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Heavy Minigun
Heavy Minigun in Saints Row IV
Heavy Minigun


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Enter the Dominatrix DLC

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Saints Row IV

Heavy Minigun is a weapon in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV.


Similar to the Mini-Gun wielded by the Brutes in Saints Row: The Third, the Heavy Minigun is different in that the player can now carry it in their regular weapon inventory and it can be upgraded. This weapon is obtained by completing the Enter the Dominatrix DLC mission "Save the Planet". The Brute is the weapon's only skin.

Accuracy and Damage Upgrades both have 5 levels to be purchased. A separate Longshot "Ultimate Upgrade" is available; this upgrade will make the weapon's damage increase with distance.

The Heavy Minigun works much like its Temporary Weapon variant, boasting an extremely high fire rate and high damage. It does not limit The Protagonist's mobility and can have its accuracy and damage upgraded, and has the Longshot upgrade for dealing more damage at range, giving it great versatility in the diversity of enemies that can be engaged effectively. The Heavy Minigun can also engage tanks such as Destructors as the bullets are able to damage them, combined with its very high damage per second in conjunction with Super Powers, the Heavy Minigun is one of the most effective "special" class weapons against Destructors.

It does have an issue in terms of of ammo consumption and is one of the worst weapons in the game for keeping supplied if relied on due to it's extremely high fire rate and finding ammo outside the Weapon Cache or Friendly Fire is unlikely due to its special weapon class designation. The Heavy Minigun is always held in an aiming stance, so players that carry the weapon constantly equipped and makes use of Homies will likely make their allies attack targets without intention due to The Protagonist aiming at them. This is rectified by keeping the weapon holstered, but this will require The Protagonist to set the gun up when equipped and can make The Protagonist stop.

The Heavy Minigun is comparable to the 'Merica gun. Both have their advantages and disadvantages with their own special traits. Both can deal extremely high damage per second and eliminate a wide range of targets very quickly. The differences is that the Heavy Minigun has less recoil and muzzle rise, is relatively inexpensive to upgrade, and can also damage tanks which is something the 'Merica is incapable of doing, even though 'Merica has a rocket launcher.


  • Extremely high damage-per-second
  • One of the most powerful weapons in game, rivaling the 'Merica gun
    • Has substantially lower recoil/muzzle lift, cheaper to upgrade, and more accurate
  • Longshot upgrade greatly improves the Minigun's effective range
  • Fully upgraded Mingun can be used effectively at almost any range
  • Can damage Tanks
  • Instant reload - Can continue to fire the gun when the magazine runs dry
  • Requires DLC purchase
  • Consumes ammo incredibly fast and can easily waste ammo
  • Small delay before firing


  • If the "Save the Planet" mission is replayed or the weapon collected from the chests in the "Escape the Dominatrix" mission during the "reboot", the weapon will have no upgrades.
  • Unlike the Lasergun Arm, the Heavy Minigun ammo is not percentage-based and hence, will not recharge, necessitating trips to Friendly Fire or utilizing the Weapons Cache. On the other hand, the Heavy Minigun fires straight instead of using a wide sweeping arc that the Lasergun Arm uses.
  • Compared to other returning Saints Row: The Third temporary weapons, the Heavy Minigun is the only weapon that has a different color scheme from the previous game. While the previous game's Mini-Gun is colored dirty green, this one has a light gray color scheme with "The Brute" written on it.


  • Heavy Minigun Upgrades


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