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Hotspot is a Diversion in Saints Row IV.


The objective of the Hotspot is to disable all shield generators (usually 2 or 3) and the main controller in order to takeover the area. Unlike Flashpoints, the Zin soldiers are not required to be killed, however it is recommended, because disabling generators is harder if there are Zin soldiers shooting at Playa.

The first Hotspot, located near Kinzie's Warehouse, is introduced in the mission "Hot and Cold". After defeating the Hotspot, the first Warden is deployed, which gives Blast Super Power to Playa.


All Hotspots are marked as Target on the Map. After arriving to the Hotspot, the player will get 4 bars of Notoriety and shield generators will be marked on the Map. All generators are protected by the Zin soldiers. Usually the backup is deployed via portal.

Disable generators

In order to disable generator, get close to it and hold an Action button until the meter is filled and the shield is disabled. After repeating same process with other generators, the shield will be disabled and even more Zin, who were inside the shield, will attack the player. There are also some turrets used by the Zin, which the player is able to use.

Disable controller

After making sure no one is attacking you, get close to the main controller and disable it, holding an Action button, until the meter is filled and Hotspot is fully disabled. The player will be awarded some Cache and XP.



  • The easiest way to complete the Hotspot is to get any aircraft with the weapons equipped (the Void or the Screaming Eagle (if the player has Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC) are the best options) and kill all Zin. After the shield generators are disabled, the Destructor or any aircraft with weapons can be used.


Hotspots intro in Saints Row IV

Hotspot generator in Saints Row IV

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Hotspot in Saints Row IV

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Disabling one of the generators

Disabled Hotspot

Hotspot under Zin control