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The Horror Pack is a DLC pack for Saints Row: The Third.


Join the ranks of the most terrifying dreams with these horrific costumes. The flesh-eating Zombie Outfit will have everyone you meet running for their lives. Even more horrifying is the Slasher Outfit--it's all of your worst nightmares rolled into one. And no Horror Pack would be complete without a full Werewolf Outfit that might just have you howling at the moon.
— DLC Description

This DLC contains 9 clothing items, made up of 3 outfits and 3 additional masks.

It was released on the 24th of July, 2012.


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Outfit - Flesh Eating Zombie
Join The Undead With This Mask And Outfit.
  • Zombie Mask 1
  • Zombie Shirt
  • Zombie Pants
Outfit - The Slasher
The Perfect Horror Flick Villian Ensemble With Multiple Masks And Gloves.
  • The Slasher (suit)
  • Slasher Boots
  • Hockey Mask
Outfit - Werewolf
Now You Can Be Hairy And Scary With Mix And Match Gloves, Masks, And Feet.
  • Werewolf (suit)
  • Werewolf Mask
  • Werewolf Gloves
  • Werewolf Feet
Items - Horror Masks
More Masks For Your Horror Pack Outfits.
  • Devil Mask
  • Skeleton Mask
  • Zombie Mask 2


  • Zombie Mask 1 is defined as female, while Zombie Mask 2 is male.
  • The backpack clothing options can be worn with the Werewolf suit. As with the Funtime! Suit, even though the backpack can be worn it is invisible.


  • Horror Pack unlock screen
  • Flesh Eating Zombie outfit
  • Slasher outfit
  • Werewolf outfit
  • Devil Mask
  • Skeleton Mask
  • Zombie Mask 2


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