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Helmers is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


He is an old, overweight redneck pimp who is known to lose sight of his prostitutes, regularly losing them to rival pimps under the protection of rival gangs.[Reference needed]

Playa helps Helmers snatch his girls back from the pimps who stole them and returns them safely, both whilst he is sitting at his trailer[3] and whilst he is sitting on a park bench downtown.[4]

His brother Larry made a fortune after making a reality show about Helmers, and is killed in the Trailer Park by Playa.[2]


  • Helmers is briefly mentioned by Lindsey.[5] When Playa questions if he even has girls to pimp out, Lindsey states that just because he's not working on some street-corner like the bloated asshole, Helmers does not mean he doesn't have any girls.
  • Some female NPCs may randomly say that Helmers offered them a job again.
  • While the subtitles and dialogue specifically refer to his name being "Helmers", his character model in the game files is named "Brian", which is not mentioned anywhere else.


Helmers in Saints Row

Helmers in Saints Row 2

Helmers model in Saints Row 1

Helmers model in Saints Row 2


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