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Homies, also known as followers, are allies who can accompany Playa in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV.

Saints Row 2 Homies menu
Saints Row 2 Homies menu




Homie HUD

After the ability to have Homies is unlocked, circles are shown in the top right corner of the HUD, to the left of the Health/Weapon section.
There can be up to three circles, as there can be up to three Followers at once. When a Homie is recruited, their face is displayed within the circle, along with their current health, which is shown as a red quarter-circle.

In the Saints Row, the Unlockable Natural Leader allows the player to recruit Homies; it is unlocked three times throughout the game and allows the player to recruit one more maximum Homie at a time each time it is unlocked, up to three maximum Homies at a time. The ability is unlocked for the first time after completing the mission "Canonized", and a further twice after claiming 25% and 50% of Stilwater's Neighborhoods.

There are three main types of Homies: Mission, Special Unlockable and "wannabes" (generic gang members); but they act essentially the same.

When followers lose all their Health, they pass out and there is a 15, 30 or 39 second (depending on game's difficultly) countdown to revive them, which can be done by standing over them and pressing action.

When entering a 2 seat car with more than 1 Homie, any other followers enter a second car. The same applies with a motorbike, although Homies are only capable of controlling one extra vehicle, so having four 1-seat motorbikes does not work.