Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher in Friendly Fire in Saints Row IV
Grenade Launcher



Enter the Dominatrix DLC

Featured in

Save the Planet

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Saints Row IV

Grenade Launcher is a weapon in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV.

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Not to be confused with GL G20


The Grenade Launcher is awarded after the completion of Save the Planet mission from the DLC Enter the Dominatrix. The GL G20 Multibomber is the only costume for Grenade Launcher, and it refers to the GL G20 in Saints Row: The Third.

Clip Size and Reload Speed can be upgraded 5 levels each. A separate "Ultimate Upgrade" Gotcha! exists; this allows the grenades to explode upon impact with a humanoid enemy (including Murderbots).


  • Like the Temporary Weapon, the Grenade launcher uses a large box magazine that feeds belt-linked grenades to the weapon, although The Protagonist reloads it as if it's a shotgun.
  • This weapon can be fired from the passenger seat of a vehicle.


  • Grenade Launcher Upgrades


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