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Some wannabes.

Homies, also known as followers, are allies who can accompany the player in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV.


Ui hud homie

Homie HUD

After the the ability to have Homies is unlocked, circles are shown in the top right corner of the HUD, to the left of the Health/Weapon section.
There can be up to three circles, as there can be up to three Followers at once. When a Homie is recruited, their face is displayed within the circle, along with their current health, which is shown as a red quarter-circle.

In the Saints Row, the Unlockable Natural Leader allows the player to recruit Homies; it is unlocked three times throughout the game and allows the player to recruit one more maximum Homie at a time each time it is unlocked, up to three maximum Homies at a time. The ability is unlocked for the first time after completing the mission "Canonized", and a further twice after claiming 25% and 50% of Stilwater's Neighborhoods.

There are three main types of Homies: Mission, Special Unlockable and "wannabes" (generic gang members); but they act essentially the same.

When followers lose all their Health, they pass out and there is a 15, 30 or 39 second (depending on game's difficultly) countdown to revive them, which can be done by standing over them and pressing action.

When entering a 2 seat car with more than 1 Homie, any other followers enter a second car. The same applies with a motorbike, although Homies are only capable of controlling one extra vehicle, so having four 1-seat motorbikes does not work.


All 3rd Street Saints gang members can be recruited by pressing the recruit button. Holding the same button down dismisses all followers. If followers are attacked, they become hostile and cannot be recruited. However, in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, followers will drop their hostility and become available to recruit afterwards.

Wannabes can be found walking around owned hoods, or hanging out in owned Cribs. They can have different apparel styles depending on how they are customized at the Saints Hideout. Some can be found driving the streets in cars in Saints colors. If recruited, they immediately stop and follow The Protagonist.

While Wannabes are stronger than normal Civilians, they are considerably weaker than Special Homies. As with all civilians, non-recruited gang members may carry food, alcohol or blunts which the player can pick up after they are dropped.


During some missions and activities, a character may be assigned to help The Protagonist, or to be protected. Normal Follower rules apply, and they can be revived if they lose all Health.

During a mission, if the timer runs out for reviving a mission critical Homie, the mission fails. This failure timer can be used to trigger a Mission Exit Glitch which allows exiting out of a mission without a failure screen.

It is not possible to use a Mission Homie as a Human Shield.


Backup characters can be called even when all Homie slots are full. When they arrive, will behave as an ally in their own neighborhood, wandering the area and attacking any hostile character, or any character bumps into them or insults The Protagonist. They are all recruitable, and may automatically add to your Homies if slots are available and they are called when no combat is occurring.

Special UnlockableEdit

Special Homies are Homies that are unlocked and added to the Cellphone throughout the game. These Homies can only be recruited via the "Homies" menu of the cellphone. When they're called, they spawn in their own vehicle and drive to the player, and are automatically recruited when they exit their vehicle. They have more Health than regular Homies and take a longer time to faint. However, attacking them mid-battle gives the message "(Homie) has been dismissed!" After a Homie has died or been dismissed, they cannot be called again for a certain period of time, although they can be recruited after dropping hostility in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. It is only possible to call the number of Homies that can be recruited - up to 3 once all follower slots have been unlocked.

It is also possible to instantly kill a Special Homie if they are dismissed while passed out.


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Main article: Homie conversations

In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, recruited Homies may have brief Homie conversations with one another. The dialogue may highlight the characters' opinions of each other, their past, or simply serve to add some humor.


Name Game Unlock Obtaining / Appearances Vehicle Weapon
Chicken Ned
Saints Row homie head - Chicken Ned
Saints Row Yes Call the number 555-2445 Jackrabbit Baseball Bat
Saints Row homie head - Laura
Saints Row Yes Rollerz Drug Trafficking Hannibal Tombstone
Mr. Wong
Saints Row homie head - Mr. Wong
Saints Row Yes Rollerz Hitman Justice T3K Urban
Saints Row homie head - Samantha
Saints Row Yes Vice Kings Escort Stiletto K6 Krukov
Wheel Woman
Saints Row homie head - Wheel Woman
Saints Row Yes Canonized Saints Destiny
Saints Row homie head - Will
Saints Row Yes 3rd Street Saints Snatch Saints Hammerhead VICE 9
Zombie Lin
Saints Row homie head - Zombie Lin
Saints Row Yes Call Eye for an Eye after "Burying Evidence" Custom Reaper
Saints Row homie head - Aisha
Saints Row No "...To Kingdom Come" Zomkah Baseball Bat, SKR-7 Spree / 12 Gauge
Johnny Gat
Saints Row homie head - Gat
Saints Row No "Best Laid Plans...", "3rd Street Vice Kings", "All the King's Men" Saints Venom
Saints Row homie head - Troy
Saints Row No "Back to Basics", "Reclamation", "Samson's Surprise", "The Missing Shipment", "Strength in Numbers"
Saints Row homie head - Dex
Saints Row No "Meeting Orejuela", "Strength in Numbers", "House Call", "What Goes Up...", "Hail to the Chief" Saints Raycaster
Saints Row homie head - Julius
Saints Row No "Reclamation", "No Time to Mourn", "Strength in Numbers" Saints Zenith
Benjamin King
Saints Row homie head - King
Saints Row No "For King and Country", "The King and I", "All the King's Men" VK Mag
Saints Row homie head - Tobias
Saints Row No Drug Trafficking NRG V8
Saints Row homie head - Marvin
Saints Row No Drug Trafficking VK Aqua
Luz Avalos
Ui homie luz
Saints Row 2 No Drug Trafficking Magma
Ui homie richie
Saints Row 2 No Drug Trafficking Topher
Ui homie carlos
Saints Row 2 No "Jailbreak", "Three Kings", "First Impressions", "Waste Not Want Not"
Ui homie donnie
Saints Row 2 No "Reunion Tour"
Ui homie julius
Saints Row 2 No "Revelation"
Ui homie maero
Saints Row 2 No "First Impressions"
Ui homie jessica
Saints Row 2 No "Bank Error in Your Favor"[1] Phoenix
Ui homie shaundi
Saints Row 2 Yes "The Shopping Maul" Voyage K6 Krukov
Johnny Gat
Ui homie gat
Saints Row 2 Yes "One Man's Junk..." Stiletto K6 Krukov
Ui homie pierce
Saints Row 2 Yes "Showdown" Bulldog K6 Krukov
Zombie Carlos
Ui homie zombiecarlos
Saints Row 2 Yes Call Eye for an Eye after "Red Asphalt" Reaper None
Ui homie tobias
Saints Row 2 Yes "Airborne Assault" Topher T3K Urban
Legal Lee
Ui homie lee
Saints Row 2 Yes Prison Fight Club Ambulance VICE 9
Troy Bradshaw
Ui homie troy
Saints Row 2 Yes Prison Fight Club Five-O NR4
Jane Valderama
Ui homie jane
Saints Row 2 Yes 50 Muggings Anchor Tombstone
Ui homie laura
Saints Row 2 No "File in the Cake"
FUZZ Cameraman
Ui homie cameraman
Saints Row 2 No Fuzz Five-O
Stored Vehicle Delivery Saints Row 2 Yes Red Light District Escort Any VICE 9
Tera Ultor Exposed Yes "America's Next Top Scientist" Saints Temptress K6 Krukov
Angel De LaMuerte[2]

Ui homie angel wmaskUi homie angel womask

Saints Row: The Third Yes "Eye of the Tiger" Saints Atlantica AR-55
Helicopter[3] Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 24 Upgrade Tornado
Kinzie Kensington
Ui homie kinzie
Saints Row: The Third Yes Heli Assault Saints Criminal AS3 Ultimax
Ui homie oleg
Saints Row: The Third Yes "The Belgian Problem" Saints Criminal None
Pierce Washington
Homie icon - Pierce in Saints Row The Third
Saints Row: The Third Yes Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax Saints Sovereign K-8 Krukov
Saints Backup Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 7 Upgrade Saints Infuego
Homie icon - Shaundi in Saints Row The Third
Saints Row: The Third Yes "I'm Free - Free Falling" Saints Torch TEK Z-10
Tank[3] Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 26 Upgrade Challenger
Vehicle Delivery[2]
Ui homie vehicle
Saints Row: The Third Yes ? Any
Ui homie viola
Saints Row: The Third Yes "Gang Bang" Temptress TEK Z-10
VTOL[3] Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 39 Upgrade F-69 VTOL
Ui homie zimos
Saints Row: The Third Yes Escort Churchill Grave Digger
Zombie Gat
Ui homie zgat
Saints Row: The Third Yes "STAG Film" and "Gangstas in Space" Reaper None
Notoriety Wipe - Gang Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 11 Upgrade
Notoriety Wipe - Police Saints Row: The Third Yes Level 20 Upgrade
Mayor's Favor
Ui homie mayor
Saints Row: The Third Yes "Zombie Attack"
Josh Birk
Ui homie josh
Saints Row: The Third Yes "STAG Party" (keep Josh) Saints Bootlegger KA-1 Kobra
Nyte Blayde
Ui homie josh
Saints Row: The Third Yes "STAG Party" (keep Josh) Temptress 45 Shepherd
Burt Reynolds
Ui homie mayor
Saints Row: The Third Yes "Zombie Attack" (destroy virus) "Bandit" Phoenix None
SWAT Homies
SWAT Backup
Ui homie swat
Saints Row: The Third Yes "Zombie Attack" (destroy virus) Lockdown AR-55 / KA-1 Kobra / McManus 2015
Zombie Horde

Ui homie zombie mwUi homie zombie mhUi homie zombie fwUi homie zombie fb

Saints Row: The Third Yes "Zombie Attack" (keep virus) DonoVan None
Johnny Gat
Homie icon - Johnny Gat in Saints Row The Third
Saints Row: The Third No "When Good Heists Go Bad"
Ui homie dlc cheapy
Viewer Pack The First Yes Genkibowl VII / Viewer Pack The First Saints Torch 45 Shepherd
Angry Tiger
Ui homie dlc tiger
Genkibowl VII Yes Apocalypse Genki Saints Bootlegger AS3 Ultimax
Sexy Kitten
Ui homie dlc kitten
Genkibowl VII Yes Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Saints Sovereign K-8 Krukov
Sad Panda
Ui homie dlc panda
Genkibowl VII Yes Sad Panda Skyblazing Saints Atlantica TEK Z-10
Yarnie Delivery Genkibowl VII Yes Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Yarnie
Tammy Tolliver
Ui homie dlc tammy
Genkibowl VII Yes All Genkibowl VII Activities Anchor TEK Z-10
Space Brutina
Ui homie dlc brutina
Gangstas in Space Yes "Hangar 18 1/2" Saints Criminal None
Ui homie dlc kwilanna
Gangstas in Space Yes "That's Not in the Script!" Saints Atlantica Viper Laser Rifle
Aisha Brutella
Ui homie dlc aisha
The Trouble With Clones Yes "Tour de Farce" Saints Criminal None
Johnny Tag
Ui homie dlc tag
The Trouble With Clones Yes "Send in the Clones" Saints Criminal None
Jimmy Torbitson
Ui homie dlc jimmy
The Trouble With Clones No "Weird Science", "Tour de Farce"
Asha Odekar
Homie icon - Asha in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "The Case of Mr. X" Saints Atlantica[4] Heavy SMG
Benjamin King
Homie icon - Ben King in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "King Me" Saints Atlantica[4] Heavy Pistol
Homie icon - CID in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Power Up CID" X-2 Phantom[4]
Cyrus Temple
Homie icon - Cyrus in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Kinzie's Adventures" N-Forcer (turret)[4] Automatic Rifle
Genki Backup Saints Row IV Yes "Challenges in Saints Row IV" Sad Panda
Johnny Gat
Homie icon - Gat in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Welcome Back" Saints Atlantica[4] Automatic Rifle
Saints Row IV homie julius
Saints Row IV Yes "Kill his Hitman Target in Carver Island" Churchill[4] Automatic Rifle
Keith David
Homie icon - Keith in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "The Real World" Saints Atlantica[4] Pump-Action Shotgun
Kinzie Kensington
Homie icon - Kinzie in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "The Real World" Saints Criminal[4] Semi-Auto Shotgun
Homie icon - Maero in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "The Brotherhood" Compensator[4] Automatic Rifle
Matt Miller
Homie icon - Matt in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Matt's Back" Saints Atlantica[4] Quickshot Pistol
Mech Suit
Homie icon - Mech in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Grand Finale"
Notoriety Hack Saints Row IV Yes 19 Challenges
Nyte Blayde
Homie icon - Josh in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV No "Nytefall" Nyte Blayde[4] Heavy Pistol
Homie icon - Pierce in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "The Saints Flow" Saints Sovereign[4] Automatic Rifle
Roddy Piper
Homie icon - Roddy Piper in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "He Lives" Saints Atlantica[4] None
Saints Backup Saints Row IV Yes Saints Infuego
Fun Shaundi
Homie icon - Fun Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "De Plane Boss" Emu[4] Heavy SMG
Homie icon - Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "De Plane Boss" Saints Torch[4] Heavy SMG
Super Backup Saints Row IV Yes Any
Tanya Winters
Homie icon - Tanya in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Dancing Queen" Temptress[4] Heavy SMG
Vehicle Delivery[2]
Ui homie vehicle
Saints Row IV Yes Any
Veteran Child
Homie icon - DJ Veteran Child in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV Yes "Psychosomatic" Halberd[4] Automatic Rifle
The Dominatrix
Ui homie dominatrix
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix Yes "Escape the Dominatrix"
Dom the Dom
Ui homie domme
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix Yes "At the Races"
Velociraptor Ned
Ui homie raptor
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix Yes "Escape the Dominatrix" Quickshot Pistol
Nyte Blayde
Homie icon - Josh in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix Yes "Save the Planet" Heavy Pistol
Josh Birk
Homie icon - Josh in Saints Row IV
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix Yes "Save the Planet" Quickshot Pistol


Homie DriverEdit

There is a glitch which allows The Protagonist to enter a car as a passenger, with the car being driven by a Homie.

  1. Find a Homie driving a car.
  2. Recruit the Homie.
  3. Stand on top of the car.
  4. Dismiss the Homie while they are on foot.
  5. As the Homie starts opening the car door, press the Enter button and The Protagonist warps into the passenger seat.
  • It is also possible to do this while standing next to the passenger door.
  • Once inside the car, it is safe to recruit the Homie again.
  • If the Homie gets out, The Protagonist automatically exits the vehicle. Occasionally, The Protagonist also automatically be put back inside of the car if he gets back in.
  • It is possible to recruit two other Homies.
  • Unlike with Wheel Woman, it is not possible to choose where to drive.
    • There are unconfirmed reports that a recruited Homie driver follows the blue mission path. This does not happen in Saints Row: The Third.
  • During the Saints Row: The Third mission "Learning Computer" it is possible to use this glitch to man the machine gun on the tank.
Clipping through a car after attempting to enter as a passenger

Clipping through a civilian car

It is also possible with civilian cars and cop cars, but must be done as they exit the vehicle, as doing it as they enter The Protagonist to fall through the car.

Civilians sometimes get out after someone collides with their car, as they get out it is possible to get into the car as a passenger.

When trying to steal a police car as the cops are jumping out, The Protagonist can end up sitting in the back seat. Police do not get back in the car when there are Notoriety stars.

Police HomiesEdit

There is a glitch that allows recruiting police as Homies while playing Co-op.

  1. After starting a Co-op game of FUZZ, the host must eject the disk.
  2. Save when prompted.

It is also possible to do this with the BEAT cop uniform from the DLC Ultor Exposed.
The cops should now appear with a green cross and are recruitable like normal Homies, and Saints appear as enemies. This also affects Ultor Masako, FBI, SWAT, Ultor guards, prison guards, and armored vehicle drivers.

Unavailable HomiesEdit

There is a glitch in Saints Row: The Third on Xbox and PC, which causes Homies to be unavailable or greyed out permanently. This can be solved on PC by editing the saved game file in Notepad.[5] On the Xbox, it can be solved by joining a Co-op game, and having the other person call the Homie.

If the player can only summon one Homie and is playing in Co-op they are unable to summon Homies, as the second player in Co-op counts as a Homie.

Zin HomiesEdit

There is a glitch in Saints Row IV which allows to have Zin Homies.

  1. Equip Mind Control Blast (requires Matt Miller's "The Prestige" Side Quest to be completed).
  2. Cause havok until an Assert with machine gun is deployed.
  3. Use Blast on that Assert.
  4. Get in the vehicle. The gunman should be inside too and he also should become a Homie automatically.
  5. Call "Notoriety Wipe - All" (requires 19 Challenges to be completed).

The Zin soldier is now a Homie

  • He shoots at anyone he sees.
  • He uses Suppression Grenades even inside the vehicle.
  • Animations are not working properly: he can't stand and walking animation works instead.
  • Saints and Special Homies shoot at the Zin and even take him as Human Shield.
  • It is not possible to dismiss him without shooting him so he becomes hostile.

Upgrading Homie WeaponsEdit

There is a glitch in Saints Row IV which upgrades the weapon that Homies carry into the Shokolov AR.

  1. Recruit the desired Homie(s).
  2. Call Vehicle Delivery to have an Eagle delivered. If not available, then collect an Eagle from Sierra Point.
  3. Have the Homie(s) enter the vehicle and exit. Make sure they get in the back and not the front, if not exit and enter so they get out and repeat.

The Homie should now have a Shokolov AR in place of their default

  • Steps 1 and 2 can be reversed.
  • It's recommended to use more than 1 Homie as getting a single Homie in a Solo game to get into the back of the Eagle without Notoriety is more difficult as a single Homie is likely to get in the front passenger seat.
  • Super Homies and Unarmed Homies like Roddy Piper all benefit from this glitch, which is especially useful as they are limited to their default weapon.
  • Homies with SMG weapons like Shaundi, Asha, Donnie and Tanya are unaffected by this glitch and will retain their SMGs.

Civilian homiesEdit

In both Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, the Genki Manapult can be used to have any character as a Homie.

  1. Obtain the Genki Manapult.
  2. Equip either Mind Control Blast[6] or Mollusk Launcher.
  3. In Saints Row: The Third, shoot a single character with the Mollusk Launcher, then suck them into the Genki Manapult, and they immediately become a homie.
  4. In Saints Row IV, suck a single character into the Genki Manapult, drive to an isolated area, then Mind Control Blast the Genki Manapult. Upon re-entering the vehicle, the character becomes a homie.
  5. Launch them from the Genki Manapult and they should stay recruited.
  • It is possible to perform the glitch in the opposite order in Saints Row IV, by mind controlled a single character before sucking them up, but this is more difficult to perform.
  • It is sometimes possible to perform the glitch with more than one character mind controlled, but having more than one character mind controlled usually does not work.


  • Taunting female Wannabes, some may say "Why haven't you called me?" or "Did the sex mean anything to you?"
  • The "Super Saints" Cheat prevents followers from being killed. Doesn't apply to police Homies during FUZZ.
  • Homies, recruited or not recruited, do attack anyone that tries to beat up The Protagonist or runs over The Protagonist.
    • In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, Homies shoot at whatever The Protagonist shoots at.
    • After shooting a targeted person and killing them, they may shoot at anyone who is running away from the scene.
  • Homies usually attack/shoot law enforcement on sight, even if The Protagonist is not wanted. This can be a problem during the FUZZ, as Homies attack The Protagonist's cop Homies, and the cop Homies shoot the regular Saints Homies. Saints Homies also shoot at The Protagonist's cameraman and occasionally The Protagonist himself. However, both cop homies and Saints Homies shoot at the targeted people creating the crimes in the activity.
  • If The Protagonist is trying to evade law enforcement chasing him and passes by a Homie driving, the Homie gives chase behind the law enforcement. Homies on foot shoot the officer's car. Then they attack the officer if The Protagonist happens to stop the car and the Homies can reach the officer. Driving Homies also join in when they see other Homies attacking someone.
  • The Protagonist cannot run too far away from recruited Homies. If he does so, a red circle appears on the Mini Map surrounding the Homies that are too far from The Protagonist. The Protagonist has a time limit to make it back to the far away homies before they get dismissed.
  • If a law enforcement officer follows The Protagonist into a Crib, the Homies inside won't do anything unless they get shot by the officer.
  • Homies with Molotov Cocktails and RPG Launchers are not very effective. Because they do not try to attack The Protagonist, Homies carrying these weapons only tend to aim at enemies and very rarely ever shoot.
  • Homies usually pick up any weapon that is stronger than theirs found on the ground. Special Homies do not automatically pick up better weapons, unless they have been disarmed.
  • While it is possible for The Protagonist to become Idle, Homies cannot do so when recruited. Homies in Cribs often perform standard Idle actions, such as dancing, sitting at a table or on chairs, sofas, sitting on a couch and having a Stripper dance on them, on a computer, smoking, drinking, talking on the phone, etc.
  • If The Protagonist has three followers and he uses a Taxi, one follower is dismissed.
  • Homies' weapons cannot hurt The Protagonist at all, however, their thrown weapons and RPGs can.
  • Not all Homies walk/drive around an owned hood. Some Homies can be found sitting on a helmet, smoking, or guarding an owned building.
  • Homies are very violent when it comes to Civilians. They beat up and kills Civilian just for bumping into them. However, if The Protagonist does so, they do not beat him up.
  • When there are more than 2 Homies fighting one person, the additional Homies stand still and cheer.
  • If The Protagonist recruits Homies and enters a mission, most of the time the recruited Homies are with The Protagonist during the mission's gameplay.
  • Homies do talk very often when recruited. They cheer when they have successfully killed someone or when The Protagonist makes a Stunt Jump or any other jump involving Big Air. However, they also comment The Protagonist about his driving. Non-recruited Homies always compliment The Protagonist, unless The Protagonist has not changed his clothes in a while.
  • Homies shooting police and gang members does not raise The Protagonist's Notoriety.
  • If The Protagonist is Smoked or Busted, all Homies are dismissed.
  • While the majority of Civilians tend to disappear when it rains, Saints Homies still appear very often.
  • Homies are featured under H in The ABCs of Saints Row.[7]
  • The Saints Row data files lists 6 follower circles in the unused PC HUD section.[8]
Hostile Homies
  • It usually takes a couple hits or shots to make a Saints Homie angry enough to attack The Protagonist with a comment such as "I'm Sick of You!". When this happens not only does the reticule on the attacking Saints Member changes from a green X to a red circle, but all other nearby Saints Homies attack and kill the attacking Saints Homie.
  • It is also possible to make Saints Homie angry by Taunting them three times.
  • Hostile Homies can be attacked by non-hostile Homies who interpret the Hostile Homie as an Enemy.
  • During missions where essential Homies are automatically recruited, they do not turn against The Protagonist.
  • Care must be taken when using explosive weapons, as the splash can result in a Homie becoming hostile.
Human Shields
  • Homies have the ability to use Human Shields, much like The Protagonist and other gang members can.
  • Special Homies cannot normally be used as a Human Shield.
  • Human Shields must be performed carefully when having recruited Homies, for if a recruited Homie is grabbed they are dismissed and attack The Protagonist. The same goes for a non-recruited Homie. Taunts must also be performed carefully when around recruited Homies. Taunted Homies are dismissed if taunted three times.
  • Enemy Gang Members can use Saints Homies as Human Shields.
    • If a recruited Saints Homie gets used as a Human Shield, The Protagonist has a time limit to save the trapped Homie before he gets dismissed or killed.

Saints Row 2Edit

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • The Mollusk Launcher can be used to have any character fight for The Protagonist, although they cannot be recruited.
  • Unlike previous games, Homies do not target what The Protagonist is shooting.
  • While driving a second vehicle, if Homies fall too far behind, their vehicle may disappear. If a Driving Homie loses his vehicle, they steal another one and continue driving.
    • Homies can also now fly helicopters, which may disappear if they fall too far behind.
  • Homies standard weapons include the 45 Shepherd, TEK Z-10, Grave Digger and K-8 Krukov.
  • It is now easy for Homies to leave The Protagonist even when being attacked by accident.
    • If The Protagonist uses any of his Special Weapons or Explosives on an enemy or car with any nearby homies around them, they turn on The Protagonist unlike Saints Row and Saints Row 2.
  • Fewer Saints Homies spawn in owned Hoods and Cribs in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Regular Saints Homies are the same Homies that drive vehicles to The Protagonist when called.
  • Homies in Saints Row: The Third can use mounted weapons on a Challenger, Crusader, N-Forcer or Bulldog when in the vehicle.
  • Homies spawn in acquired areas only when the entire neighborhood is taken. Anything less and The Syndicate still spawn everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Saints drive the cars selected in Gang Customization, but they are generic colors instead of purple. If recruited, they either get out of their car or follow in their car.
  • Oleg and other Brute Homies become hostile more quickly than other followers.
  • If any followers get caught in an explosion caused by The Protagonist, but did enough damage to render them unconscious and unable to react, they can be safely revived without becoming hostile.
  • Even though Homies become hostile after being attacked, they can be recruited again just a few seconds later when they drop their hostility.
  • As in previous games, Special Homies cannot be used as a Human Shield, with the exception of Josh Birk.
  • The Sonic Boom does not cause Recruited Homies to gain any hate when hit, and are resilient to the fully charged attack so that they only stumble rather then get ragdolled, making the Sonic Boom fairly safe to use around recruited Homies. Unrecruited homies however are still vaporized by a fully charged attack.
  • Shaundi is the first Homie to be unlocked after I'm Free - Free Falling, with Zombie Gat being the last Homie to become available in the base game.
  • The only way to unlock all optional Homies is to buy the Unlockable Pack DLC. Those Homies gained from the decision based missions become available after We're Going to Need Guns.
  • Homies with Explosive Weapons, like the M2 Grenade Launcher and Annihilator RPG, stick closer to The Protagonist and lose the ability to crouch.
  • A Homie may change features such as hair colour while The Protagonist is in a store.[reference?]
  • To revive Homies, The Protagonist helps them stand back up. In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, The Protagonist would pour a 40 oz on them.
  • One of the whistling sounds for recruiting a follower is reused from Saints Row, where it is used by civilians to hail a Taxi.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Special Homies can be upgraded to Super Homies by completing their Loyalty missions. You can also call up Super Saint backup after completing most challenges in the game.
  • Homies are immune to Super Powers attacks. When dismissed or hostile, Homies are susceptible to Telekinesis attacks, but it isn't apparent whether any TK attacks other than the Force version do any damage. Homies do not physically respond to Stomp, Blast, or Buff attacks. They still can be killed, however, with firepower.
  • When dismissed, CID may still follow The Protagonist around, although he won't speak and doesn't count as a Homie (although he can be accidentally re-recruited since he is close by). The easiest way to get CID to leave you alone at this point is to throw him using Telekinesis.
  • Certain weapons instantly cause a Homie to become hostile and put up a fight. Unlike previous installments, Homies drop their hostility very fast and stop attacking shortly. They can also be re-recruited seconds after calming down.
  • It is possible for any quotes being spoken by The Protagonist to be interrupted by the Idle quotes of Homies.
  • Homies can be called back immediately after disbanding them and leaving their vicinity, even when killed, regardless of the method (i.e. Disintegrated). The Homie makes no mention of you killing them even if called back a second later.
  • If there are Homies active upon exiting The Simulation, they remain recruited in The Simulation, but are still present on The Ship.
  • Homies from Saints Row: The Third retain their old appearence in The Simulation, but are permanently changed to their Super Homie outfit upon completion of their Loyalty missions. Saints Row 2 Shaundi retains her normal outfit.
  • Many of the Antagonists from the previous Saints Row games can be unlocked as Homies, but do not have access to Super Powers.
  • Homies can now teleport to The Protagonist's location if they are standing on higher ground. They can also do this to get down from a building.
    • If a Homie falls behind so they disappear from radar and cannot catch up to you, you can use Vehicle Delivery or jump into the water and respawn back onto land, teleporting the lost Homie back to you.
  • Random recruited Saints can not pick up weapons and always use their default, even if the weapons dropped nearby are better than their own. The weapons they use can only be upgraded by purchasing Upgrades.
    • Non-Super Powered unlockable Homies can pick up dropped weapons.
  • Homies exiting a plane, UFO or helicopter (such as the Eagle) sometimes have their weapon 'upgraded' to the Shokolov AR, if their current weapon was worse. This can be used to give unarmed homies like Roddy Piper a weapon or to replace a Super Homies weapon with the Shokolov AR.[10][11][12][13]
    • This does not work for Homies using SMG class weapons, such as Shaundi, Asha, Donnie and Tanya.
    • In some missions, Homies does have ability to pick up the weapons, such as most missions in Enter the Dominatrix, if Homies are script spawned.
  • Phillipe Loren was intended to be a Homie in Saints Row IV, and has a Homie head icon, cellphone recruitment lines, and Homie conversations.
  • Any of the Homies that are called by phone teleport to your location except four: Saints Backup, Super Backup, Genki Backup and Gingerbread Men[14]. Saints Backup arrives in an Infuego, Super Backup arrives in the Gunslinger, Genki Backup arrives with a Sad Panda vehicle equipped with mounted gun and Gingerbread Men arrive in a Half Baked.
  • All Homies that do not have Super Powers (and therefore lack the Super Jump Power) can still follow The Protagonist onto rooftops by teleporting to The Protagonist's location and can use the same method in getting down. They can also jump off the rooftop and will not suffer any fall damage.

Super HomiesEdit

  • When a Homie has Super Powers, throwing them with Telekinesis results in them recovering from the throw a second later with an air recovery. When throwing any other Homie, they fly through the air like any civilian, which is a potentially effective way of getting rid of nearby non-Super Powered Homies.
    • Super Homies do not turn hostile from explosive weapons if caught in the splash radius, so less care is needed around Super Homies when using explosives.
  • Super Homies are highly resilient to friendly attacks by firearms. They do not stagger about when on fire or covered in acid[15][16], and when hit by any friendly fire attacks do not accumulate hate towards The Protagonist. They can still be rendered unconscious by the Abduction Gun if they go into the abduction light. Homies do not respond to the firepower of the Mech Suit, even when fired upon on purpose.
    • Saints Row 2 Fun Shaundi accumulates hate towards The Protagonist if hit by friendly fire attacks, even when she's upgraded into a Super Homie. All other Super Homies do not care if shot by friendly attacks.
    • Dismissing a Super Homie and recruiting them back via the recruit key/button and not via phone will cause them to gain hate when hit by friendly fire attacks, so it's best to leave the vicinity and call them back via the phone to prevent Super Homies turning on The Protagonist.
  • Super Homies that are called recrutied can do mid air recoveries, do super beatdown attacks, and can use most Super Powers. These include Super Sprint, Super Jump, Blast, Stomp, and Telekinesis. The Telekinesis used by Homies emit red tether from themselves to their target, while the Blast is non-elemental and blue to signify friendly Super Powers, and they cannot use Death From Above, Force Field or Buff.
    • Super Homies do not Sprint normally, they only Super Sprint. Super Homies also can knock around a car they are attempting to get in, but does not send it skyward like a normal vehicle that you do not occupy. It is also possible for a Super Homie to get stuck on terrain and end up lost elsewhere on the map, refusing to teleport to your location until you are found.
  • Power Suppression Grenades can disable Super Homies Super Powers for a short amount of time.
  • Super Homies do not pick up weapons and always use their default, even if the weapons dropped nearby are better than their own.
    • During When a Plan Comes Together, Super Homies can pick up weapons on the floor if better than their default because they are scripted to act as normal Homies and cannot use their Super Powers for the whole mission. This is the only time where Super Homies can pick up weapons dropped by enemies.
  • Kinzie and Keith David are the first Homies unlocked, however Matt Miller and Shaundi are the first 2 (3 if you count both Shaundis) Homies that can become Super Homies, while Keith and Kinzie are the last Homies to have their Loyalty missions unlocked.
  • If a Super Homie is called, then the game is saved and reloaded, the Super Homie becomes normal, wearing normal clothing. They regain their Super Powers and Super Outfit after being dismissed and recruited via phone after leaving their vicinity.


  • Revive Homie tutorial in Saints Row 2
  • Unlock screen for Pierce
  • Unlock screen for Johnny Gat
  • Unlock screen for Shaundi
  • Unlock screen for Legal Lee
  • Unlock screen for Troy
  • Unlock screen for Jane Valderama
  • Unlock screen for Tobias
  • Phone screen for Zombie Carlos
  • Homies - Stored Vehicle Delivery in Cellphone
  • Homies - Jane Valderama in Cellphone
  • Homies - Johnny Gat in Cellphone
  • Homies - Legal Lee in Cellphone
  • Homies - Pierce in Cellphone
  • Homies - Shaundi in Cellphone
  • Homies - Tobias in Cellphone
  • Homies - Troy in Cellphone
  • Homies - Zombie Carlos in Cellphone
  • Unlock screen for $1000 Vehicle Delivery
  • Unlock screen for Free Vehicle Delivery
  • Unlock screen for 1st Homie
  • Unlock screen for 2nd Homie
  • Unlock screen for 3rd Homie
  • Using two of the same homie at once
  • Viola DeWynter, as she appears when she becomes accessible as a Homie
  • Saints Row 2' Homie icon for Jessica, only used in the censored German version of the game
  • Unused SR2 Homie icon for "Bouncer"
  • Unused SRTT Taxi Homie icon
  • Unused SRTT Ambulance Homie icon
  • Homies can fly helicopters in Saints Row: The Third
  • Concept art of Saints white female homie
  • Concept art of Saints female homies
  • Concept art of Saints female homie, and a cop stripper
  • Tobias as a Homie with a T3K Urban
  • Saints member with Improvised Weapon
  • Homie with Improvised Weapon
  • Homies are featured under H in The ABCs of Saints Row


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