Grave Digger
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Used By

3rd Street Saints[1]
The Syndicate


underslung fine aim
Melee: shotgun

Appears in

Saints Row: The Third

The Grave Digger is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.

Old-school shotgun with a new Saints style.
— Weapon description


The Grave Digger is a lever-action shotgun favored by gangs in Steelport. It can also be bought at Friendly Fire. Whilst it has a much wider scatter than the AS3 Ultimax and S3X Hammer, it does more damage than either of its counterparts with no upgrades - and is by far the most powerful of the three shotguns, per-blast once fully-upgraded.

By default, the Grave Digger seems something of a wash; it does only slightly more damage than the AS3 and S3X, but has a slower rate of fire, with a much wider scatter and thus shorter effective range. Upgrades substantially ramp up the weapon's firepower, adding two barrels and giving it incendiary ammunition, giving it tremendous punch against targets at close-range and makes it more effective at long range. Because of its raw stopping power and slower fire rate, it tends to be a little more thrifty with ammunition than the other two.

The Grave Digger is at its best when fighting indoors or at close range. While not as versatile as the other two shotguns, its raw stopping power is beyond reproach, capable of devastating even a Brute in a few blasts aimed at head-level.

When using Fine Aim and standing still, this weapon fires much faster.


  • Highest damage-per-shell of any shotgun.
  • Incendiary ammunition when fully upgraded, further emphasizing its raw damage, as well as igniting targets, making time to close the distance on longer ranges.
  • Wide scatter plus its high damage can let it down multiple targets at close-range.
  • Much less effective against targets resistant/immune to fire.
  • Tends to spray more than the other two shotguns, making it even less-effective than the other shotguns at longer range.
  • Slowest fire rate of any shotgun.
  • Incendiary ammunition may set homies on fire. It even sets fire to co-op partners when friendly fire is set to off.
  • The gun reload is very slow.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
Grave Digger - Level 1 model 1 $10,000
Old-school shotgun with a new Saints style.
— Level 1 description

Grave Digger - Level 2 model 2 $10,000
Increase the size of your clips. Add a second barrel for more damage.
— Level 2 description

Grave Digger - Level 3 model 3 $20,000
Increase the size of your clips. Add a third barrel for even more damage.
— Level 3 description

Grave Digger - Level 3 model 4 $40,000
Incendiary bullets turn up the heat. Increase the size of your clips.
— Level 4 description


  • There is a special variant of the Grave Digger known as the Bling Shotgun which comes with the Z Style Pack. It has a unique gold and purple color scheme, and Saints themed signs such as the fleur-de-lis and a big S on the stock representing the gang.
  • When performing a Nutshot, Playa flips the Grave Digger and hits people in the crotch with the handle of the gun. The same nutshot animation is used with the Shark-O-Matic and the Bling Shotgun.
  • The Grave Digger is a modified Winchester M1887.
  • Zimos carries the Grave Digger when called in as a Homie.
  • When a character has a Human Shield, they reload the weapon in a full rotation, similar to how The Terminator does with a similar weapon in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


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