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Hitman is an Activity in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Not to be confused with Assassination

Find and take out the individuals listed on the hit list. Use the dossier to figure out how to find the target, then use your minimap to track and kill them.
— Hitman introduction in Saints Row 2[1]


After getting the list of Hitman targets from the client, the list is added to the Activities menu, and can be accessed at any time and added to the HUD.

Like Chop Shop, Hitman is a passive activity that can be played at any time.

Saints Row[]

Find and take out the individuals listed on the hit list. For each person killed you earn cash and respect.
— Instructions

In Saints Row, targets are randomly spawning Civilians who must be killed with a certain weapon.

The in-game locations are only a guide, the targets may spawn anywhere those characters normally spawn. There are 4 in-game locations which incorrect, as those characters never spawn there.

If added to the HUD, the targets are highlighted in any location, not just the specified area. The hitman marker does not appear unless they are added to the HUD, but they can be killed without adding them to the HUD, so long as the specified weapon is used. If they are killed with the wrong weapon while added to the HUD, there is no failure message, but marker stays on their dead body until they despawn.

Killing each target rewards Cash and Respect, and completing each list unlocks rewards.



Los Carnales (Wardill Airport)

Deb: "Don't ask questions, just come with me."
Deb leads Playa to a table.
Deb: " for you."
She opens a briefcase full of money and turns it towards Playa.
Deb: "If... you kill him."
She drops a photo on top of the money.
Deb: "Right now I'm willing to bet you're thinking one of two things. Either your[sic] thinking, "There's no way I can kill someone who's done nothing to me" or you're thinking, "How am I gonna spend all that cash". Let me tell you something sweetie, the second thought is gonna get you farther in this world."
— Deb[2] in Life Lessons cutscene.


Vice Kings (Shivington, Projects District)

Marcel drinks a beer while Playa sits down
Marcel: "I'm glad you could make it...One of my n​iggas is in trouble and I need you to help. He's got a big court case comin' up and the prosecutor has a whole line of witnesses that could put him away...needless to say, that ain't gonna happen. I got a list of all the witnesses and I'll pay you for each one you can take out. That straight with you?"
— Marcel[2] in An Offer They Can't Refuse... cutscene.

Wong and Translator

Westside Rollerz (Chinatown)

Translator: "Your table is this way, sir."
The Translator leads Playa to Mr. Wong's table. Mr. Wong speaks in Mandarin, and the Translator translates it for Playa.
Translator (translating): "My name is Wong Sheng Tai, welcome to my teahouse...please, sit down."
Playa takes a seat, and Mr. Wong continues speaking in Mandarin.
Translator (translating): "It is an honor to meet you; it is rare in this country to find someone with your tenacity."
Photos are in front of Playa, and Mr. Wong continues speaking in Mandarin.
Translator (translating): "Contained inside are the specifics about a group of men who have wronged my family...go and speak to them, but they are not to be harmed."
The Translator is immediately shot in the leg and he falls over screaming. Mr. Wong calmly places his gun on the table.
Mr. Wong (in English): "He heard me wrong. I wish for them all to be we have a deal?"
Mr. Wong and his Translator in Lost In Translation cutscene.


There are 24 Hitman targets.

  • Italics indicate where the game says they spawn.
  • Bold indicates the highest spawn rate.
Name Weapon $ R Areas and Notes
h02Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Julia.png Julia VICE 9 100 700 Character: OldWoman

On foot or driving any of 26 vehicles.

h03Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Thomas.png Thomas Baseball Bat 250 800 Character: Dockworker

On foot.

h04Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Gabriel.png Gabriel Tombstone 500 900 Character: Utilityworker

On foot or driving a Thorogood

h05Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Chris.png Chris SKR-7 Spree 1000 1000 Character: Mailman

Never walking. One of 2 Newman drivers.

h06Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Theresa.png Theresa Knife 1500 1100 Character: BigHo

On foot. Overweight Prostitute.

h07Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Tina.png Tina GDHC .50 2000 1200 Character: Rollerskater

Rollerskaters do not spawn in the Barrio District.

h08Saints Row Hitman - Airport - Bill.png Bill Molotov Cocktail 3000 1300 Character: Construction

Drives Bulldozer and Backhoe.

h09Saints Row Hitman - Airport - John.png John McManus 5000 1400 Character: SWAT
  • Anywhere

Goggles down

h11Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Dick.png Dick Knife 100 700 Character: Bouncer

On foot.

h12Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Marty.png Marty Baseball Bat 250 800 Character: OldMan

On foot or driving any of 26 vehicles.

h13Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Richard.png Richard .44 Shepherd 500 900 Character: BusinessMan

On foot, or Stiletto, Nelson, Socialite, Voxel, Reaper, Status Quo, The Job, Mag

h14Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Henry.png Henry T3K Urban 1000 1000 Character: Chauffeur

Never walking. Drives a Status Quo, The Job, or Reaper.

h15Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Billy Bob.png Billy Bob 12 Gauge 1500 1100 Character: Cowboy

On foot, or Varsity or Thorogood

h16Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Don.png Don .44 Shepherd 2000 1200 Character: Hustler

More common at night.

On foot, Betsy, Baron.

h17Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Hank.png Hank Molotov Cocktail 3000 1300 Character: UPS

1 of several Delivery Truck drivers.

h18Saints Row Hitman - Projects - Louise.png Louise RPG Launcher 5000 1400 Character: FatMeterMaid

1 of 2 Quota drivers.

h20Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Jackie.png Jackie VICE 9 100 700 Character: EMT
  • Anywhere (Day: 10-15%, Night: 10-25%)

1 of several Ambulance drivers.

h21Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Alan.png Alan Knife 250 800 Character: sportsFan
  • Arena (Day: 10%, Night: 15%)

On foot. Common in Nightclubs.

h22Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Jose.png Jose T3K Urban 500 900 Character: Trucker

Peterliners do not spawn in the Apartments district.

h23Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Charles.png Charles Nightstick 1000 1000 Character: HighIncome

On foot, or Stiletto, Nelson, Socialite, Voxel, Reaper, Status Quo, The Job, Mag

h24Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Roxanne.png Roxanne NR4 1500 1100 Character: Hippie

On foot or driving any of 26 vehicles.

Hippies do not spawn in the Apartments district.

h25Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Juan.png Juan Tombstone 2000 1200 Character: Jogger

On foot. Jogs during the day. Jogs at night in Museum.

Joggers do not spawn in the Apartments district.

h26Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Bucky.png Bucky Hand Grenade 3000 1300 Character: FoodMascot

Hot dog Mascot.

h27Saints Row Hitman - Chinatown - Bill.png Bill K6 Krukov 5000 1400 Character: FBI
  • Anywhere


Saints Row Hitman Target 01 - OldWoman - Julia

Saints Row Hitman Target 02 - Dockworker - Thomas

Saints Row Hitman Target 03 - Utilityworker - Gabriel

Saints Row Hitman Target 04 - Mailman - Chris

Saints Row Hitman Target 05 - BigHo - Theresa

Saints Row Hitman Target 06 - Rollerskater - Tina

Saints Row Hitman Target 07 - Construction - Bill

Saints Row Hitman Target 08 - SWAT googles down - John

Saints Row Hitman Target 09 - Bouncer - Dick

Saints Row Hitman Target 10 - OldMan - Marty

Saints Row Hitman Target 11 - BusinessMan - Richard

Saints Row Hitman Target 12 - Chauffeur - Henry

Saints Row Hitman Target 13 - Cowboy - Billy Bob

Saints Row Hitman Target 14 - Hustler - Don

Saints Row Hitman Target 15 - UPS - Hank

Saints Row Hitman Target 16 - FatMeterMaid - Louise

Saints Row Hitman Target 17 - EMT female - Jackie

Saints Row Hitman Target 18 - sportsFan - Alan

Saints Row Hitman Target 19 - Trucker-01 - Jose

Saints Row Hitman Target 20 - highincome - Charles

Saints Row Hitman Target 21 - Hippie female - Roxanne

Saints Row Hitman Target 22 - Jogger male - Juan

Saints Row Hitman Target 22 - Hotdog Mascot - Bucky

Saints Row Hitman Target 24 - FBI - Bill



  • If the game is saved immediately after killing the last target on a list without allowing the reward screen to appear, reloading the game causes the reward for completing the activity to be lost.
  • Hitman is not included in the German version of the game.
  • Dick the bouncer is a Demolition Derby driver, and selecting him in the HUD highlights him, but he cannot be killed as the Knife cannot be used.
  • Roxanne and Juan were intended to spawn in the Apartments district, but an error in the spawning category file prevents this. There is no such error with Tina in the Barrio district, Rollerskater simply do not spawn there.
  • Each hitman cutscene features photos. There are 6 photos in the game. Wong always shows the same 3 photos, Deb always shows the same 1 photo, and Marcel shows 1 of 6 random photos, which include the 4 photos used by the others.

Saints Row 2[]

Find and take out the individuals listed on the hit list. Use the dossier to figure out how to find the target, then use your minimap to track and kill them.
— Instructions

Map icon

Hitman is dumbed down in Saints Row 2, as the targets are no longer randomly spawning characters, with most having a fixed location or a specific way of luring them out. Each target has a detailed description outlining exactly how to find them.

The hitman marker is displayed on the mini-map even if not selected in the HUD.

Sometimes the targets have a decoy. After killing the decoy, the real target spawns. There are Rival Hitmen who may kill the target.


How ya doin? I got a couple cases pending and there are a few key witnesses that could really throw a wrench in think you can make sure they don't make it to court?
Legal Lee, Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District

OK, so hypothetically I might owe some people a lot of money after betting against the SU chess team. If you don't take those motherfucka's out, you might be out one lieutenant if ya know what I'm sayin'...
Pierce, Southern Cross, Barrio District

Listen up: I got some people that need to be taken care of... you take 'em out and there's somethin' in it for ya.
— Unknown Male, Elysian Fields, Trailer Park District

Some of my sponsors are trying to drop my show because I'm too honest...I need you to show them that was a bad idea. You're probably poor and desperate, I'm sure you can use the money.
Anna, Hangman's Wharf, Stilwater Penitentiary

I've sent you the dossiers of a couple individuals that need to disappear...
— Unknown Male, Harrowgate, Saint's Row District


There are 30 Hitman targets.

  • HP - Hitpoints / Health
  • C - Cash
  • R - Respect
  • D - Decoy Chance
  • H - Rival Hitman Chance
Name HP C R D H Location / Notes
h02Hitman SR2 1 1 Alvan.png Alvan 1500 500 200 0 10% Pleasant View
Drink 2 40oz at the Abandoned Drive-In, stay for 10 seconds.[n 1]
Weapon: VICE 9
h03Hitman SR2 1 2 Brad.png Brad 1800 1000 300 0 0 Barrio
Spray a Tag.[n 2]
Weapon: Stun Gun
h04Hitman SR2 1 3 Anoop.png Anoop 2000 1500 400 0 0 Anywhere[3]
Gain Police Notoriety.[n 3]
Weapon: VICE 9
h05Hitman SR2 1 4 Frank.png Frank 2250 2000 600 20% 0 Anywhere
Call any Taxi Service.[n 4]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_athlete_male (T3K Urban)
h06Hitman SR2 1 5 Scott.png Scott 2500 2500 800 0 50% Anywhere
Call Freckle Bitch's (555-MEAT).[n 5]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: 2x npc_ho (T3K Urban, Pepper Spray)
h07Hitman SR2 1 6 James.png James 3000 3000 1000 40% 50% Misty Lane
Ho-ing inside Technically Legal.[n 6]
Weapon: Tombstone
Bodyguards: 2x npc_otaku_female (T3K Urban, Tombstone)
h08Hotels & Marina
h09Hitman SR2 2 1 Jeremiah.png Jeremiah 1500 500 200 0 10% Museum / Hotels & Marina
Ride a Motorcycle.[n 7]
Weapon: None
Rides a Kenshin
h10Hitman SR2 2 2 Nate.png Nate 1800 1000 300 10% 20% Hotels & Marina
Gamble at Poseidon's Palace.[n 8]
Weapon: Stun Gun
h11Hitman SR2 2 3 Brian.png Brian 2000 1500 400 0 0 Anywhere
Call an ambulance (911).[n 9]
Weapon: VICE 9
h12Hitman SR2 2 4 Chris.png Chris 2250 2000 600 30% 10% Amberbrook
Inside Buy Jove.[n 10]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_young_male_generic (T3K Urban)
h13Hitman SR2 2 5 Randy.png Randy 2500 2500 800 40% 20% Stilwater Boardwalk
Buy from Ship It.[n 11]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_sunbather_female (Tombstone)
h14Hitman SR2 2 6 Nick.png Nick 3000 3000 1000 0 0 Stilwater Boardwalk
Top floor of the Heron Hotel.[n 12]
Weapon: Tombstone
Bodyguards: 2x npc_ho (Tombstone, T3K Urban)
h16Hitman SR2 3 1 Everett.png Everett 1500 500 200 0 0 Red Light
Kill a Pimp.[n 13]
Weapon: None
h17Hitman SR2 3 2 Justin.png Justin 1800 1000 300 20% 10% Mourning Woods Cemetery
Visit between 10PM and 4AM.[n 14]
Weapon: Stun Gun
h18Hitman SR2 3 3 Chris.png Chris 2000 1500 400 10% 10% Arena, Projects, Red Light
Ride a Motorcycle.[n 15]
Weapon: VICE 9
He rides a Shard.
h19Hitman SR2 3 4 Tim.png Tim 2250 2000 600 0 0 Anywhere
Call Stilwater Fire Department (555-FIRE).[n 16]
Drives a Compton
Bodyguards: npc_firefighter (Sledgehammer)
Weapon: VICE 9
h20Hitman SR2 3 5 Mitri.png Mitri 2500 2500 800 30% 0 Factories, Docks & Warehouses
Drink 40oz.[n 17]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_athlete_male (T3K Urban)
h21Hitman SR2 3 6 Frank.png Frank 3000 3000 1000 30% 50% Anywhere[3]
Gain Police Notoriety.[n 18]
Weapon: Tombstone
h22Trailer Park
h23Hitman SR2 4 1 Shannon.png Shannon 500 500 200 5% 0 Trailer Park
Start a fight.[n 19]
Weapon: None
h24Hitman SR2 4 2 Jim.png Jim 600 1000 300 5% 0 Nuclear Power Plant
Call HazMat (555-OOPS).[n 20]
Weapon: Stun Gun
Bodyguards: npc_plant (VICE 9)
h25Hitman SR2 4 3 Roje.png Roje 700 1500 400 25% 0 Suburbs Expansion
Buy 2 songs from Scratch That.[n 21]
Weapon: VICE 9
h26Hitman SR2 4 4 Mike.png Mike 2250 2000 600 5% 0 Downtown District
Get Smoked.[n 22]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_doctor (Pepper Spray)
h27Hitman SR2 4 5 Clint.png Clint 2500 2500 800 50% 10% Frat Row
Drink inside the Stadium.[n 23]
Weapon: VICE 9
Drives a Compton
Bodyguards: npc_sportsfan (T3K Urban)
h28Hitman SR2 4 6 Greg.png Greg 3000 3000 1000 10% 75% Freckle Bitch's[4]
Buy all 4 items for any Freckle Bitch's.[n 24]
Weapon: Tombstone
Bodyguards: 2x npc_cop (VICE 9)
h29Saint's Row
h30Hitman SR2 5 1 Apoop.png Apoop 1500 500 200 0 10% Encanto
Stay on the dance floor inside On Track for 10 seconds.[n 25]
Weapon: None
h31Hitman SR2 5 2 Larry.png Larry 1800 1000 300 0 0 Trailer Park
Wear Men's Tank Top 1.[n 26]
Weapon: Stun Gun
h32Hitman SR2 5 3 Seabaugh.png Seabaugh 2000 1500 400 0 20% Stilwater Boardwalk
Stay on the Pirate Ship for 5 seconds.[n 27]
Weapon: VICE 9
h33Hitman SR2 5 4 Mr. Flegel.png Mr. Flegel 2250 2000 600 10% 10% Bavogian Plaza
Buy a Tattoo from Rusty's Needle.[n 28]
Weapon: VICE 9
Bodyguards: npc_goth_male (T3K Urban)
h34Hitman SR2 5 5 Lt. Freeball.png Lt. Freeball 2500 2500 800 0 20% Anywhere[3]
Gain Police Notoriety.[n 29]
Weapon: VICE 9
h35Hitman SR2 5 6 Russell.png Russell 3000 3000 1000 25% 30% Stilwater Caverns
Inside the Caverns.[n 30]
Weapon: Tombstone
Bodyguards: 2x npc_young_male_generic (T3K Urban)
  1. Description:
    Alvan is a college student who calls himself "The Filipino Slash" and runs an illegal collectible card game ring. Go to the abandoned drive-in theater and drink a couple 40oz's: that should make him feel comfortable enough to come out.
    — In-game description

  2. Description:
    Brad gave up his lucrative motorcross career to become a street tagger. Throw up a tag in the Barrio to earn his respect and draw him out into the open.
    — In-game description

  3. Description:
    Anoop "The Indian Hammer" Shekar is a police officer who gives it to criminals as hard as he does to his co-stars in porn films. Get enough cops on you, and Anoop will respond... Here's hoping he's wearing pants.
    — In-game description

  4. Description:
    Frank used to be a rock star. Emphasis on "used" to be. Late night loot grinding got its hooks into him, and now he drives a cab to make ends meet. Give the cab company a call (555-455-8008) and we'll make sure Frank is the one who shows up.
    — In-game description

  5. Description:
    Scott's a delivery guy who saw the wrong thing when he was making a delivery. We can't have him talking to anybody. Have some Freckle Bitch's food delivered (555-6328) then take him out.
    — In-game description

  6. Description:
    James is a J-Pop star who has a weakness for townie strippers. Go the Suburbs and hit up Technically Legal. If you take up some of his girls' time he's bound to show. Do some Ho-ing to convince him you're for real.
    — In-game description

  7. Description:
    Jeremiah may be a physicist but don't let his look fool you, the guy knows how to race. If you ride a motorcycle around the Marina and Museum districts you're sure to see him. Take him out.
    — In-game description

  8. Description:
    Nate was a championship poker player who lost his bankroll to a maniac wine baron from France. I thought he was on tilt, but he took me for some serious money. Play some casino games and you're sure to find him.
    — In-game description

  9. Description:
    Brian is an EMT who charged me before he would take out a bullet: fuck that guy. Just call up 911 and he'll come as fast as possible to "help" you.
    — In-game description

  10. Description:
    Chris is a nihilist I lost 40 grand to in a sentence diagraming contest. He likes to hang out at the Buy Jove gift shop to remind people he's smarter than them. Head there, find him and waste him.
    — In-game description

  11. Description:
    Randy's always had a thing for watercraft. If you go to the Marina district and buy a boat or Wavecraft he'll show up and see what you picked up.
    — In-game description

  12. Description:
    I just got word that Nick has come to Stilwater to collect on some old debts. He's staying at the Heron Hotel in the Marina district; if you take the elevator to his floor you should have no trouble finding him.
    — In-game description

  13. Description:
    Everett's a sailor on leave for a few days. Whenever he's on shore Everett's first priority is always to go to Stilwater's Red Light district to get laid. Kill a pimp to get some info on where he's staying then take him out.
    — In-game description

  14. Description:
    Justin is a graverobber who allegedly saw my client dump a body. Head to the Suburbs cemetery between 10pm and 4am to find and bury him.
    — In-game description

  15. Description:
    Chris's a biker who loves to show off for the Ho's in the areas around the Arena, Projects, and Red Light districts. Ride a motorcycle around there and you'll find him.
    — In-game description

  16. Description:
    Tim is a fireman who mistakenly thinks he's seen my client light 31 different buildings on fire. Call the Fire Department at 555-FIRE and when he shows up we can clear up this misunderstanding.
    — In-game description

  17. Description:
    Mitri likes to hang out underneath the highway exchange in the Factories district. He's paranoid the police are gonna evict him from his cardboard box. Drink some beer around there to let him know you're not a cop and he should show himself.
    — In-game description

  18. Description:
    Frank is an honest FBI agent and in my line of work that's a problem. If you cause enough trouble Troy will have no choice but to call the feds in.
    — In-game description

  19. Description:
    Shannon is the security guard for the trailer park. Start a fight in the area and someone is bound to call him over to settle the argument.
    — In-game description

  20. Description:
    Jim's about to blow the whistle on conditions at Stilwater Nuclear. Head to the Nuke Plant island then call the hazmat team at 555-OOPS; you should have no problem taking him out.
    — In-game description

  21. Description:
    Roje loves music and only buys it at the Suburbs Scratch That store. Go there and buy a couple music tracks yourself to blend into the crowd and bring him out.
    — In-game description

  22. Description:
    An orderly at the Downtown Hospital has been spreading rumors about the Pyramid. To get close to him you'll need to get Smoked and admitted as a patient.
    — In-game description

  23. Description:
    Clint's a lifetime Skeeters fan and shows up to every game. Go the Stadium on campus and blend into the tailgate crowd by drinking some 40 oz's.
    — In-game description

  24. Description:
    Greg is in the witness protection program and working for Company of Gyros as a mascot. Buy one of each item from the Freckle Bitch's menu and he'll show up to try and sell you on some franchise opportunities for Company of Gyros in his mascot outfit. He'll have bodyguards, so watch out.
    — In-game description

  25. Description:
    Apoop is a metrosexual Indian man with two loves: dancing and club sodas. He hangs out at the nightclubs in the Barrio, but only deigns to dance if the floor is crowded. Wait on the dance floor and he's bound to show up.
    — In-game description

  26. Description:
    Larry is a white trash producer who made his fortune when he made a reality show about his brother Helmers. Blend into the trailer park crowd by wearing a wifebeater T-shirt (Men's Tank Top) and they'll welcome you as one of their own.Larry will most likely be lounging in a lawnchair drinking a beer, waiting for his royalty checks.
    — In-game description

  27. Description:
    Seabaugh is an eccentric genius who wears a pirate outfit whenever he's seen in public. Despite his ridiculous choice in clothing, he's one of Stilwater's power players. Go to the Marina and stop by the pirate ship restaurant; you'll see him soon enough.
    — In-game description

  28. Description:
    Mr. Flegel is nothing short of a tattooed war god. He can be found in the Red Light district tattoo parlor but he will only show up to criticize your choice in tattoos after you get one.
    — In-game description

  29. Description:
    In some ways Lt. Freeball and I are kindred spirits. I hate poor people and he hates pants. Regardless, he's a disgusting individual and the nephew of my executive producer so he needs to go. If you stir up enough trouble I'm sure the exhibitionist will show up.
    — In-game description

  30. Description:
    When he's not sniffing coke off of prostitutes Russell dabbles in archeological studies. Pay him a visit in the Underground Caverns.
    — In-game description


Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 01 - Alvin

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 02 - Brad

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 03 - Anoop

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 04 - Frank

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 05 - Scott P

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 06 - James

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 07 - stanton - Jeremiah

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 08 - Nate

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 09 - Brian

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 10 - Chris F

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 11 - Randy

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 12 - Nick

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 13 - Everett

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 14 - Justin

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 15 - claflin - Chris

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 16 - Tim

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 17 - Mitri

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 18 - Frank

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 19 - Apoop

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 20 - Larry

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 21 - Seabaugh

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 22 - Mr. Flegel

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 23 - Lt. Freeball

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 24 - Russel

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 25 - Shannon

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 26 - Jim

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 27 - Roje

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 28 - Mike

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 29 - Clint

Saints Row 2 Hitman Target 30 - Greg


  • Completed 1 list: Grenades in weapon cache
  • Completed 3 lists: Satchel Charges in weapon cache
  • Completed all 5 lists: Unlimited rifle ammo at crib
  • Completed all 5 lists: Hello 47 achievement


  • The achievement Hello 47 is a reference to Agent 47, from the Hitman movie and games.
  • Hitman is not included in the Japanese version of Saints Row 2, along with the Human Shield and Mayhem.
  • Saints Row 2 doesn't feature any female Hitman Targets.
  • Pierce's list can be accessed before meeting Pierce.
  • Scott's internal name is "Scott P", as in Volition's "Scott Phillips".
  • Target 10, Chris's internal name is "Chris F", as in Volition's "Chris Fortier".
  • Target 15, Chris's internal name is "claflin", as in Volition's "Chris Claflin".
  • Target 07, Jeremiah's internal name is "Stanton", indicating that he was originally named after Volition's "Tommy Stanton" instead of "Jeremiah Zanin".
  • The contacts and target lists do not match thematically.
    • The Stilwater Boardwalk target list makes more sense when voiced by Pierce, as the descriptions mention debts and betting.
    • The Hangman's Wharf target list makes more sense when voiced by Legal Lee, as the descriptions mention "clients".
    • The Harrowgate target list makes more sense when voiced by Anna, as the descriptions mention TV producers.
    • The Southern Cross target list makes more sense when voiced by the Harrowgate Unknown Male.
    • The Elysian Fields target list is the only one that matches the contact.
  • After 5 minutes of being in the correct location, the target can spawn without fulfilling the necessary conditions.[5]


Saints Row Hitman instructions

Lock and Load - Platinum T3K Urban

Lock and Load - Gold GDHC

Lock and Load - Platinum AS12 Riot

Lock and Load - Platinum RPG

Saints Row unlockable - Discounts - 50% off Weapons

Saints Row unlockable - Homies - Mr. Wong


Hitman - Deborah - character model in Saints Row


Hitman - Marcel - character model in Saints Row

Hitman - Marcel - alternate - character model in Saints Row

Wong and Translator

Hitman cutscene photo 1 used by Deb

Hitman cutscene photos used by Wong

Hitman cutscene photo 4 randomly used by Marcel

Hitman cutscene photo 1 - used by Deb

Hitman cutscene photo 2 - used by Wong

Hitman cutscene photo 3 - used by Wong

Hitman cutscene photo 4 - randomly used by Marcel

Hitman cutscene photo 5 - randomly used by Marcel

Hitman cutscene photo 6 - used by Wong

Hitman on map in Japanese Saints Row

Hitman start in Japanese Saints Row

Hitman cutscene in Japanese Saints Row

Saints Row 2 Hitman instructions

Hand Grenades unlocked

Satchel Charges unlocked

Unlimited Rifle Ammo unlocked

Larry is a Bum in Saints Row 2

After eliminating Chris in Saints Row 2

Hitman - Trailer Park - Shannon

Hitman - Trailer Park - Roje

Hitman - Trailer Park - Mike

Hitman - Trailer Park - Jim

Hitman - Trailer Park - Greg

Hitman - Trailer Park - Clint

Hitman - Saint's Row - Seabaugh

Hitman - Saint's Row - Russell

Hitman - Saint's Row - Mr. Flegel

Hitman - Saint's Row - Lt. Freeball

Hitman - Saint's Row - LKarry

Hitman - Saint's Row - Apoop

Hitman - Prison - Tim

Hitman - Prison - Mitri

Hitman - Prison - Justin

Hitman - Prison - Frank

Hitman - Prison - Everett

Hitman - Prison - Chris

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Randy

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Nick

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Nate

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Jeremiah

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Chris

Hitman - Hotels & Marina - Brian

Hitman - Barrio - Scott

Hitman - Barrio - James

Hitman - Barrio - Frank

Hitman - Barrio - Brad

Hitman - Barrio - Anoop

Hitman - Barrio - Alvan

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    Saints Row 2 Hitman instructions

  2. 2.0 2.1 Note: The name comes from the game data files
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Note: Except Ultor neighborhoods
  4. Note: Anywhere except Rounds Square Shopping Center
  5. Note: Force Spawn Delay is set to 300s, and defined as "The delay value for spawning all targets in that have a valid location in the position of the player without having to worry obout conditions, flags or triggers." Tested with multiple targets.