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Hold Ups, also known as Store Hold-Ups, are a diversion in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

A Hold Up in Saints Row

Overview[edit | edit source]

Hold Up are similar to Mugging, but are performed inside Stores.

To start a Hold-Up, point any weapon at the clerk behind the counter. In Saints Row 2, it is also possible to take Clerks as Human Shields to start a hold-up.

Sometimes the shop clerk will attack Playa with a Knife or VICE 9.

Hold Ups are not required for 100% Completion in any game.

Saints Row[edit | edit source]

Once the Hold Up is started, the clerk walks towards the Safe. While they are walking, the targeting reticle must remain on the clerk. If it is pointed away from the clerk they lower their arms and the alarm goes off.

After leading the clerk to the safe, they open it and there is Cash inside, which can be picked up.

In Stores with no safe, they walk to the cash register instead.

After picking up the Cash, the store alarm sounds and level 3 Police Notoriety is triggered. Occasionally, the clerk attacks instead, and the alarm sounds instantly.

Alternatively, in Saints Row, Safecracking is available, which starts the Theft activity.

Saints Row 2[edit | edit source]

Store Hold-Ups work the same in as Hold Ups in Saints Row. Hold-Ups cannot be performed inside owned Stores. Stores in the Saint's Row District can never be owned, so Hold-Ups can always be performed here.

Unlike Mugging, Fine Aim is not required, since pointing the crosshair at the clerk causes Playa to raise their weapon.

Additionally it is also possible to take a clerk as a Human Shield in order to get them to open the Cash Register instead of the Safe, which is easier, but less money is given.

Safecracking is not included as a diversion in Saints Row 2, but several references to it remain from the game data files.

Saints Row: The Third[edit | edit source]

In Saints Row: The Third safes are no longer present, but it is necessary to lead the clerks to the Cash Register. The clerks are often placed in front of the Cash Register making them stand still and hand over Cash after a few seconds. This situation makes Store Hold-Ups essentially the same as Mugging, except that an alarm sounds afterwards.

Hold-Ups can be performed inside owned stores, and notoriety removal works normally.

Unlike past games, Fine Aim must be used to rob the store.

Saints Row IV[edit | edit source]

There have been no changes from Saints Row: The Third.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Reward for hold-ups

Statistics[edit | edit source]

There are two entries in the Statistics menu related to Hold-ups

  • Cash Earned as a Stick-up Man - the total amount of cash stolen.
  • Stores Robbed - the number of stores, tracked for the reward.

Help text[edit | edit source]

The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
It is available in-game on the "Help" tab of the pause menu.

If you are armed with a firearm you can Hold Up Shopkeepers. To do this, equip a gun and place your Reticule over the Shopkeeper. The Shopkeeper will soon react, either by placing their hands in the air or by attacking you.
If the Shopkeeper attacks, the Hold Up is botched and you need to either defend yourself or run away.
If the Shopkeeper raises their hands in the air you can continue the Hold Up.
As long as you keep your Reticule on the Shopkeeper they will comply with your demands and start to walk to the safe. Whenever you move your Reticule away from the Shopkeeper they will stop moving and start lowering their hands. If their hands drop all the way they will sound the Alarm and your Police Notoriety will instantly rise to two (and the Hold Up is finished). If you move your Reticule back over a Shopkeeper who is lowering their hands, they will place their hands back up and continue to walk. If you keep the Reticule on the Shopkeeper, they will eventually take you to a back room and open the Store's Safe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hold Ups and CD Collection are the only activities available before joining the Saints.
  • When entering a store with a weapon equipped, the clerk tells Playa to put it away or mention it. This may have been included as a clue that hold-ups are possible.
  • When robbing a gas station clerk or old man clerk there's a high possibility of him attacking.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Pierce offers Playa a challenge in which they should hold-up 15 stores.
  • Civilians can perform holdups.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit source]

Activities and Diversions in the Saints Row series 
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