex
  • House Call - Carnales following Dex's Car

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