Guardian Angel (Activity)
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Saints Row: The Third

Guardian Angel is a removed activity in Saints Row 2 and an activity in Saints Row: The Third.[1][2]

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For the mission in Saints Row, see Guardian Angel (Mission)


Saints Row 2Edit

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In Saints Row 2, the data files for this activity are included with the game. The data files for this activity were incomplete, so the details of this activity are uncertain, but it seems that this activity involved protecting people, in an escort type mission, rather than killing them.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

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Guardian Angel in Saints Row: The Third.

In Saints Row: The Third, The Protagonist must protect either Pierce or Kinzie Kensington while in a helicopter using an Annihilator and a McManus 2015. Guardian Angel is the only Activity in Saints Row: The Third that only has two instances - all other Activities have six instances across two districts.

The activity consists of 2 parts. In one part The Protagonist is flown around by helicopter and has to use an Annihilator to keep the gangs from taking out the Saint driving around in their car to get to a specific place. The other part is where the Saint The Protagonist's helping is not in a car. The Protagonist ties himself to a helicopter and goes a little down the side of building to get a good view to snipe. The enemy gang comes riding and running to stop the Saint while The Protagonist has to take them out with a sniper rifle.


Saints Row 2Edit

The locations for Guardian Angel would have been the High End Retail District and Chinatown District. In Chinatown, The Protagonist would be protecting ambassadors, and in the High End Retail District, The Protagonist would have been protecting bank robbers.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

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The locations for Guardian Angel are Ashwood and Henry Steel Mills.


  • Two other activities, Hijacking and Piracy, were also cut from Saints Row 2 before release.
  • This activity is very similar to Heli Assault, in which The Protagonist controls a Tornado if doing it for Pierce or a Vulture if doing it for Kinzie, and must protect a Homie driving a car.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, a GameInformer preview misidentified this Activity with Escort.[1]
  • While this activity did not return in Saints Row IV, the map icon for it remains in the game's files.
SRIV map start Guardian Angel


When played as part of the storyline, there is an opening cutscene.

Pierce: "Check it out, boss..."
The Protagonist: "What's up?"
Pierce: "Since this used to be a Syndicate crib, thought I'd poke around and see what they left behind."
The Protagonist: "So what am I looking at?"
Pierce: "Safety deposit keys. Now, don't you wanna know what it is they got all locked up...?"
The Protagonist: "The Syndicate will know we have the keys -- they'll be waiting for us to make a move."
Pierce: "I guess you better watch my back."
The Protagonist: "Let's go."
— Guardian Angel storyline cutscene


  • Guardian Angel complete
  • Guardian Angel Cash (L1)
  • Guardian Angel Cash (L2)
  • Guardian Angel fail screen


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