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Completing Hostage in Saints Row.
Completing Hostage in Saints Row.

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Unlocked after

"Canonized" SR
"Appointed Defender" SR2
"We're Going to Need Guns" SRTT
"The Fundamentals" SRIV


Hostage is a Diversion in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.[1]

Not to be confused with Human Shield


When stealing a car which has at least one civilian passenger, a prompt is shown to press the Action button to start the Hostage diversion. The goal of the diversion is to drive around with the hostage in the car for a pre-determined amount of time. After starting Hostage, a HUD appears showing the amount of money the Hostage has, and the amount of time left.

The amount of Cash and Respect earned depends on the Hostage Class of the vehicle, as well as how many passengers are in the car. 2 passengers gives approximately double the Cash, and 3 passengers generally quadruples it. In general, higher quality cars give more money.

After starting Hostage, Police Notoriety steadily rises, although this is removed after completing the diversion. The rate at which Notoriety rises also depends on Hostage Class and the number of passengers. It is not possible to take law enforcement or gang members as Hostages.

While driving, the Hostage gives various complaints, such as not having any money, or asking to be let go. When driving too slowly, there is an on-screen warning that the hostage may escape, and they leave the car after several seconds.

Although the word "Diversion" does not appear in Saints Row, it fits the criteria of a Diversion, and does not count towards 100% Completion.


Vehicle Classes[]

There are 6 Hostage Classes: Compact, Sedan, Truck, SUV, Luxury and Exotic.

Class Passengers Cash Respect Min Time Max Time Notoriety
(per second)
Compact 1 250 300 0:30 0:40 15
Compact 2 500 600 0:40 0:50 20
Compact 3 1000 1000 1:20 1:30 9
Sedan 1 300 400 0:40 1:00 15
Sedan 2 500 800 1:10 1:40 20
Sedan 3 1000 1100 1:50 2:00 13
Truck 1 300 400 0:40 1:00 15
Truck 2 500 800 1:10 1:40 20
Truck 3 1000 1100 1:50 2:00 9
SUV 1 1000 500 1:00 1:30 7
SUV 2 2000 1000 1:50 2:00 8
SUV 3 3000 1500 2:20 2:40 9
Luxury 1 1000 500 1:20 1:40 7
Luxury 2 2000 1000 2:00 2:20 7
Luxury 3 3000 2000 2:30 2:50 7
Exotic 1 1500 1000 1:30 1:50 7
Exotic 2 2500 1500 2:00 2:20 9
Exotic 3 5000 4000 2:20 2:30 10


See also: Tips

  • A convenient way to do Hostage is jacking cars close to an airport and then driving onto the plane runways. This makes it easy to avoid crashes and keep up speed.
  • Another easy way to complete the Diversion in Saints Row 2 and unlock an ATV is to hijack Peterliners with passengers on the freeway. The semi is heavy enough to ram police cars and even Peacekeepers and Bears off the way. However, completing the Diversion with a Peterliner will result in less cash earned (only $300 per Hostage).
  • In Saints Row 2, try to avoid going through the tunnels, such as the one in Rebadeaux, because hostage will simply teleport outside the vehicle and escape.
    • If there are more than one hostage, only one will escape, decreasing the cash and respect earned.
  • There is a pause between the timer reaching zero and the money being awarded, but it is possible to exit the car as soon as the timer reaches zero - making it possible to receive money from a dead Hostage.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, it is possible to kill the passengers before entering the car, then enter with the dead passengers, triggering the Diversion, allowing for easy money since they are unable to escape, although they sometimes disappear, which fails the Diversion.
  • It's possible for recruited Saints to remove passengers from the car, which means it's either best to dismiss the Saints prior to starting Hostage, or to drive away before they can pull the passenger out.


  • As with many other Activities, Hostage can be used to easily escape police, as all police notoriety is removed by ending the Activity.
    • In Saints Row and Saints Row IV, failing or quitting the diversion does not remove Notoriety.
  • The data for Hostage is identical between Saints Row and Saints Row 2.
  • The only 4-seat Exotic cars are the Magma and Phoenix. Performing Hostage in these with 3 passengers yields the most Cash and Respect.
  • The only 4-seat Compact car is a Halberd. A Halberd with 3 passengers is the only time the Cash and Respect awarded are equal.
  • It is not possible to take people Hostage before joining the Saints.[2]
    • In Saints Row 2 it is not possible to take people Hostage before rescuing Johnny Gat.[3]
  • In Saints Row 2, it is also possible to take Hostages in planes which are taking off the airstrip in the airport. The only problem here are police vehicles which may block the path but there should be not any troubles while being in the air.
  • In Saints Row 2, successfully completing the Diversion may sometimes set chasing police cars on fire.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, taking 50 people Hostage completes a Challenge that is required for the "You're my Hero!" trophy/achievement. Since it is not necessary to successfully complete the Hostage minigame to gain credit for the challenge, it is possible to start the minigame then immediately leave the car.
  • In Saints Row IV, the on-screen text says that the police must be evaded to complete the Diversion, although only Zin appear during 3-unit Notoriety.
  • It is not possible to take a Pimp as a Hostage.


Hostage Diversion in Saints Row

Hostage in Saints Row - tutorial

Hostage in Saints Row - You've kidnapped a hostage

Hostage in Saints Row - Evade the police

Hostage in Saints Row - Don't slow down or the hostage can escape

Hostage in Saints Row - You've kidnapped hostages - 1000 cash for Compact with 3 passengers

Hostage in Saints Row - You've kidnapped hostages - 3000 cash for SUV with 3 passengers

Hostage in Saints Row - All the hostages got away

Hostage in Saints Row - complete Compact with 1 passenger

Hostage in Saints Row - complete Compact with 2 passengers

Hostage in Saints Row - complete Compact with 3 passengers

Hostage in Saints Row - complete Exotic with 1 passenger

Hostage in Saints Row - complete Luxury or SUV with 1 passenger