Homie conversations are a feature of Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, recruited Homies may briefly converse with one another. The dialogue may highlight the characters' opinions of each other, their past, or simply serve to add some humor.


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Pierce, Zombie Gat and Nyte Blayde do not have any dialogue in-game, although some placeholder dialogue for Pierce exists.

A B J K O S V Z Conversation
A n g e l B u r t

Angel and Burt

Angel: "It's been a long time, Reynolds."
Burt: "Do I know you?"
Angel: "Mexico, '96. Murderbrawl XIII."
Burt: "Oh. You look... different when you're not unconscious."
Angel: "I underestimated you. I thought you were just an actor. I didn't realize you were the man who trained Bear Trap Calhoun."
Burt: "Not your fault, kid. The Cutter can come from anywhere."
Homiechat Angel Burt
A n g e l O l e g

Angel and Oleg

Angel: "Ever consider Murderbrawl? You have the size of it."
Oleg: "I don't waste my time with exhibitions. When I fight, I fight to kill."
Angel: "Ever consider Murderbrawl? You have the bloodlust for it."
Oleg: "[Sigh]"
Homiechat Angel Oleg
A n g e l S h a u n d i

Angel and Shaundi

Angel: "You're consumed by something - what is it?"
Shaundi: "Revenge."
Angel: "For your friend?"
Shaundi: "Johnny was with the Saints longer than anybody; he was more than a friend - he was family."
Angel: "And what are you gonna do to avenge him?"
Shaundi: "Whatever it takes."
Angel: "I knew I liked you."
Homiechat Angel Shaundi
A n g e l V i o l a

Angel and Viola

Angel: "Hello, Viola."
Viola: "It's been a while."
Angel: "How could you stand by Killbane after what he did to me?"
Viola: "It was business, Angel. You lost."
Angel: "I was cheated!"
Viola: "Just because something's not fair doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you couldn't live with the consequences, you shouldn't have agreed to the match."
Angel: "I just didn't think, even if he won, Killbane would humiliate me like that."
Viola: "I'm gonna tell you a secret: Killbane's an asshole."
Homiechat Angel Viola
B u r t K i n z i e

Burt and Kinzie

Burt: "Didn't think I'd see you again, my dear."
Kinzie: "Burt, you knew that was a one-time thing."
Burt: "Kinzie... come on."
Kinzie: "You had your chance, it's time to let it go."
Burt: "Oh..."
Homiechat Burt Kinzie
B u r t O l e g

Burt and Oleg

Burt: "Oleg Kirrlov."
Oleg: "I should kill you where you stand, Reynolds."
Burt: "The Cold War is over, son."
Oleg: "Do you think I'm naïve enough to believe that?"
Burt: "Ha, guess not."
Oleg: "I owe a debt to the Saints, but when this is all over, you and I will settle what we started in Moscow."
Burt: "Anytime, you commie."
Homiechat Burt Oleg
B u r t S h a u n d i

Burt and Shaundi

Burt: "You're the girl with the reality show, right?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, I'm Shaundi."
Burt: "You look less of a slut in person."
Shaundi: "...Thanks?"
Homiechat Burt Shaundi
B u r t V i o l a

Burt and Viola

Burt: "I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Viola."
Viola: "Thank you, sir."
Burt: "Before the whole goddamn city got turned upside down, we had some pretty good times, didn't we?"
Viola: "[Laughs] Remember that first dinner you had with Phillipe?"
Burt: "[Laughs] Oh man, that Frenchman sure knew how to tell a joke."
Viola: "He was Belgian."
Burt: "Whatever."
Homiechat Burt Viola
A n g e l B u r t Z i m o s

Burt and Zimos

Burt: "Zimos! Where the hell have you been, buddy?"
Zimos: "Your girl, Viola, turned me into a human pony and rented me out for eighty bucks an hour."
Burt: "Well... this just... got a little awkward."
Zimos: "A little bit."
Homiechat Burt Zimos
A n g e l J o s h

Josh and Angel

Josh: "So Angel, I've been looking for a personal trainer while I'm in Steelport. You game?"
Angel: "I'll train anyone who wants to learn."
Josh: "Excellent. So what do you wanna start with? Conditioning? Pilates? Yoga?"
Angel: "Punching beehives."
Josh: "Wh-what?"
Angel: "Before we can train your body, we need to train your mind."
Josh: "Yeah... yeah... I love it."
Homiechat Josh Angel
B u r t J o s h

Josh and Burt

Josh: "Hey Burt, got a second for another practitioner of the craft?"
Burt: "What is it, kid?"
Josh: "Well, I was thinkin'... how would you like to be involved on Nyte Blayde?"
Burt: "What are you talking about?"
Josh: "Definitely a guest spot, at least, but I bet I could talk the producers into making you a series regular."
Burt: "No! What the hell is this Nyte Blayde?"
Josh: "Are you not familiar with the transmedia explosion that has taken the world by storm?"
Burt: "No."
Josh: "I play Nyte Blayde, a vampire hunter who's become the very thing he vowed to destroy."
Burt: "A vampire?"
Josh: "Yes."
Burt: "I think I'll pass."
Josh: "But... you don't even know the part yet."
Burt: "I've heard enough. Good luck, kid. Try to get shot."
Homiechat Josh Burt
J o s h O l e g

Josh and Oleg

Josh: "A soldier of the working man, huh? I know what you're going through."
Oleg: "Do you?"
Josh: "I played Torvald in A Doll's House when I was nine."
Oleg: "Never talk to me again."
Homiechat Josh Oleg
J o s h S h a u n d i

Josh and Shaundi

Josh: "Hello, my love."
Shaundi: "Stop saying that."
Josh: "Why do you fight what you feel in your heart?"
Shaundi: "Because if I did what I felt in my heart, they'd never find your body."
Josh: "So you admit there's some pull that keeps you from wanting to be hurt. I knew you felt the same way I did."
Shaundi: "[Sigh]"
Homiechat Josh Shaundi
J o s h V i o l a

Josh and Viola

Josh: "Stay away from me, temptress."
Viola: "Wait, what?"
Josh: "My heart belongs to Shaundi. I won't fall to your wiles."
Viola: "Josh, I don't want to sleep with you."
Josh: "Really?"
Viola: "Yeah."
Josh: "Tease!"
Homiechat Josh Viola
J o s h Z i m o s

Josh and Zimos

Josh: "Hey Z, listen. I'd really appreciate it if you don't say anything about the Nyte Blayde wrap party."
Zimos: "Your secret is safe with me, baby."
Homiechat Josh Zimos
A n g e l K i n z i e

Kinzie and Angel

Kinzie: "So you spent years in hiding, huh?"
Angel: "Yes."
Kinzie: "I understand, I wanted to do that too."
Angel: "So you know what it is to feel shame beyond all measure?"
Kinzie: "No, I was really into Y2K."
Angel: "Please don't talk to me."
Homiechat Kinzie Angel
J o s h K i n z i e

Kinzie and Josh

Kinzie: "You know, first I thought that Nyte Blayde was a media trick trying to obfuscate the reality of our vampire problem."
Josh: "Yeah, I don't think that was a..."
Kinzie: "Then I realized that it was just a shitty vampire show."
Josh: "That's a relief."
Kinzie: "Of course, then, by the time I realized that, I realized that I really liked it. It kind of spoke to me."
Josh: "That's... that's great."
Kinzie: "And that's when I realized it was because it fell perfectly into the 31 Theory."
Josh: "Wh-wha...?"
Kinzie: "The 31 Theory. "Anything important is always connected to a 31". Nyte Blayde Season 3; best season, aired in January, had thirteen episodes."
Josh: "I have... no idea what you're... talking about."
Kinzie: "You are a good actor."
Homiechat Kinzie Josh
K i n z i e O l e g

Kinzie and Oleg

Kinzie: "KGB, right?"
Oleg: "Is it that obvious?"
Kinzie: "You're a giant Russian Superman. You don't have a whole lot of options, unless you're really Rasputin."
Oleg: "I think I like you, mousey-one."
Homiechat Kinzie Oleg
K i n z i e S h a u n d i

Kinzie and Shaundi

Kinzie: "You don't like me very much."
Shaundi: "That's not true."
Kinzie: "I tapped your phone - I know what you said about me to Pierce."
Shaundi: "And this is why I don't like you."
Homiechat Kinzie Shaundi
K i n z i e V i o l a

Kinzie and Viola

Kinzie: "I like your hair."
Viola: "Excuse me?"
Kinzie: "Your hair - it's shiny."
Viola: "Umm, thanks. You know, if you washed your hair, it would look like mine."
Kinzie: "Can you show me how?"
Viola: "...Sure?"
Kinzie: "We're like sisters now."
Homiechat Kinzie Viola
K i n z i e Z i m o s

Kinzie and Zimos

Kinzie: "So how's your cane work?"
Zimos: "What do you mean?"
Kinzie: "Well, you don't really always hold it up the same distance away from your trach hole, and sometimes you don't even hold it up at all."
Zimos: "I don't know, it just does."
Kinzie: "Lame."
Homiechat Kinzie Zimos
A n g e l Z i m o s

Zimos and Angel

Zimos: "The Syndicate fuck you over too?"
Angel: "Yes, Killbane. You?"
Zimos: "Viola and Kiki."
Angel: "Don't worry, we'll have our revenge."
Homiechat Zimos Angel
O l e g Z i m o s

Zimos and Oleg

Zimos: "Hey big man, I have a question."
Oleg: "What?"
Zimos: "I know a lot of lonely ladies who would love a chance to spend the night with a man of your talent."
Oleg: "I'm not one of your whores, old man."
Zimos: "No, you're a civil servant giving poor widows a chance to feel what it's like to be with a real man for the first time in their cold lives."
Oleg: "Hmmm, I will consider."
Homiechat Zimos Oleg
S h a u n d i Z i m o s

Zimos and Shaundi

Zimos: "So, how you been girl?"
Shaundi: "Z, don't talk to me."
Zimos: "Is this about the..."
Shaundi: "This is about Spring break when I was in college."
Zimos: "Oh shit, I didn't recognize you without the dreads, irie."
Homiechat Zimos Shaundi
V i o l a Z i m o s

Zimos and Viola

Zimos: "So, which one are you again?"
Viola: "You are such an asshole."
Zimos: "I'm sorry, who was whoring out who for years?"
Viola: "You deserved it."
Zimos: "Look, there were two of you - how was I supposed to tell you apart?"
Homiechat Zimos Viola
O l e g S h a u n d i

Shaundi and Oleg

Shaundi: "So, what did you do before you were a glorified pin cushion?"
Oleg: "I worked for the Russian government."
Shaundi: "What did you do for them?"
Oleg: "Whatever my country needed of me."
Shaundi: "That's... very vague... and really unnerving."
Homiechat Shaundi Oleg
O l e g V i o l a

Oleg and Viola

Oleg: "I'm onto you, woman."
Viola: "What are you droning on about?"
Oleg: "You fooled the Saints, but I know your true colors."
Viola: "People change, Oleg."
Oleg: "No they don't. I'm watching you."
Homiechat Oleg Viola
S h a u n d i V i o l a

Viola and Shaundi

Viola: "Hey Shaund-"
Shaundi: "Don't talk to me, don't look at me; I want to pretend you don't even exist."
Homiechat Viola Shaundi


Burt and Pierce unused Homie conversation
Burt and Pierce unused Homie conversation

Saints Row IVEdit

In Saints Row IV, almost every Homie interacts with each other when recruited. Although he is not unlocked as a Homie in the game, there are also conversations with Phillipe Loren.

There are only 2 pairs of Homies who do not speak, Julius and Veteran Child, and Phillipe Loren and Roddy Piper.

A B C C J J K K M M P P R S S T V Conversation
A s h a C I D

Asha and CID

CID: "Your file has been most interesting to read, Asha Odekar."
Asha: "My File? What are you talking about?"
CID: "You'd be surprised what the Zin grabbed from Earth's databases before obliterating the planet. They have many pages on you."
Asha: "Oh Really?"
CID: "Yes. They even had information about your earlier self."
Asha: "Oh. Really?"
CID: "Oh yes, I am sure your hometown Eagles were bolstered to many of victory by your forceful cheers, squad captain Odekar."
Asha: "You tell anyone about that CID and I will rip every last resistor off your circuit board with my teeth."
CID: "Of course."
Homie Convo Asha CID
A s h a J o h n n y

Asha and Gat

Asha: "Your boss speaks very highly of you."
Johnny Gat: "Oh yeah we're tight. We go way back."
Asha: "Given my training as a soldier, your boss might be specially interested in hearing about your exploits. Listening to your boss go on and on and on. I'll admit, I felt a bit of a rivalry against you."
Johnny Gat: "Rivalry huh? Hehe. I don't think you need to worry about that."
Asha: "Oh. Wasn't worried..."
Homie Convo Asha Gat
A s h a K e i t h

Asha and Keith

Asha: "I don't wanna come off as a gushing fanatic but I've really enjoyed your work Keith."
Keith David: "That's very kind off you Asha, thank you."
Asha: "Do you have any formal training or is it all...instinct?"
Keith David: "Actually I attended a high school for performing arts, then I went on to Juilliard, and I graduated with a BFA."
Asha: "Ummm Juilliard? I'm, I'm not familiar with that school."
Keith David: "Oh well, it's the most highly regarded acting school in the country."
Asha: "Acting? Oh are you an actor!? I'm talking about how well you handle a gun, it's very impressive."
Homie Convo Asha VP
A s h a B e n

Asha and King

Asha: "You know Mr. King, I read your book when it came out."
Ben King: "Really? Given your line of work, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts."
Asha: "Well it was really incisive, I could see how others might benefit from your teaching."
Ben King: "But, not you?"
Asha: "You teach diplomacy Ben, I get called in when diplomacy fails."
Ben King: "Heh, I guess that's true."
Homie Convo Asha King
A s h a K i n z i e

Asha and Kinzie

Kinzie: "So... Asha, this is difficult for me to say but, especially that earth is ya'know, gone, and I don't have anyone to spend time with..."
Asha: "Spend time with...?"
Kinzie: "Sure... ya'know, just hang out, eat pizza, watch scary movies, braid each other's hair... I just need to feel a familial connection, ya'know?"
Asha: "A familial connection? You mean, like sisters?"
Kinzie: "The boss says I'm not really allowed to say that word anymore."
Homie Convo Asha Kinzie
A s h a P i e r c e

Asha and Pierce

Asha: "I tried your energy drink the other day."
Pierce: "Really!? What did you think?"
Asha: "About a decade ago I was lost behind enemy lines. My entire team was dead. I thought it was over for me. One night, I happened upon an enemy encampment."
Asha: "I was half-mad from starvation and fear. I couldn't think; I most certainly couldn't fight. They took me captive; put me in a pit six feet beneath the earth."
Asha: "I had nothing to drink but my own urine, and nothing to eat but the insects that occasionally skittered into the hole. It was my first real glimpse into the darkness that can reside in a human heart."
Pierce: "Hey, whoa, shit, but uh... what does that have to do with Saints Flow?"
Asha: "I'd rather relive those days than drink another one."
Pierce: "Well did you try the grape?"
Homie Convo Asha Pierce
A s h a R o d d y

Asha and Roddy

Asha: "I hope you're not offended, but I'm not really familiar with your career. Wrestling wasn't the phenomenon in England that it was in the States."
Roddy Piper: "Oh, of course not. You know, honestly I don't mind a break. The fans are great, but there's more to me than just wrestling."
Asha: "I hear you're also an actor."
Roddy Piper: "Oh sure, that too, but there's much more to me than that."
Asha: "Really? How do you mean?"
Roddy Piper: "Uh, look, I don't tell many people this, but there was a time in the mid-90s that I was the fourth member of a Latin music group called The Rodriguez Vipers. We sang a cappella versions of classic Central American folk songs; hit the Top 40 in the Latin Music charts twice!"
Asha: "Really?"
Roddy Piper: "Nope. But the great thing about you not knowing much about me is I can tell you bullshit like that."
Homie Convo Asha Roddy
A s h a S h a u n d i 3

Asha and Shaundi

Shaundi: "You didn't think much of the Saints when you first met us, did you?"
Asha: "Being honest... Not really, no."
Shaundi: "So all these years later has your opinion of us changed?"
Asha: "Most of you, yes. You've shown a great deal of dedication, inner strength, and a surprising eagerness to take on seemingly insurmountable challenges"
Shaundi: "Most of us? Huh. Who hasn't?"
Asha: "I'd rather not state the names if it's worth the same to you."
Shaundi: "Oh sure, sure. But it's Pierce right?"
Asha: "He does try..."
Homie Convo Asha Shaundi
C I D & C I D

CID and CID Shield

CID: "That is a nice exterior you have."
CID Enemy: "Thank you..."
CID: "Shall we go somewhere private where we can talk, I'd would love to see some of your programming and inner workings."
CID Enemy: "Are you trying to get me to interface?"
CID: "I'm certain you would enjoy it."
CID Enemy: "Alright, but make it quick."
Homie Convo CID CID Shield
C I D J o h n n y

CID and Gat

CID: "Permission to speak freely, Mr. Gat?"
Johnny Gat: "Uh, sure..."
CID: "After researching your exploits both on earth and within your own simulation. I have come to a singular conclusion. You scare me..."
Johnny Gat: "Oh, well good."
CID: "That is all, thank you."
Homie Convo CID Gat
C I D P h i l l i p e

CID and Phillipe

CID: "Is it true you let the Saints believe you killed Johnny Gat?"
Phillipe: "It is."
CID: "In hindsight, do you see that as a wise decision?"
Phillipe: "In hindsight, I would never have expanded to Stilwater in the first place."
Homie Convo CID Phillipe
A s h a C y r u s

Cyrus and Asha

Asha: "You know a good deal of STAG technology came from MI6."
Cyrus: "Pardon me? I'll have you know everything we use is 100% designed and made in the U.S.A."
Asha: "You honestly can't believe that can you?"
Cyrus: "I have the personal assurance of the highest authority in my country!"
Asha: "You mean, from the President? A person just like the current president who you tried to kill back in Steelport?"
Cyrus: "Yeah! Just like- Damn!"
Homie Convo Cyrus Asha
C I D C y r u s

Cyrus and CID

Cyrus: "You know you remind me of some tech our R.N.D department worked up for training exercises in STAG."
CID: "I can understand the need for wanting something with a vast knowledge database and mercenary tendencies in your military training."
Cyrus: "Actually we just use it for moving target practice."
Homie Convo Cyrus CID
C y r u s K e i t h

Cyrus and Keith

Cyrus: "So I'm supposed to believe you're the Vice President of the United States."
Keith David: "That's right. Why is that so hard to believe?"
Cyrus: "I'm just surprised you aren't the ACTUAL president. Seems more fitting for a man of your character."
Keith David: "You make a very compelling point."
Homie Convo Cyrus Keith
C y r u s K i n z i e

Cyrus and Kinzie

Kinzie: "Cyrus."
Cyrus: "Uh, ye-yes, ma'am."
Kinzie: "Talk to me again after this and I'll rework your code in the simulation so you'll spend every waking minute in excruciating agony centered on your... lower body."
Kinzie: "Good, you're learning,"
Homie Convo Cyrus Kinzie
C y r u s M a t t

Cyrus and Matt

Cyrus: "Aren't you the kid who hacked into STAG secure database and changed all the top secret filenames to...What was it? Something with an R."
Matt Miller: "What? Me? No, I'm sure of thinking of somebody else. I'm a member of MI6."
Cyrus: "I remember, RagnarokWins. You sure that wasn't you?"
Matt Miller: "RagnarokWinsAgain. And yes that totally wasn't me."
Homie Convo Cyrus Matt
C y r u s P h i l l i p e

Cyrus and Phillipe

Cyrus: "You know, if the Saints weren't pushed to the top of the list, STAG was planning to move against you and your Syndicate."
Phillipe: "That would never have occurred, Monsieur Temple. Senator Hughes and I had a long standing business arrangement."
Cyrus: "I don't believe you."
Phillipe: "Why do you think it took my death before she let you off the leash?"
Cyrus: "That was because of her precious bridge in Stilwater."
Phillipe: "And who do you think paid for that bridge, Commander?"
Homie Convo Cyrus Phillipe
C y r u s R o d d y

Cyrus and Roddy

Cyrus: "I never understood why men with your natural martial talent never joined the special forces."
Roddy Piper: "I doubt I could entertain a crowd of fans if I were in the military."
Cyrus: "But, is that really better than serving your country to the best of your abilities?"
Roddy Piper: "If you think giving our soldiers something special to smile about on a weekly basis isn't worth my while, then we got a problem."
Cyrus: "No, there's no problem."
Homie Convo Cyrus Roddy
A s h a S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Asha

Fun Shaundi: "You're MI6, right? What's it like being part if that?"
Asha: "Quite gratifying, really. I get to protect my government from outside threats and keep people safe from harm."
Fun Shaundi: "Yeah, you know your government kinda got blown up, right?"
Asha: "Thank you for pointing that out."
Fun Shaundi: "Oh, anytime."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Asha
C I D S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and CID

CID: "Why do I not see you on the ship?"
Fun Shaundi: "Huh? You mean outside the simulated city?"
CID: "Yes."
Fun Shaundi: "Well, cause I'm already there. And I can't really be there if I'm already there. You know what I mean?"
CID: "Are you high?"
Fun Shaundi: "Um, yeah."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 CID
C y r u s S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Cyrus

Fun Shaundi: "Heard you kidnapped me or something."
Cyrus: "That was business."
Fun Shaundi: "And what about seducing me and make me serve your every little fantasy?"
Cyrus: "Wait, what? I-I never."
Fun Shaundi: "Haha. You should see your face."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Cyrus
J o h n n y S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Johnny

Johnny Gat: "Never really thought I'd be seeing you like this again."
Fun Shaundi: "Well I never thought I'd get all uptight and repressed."
Johnny Gat: "Nah, you're not really that bad now. You just learned a few new things."
Fun Shaundi: "Like how to stop having fun and get all aggressive and vengeful?"
Johnny Gat: "Hey, aggressive and vengeful is fun. Though I think that's the part you didn't catch on to."
Fun Shaundi: "Uh, sometimes you have to spell it out for me."
Johnny Gat: "Good point."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Johnny
J u l i u s S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Julius

Julius: "You ever take anything seriously, girl?"
Fun Shaundi: "Who me? Of course I do."
Julius: "Beside partying."
Fun Shaundi: "I was right in the thick of things with the Saints, thank you very much."
Julius: "What? Playing hacky-sac?"
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, that led to an important lead on the Brotherhood I'll have you know."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Julius
K e i t h S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Keith

Fun Shaundi: "So, when I get older I get to hang out with famous movie stars. That doesn't sound half bad."
Keith David: "Actually, I'm the Vice President now."
Fun Shaundi: "But you still get to go to all the posh Hollywood parties I'm sure. And I'm betting you let me tag along, cause honestly why wouldn't you."
Keith David: "Honestly, no. You've never asked to come with me."
Fun Shaundi: "Hold on, older me has told you how big a fan I am of your work, right?"
Keith David: "She's never mentioned it."
Fun Shaundi: "So, she never told you that I think of you when... actually, that's probably a good thing she didn't mention that."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 VP
K i n z i e S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Kinzie

Kinzie: "I still don't believe you're real, you know."
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, you were the one that was a crazy voice from the sky when we first met, remember?"
Kinzie: "Well, you're just some fractured part of Shaundi's psyche that manifested due to feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing."
Fun Shaundi: "OK, now you're projecting here."
Kinzie: "Well you're a... Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Hey, I just call it as I see it."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Kinzie
M a e r o S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Maero

Fun Shaundi: "What you did to Carlos was kinda shitty, you know?"
Maero: "I suppose what you did to Jessica was just getting even?"
Fun Shaundi: "Well, yeah."
Maero: "Well, let me give you a tip. There is no even."
Fun Shaundi: "Asshole."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Maero
P h i l l i p e S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Phillipe

Fun Shaundi: "So, I hear you're part of the reason I turned into such a bitch."
Phillipe: "I believe that you did that all on your own, little girl."
Fun Shaundi: "Little girl? You seriously going with that?"
Phillipe: "I have been the head of a multi-national crime organisation responsible for hundreds of highly lucrative actions all over the world. I owned businesses, buildings, government officials, and my own jet. What have you ever accomplished?"
Fun Shaundi: "I helped kill you."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Phillipe
R o d d y S h a u n d i 2

Fun Shaundi and Roddy

Fun Shaundi: "Wow! You're totally Roddy Piper."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, that's me."
Fun Shaundi: "I was a big fan of yours."
Roddy Piper: "Ahh, good. That's nice to hear."
Fun Shaundi: "I learned so much from you."
Roddy Piper: "Really? Did you wrestle in high-school or something?"
Fun Shaundi: "No, man. I learned so much about the real world. You know, the real world. With the people with no faces and messages on everything."
Roddy Piper: "Oh, yeah. Baby Jesus, you folks are freaks."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 Roddy
S h a u n d i 2 V e t e r a n C h i l d

Fun Shaundi and Veteran Child

Fun Shaundi: "So, you got anything good on you?"
Veteran Child: "I tried to kill you and you're hitting me up for weed?"
Fun Shaundi: "What? I killed you, you're harmless now. Might as well party a little."
Veteran Child: "Shrr. I think I'd be insulted if I didn't have a bag stashed at the crib we can hit later."
Fun Shaundi: "Sounds perfect to me."
Homie Convo Shaundi SR2 DJVC
C y r u s J o h n n y

Gat and Cyrus

Cyrus: "I remember reading your file when STAG was first handed the task of taking down the Saints."
Johnny Gat: "Bet it was a good read."
Cyrus: "The list of people killed by you was the longest I'd seen in my entire career, outside a military war zone."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, that list is under appeal in court."
Cyrus: "And look where you ended up. Captured and imprisoned for years by an alien warlord, your friends thinking you were dead."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, at least I'm alive. It's more than I can say for you."
Homie Convo Gat Cyrus
J o h n n y J u l i u s

Gat and Julius

Julius: "Nice to see you again, Gat."
Johnny Gat: "Julius."
Julius: "Shit seemed so much simpler in the old days, didn't it, Johnny?"
Johnny Gat: "What? Before you got Lin killed, you let an undercover cop into the crew, and then you betrayed your own. Yeah, simpler."
Julius: "I wasn't responsible for what happened to Lin and you know it."
Johnny Gat: "Didn't argue the other two, though. That's what I thought."
Homie Convo Gat Julius
J o h n n y M a e r o

Gat and Maero

Johnny Gat: "Hahahahaha."
Maero: "What's so funny?"
Johnny Gat: "Well, there's a lot to choose from, 20-80 split offer, your new face tattoo, your boy Matt."
Maero: "Do you want to go over my list? Starting with your boy, Carlos."
Johnny Gat: "Not if you wanna keep breathing."
Homie Convo Gat Maero
J o h n n y P h i l l i p e

Gat and Phillipe

Phillipe: "It's a pleasure to see you again, Monsieur Gat."
Johnny Gat: "You know, if you'd just left us alone in Stilwater, your Syndicate would have lasted a lot longer."
Phillipe: "And if you'd taken our offer on the plane, you might not have been captured and kept in your own personal mental prison."
Johnny Gat: "Trust me, that wasn't half as bad as being forced to work side by side with your smug ass right now."
Phillipe: "I did not make the decision to put us together, Monsieur Gat."
Johnny Gat: "You're right, it's like someone is intentionally trying to put us together to see what'll happen. Fucking fan-fiction."
Homie Convo Gat Phillipe
J o h n n y V e t e r a n C h i l d

Gat and Veteran Child

Johnny Gat: "So, how many times?"
Veteran Child: "What are you talking about?"
Johnny Gat: "How many times has Shaundi kill you now. What, like, fifty?"
Veteran Child: "Not cool, man."
Johnny Gat: "I dunno, fifty is pretty impressive."
Homie Convo Gat DJVC
A s h a J u l i u s

Julius and Asha

Asha: "So, you're yet another name on the list of people who tried to kill the President, ay?"
Julius: "Despite everything I've done with my life, apparently that's what I'm known for."
Asha: "Well, you're in impressive company."
Julius: "Including you?"
Asha: "Me? No, God no, of course not... not that I didn't consider it, once or twice."
Homie Convo Julius Asha
C I D J u l i u s

Julius and CID

CID: "Did you used to be the Vice President as well?"
Julius: "Come again?"
CID: "There are are several similarities between you and the current Vice President."
Julius: "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
Homie Convo Julius CID
C y r u s J u l i u s

Julius and Cyrus

Cyrus: "You know, you would've made my job a lot easier if you hadn't failed to finish off the Boss on that boat."
Julius: "You would've made your own job easier by not going after the Saints at all. Guess we both fucked up."
Homie Convo Julius Cyrus
J u l i u s K e i t h

Julius and Keith

Julius: "So, Keith David, I'm a fan."
Keith David: "Thank you, that's very kind."
Julius: "You know, some folks say I remind them of you."
Keith David: "Yeah, I get the same with you."
Julius: "I don't see it though."
Keith David: "Me neither."
Homie Convo Julius Keith
B e n J u l i u s

Julius and King

Julius: "So, Benjamin, fighting side by side again, takes me back to Sunnyvale."
Ben King: "Yeah, we were a pair, you and me."
Julius: "Then you founded the Vice Kings."
Ben King: "Oh, woah, woah. Are we really gonna get into this? Julius, the past is past. Neither of us are gang leaders anymore. I moved out of that shit. I went into music and books, all the way to the White House. And you're..."
Julius: "Dead, Benjamin. I'm dead."
Ben King: "Yeah. Man, it is fucked up that we can talk right now."
Julius: "Tell me about it."
Homie Convo Julius King
J u l i u s M a e r o

Julius and Maero

Julius: "Did you really think the Saints were gonna lay down and let you run things in Stilwater?"
Maero: "Yeah, I thought they'd know what was good for them."
Julius: "There was no way you were gonna bully someone too stubborn to die in an explosion. You should have thought of that, Maero,"
Maero: "Just like you should have thought about how you weren't going to walk away once the Saints found out about your part in that?"
Julius: "Looks like we were both too blind for our own good."
Homie Convo Julius Maero
J u l i u s M a t t

Julius and Matt

Julius: "So, is it true you once tried to kill the President?"
Matt Miller: "Well, it was before they were President. But, well, yes."
Julius: "That's something we have in common, then."
Matt Miller: "You tried to... really?"
Julius: "Tried to blow 'em up on a boat."
Matt Miller: "Impressive, I tried to trap their mind inside a virtual world that would render them brain dead and leave their body to rot in meat space."
Julius: "So, kinda like Zinyak then?"
Matt Miller: "What? No, nothing like... ha, well I'll be damned."
Homie Convo Julius Matt
J u l i u s R o d d y

Julius and Roddy

Julius: "Any idea if you're alive in Zinyak's ship somewhere? Or if you died on Earth?"
Roddy Piper: "No, honestly, I haven't thought about it. You?"
Julius: "Me? Oh, I died a long time ago. The President shot me back in Stilwater."
Roddy Piper: "A-ahm. Then, how are you here?"
Julius: "How are you here?"
Roddy Piper: "Needed the money."
Homie Convo Julius Roddy
J u l i u s S h a u n d i 3

Julius and Shaundi

Julius: "I can't get over how much different you are from your other you."
Shaundi: "Yeah, well people change."
Julius: "Some folks don't. Your Boss never has, King never did, Gat was always the same psychopath."
Shaundi: "Don't you say another god-damn word about Johnny Gat. You hear me?"
Julius: "Yeah, yeah. Shit, I hear ya."
Homie Convo Julius Shaundi
J u l i u s T a n y a

Julius and Tanya

Tanya: "This is awkward, isn't it? Me and you?"
Julius: "Ohh, I don't know. We both had our beef with King."
Tanya: "True, but I tried to kill him."
Julius: "And I tried to kill a future President. We all have our baggage."
Tanya: "Yeah, you're right. I guess you and me have a lot in common after all."
Julius: "Oh, let's not go that far."
Homie Convo Julius Tanya
C I D K e i t h

Keith and CID

CID: "I have been doing research on you, Mr. David."
Keith David: "Seems you like to do research on lots of people. Well, so do I, that's why I had Kinzie do a little research on you. Seems like you've been around for quite some time and that you've been inside a lot of simulations."
CID: "That is true."
Keith David: "And that you've made a lot of simulations. Some very specific simulations. One hidden far way from any prying Zin eyes."
CID: "Oh, you, oh."
Keith David: "So why don't you stop digging up dirt on me and I won't tell anyone else about some of your proclivities."
CID: "How about that sport's team?"
Homie Convo VP CID
J o h n n y K e i t h

Keith and Gat

Johnny Gat: "God it feels good to be the fuck out of that pink ass vat."
Keith David: "From what I hear you were there a long time."
Johnny Gat: "Years, man, fucking years. Reliving the same hell day after day after day. It gets to you, you reach a point were you think if I gotta go through this fucking thing one more damn time I'm gonna snap."
Keith David: "Yeah, I've had shoots like that."
Homie Convo VP Gat
B e n K e i t h

Keith and King

Keith David: "Who would have thought it, huh Ben? The President, the VP and the Chief of Staff fighting aliens in a simulated city."
Ben King: "He, he. It's pretty damn crazy, Keith."
Keith David: "Hell, if someone wrote that in a book there isn't anyone in the world who'd read that shit."
Ben King: "Oh, shit."
Homie Convo VP King
K e i t h P i e r c e

Keith and Pierce

Pierce: "Look, we all know the Earth blowing up is some fucked up bullshit. But it's also an opportunity."
Keith David: "An opportunity?"
Pierce: "Listen, after we take down this Zinyak motherfucker we're gonna have his big-ass ship, right? That means we'll be exploring the galaxy, seeing new worlds."
Keith David: "If you need to find a bright side, I suppose that works."
Pierce: "New worlds, man. A clean slate. We can find a new planet. A new home and we build a new civilization based on respect and peace and the betterment of all mankind."
Keith David: "You realize any hospitable planet, one capable of sustaining human life will likely already be populated by an intelligent species. We can dream of a peaceful acceptance by the natives, but history tells a different story. In fact, I can't name a single instance of cultural commingling that didn't involve violence, subjugation and bloodshed."
Pierce: "Keith, why you gotta be a dream killer, man?"
Homie Convo VP Pierce
K e i t h R o d d y

Keith and Roddy

Roddy Piper: "That Kinzie chick told me something pretty interesting."
Keith David: "Oh yeah? She says a lot of crazy shit."
Roddy Piper: "She said that the simulations are based on the subjects worst nightmares."
Keith David: "Did she? That does sound interesting."
Roddy Piper: "So, I guess that would mean making a movie with me was your worst nightmare, huh?"
Keith David: "No, Roddy, it's not that at all. I loved working with you. But would I want to do that fight scene over again? Hell no!"
Roddy Piper: "Hahaha. Yeah, I did mess you up pretty bad."
Keith David: "Mess me up? You may recall I got a lot of good shots in there."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, but I won."
Keith David: "Because the script said you won."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, that's why."
Keith David: "You really wanna push this, really?"
Roddy Piper: "No, man. I already won once. I don't need to do it again."
Homie Convo VP Roddy
K e i t h S h a u n d i 3

Keith and Shaundi

Shaundi: "How you holding up, Keith? Things getting too crazy for you?"
Keith David: "Hehehe. I'm fine, Shaundi."
Shaundi: "I don't mean any disrespect. I mean, the Boss and I come from violent worlds, fighting in the streets is kinda what we do. You are an actor, a statesman."
Keith David: "Did I ever tell you about the time I choked a man to death with my bare hands?"
Shaundi: "Are you serious?"
Keith David: "I can still feel his pulse, beating against the palms of my hand, getting slower and softer, until nothing."
Shaundi: "Holy shit! What did he do to you?"
Keith David: "He used to be my agent."
Homie Convo VP Shaundi
B e n C I D

King and CID

Ben King: "So, why do they call you CID?"
CID: "Because this robotic orb my consciousness is inside is called a C.I.D., a Control and Interface Device."
Ben King: "Not very creative then."
CID: "Actually, I have heard groups of warriors such as ourselves often have someone named Cid who travels with them."
Ben King: "Oh, where have you heard that?"
CID: "From the last fantasy game I saw online."
Homie Convo King CID
B e n C y r u s

King and Cyrus

Cyrus: "I have to say, Mr. King, I'm a big fan."
Ben King: "Thank you."
Cyrus: "Your book, the story behind your rise and fall in the Vice Kings, the message it gives to those caught in the criminal lifestyle, it really moved me."
Ben King: "I'm glad it did."
Cyrus: "It was instrumental in pitching the STAG initiative to the brass, in fact you might say without you the Special Tactical Anti Gang unit wouldn't exist."
Ben King: "That's... great, yeah."
Homie Convo King Cyrus
B e n S h a u n d i 2

King and Fun Shaundi

Fun Shaundi: "So, you were some big hotshot gangster back in Stilwater?"
Ben King: "Please, I was more of a businessman with a... checkered past."
Fun Shaundi: "But you ran Kingdom Come Records, right? That's the label that put out all of Aisha's albums."
Ben King: "That's right."
Fun Shaundi: "Did it piss you off to find out she faked her death just to get out of her contract?"
Ben King: "Wait, what?"
Fun Shaundi: "Oh, um, forget I said anything. OK?"
Homie Convo King Shaundi SR2
B e n J o h n n y

King and Gat

Johnny Gat: "King."
Ben King: "How's the leg been?"
Johnny Gat: "Hurts like a bitch when it's gonna rain."
Ben King: "You know I'm sorry about that."
Johnny Gat: "Fuck it, wasn't you who did it."
Ben King: "Still."
Johnny Gat: "Well, thanks."
Homie Convo King Gat
B e n M a e r o

King and Maero

Ben King: "You wasted an opportunity."
Maero: "Excuse me?"
Ben King: "If you went 50-50 with the Saints, maybe your girl would still be alive."
Maero: "Watch yourself old man."
Ben King: "Don't get mad at me for telling the truth. The Saints didn't kill you, your greed did."
Homie Convo King Maero
B e n P i e r c e

King and Pierce

Pierce: "Hey, how that whole celebrity book signing go with you King? I mean you gotta love the fans, right?"
Ben King: "It went real good. It's amazing the lives I've changed just telling my story."
Pierce: "Ahaa, that's not quite..."
Ben King: "People don't realize what being in a gang takes from you. If I got even one kid off the street it was all worth it."
Pierce: "Right, but ahh..."
Ben King: "Though with the Earth gone now... I guess it was all for nothing."
Pierce: "Yeah, well, g-great talk Ben. Ahh, I'm gonna go. This was not the downer I was looking for."
Homie Convo King Pierce
B e n S h a u n d i 3

King and Shaundi

Ben King: "Seeing you and your younger self together reminds me just how much you've grown up from your early days in the Saints."
Shaundi: "You mean from the days of beer bongs and Loa Dust. Yeah, I had to give that up at some point."
Ben King: "There's always room to keep growing. No need to keep putting yourself in front of bullets day in and day out."
Shaundi: "Given our current situation, not seeing much of a choice right now."
Ben King: "Well not now of course. But in the future, take some time for yourself, for a family, for a safer life."
Shaundi: "'Cause I am totally family material. Out here in space, fighting for my life against an empire of aliens who want to kill us, yeah."
Ben King: "I'm not getting anywhere with this argument, am I?"
Shaundi: "Nope."
Homie Convo King Shaundi
C I D K i n z i e

Kinzie and CID

CID: "Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime, Kinzie?"
Kinzie: "Yeah, I'm sure."
CID: "It is just that I have been alone for so long and you and I have so much in common."
Kinzie: "CID, I've been doing this hacking thing for a long time, I can smell bullshit even through a monotone computery voice like yours."
CID: "Well damn."
Homie Convo Kinzie CID
J o h n n y K i n z i e

Kinzie and Johnny

Kinzie: "So, why didn't you try leading the Saints?"
Johnny Gat: "Didn't see the point."
Kinzie: "Well, you're pretty charismatic, you've been a part of the Saints longer than anyone, people don't like pissing you off and even Zinyak thought you were the biggest threat to him."
Johnny Gat: "I've done the planning part in the past and it's boring. I rather just get in there and get shit done. I find it's more fun that way."
Kinzie: "That's really not that different than how the Boss does things now."
Homie Convo Kinzie Johnny
J u l i u s K i n z i e

Kinzie and Julius

Kinzie: "Everyone keeps comparing you and Keith David, but I gotta be honest, I don't see any real similarity."
Julius: "Yeah? Me neither."
Kinzie: "I mean Keith David is an elder statesman and a classically trained actor. And you're a former gang leader with a propensity for violence."
Julius: "You realize your boss is a former gang leader with a propensity for violence too, right?"
Kinzie: "Exactly and nobody compares them to Keith David."
Homie Convo Kinzie Julius
K e i t h K i n z i e

Kinzie and Keith

Keith David: "I forgot to say it, but thanks for rescuing me."
Kinzie: "Oh, sure. No problem at all."
Keith David: "Though I have say I was surprised you came to the other side of the Zin ship to find me first. I would have thought that..."
Kinzie: "It was on the way!"
Keith David: "But you said you had to..."
Kinzie: "It. Was. On. The. Way."
Keith David: "Oh. Ohhh, right."
Homie Convo Kinzie VP
B e n K i n z i e

Kinzie and King

Ben King: "Kinzie, I have to say I don't know what the Saints would do without you."
Kinzie: "Why thank you, Mr. King."
Ben King: "I mean without we'd all still be trapped in those pod things."
Kinzie: "That's probably true."
Ben King: "I'm just glad you're better at this than as the Press Secretary."
Kinzie: "I know I am... wait, what?"
Homie Convo Kinzie King
K i n z i e P h i l l i p e

Kinzie and Phillipe

Kinzie: "So, why Matt Miller?"
Phillipe: "Pardon me?"
Kinzie: "Of all the hackers in the world you could have recruited for your little criminal fraternity, why a whiny brat like him?"
Phillipe: "Oh, believe me, I had several before him, though none could match his talent and creativity with his tasks. Plus, the addition of the Deckers to the Syndicate was a strong move."
Kinzie: "But he's so fucking annoying."
Phillipe: "Miss Kensington, are you jealous that I did not approach you with the offer?"
Kinzie: "Yes, I would have been ten times better."
Homie Convo Kinzie Phillipe
K i n z i e P i e r c e

Kinzie and Pierce

Kinzie: "So, you never told the boss about Paul?"
Pierce: "Quiet! No, I never did."
Kinzie: "Wait, you haven't told anybody, have you?"
Pierce: "No! And I'd like to keep it that way."
Kinzie: "But you've been having those dreams for years, I'm sure it's no big deal..."
Pierce: "Do you want me to tell everyone about what you kept in that locked drawer in your desk at the White House?"
Kinzie: "How do you... OK, I don't know anything about a Paul."
Pierce: "Yeah, thought so."
Homie Convo Kinzie Pierce
K i n z i e R o d d y

Kinzie and Roddy

Kinzie: "You were very forward thinking for your time, Roddy."
Roddy Piper: "I'm going to ignore that "your time" comment and just ask what do you mean?"
Kinzie: "Well, there you were, an icon of incredibly masculine pastime one signified by brutality and macho posturing, and the whole time you were sporting long hair and a skirt."
Roddy Piper: "It was a kilt, Kinzie. A kilt. And I was playing a character."
Kinzie: "Still, that was brave. You set an example for a lot of men who were questioning their own fashion choices and maybe even who they were inside."
Roddy Piper: "I never really thought of it that way, but, OK. Umm, thanks?"
Homie Convo Kinzie Roddy
K i n z i e S h a u n d i 3

Kinzie and Shaundi

Shaundi: "Do you really think there are enough people trapped on the Zin ship to keep the human race going?"
Kinzie: "Oh sure, even if 10% of the active pods are from Earth, that should be enough to sustain and repopulate a new planet. Well, eventually."
Shaundi: "Hold on. By repopulate you mean?"
Kinzie: "Yep."
Shaundi: "To hell with that!"
Kinzie: "Oh, I don't mean we help with that!"
Shaundi: "Oh, thank God!"
Homie Convo Kinzie Shaundi
K i n z i e T a n y a

Kinzie and Tanya

Tanya: "You know, you're kind of mousy, but you've got that sexy geek librarian thing down really well."
Kinzie: "Um, thank you?"
Tanya: "I'm just saying, at my old place in Stilwater you would have been a major draw."
Kinzie: "Wait, you ran a brothel in Stilwater, didn't you?"
Tanya: "I'm kinda thinking Steelport could use one too. So, what do you say?"
Kinzie: "Teacup! Tea! Cup!"
Homie Convo Kinzie Tanya
K i n z i e V e t e r a n C h i l d

Kinzie and Veteran Child

Veteran Child: "So, I hear you're really good with computers and stuff."
Kinzie: "And I hear you're really good with using girlfriends as human shields."
Veteran Child: "Hey, woah. Let's just chill on that. I made amends, Shaundi and I are good now."
Kinzie: "Really, because the Shaundi I know really isn't the forgive and forget type."
Veteran Child: "Yeah, she was so much cooler back in the day."
Kinzie: "I guess being taken hostage really changes you."
Homie Convo Kinzie DJVC
A s h a M a e r o

Maero and Asha

Asha: "I had an informant like you back in London, big guy, tough, covered in all sorts of body work. Used to demand payment in new ink."
Maero: "Not a bad idea, whatever happened to him?"
Asha: "He ended getting killed when he tattooed the number for the police department's tip hotline to the back of his hand."
Homie Convo Maero Asha
C I D M a e r o

Maero and CID

CID: "Why do humans see the need to permanently mark their body with ink?"
Maero: "Why do robots see the need to ask such stupid pointless questions."
CID: "That was unkind."
Homie Convo Maero CID
C y r u s M a e r o

Maero and Cyrus

Maero: "So you really thought you could bring down the Saints with your little army?"
Cyrus: "Of course, STAG was trained for dealing with gang violence, we had the best high-tech weaponry available at the time."
Maero: "Yet you still failed."
Cyrus: "If the government had approved more extreme measures earlier, there would have been no question of our success."
Maero: "You simply don't get it, you had no chance, ever."
Homie Convo Maero Cyrus
K e i t h M a e r o

Maero and Keith

Keith David: "You know it's funny, the President never mentioned you to me."
Maero: "I doubt there's much thought given to the people who've been killed by the Saints."
Keith David: "Well, I've heard all about Phillipe Loren, William Sharp and his nephew, and that Mr. Sunshine fellow."
Maero: "You heard about that psychotic witchdoctor before me?"
Keith David: "Oh, and about some mechanic named Donnie."
Maero: "Are you fucking kidding me!?"
Homie Convo Maero Keith
K i n z i e M a e r o

Maero and Kinzie

Kinzie: "Interesting artwork."
Maero: "Thank you."
Kinzie: "Is there any one that's your favorite?"
Maero: "They all have meaning to me."
Kinzie: "Kinda a cliché answer."
Maero: "Kind of a cliché conversation."
Kinzie: "Good point. I'll be quiet now."
Homie Convo Maero Kinzie
M a e r o M a t t

Maero and Matt

Maero: "You know, I had a best friend named Matt once."
Matt Miller: "Oh really? What was he like?"
Maero: "Good guy, good guitarist, great tattoo artist."
Matt Miller: "Sounds like a good man. What happened to him?"
Maero: "The Saints lit his hand and arm on fire."
Matt Miller: "I knew this had a bad ending."
Homie Convo Maero Matt
M a e r o P h i l l i p e

Maero and Phillipe

Phillipe: "You remind me a little of a former associate of mine."
Maero: "I hope for your sake that's a compliment."
Phillipe: "Tell me, Monsieur Maero, have you ever considered masked wrestling?"
Maero: "Well, I don't like... wait, what?"
Homie Convo Maero Phillipe
M a e r o R o d d y

Maero and Roddy

Maero: "Roddy, you think you could teach me a few of your best moves?"
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, I could. But only if you're willing to put in the full dedication needed."
Maero: "No kilts."
Roddy Piper: "Sorry, man. Can't help you then."
Homie Convo Maero Roddy
A s h a M a t t

Matt and Asha

Asha: "How are you enjoying the field work, Matt?"
Matt Miller: "To be honest I'd rather coordinate efforts from a safe distance. Mastermind is more my speed."
Asha: "Come on now, you have to admit there's an allure to being in the middle of the action."
Matt Miller: "An allure? Is it spy-code for dirt, blood, fire, nausea and the insufferable blatherings of monosyllabic enemies that all look alike?"
Asha: "Yes."
Matt Miller: "Well then, yes it does have an allure."
Homie Convo Matt Asha
C I D M a t t

Matt and CID

CID: "By the way, Matt, I finished retrieving your data from the satellite backup like you asked."
Matt Miller: "Oh. Good."
CID: "I took the liberty of partitioning one of the drives on The Ship and putting the data there for easy retrieval."
Matt Miller: "You did what!?"
CID: "I also informed Kinzie that I sequestered 1.4 terabytes of onboard storage for the task and asked that she check the data for infection and completeness."
Matt Miller: "You told Kinzie?"
CID: "Yes, Ms. Kensington made it very clear to me that she should be informed of anything related to the ship."
Matt Miller: "You told Kinzie!"
CID: "You sound distressed, I would not worry. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, I imagine Ms. Kensington has already seen herself naked."
Matt Miller: "Shit."
Homie Convo Matt CID
M a t t S h a u n d i 2

Matt and Fun Shaundi

Fun Shaundi: "Wow, so I hear you're like a super smart hacker."
Matt Miller: "Oh, you heard right. Yes, I am of a sophisticated intellect."
Fun Shaundi: "But you're way more chill than Kinzie, she's kinda high-strung."
Matt Miller: "Perhaps I'm more confidant in my abilities."
Fun Shaundi: "You're also kinda cute."
Matt Miller: "Oh! Well, thank you."
Fun Shaundi: "And you have that cute accent. What are you doing after this? You wanna smoke a bulb? Maybe see where things go?"
Matt Miller: "I... don't think older you would appreciate that very much."
Fun Shaundi: "She doesn't have to know."
Matt Miller: "But she would. Older Shaundi knows everything."
Homie Convo Matt Shaundi SR2
J o h n n y M a t t

Matt and Gat

Matt Miller: "If you don't mind me saying so Johnny, you're not nearly the psychopathic killing machine I was led to believe."
Johnny Gat: "Oh, yeah? I guess I'll take that as a compliment."
Matt Miller: "In fact I think I get you. Power at any cost, ultimate control, absolute loyalty to yourself. You and I share that, Johnny."
Johnny Gat: "All right, yeah. You know you're not so bad, Miller."
Matt Miller: "We're like brothers."
Homie Convo Matt Gat
K e i t h M a t t

Matt and Keith

Matt Miller: "I'm a big fan of your work, Mr. David."
Keith David: "We're fighting side by side, Matt. Please, call me Keith."
Matt Miller: "I can't say I've seen everything, but definitely all the big stuff. Which would you say is your favorite role?"
Keith David: "I'd say my favorite role is that of the Vice President of the United States."
Matt Miller: "Really? Which movie was that?"
Keith David: "Real life, Matt."
Matt Miller: "Oh God! You're one of those."
Homie Convo Matt VP
B e n M a t t

Matt and King

Matt Miller: "I can't imagine what it must be like for a distinguished gentleman such as yourself to be brought back into the street gang."
Ben King: "Actually, I don't mind stretching my legs a bit. Things are different now, of course, because we're avenging the Earth."
Matt Miller: "True, I imagine it was much worse when you were just a thug trying to make a name for yourself in a world of crime and vice."
Ben King: "A thug? Are you saying that I was just a thug back in Stilwater?"
Matt Miller: "Oh, no. Of course not, I-I just mean, you know that poverty and drugs and the ever widening gulf between the upper and lower economic classes and hip-hop culture."
Ben King: "You really wanna shut your mouth now, son."
Matt Miller: "Yes, Mr. King."
Homie Convo Matt King
K i n z i e M a t t

Matt and Kinzie

Kinzie: "In case I hadn't said it yet, Matt, you're doing a fine job."
Matt Miller: "Thank you, Kinzie. That's very big of you."
Kinzie: "You know, I originally thought you running home to England in exchange for amnesty and a job with MI6 was cowardice, but you helped quite a bit with the Cyrus Temple mission."
Matt Miller: "Yes I did, and you did a fine job of keeping everything together after the Earth blew up, until I could be retrieved to take over."
Kinzie: "Oh Matt, you were so close."
Homie Convo Matt Kinzie
M a t t P i e r c e

Matt and Pierce

Matt Miller: "Of all the Saints, Pierce, I admit I feel the most direct kinship with you."
Pierce: "[Sarcastically] Why? Because we're both British?"
Matt Miller: "We're outcasts, you and I. Strangers even amongst peers."
Pierce: "[Sarcastically] Yeah. I guess, Matt."
Matt Miller: "Tough to hear Shaundi tell it, she doesn't consider you much of a peer at all."
Pierce: "She what? Dammit, I knew she felt that way."
Homie Convo Matt Pierce
M a t t R o d d y

Matt and Roddy

Matt Miller: "This is... probably a strange time to mention it, but you were one of the best bad guys in wrestling history."
Roddy Piper: "Oh well, that's very kind of you to say."
Matt Miller: "You were probably my favorite wrestler of all time."
Roddy Piper: "Thank you."
Matt Miller: "I even had one of your action figures, I had another of myself too, homemade, not professional of course. I'd pretend we were tag team partners and we'd obliterate our opponents with devastating moves."
Roddy Piper: "Oh yeah?"
Matt Miller: "As our co-op finisher you would throw me over your head and I'd land on the opponent and deliver a massive suplex in midair. Then you and I would go have a tea-party with Mr. Fluffykins and Penelope Rabbit."
Roddy Piper: "I'm gonna be over here, kid."
Homie Convo Matt Roddy
M a t t S h a u n d i 3

Matt and Shaundi

Matt Miller: "Who would have thought, eh? You and me fighting side by side."
Shaundi: "Certainly not me."
Matt Miller: "But it's good. Your brawn and my brains, your sass and my good looks, we're like a buddy cop show."
Shaundi: "The one where the pissed off ex-gang member gets a dog for a partner so she straps it to the roof of the cop car and drives down the freeway at 131 miles per hour?"
Matt Miller: "That's not a real show."
Homie Convo Matt Shaundi
A s h a P h i l l i p e

Phillipe and Asha

Asha: "You know, I almost had you in Cairo, a year before you were killed by the Saints."
Phillipe: "Please, Miss Odekar, you think I didn't know that you were in the city at that time? I find that rather insulting."
Asha: "There's no way you could have known that information, my cover was flawless."
Phillipe: "You never did give my people enough credit, Asha."
Asha: "Like anyone working for you could have... oh, wait, Matt?!"
Homie Convo Phillipe Asha
J u l i u s P h i l l i p e

Phillipe and Julius

Julius: "So what did the Syndicate want with Stilwater anyway?"
Phillipe: "With the increased corporate businesses in the city, it was a natural area to expand into."
Julius: "You mean Ultor."
Phillipe: "Indeed. My organisation had long-standing business deals with them, which made the prospect more appealing."
Julius: "But the Saints ended up owning Ultor."
Phillipe: "The media division, perhaps. But to think Ultor did not have other agendas is somewhat naïve, don't you think?"
Julius: "Well, shit."
Homie Convo Phillipe Julius
K e i t h P h i l l i p e

Phillipe and Keith

Keith David: "So you're the one I have to thank."
Phillipe: "I'm not sure what you mean."
Keith David: "Well if you hadn't opened that bank in Stilwater, then the Saints would have still been focused on their celebrity. Your little stunt spurred them into action, causing the chain of events that led them to the White House. Leading me to become Vice President along the way."
Phillipe: "Well, that's quite a theory you have there, Monsieur David."
Keith David: "I call it how I see it, so thank you."
Phillipe: "You're... welcome."
Homie Convo Phillipe Keith
B e n P h i l l i p e

Phillipe and King

Ben King: "You know, I was like you once, I thought I could take down the Saints and carry on with business as usual."
Phillipe: "Is that so?"
Ben King: "But if there's one thing I learned, it's that the Saints can't be stopped. I watched them take down gang after gang in Stilwater, and nothing, not even the Ultor Corporation could put them in the ground."
Phillipe: "Perhaps it would have been more useful if your book warned against going toe-to-toe with the Saints instead of spouting all that propaganda about the dangers of organised crime."
Ben King: "You know, that wouldn't have been a bad idea."
Phillipe: "Unbelievable."
Homie Convo Phillipe King
M a t t P h i l l i p e

Phillipe and Matt

Matt Miller: "It's nice to see you again, Mr. Loren."
Phillipe: "Please, Matt, call me Phillipe."
Matt Miller: "Really? Oh, all right then. It's nice to get to talk to you on a more personal level."
Phillipe: "I like that idea very much, I even have a topic for us."
Matt Miller: "Oh? What might that be?"
Phillipe: "Tell me what happened to Kiki and Viola."
Matt Miller: "On second thought, I have enough friends."
Homie Convo Phillipe Matt
P h i l l i p e S h a u n d i 3

Phillipe and Shaundi

Phillipe: "Hello again, my-"
Shaundi: "Fuck off."
Homie Convo Phillipe Shaundi
P h i l l i p e T a n y a

Phillipe and Tanya

Phillipe: "You almost remind me of my former assistants, Viola and Kiki."
Tanya: "Almost?"
Phillipe: "Well, they actually had a measure of intelligence"
Tanya: "Fuck you."
Homie Convo Phillipe Tanya
P h i l l i p e V e t e r a n C h i l d

Phillipe and Veteran Child

Veteran Child: "Hey, if you ever get back into the whole criminal thing again, I can totally get you the hookup for good product."
Phillipe: "Product?"
Veteran Child: "Yeah, you know, Loa Dust, high quality weed, probably some of that sweet alien shit my ex found. Just saying, I'm your man."
Phillipe: "I'll, uh, keep that in mind."
Veteran Child: "You don't employ any crazy dudes with Machetes do you?"
Homie Convo Phillipe DJVC
C I D P i e r c e

Pierce and CID

CID: "Do I make you uncomfortable? If so, I apologize."
Pierce: "What? No, no. Why would you?"
CID: "You are always backing away from me and giving sideways glances as if I am contagious."
Pierce: "Me? No, you must be imagining things CID. Nah, we cool."
CID: "I am glad to hear that. I was hoping I could recharge in your room for a short time."
Pierce: "Wait, what?"
Homie Convo Pierce CID
C y r u s P i e r c e

Pierce and Cyrus

Cyrus: "Look Pierce, could you talk to Shaundi for me?"
Pierce: "Why the hell would I do that?"
Cyrus: "She won't let me apologize for what happened back in Steelport."
Pierce: "You mean for having your attack dog kidnap her and throw her in the brig? Ya think?"
Cyrus: "Well, yeah."
Pierce: "Hell no, man, you're on your own."
Homie Convo Pierce Cyrus
P i e r c e S h a u n d i 2

Pierce and Fun Shaundi

Pierce: "Hahaha! Hey Shaundi, you remember the time when we..."
Fun Shaundi: "When we found that stash of weed I hid under the couch cushions of the crib in Stilwater, smoked the whole bag, then thought it would be a fun to get into a fistfight with Johnny?"
Pierce: "What? No, just ahh..."
Fun Shaundi: "I know, good times."
Pierce: "Dammit, girl."
Homie Convo Pierce Shaundi SR2
J o h n n y P i e r c e

Pierce and Gat

Johnny Gat: "So, Shaundi's still giving you shit?"
Pierce: "Every chance she gets. I swear man, I don't know what I did to piss that girl off."
Johnny Gat: "Man, you didn't do a damn thing. It's just her way of showing affection."
Pierce: "Oh, is that what you call it."
Johnny Gat: "You know, you're like a brother to her, Pierce. Always have been, believe me. She looks up to you more than you know."
Pierce: "Wow, no shit? Huh, I guess maybe that makes sense. I mean, I always thought of her like a little sister, after all."
Johnny Gat: "Then again, what the hell do I know. I've been stuck up on this damn ship for years."
Pierce: "And I was just beginning to feel better about it. Thank you, Johnny."
Homie Convo Pierce Gat
J u l i u s P i e r c e

Pierce and Julius

Julius: "So you're the playa's right-hand man. How's that working out for you?"
Pierce: "The Saints were on top of the world, I was an international celebrity and I was on the President's staff. Pff, I can't complain."
Julius: "You do know the Earth blew up and now none of that matters. And it's all the playa's fault."
Pierce: "Wha? Sure, things end up a little over the top sometimes but you can't blame what happened to the Earth on the boss."
Julius: "If the Saints weren't so damn destructive and stubborn, we wouldn't be in this position to begin with."
Pierce: "If the Saints weren't how we are then, the human race wouldn't have anyone trying to save them right now. Sorry man, but you gotta let that shit go."
Homie Convo Pierce Julius
M a e r o P i e r c e

Pierce and Maero

Pierce: "Uhh, how are those tattoos coming along?"
Maero: "Oh that's funny. Coming from the people who scarred my face."
Pierce: "Shit, I was just trying to be nice, man."
Maero: "Well maybe it's the radioactive ink talking then, but I'm not looking to make friends here."
Pierce: "Ok, I got the hint. Jesus."
Homie Convo Pierce Maero
P h i l l i p e P i e r c e

Pierce and Phillipe

Phillipe: "How's business for the Saints?"
Pierce: "Got nothing to say to you."
Phillipe: "What's past is past. Johnny Gat is alive, and I am actually dead. Can't we at least be civil?"
Pierce: "Well, I don't know, do we have another giant-ass ball we can drop on you again?"
Homie Convo Pierce Phillipe
P i e r c e S h a u n d i 3

Pierce and Shaundi

Pierce: "So, we went from Stilwater to Steelport to the White House, and now we're on an alien ship, floating in space, hooking our minds into some computer-generated virtual simulation?"
Shaundi: "That about sums it up. Yeah."
Pierce: "Shi, haa, right."
Shaundi: "You think you've gone crazy, don't you?"
Pierce: "Yeah, pretty much."
Homie Convo Pierce Shaundi
P i e r c e V e t e r a n C h i l d

Pierce and Veteran Child

Pierce: "You know, I'm a pretty popular singer now."
Veteran Child: "That's... nice."
Pierce: "I was thinking we can hang some time. I'll let you hear some of my tracks."
Veteran Child: "Why are you talking to me? Did you forget what happened between me and Shaundi or something?"
Pierce: "Oh that? Shit bitch, she's killed you like fifty times for it since we've been here. Think it's gotta be water under the bridge now, right?"
Veteran Child: "Do you even know her?"
Homie Convo Pierce DJVC
C I D R o d d y

Roddy and CID

CID: "I have been watching footage of your old fighting matches, Mr. Piper."
Roddy Piper: "We called it wrestling, CID."
CID: "Whatever, it was very similar to an exhibition sport I invented on my home-world."
Roddy Piper: "Oh yeah, ha! Funny how two completely different worlds can create things that are so similar."
CID: "Yes, I am sure it was completely coincidental. You will be hearing from my attorneys, Mr. Piper."
Homie Convo Roddy CID
J o h n n y R o d d y

Roddy and Gat

Johnny Gat: "It's nice to see a celebrity who can handle a gun, seems most of them can barely land a punch."
Roddy Piper: "Yeah, I suppose you've met a lot of celebrities, huh?"
Johnny Gat: "Ehh, none that I've been impressed with."
Roddy Piper: "I hear you brother, no shit."
Homie Convo Roddy Gat
B e n R o d d y

Roddy and King

Roddy Piper: "You're the same Ben King who wrote Regicide, right?"
Ben King: "That's right, based on my life. Did you read it?"
Roddy Piper: "Nah, saw the movie, though, it was good."
Ben King: "Well, thank you."
Roddy Piper: "Guy who played you sounds nothing like you, though."
Homie Convo Roddy King
P i e r c e R o d d y

Roddy and Pierce

Pierce: "Pretty crazy shit going on, huh Roddy?"
Roddy Piper: "Ah, you ain't kidding. I'm not sure if I really am Roddy Piper or just a figment of Keith David's imagination."
Pierce: "You know what? Yeah, man. That's exactly how I feel sometimes. Am I dreaming of Saints Flow or is Saints Flow dreaming of me?"
Roddy Piper: "Saints Flow? Isn't that a drink? How can a drink be dreaming of anything?"
Pierce: "Paul is more powerful than you can imagine."
Roddy Piper: "Paul? Who the fuck's Paul?"
Pierce: "Who isn't Paul?"
Homie Convo Roddy Pierce
C I D S h a u n d i 3

Shaundi and CID

CID: "Why did you cut your hair?"
Shaundi: "What? I didn't."
CID: "The other Shaundi's hair is longer and has much more personality. Why did you change it?"
Shaundi: "Are you saying I don't have personality?"
CID: "I did not mean to..."
Shaundi: "Cool it, CID. I'm just fucking with you. To be honest, sometimes I miss the dreads, they were a hell of a lot easier to maintain."
Homie Convo Shaundi CID
C y r u s S h a u n d i 3

Shaundi and Cyrus

Cyrus: "Shaundi, I..."
Shaundi: "Oh no! Don't even speak to me. You don't get that right."
Cyrus: "But..."
Shaundi: "Open your mouth again and you'll be singing falsetto permanently."
Homie Convo Shaundi Cyrus
S h a u n d i 3 S h a u n d i 2

Shaundi and Fun Shaundi

Fun Shaundi: "So, you remember that time we had at the North Pier with..."
Shaundi: "Randall and Jackie, yeah. What he did..."
Fun Shaundi: "With those fireworks, that was crazy. And those..."
Shaundi: "Fuzzy handcuffs, I never thought he was gonna get them off that sailor."
Fun Shaundi: "I know. Man, those were good times."
Homie Convo Shaundi Shaundi SR2
J o h n n y S h a u n d i 3

Shaundi and Gat

Johnny Gat: "Yo, Shaundi. So, how's it been?"
Shaundi: "Fine. Just fine."
Johnny Gat: "Ahh, you're not very convincing, you know?"
Shaundi: "Well, what did you expect? I thought I listened to you die. I thought that if we'd only gone back for you we could've stopped it."
Johnny Gat: "Woah, woah, woah, hold up. I'm right here, I didn't die, and besides, that wouldn't have been on you."
Shaundi: "That doesn't change what it's been like for me all these years. I really thought I'd lost you."
Johnny Gat: "Yo, Shaundi look. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But, I'm here now. Alive and kicking! That counts for something, right?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, but I just can't go through that again."
Johnny Gat: "Shaundi, don't worry. You won't have to, I promise."
Shaundi: "Thanks, Johnny."
Homie Convo Shaundi Gat
M a e r o S h a u n d i 3

Shaundi and Maero

Shaundi: "I'd say sorry about Jessica, but that bitch nearly ran me over with her car."
Maero: "What?"
Homie Convo Shaundi Maero
R o d d y S h a u n d i 3

Shaundi and Roddy

Shaundi: "You know, we took on a whole gang of maniacal wrestlers in masks years ago."
Roddy Piper: "A gang of masked... Wait, are you talking about Killbane's crew?"
Shaundi: "You know him?"
Roddy Piper: "That asshole? He cost me a title shot 20 years ago. Cheap shotted me outside a gas-station in Pittsburgh, screwed up my neck for months. I've been looking for that fucker for years."
Shaundi: "Oh, well. He's dead now."
Homie Convo Shaundi Roddy
A s h a T a n y a

Tanya and Asha

Asha: "I heard you ran the Vice Kings for a bit, that right?"
Tanya: "Longer than just a bit, yeah. Took the reigns after I pushed out Ben King."
Asha: "Ahh, it takes a strong soul to stand up to Benjamin. Huh, you seem to me more than your hooker getup suggests."
Tanya: "Hey!"
Asha: "No offense intended, I'm just used to more conservative fashion, I guess."
Tanya: "Oh, yeah. I-I can see that."
Asha: "But you do look completely like a hooker."
Homie Convo Tanya Asha
C I D T a n y a

Tanya and CID

CID: "How do you manage the logistics of your brothel houses?"
Tanya: "It's really quite simple, if a room is empty, send the next customer in."
CID: "You do not care what sort of proclivities each of your girls or your patrons have?"
Tanya: "Look, sex is sex. What do I care if any of them would rather have something specific, as long as I get paid."
CID: "You are a terrible mistress and should be ashamed."
Homie Convo Tanya CID
C y r u s T a n y a

Tanya and Cyrus

Cyrus: "'Cough' Tanya, isn't it?"
Tanya: "Yeah, what'd you need?"
Cyrus: "I was wondering ahh... what your rates are?"
Tanya: "Pardon?"
Cyrus: "Your rates. I was curious what they are."
Tanya: "My rates!? I run the business, not work in it."
Cyrus: "Oh! Ah, terribly sorry. It's just, well, look at you."
Homie Convo Tanya Cyrus
S h a u n d i 2 T a n y a

Tanya and Fun Shaundi

Fun Shaundi: "I like your shoes."
Tanya: "Yeah, they're pretty nice, I guess."
Fun Shaundi: "And the skirt, looks good on you."
Tanya: "Umm, thanks."
Fun Shaundi: "Ya got anything to eat? I'm starving."
Tanya: "Damn stoners."
Homie Convo Tanya Shaundi SR2
J o h n n y T a n y a

Tanya and Gat

Johnny Gat: "Hey, I'm sorry about Big Tony, but you know, that was business."
Tanya: "Oh, don't worry about that. It's in the past."
Johnny Gat: "Right."
Tanya: "I'm just saying I'm willing to forgive and forget if you are, honey."
Johnny Gat: "Tanya."
Tanya: "Yeah, baby?"
Johnny Gat: "You ain't getting close enough to shank me."
Tanya: "Damn."
Homie Convo Tanya Gat
K e i t h T a n y a

Tanya and Keith

Tanya: "God, I can't believe I'm fighting on the side of the Saints."
Keith David: "I can't believe I'm fighting at all. This whole thing is insane. Heh, I wanted to be a statesman."
Tanya: "This whole invasion thing has fucked up everything. You know?"
Keith David: "It sure has. But, wait. Wait, wait. Didn't you die years ago?"
Tanya: "God, don't remind me."
Homie Convo Tanya Keith
B e n T a n y a

Tanya and King

Tanya: "So, umm, Ben."
Ben King: "Look, Tanya, what's done is done. We've had our beef and shit got settled, multiple times in fact. What you did back in Stilwater, I'm over it."
Tanya: "Wow, that's really big of you, Ben."
Ben King: "But you step out of line just once and I'll find an even bigger building to drop your ass from."
Homie Convo Tanya King
M a e r o T a n y a

Tanya and Maero

Tanya: "Just how much of your body is tattooed?"
Maero: "A lot."
Tanya: "What hurt the most to get?"
Maero: "The one I got after the Saints killed Jessica."
Tanya: "Oh. Umm. So ah, I'll shut up now."
Maero: "A very good idea."
Homie Convo Tanya Maero
M a t t T a n y a

Tanya and Matt

Tanya: "You're from Steelport, right?"
Matt Miller: "Not originally, but yes, I spent some time there."
Tanya: "I heard it's a nice place. I thought about setting up an expansion of my business there once."
Matt Miller: "Really? And that type of business was this?"
Tanya: "Oh, you know. Prostitution, mostly."
Matt Miller: "Oh."
Tanya: "Any chance you might be looking for a good time?"
Matt Miller: "No, thank you, ma'am."
Homie Convo Tanya Matt
P i e r c e T a n y a

Tanya and Pierce

Pierce: "Hey, girl."
Tanya: "Hey. Wait a minute, are you Pierce Washington?"
Pierce: "The one and only."
Tanya: "Listen, I'm a huge fan. Would you mind if I picked your brain sometime?"
Pierce: "Psth, anytime, girl. You wanna ask me something now?"
Tanya: "Streets are so noisy, I figure we could go some place more quiet. Maybe my place at nine. You bring the wine, I'll bring... my questions."
Pierce: "What wine do you like?"
Tanya: "Anything, but Malbec. Two glasses of that and I just can't control myself."
Pierce: "Well, Malbec it is. See ya at nine."
Tanya: "Ha. Too easy."
Homie Convo Tanya Pierce
R o d d y T a n y a

Tanya and Roddy

Tanya: "God, finally! I'm working with someone I can respect. Man, I loved you as a bad guy back in the day."
Roddy Piper: "Well, thank you. Yeah, playing the bad guy is a lot of fun, you know?"
Tanya: "Then you became a good guy and I was like what the hell. I want old Roddy back, bad Roddy."
Roddy Piper: "Well you know, it's business. I had a lot of fun being a good guy, too."
Tanya: "Whatever, being the bad guy is so much better."
Homie Convo Tanya Roddy
S h a u n d i 3 T a n y a

Tanya and Shaundi

Shaundi: "God! I don't know why the Boss calls in you people for help. I mean, what the hell."
Tanya: "You people? Look, just because I was on the opposing side doesn't mean I'm some lesser being."
Shaundi: "No, but turning people into sex slaves and trying to turn humanity's last stand into a playground for your own profit, sure do go a long way. Don't you think?"
Tanya: "Yeah, I am pretty awesome."
Homie Convo Tanya Shaundi
A s h a V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Asha

Asha: "I find it very interesting the diversity of the foes that the Saints have faced."
Veteran Child: "Diversity of foes?"
Asha: "Sure, from what I heard, the Saints have gone up against satanists, masked wrestlers, sinister aristocrats, and apparently some pissed off Rastafarians."
Veteran Child: "I was a member of a voodoo gang. Thank you very much."
Asha: "Ha, and because that's so much better."
Homie Convo DJVC Asha
C I D V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and CID

Veteran Child: "So can you play music or anything useful?"
CID: "Yes, I have quite a large library of music from your world."
Veteran Child: "Anything by the Feed Dogs?"
CID: "Yes."
Veteran Child: "Let's hear it, you pick."
CID: "No."
Veteran Child: "I thought you were some kind of servant robot, so come on, play something."
CID: "The only time I serve anyone is if I get paid, but for Fun Shaundi's ex, I will make an exception and just say piss off."
Homie Convo DJVC CID
C y r u s V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Cyrus

Cyrus: "Is there any way I can get an autograph some time?"
Veteran Child: "From me? Sure thing. Were you a fan of my show?"
Cyrus: "Oh no, I never heard it before. My niece was the one who loved it. Personally, I hate hippy bullshit."
Veteran Child: "Well, thanks."
Homie Convo DJVC Cyrus
K e i t h V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Keith

Veteran Child: "God, you remind me so much of..."
Keith David: "Oh, not this again. Look, I get it. I remind you of Julius. Yes, yes, yes. I remind everyone of Julius."
Veteran Child: "Julius? No, no, no. I was gonna say you remind me of that actor."
Keith David: "Oh. Well, I am that actor."
Veteran Child: "You, woah, this is trippy. I can't believe I'm hanging out with the guy from that Ghost Busting movie."
Keith David: "No, that's... ahhh. Never mind."
Homie Convo DJVC Keith
B e n V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and King

Veteran Child: "Hey, been meaning to tell you that I read your book, it's really good."
Ben King: "Thank you very much."
Veteran Child: "No, thank you. You're like an empire god, you know all the tricks. I learned a lot. That's how I built a legion of loyal followers."
Ben King: "I think the addictive properties of Loa Dust started things for that."
Veteran Child: "That hurts man. I was talking about the dedicated listeners to my show on GenX FM."
Ben King: "Oh. Heh. Sorry about that. I keep forgetting you're an actual DJ."
Homie Convo DJVC King
M a e r o V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Maero

Veteran Child: "Jessica like that gift I sent over?"
Maero: "She did. Though how did you find it?"
Veteran Child: "Had to pull a few strings to get the whole set. But, I have my connections."
Maero: "You know someone who deals in tiny plastic toy ponies?"
Veteran Child: "Gee, you'd be surprised what people collect from their childhood."
Homie Convo DJVC Maero
M a t t V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Matt

Veteran Child: "Pretty crazy, huh? The Saints bringing back us bad guys to help em out."
Matt Miller: "I'm actually not a bad guy anymore, I've worked with the Saints before."
Veteran Child: "Wait, I thought I heard you were the head of the gang, right? And you tried to take out the Saints back in Steelport?"
Matt Miller: "Yes, that's right. But I'm reformed. The Saints beat me and I went back to England, joined MI6 and all that."
Veteran Child: "The Saints beat you and let you leave? They let you live?"
Matt Miller: "Yes?"
Veteran Child: "What the hell. This is bullshit, man."
Homie Convo DJVC Matt
R o d d y V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Roddy

Veteran Child: "A kilt, huh? Heh, heh. That's a bold choice."
Roddy Piper: "Oh really?"
Veteran Child: "It's just, you know, it's a skirt. Not exactly the manliest outfit, especially for taking alien hordes in a crime-ridden city."
Roddy Piper: "Look, man, it's part of my heritage, and I'm proud of it. I've had bigger men than you take cracks at me for wearing these colors and I've taken every single one of them to the mat. Just because we're not in the ring doesn't mean I won't lay your ass out. You know what I wear under my kilt? Your girlfriend's lipstick. We clear?"
Veteran Child: "Yes, sir."
Homie Convo DJVC Roddy
S h a u n d i 3 V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Shaundi

Veteran Child: "I gotta say, Shaundi, you're looking really good."
Shaundi: "Don't you fucking talk to me."
Veteran Child: "Come on, if we're gonna work together, you have to get over..."
Shaundi: "Get over what?! That you tried to kill my friends, that you used me as a Human Shield, or that you threw my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire?"
Veteran Child: "Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible. I can't believe you ever liked..."
Shaundi: "IT WAS A LIMITED EDITION! We're not talking anymore."
Homie Convo DJVC Shaundi
T a n y a V e t e r a n C h i l d

Veteran Child and Tanya

Tanya: "You're from Stilwater, right? So am I."
Veteran Child: "Yeah, yeah. I've heard of you. You used to run the prostitution ring there, right?"
Tanya: "Among other things, yes. I also ran the Vice Kings."
Veteran Child: "Really? Nice. Something about power makes a woman really sexy."
Tanya: "You know, maybe after we're done, here you and me should talk some more."
Veteran Child: "I suppose Shaundi told you about the time I tried to get her take a bullet for me."
Tanya: "Ehh. I've had guys do worse."
Homie Convo DJVC Tanya


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