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"Homeland Security" is the third mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

Alright, let's split up, the Row's a big place, and we gotta make sure we smoke all those muthafuckas.
Homeland Security audio
Dex to The Protagonist, after learning of the Carnales' attack on Saint's Row.


Dex is about to reveal his plan on attacking Los Carnales' main drug plant to The Protagonist at the church when a 3rd Street Saints gang member reveals the Carnales have launched an attack on the 3rd Street Saints, led by Angelo Lopez and Victor Rodriguez. Lopez and Rodriguez have left, but the Carnales are still attacking the Row, so The Protagonist leaves to defend it.[1]

After successfully defending it, the Row is safe and once again under control by the 3rd Street Saints.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Dex was about to explain his plan when Los Carnales, led by Victor Rodriguez and Angelo Lopez, Hector's younger brother, launched a brutal surprise retaliation against the Row. Although the leaders of the raid escaped, you managed to take out the invading Carnales and defend the Saints' home turf.


Homeland Security - Carnales under train station

Gameplay from the mission.

Kill all Carnales invaders[2]

There are 16 Carnales lieutenants to kill across the Saint's Row District, and the ojective in this mission is to simply kill them in whatever way they wish.

Stocking up on weapons and ammunition at Friendly Fire before this mission starts is a good idea, as aside from the lieutenants, there are also hostile Carnales gang members littering the streets. Buying food at Freckle Bitch's and recruiting homies is also recommended, but as always, not necessary.

The only challenge here is that one of the gang members in the southeastern-most section of Mission Beach wields an RPG Launcher which can kill instantly. Dying restarts the mission from the very beginning.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, or leaving Saint's Row for too long.[3]



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SR1 News Shared 0044 Prank Call
Jack Armstrong: "Jack Armstrong here in the newsroom. This just in: Stilwater police have just cordoned off the Saint's Row area of town and are warning the public to stay away, citing the warring factions of gang members engaged in today's outright carnage. Reports indicate that two rival gangs, Los Carnales and the 3rd Street Saints, are, as we speak, engaged in open warfare. On the news tip line with us is Saint's Row resident and news tipster, Juan Chinga Mi Madre. Am I pronouncing that right, Juan?"
Juan: "How did you pronounce my last name?"
Jack Armstrong: ""Chinga Mi Madre".[4]"
Juan: "Ah, perfect, hombre.[5]"
Jack Armstrong: "Tell us, what are you seeing as you look out the window of su casa?[6]"
Juan: "Well, it's quietened down a bit now, y'know, I don't see - oh, wait, oh dios mio![7]"
Jack Armstrong: "What? What is it? What do you see? Juan, what do you see?"
Juan: "Er, it's an, erm... it's a great big ass!"
Jack Armstrong: "I'm sorry?"
Juan: "Your ass, man."
Jack Armstrong: "Excuse me?"
Juan: "You big ass. You suck, dude! Suck! Suck! Suck! Hey Jack, you know who sucks?"
Jack Armstrong: "Who?"
Juan: "You!"
Jack Armstrong: "Why I oughta..."
Juan: "You suck!"
Jack Armstrong: "I would like to take a moment to apologize; we have been victimized by a rogue. We will attempt to get a word from someone actually at the scene. In the meantime, to repeat: Stilwater police have just cordoned off the Saint's Row area of town and are warning the public to stay away. I'm Jack Armstrong."


  • Like in the previous mission, "The Missing Shipment", Dex tries to correct a 3rd Street Saints gang member on the grammatically incorrect term "the Los Carnales", and yet again his attempt at an explanation falls on deaf ears.[1]
  • The 3rd Street Saints NPC that informs Dex of the attack on Saint's Row has a unique appearance (although the color of his clothes may change), which can be considered odd for a minor character.
    • This gang member may appear in the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene, standing near The Protagonist as the latter cocks their gun.
    • This character is referred to by the game as "CutsceneKilla".
  • One of the enemy lieutenants stands atop some stairs, throwing Molotov Cocktails down in an attempt to stop anyone killing them. This lieutenant can be found in the Harrowgate neighborhood.
  • This mission somewhat resembles both the Vice Kings "Reinforcements" mission and a Pushback; the latter of which randomly occurs when gang members attempt to take over a 3rd Street Saints-controlled neighborhood that they previously owned.


"Calm Before the Storm" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Thanks, I'll swing by to pick that up. Just the guy I was lookin' for. Samson's got the truck all patched up, I'm gonna go--"
Black male Saints gang member: "We got a problem Dex."
Dex: "What's goin' on?"
Black male Saints gang member: "The Los Carnales are--"
Dex: "It's not THE Los Carnales, Jesus, what's wrong with you--"
Black male Saints gang member: "Dex, they're attacking the Row!"
Dex: "What happened?"
Black male Saints gang member: "Angelo and his boys came outta no where, they fucked us up pretty hard, but it finally looked like we had Angelo pinned down..."
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "Hello my friend."
Victor Rodriguez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "Hola mi amigo."
White male Saints gang member: "You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me..."
Calm Before the Storm full CUTSCENES 0383
— "Calm Before the Storm" cutscene
Angelo Lopez: "Thanks Victor."
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "No problem."
Victor Rodriguez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "De nada."
Angelo Lopez: "Let's get back to Hector."
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "Yes, but first let's hit up Freckle Bitch's."
Victor Rodriguez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "Sí, pero primero vamos a golpear a Freckle Bitch's."
Angelo laughs
Angelo Lopez: "Cool, I'm buyin'."

Dex: "So they left?"
3rd Street Saints: "Angelo and Victor did, but there was a lot of LC still out there."
Dex: "Alright, let's split up, the Row's a big place, and we gotta make sure we smoke all those muthafuckas."

Aw, you're kiddin' me.
— Unused Dex line

3rd Street!
— Unused black female Saint line


  • The 3rd Street Saints gang member with a unique appearance, although the colors of his clothes can change
  • Homeland Security - It's not THE Los Carnales
  • Angelo Lopez and Victor Rodriguez
  • Homeland Security - Angelo speaking Spanish
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • Homeland Security - Kill all Carnales invaders
  • Homeland Security warning - You've left Saint's Row
  • Homeland Security fail - The Carnales took Saint's Row


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    Homeland Security - Kill all Carnales invaders

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  4. Translation: "Chinga Mi Madre" means "Fuck my mother"
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