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Part of the HUD in Saints Row 2

The HUD is a gameplay feature in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


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Health bar

The Health Bar is located in the upper right corner of the screen. If the Bar totally depletes, Playa is "Smoked" and respawns at the nearest Hospital.

Health automatically regenerates over time, and is immediately refilled by eating Food. In Saints Row IV, Health pickups restore Health if collected.


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Respect bar

In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, Respect is used to play through Missions and Strongholds. Respect is earned by completing Activities and Diversions, and by killing rival Gang Members.

In Saints Row: The Third, Respect is no longer required to play Missions and Strongholds. In Saints Row IV, Respect is renamed XP but is identical to Respect.

The Respect Bar is the purple bar located on the upper right corner of the screen. It shows the amount of Respect that has have earned. One full Respect Bar means is used to play one Mission or Stronghold. Once the Respect Bar is filled, a multiplier shows how many Missions are available with the current level of Respect.


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Stamina bar

The Stamina Bar is the yellow bar located below the Health Bar. The Stamina Bar depletes whenever Sprinting. After releasing the sprint button the bar begins to refill after several seconds. Jumping while the bar is refilling causes it to stop refilling for several seconds.


Saints Row 2 HUD, showing current weapon and ammo

The currently selected Weapon is shown beneath the Stamina Bar and above the Respect bar. Below the picture of the weapon are two numbers. The first is ammo remaining in the clip, the second is the total amount of ammo remaining.

Radial menu[]

Radial menu in Saints Row

When Inventory button is pressed, a weapon Radial menu and food selection d-pad appear on screen. This shows all weapons Playa is currently carrying, as well as food items.

Mini Map[]

Mini Map in Saints Row 2

The Mini Map, sometimes referred to as a GPS, is a small version of the Map, which shows the current surrounding and landmarks. The landmarks shown correspond with the currently selected choice on the full Map. The route to the current destination is shown as a green line, and the current direction is shown as a green arrow on the perimeter. Enemies are represented by Red dots, and allies as Purple dots.

In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, the presence of enemy tanks is represented by a red square and enemy aircraft are marked with a helicopter or VTOL symbol.


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Notoriety HUD

Notoriety is a measure of how actively Police and Rival Gangs are trying to stop Playa. The Gang Notoriety Bar is located above the mini-map, and the Police Notoriety Bar is located below the mini-map.

Whenever a hostile is made towards a Police or a Rival Gang, the corresponding Notoriety Bar starts to fill up. Once the Bar is full, Notoriety rises to Level One, which is displayed on the HUD as a the appropriate gang symbol, and the Bar starts to fill up again. When notoriety increases, the police/gang sends more people or powerful vehicles.

Homies / Followers[]

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Homie HUD

After unlocking the ability to have Followers, circles appear in the top right corner of the screen, to the left of the Health/Weapon section.

Up to three circles are shown, allowing up to three Followers to be recruited. When Followers are recruited, their face is displayed within the circle, along with their current health, which is shown a red quarter-circle. When the homie falls in battle or other cases, a countdown shows their time to be revived.


Water cannon Reticle

Sometimes known as a Reticule [sic] , the Reticle is displayed in the middle of the screen when using a gun, to assist aiming, and the appearance changes depending on which gun is equipped.

Some weapons use a crosshair-style reticle, while others use a circle version.

When targeting an enemy, the reticle turns red, and when targeting an ally, the target turns into a green cross. The green cross does not prevent a weapon from being fired.

The reticle is also shown while driving with a weapon equipped, or when the vehicle has a mounted weapon. When using a Blaze, the reticle also shows the current level of the Water Spray.

In Saints Row: The Third, some armed vehicles and weapons show their reticle, and like Saints Row 2 version, show the limit for firing before overheats. With a charged weapon, such as the Sonic Boom or the F-69 VTOL's Swarm Missiles, the reticle fills relative to the hold time, and the attack power is relative to charge level.


  • While it is never stated in the game itself, HUD stands for Head-Up Display, and is used in the real world by fighter jets and some newer cars.
  • The game uses the word "Reticule" multiple times, in place of the word "Reticle". Most instances of these errors are fixed in Saints Row: The Third, with the exception of the tutorial text for the Annihilator.[1]
  • In the "Making of Saints Row mini Documentary", the HUD has a First Aid Kit on the health bar, and the GPS path is a complete green line rather then a line of dots.[2][3]


HUD tutorial in Saints Row 2 - Health and Sprint Meters


  1. On-screen text:
    Lock-on to vehicle targets by Zooming. Control the launched rocket by aiming your reticule.
    — Annihilator tutorial

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