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Ho-ing is a Job Diversion in Saints Row 2.
In Saints Row: The Third, it is a component of Escort during Co-op play.[proof?]

Hoing - You should be ashamed of yourself

"You should be ashamed of yourself"


Ho-ing is a sex-themed Diversion in which Playa is a prostitute having sex with a client.

This Diversion can be started at multiple locations around Stilwater. As with all Diversions, there is no map marker, and there is no reward for completing the diversion multiple times. Unlike other Diversions, Ho-ing does not have to be restarted from the beginning after failing.

The idea behind Ho-ing is that Controls are used to perform different moves, which increase the pleasure level. Incorrect stick movements decrease the pleasure level. The faster and more accurately the combinations are performed, the more pleasure points are gained.

There are two elements to performing a move, the first is using the look control to find "the hot spot", there is no visual guide to exactly where the hot spot is each time, and is only found through trial and error. When the hot spot is located, there is a visual confirmation, and the controller vibrates, if used. Once the hot spot is located, the movement controls are used to match on-screen prompts.

Each level has a silent countdown to perform on each move, and a maximum number of combos before failure.


Hoing locations map in Saints Row 2

Ho-ing Locations

There are 11 Ho-ing locations around Stilwater.


Level Respect Max Combos Required Points Response Time
1 120 5 25 1.5
2 140 5 25 1.5
3 160 5 30 1.25
4 200 4 30 1.25
5 240 4 35 1
6 300 4 35 1
7 360 4 40 0.75
8 420 4 40 0.75
9 420 3 45 0.75
10 480 3 45 0.75


  • Pimp Outfit unlocked


The names of the moves are randomly generated from two sets of 39 words, any first word can be paired with any second word. Since there are only 36 unique words in each set, there are 1296 possible moves, with a slightly higher chance of getting the combinations including the words "Angry", "Dirty", "Golden", "Dragon", "Sanchez" and "Shower".

Random combination: Brown Dragon

First word Second word
Dirty Sanchez
Rusty Trumpet
Donkey Punch
Angry Dragon
Golden Shower
Mushroom Tattoo
Pearl Necklace
Golden Corkscrew
Slippery Dragon
Angry Knuckler
Dripping Shocker
Moist Franklin
Backdoor Twister
Steaming Johnson
Brown Lollipop
Tickling Swirl
Hairy Vice Grip
Dirty Sanchez
Spitting Jimmy
King's Mudslide
Diving Cornhole
Shooting Spelunker
Stinky Dillow
Rising Scooter
Avenging Phoenix
Submissive St. James
Crazy Milkshake
Wicked Double-Stuff
Royal Princess
Blazing Norris
Creeping Lizard
Bloody Matriarch
Roman Butterfly
Greek Mantis
Sitting Rattlesnake
Fiery Bishop
Inverted Shower
Clockwise Monkey Wrench
Double-Fisted Knead


  • The term "Dillow" in the second column refers to Bryan Dillow, a member of the Design Team.
  • The sex of the client is the opposite of the last sex preset used and is unaffected by voice setting or body type.
  • Because Statistics are associated with the logged-in profile and not the game save, it is not possible to obtain the Pimp Outfit after starting a new game under the same profile.
  • On PC, the moves are still represented by analog sticks.[1]


  • Ho-ing instructions
  • Pimp Outfit unlocked
  • Ho-ing - hot spot prompt on Xbox
  • Ho-ing - hot spot prompt on PC
  • Ho-ing - motion instructions
  • Saints Row 2 Ho-ing
  • Ho-ing - success message
  • Ho-ing - failure message
  • Ho-ing - Do the Inverted Monkey Wrench
  • Ho-ing - Do the Royal Double-Stuff
  • Ho-ing - Do the Steaming Lollipop
  • One of the Ho-ing locations in the Red Light district

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  1. Image:
    Ho-ing - hot spot prompt on PC

    Ho-ing instructions.

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